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MasterWakt 09-06-2005 10:06 PM

KotOR III Minigames
I came up with the idea of Dejarik in Knights of the Old Republic a while ago, and I was bummed to see it not in Kotor2. Now just recently I thought of it again for Kotor III as well as some other possibilities for minigames within the third installment.

Dejarik - The game Threepio plays with Chewie in ANH aboard the Falcon -- similiar to chess.
Sabacc - Han Solo and Lando Calrissian's favorite card game -- similiar to Pazaak.
Politics - Rise through the governmental ranks of your favorite KotOR III planet.
Target Practice - Enter first-person mode and shoot katarns, cannoks, gizka, womp rats, or flying duckbats.
Dueling Ring - just one thing I think should return to KotOR; I heavily missed it in the second.

^^ Now come up with your own, or discuss mine, or discuss whether or not you wish Swoop Racing and Turret Gunning to return to KotOR III.

Ztalker 09-09-2005 08:48 AM

-Pod-racing? Sounds Cliche, but would be cool
-Create your OWN CUSTOM robes (with Leather vest, long robe, etc.)
-Make own fighterstyle - Just like the TOny Hawk trick maker: link parts together
-Khoonda Situations, but then on bigger scale
-Make own lightsaber-hilt (silver,black etc.)

Wouldn't that be nice?

Prime 09-09-2005 09:47 AM


Originally Posted by MasterWakt
Politics - Rise through the governmental ranks of your favorite KotOR III planet.

But a Jedi of that era would need to stay out of the politics of a planet...

fresnosmokey02 09-09-2005 09:51 AM

How about fighter races? Pod racing would be too much like swoop racing. And I wouldn't mind learning how to play sabaac. Pazaak was interesting and fun, but I'd like something new.

starmark2k 09-09-2005 11:35 AM

I've been saying it since the beginning Of K2 Talks... Get rid of Pazzack and replace it with Sabback

The_Maker 09-09-2005 01:22 PM

I think trying to make a target range mini game for K3 would be an utter flop :whacked:
Its an RPG, not an FPS. FPS+SWRPG = :hang1:

Anyhow, I agree with everything Ztalker said and that part about dueling, in K2 you (if you are/were a male character) you could duel the handmaiden every 5 or 6 lvl ups but that was about it <_<

It might also be interesting to be able to modify your ship (possibly Ebon Hawk) but I was kinda bored with the fact that I was on a smugglers ship but I barely got to use all the stuff a smuggler would use... 1 or 2 turrret battles, and thats it. Not cloaking feilds, no escape pods, no seceret storage compartments (with the exception of the little thing with that guy on nar Shadda)... zip.

Ztalker 09-10-2005 07:37 AM

I'l explain my point a bit more, since i had to train soccer the other time >_< (cool though)

-Pod Racing is a faster racing game then swoop-racing, and it has an even bigger illegal circuit surrounding it. ANs off course, it would be a excuse to go and kill some Hutt if you are Darksided, or if you are lightsided to infiltrate it.
-Creating your own custom robes: Viasa had her own, Kreai had her own, in the movies every robes was different. And i'd like to see the Leather vest over the Tunic, like Ki-Al Mundi and Anakin have. It makes a Guardian cooler, i'd say. Of course this means you can put the hood down too, and remove the cape, etc.
I think messing with colours would be cool, and together with a better character custimisation interface, it can really be YOU.
-Make your own fighterstyle: I thought of this idea: Once so often you get a style point (like in Guild Wars) Then you go to a trainer in the Academy, and you can add a new part of your style. Every little part has a little boost or downside. I think it would ROCK!
-Khoonda Situation: Just saw Attack of the Clones to much....point taken :D
-Make own lightsaber hilts: I just LOVED the USM, and think it should be build in the actual game, but more like a edit-option when creating it.


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