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SpiffyTheDog 09-22-2005 08:11 PM

only the greatest television series ever.

anyone else watching LOST!?

in america the first episode of season two just aired and blew everybody's minds.

bgbennyboy 09-23-2005 05:43 AM

I should think almost everyone is. Its really, really good.

90SK 09-24-2005 12:22 AM

Yeah, I liked the first episode. It was snagging.

Alien426 09-24-2005 09:34 AM

I was surprised to hear that they don't get rescued/flee from the island at the end of the first season. Since I've only watched up to episode 16 I would appreciate it if people could put important stuff that happens after that in [spoiler][/spoiler]-tags.

There was a documentation of TV yesterday that took a look at TV series. It was interesting. On TV, writers have more power than directors and since they don't need to worry about ratings as much (at least on cable) they can be much more realistic (visually and language-wise) than all the movies that have to strive to get as many people into cinemas as possible and therefore get low ratings.
I was kinda disappointed with movies lately, there are exceptions like Batman Begins, but generally I find that TV offers the same or even better quality nowadays. There is a lot more plot and better stories, but the budget is big enough for a few explosions here and there, too. People might get a different opinion when watching reality TV shows like Big Brother (is that still on in the states?) and the (after-)noon program in general, but series make this a golden age of TV.

I love to watch CSI: Miami, Monk, Desperate Housewives, Third Watch, I just wish there was another Joss Whedon show.

MrManager 09-24-2005 11:45 AM

I agree, there's actually more creativity on television these days than in movies, which is kind of sad. Of course, other than Lost, few people seem to watch quality programming like Arrested Development and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Which is why people suck.

Skinkie 09-24-2005 03:08 PM

This information may interest some people.

If that one doesn't work HERE is a brief snip of that since the first page is giving me problems when trying to open it.

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