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Renegade Angel 09-23-2005 04:01 PM

The Phantom: The Emporor's Servant
Hey guys, just continue from the other thread.

Renegade Angel 09-23-2005 04:10 PM

Kaitlyn ran over to Gus. Good. He was still warm and he was still breathing. Barely... She kissed Gus again and tears trickled down her face. His helmet was destroyed from the Jedi Scream and his suit was torn at his chest. Gus's eyes slowly opened and she gave a shreak of joy. Gus sat up an kissed her one more time. They sat kissing for what seamed like a minute or two. Gus stood up and thanked her.

jediofdoom 09-24-2005 07:01 AM

(this was my last post on the other one, i hadn't realised this had been made)

Jax felt a sudden pain in his chest. He stopped running. Something had happened to Stu. Jax turned, A storm trooper appeared at the end of the coridoor.
"HALT!" he yelled
Jax defelcted back some shots and then ran at the trooper. He jumped and beheaded the storm trooper. He never knew he could do that. Jax turned, Rezillo was getting closer. He ran towards the control center. The controls told him that Gus had breached some, 400 yards away from him. He ran. Rezillo was getting closer. Jax hurtled round a corner and he saw stu and Gus.
"Stu! Gus! run-" Jax yelled
too late rezillo had shut the door between the two parties. Jax turned.
"You will not escape" Rezillo said in a voive of hatred
Jax withdrew his lightsaber and ignited it.
"I'll make you pay!"
Jax and Rezillo started fighting....


Kenny looked obver the mound. In the distance he could see...
"theres....hundreds...of drop ships coming at us!"
"Ready your weapons!" cried the commander
"This is it!"
An AT-AT came out of the trees followed by 8 AT-St's.
They could hear the rev of speeders and Ships.
Kenny grimaced. He looked down the scope. He could see a dark trooper. getting ready
"FIRE!" yelled a voice
Kenny took the shot...

FiStO-KiT 09-24-2005 07:18 AM

Oh Element Skater, i left some posts which had a situation with Stu and Gus in the other thread just to let you know

FiStO-KiT 09-24-2005 07:24 AM

this is my previous post...

Stu heard footsteps coming closer and then...
"Stu! Gus! run!"
"Jax?" Stu said, then the door closed and sealed..
"Crud!" Stu said, he looked around and seen a dark jedi, dead next to gus.Stu seen his Laser-Sword.(He doesnt know its a lightsaber.) Stu picked it up and seen a Ventilation shaft across the room.He Got up in tremendous pain and ignited the sword, he cut a hole in the vent and climbed in..

Its Amazing that This 5-Part Seris came from a good old story about Viper Squadron :)

jediofdoom 09-24-2005 07:29 AM

Jax was angrier than he could ever remember being before. He slashed at Rezillo. He knew in his anger he had no chance of winning. Jax started walking backwards. He knew he would have to try and find another way out. Rezillo must have guessed what he was doing because he sealed the other door. There was just a few metres of coridoor to fight along. This would be hard. Jax had no chance. Rezillo had years of training Jax only a few months. Jax knew he would have to think of something.
"Theres one thing i need to know"
"what is that jax?"
"I've already explaned it to you Jax!"
"No, why did you turn against the rebels...against me?"
Rezillo's face flickered.
"Even you must know of the rebel- They acused you of being a traitor when you were trying to take me down!"
Jax knew this was true but did not want to admit it.
"and why me?"
"you-No You're trying to trick me! the Rezillo you knew is gone!"
Jax was against the far door leading back to the control room, He pleaded with it to open. It did. He fell backwards but got up quickly. He backed away. His lightsaber still pointing at Rezillo.
"You have no chance of winning!"
"Maybe not....but i have to try!"
Jax started atatcking. Rezillo blocked it all. Rezillo seemed to be getting bored. He used the force to open a door. They went into the room. It was the control room. In the middle was a cirlce which lead to the core. Jax knew what he had to do. Rezillo seemed to think along the same lines. Jax slashed but rezillo dodged. He kicked out. Jax flew across the room. He slid to the railing that stopped passer by falling in if they lost balance. Rezillo focused. The railing lifted up and was dropped into the core. There was now nothing there to stop them falling in. Jax got up, he looked down. it seemed to go on for ever.
"Goodbye Jax"
Rezillo kicked him and Jax fell...

FiStO-KiT 09-24-2005 07:44 AM

Stu Felt Like a had just been stabbed by rancors teeth, the pain was immense, Stu knew immediatly that something bad had happened.
"i've got to get out of here!." stu said, he backed up and climbed out of the vent. He stabbed the door with his weapon, he just found out that the weapon was what he thought it was-A lightsaber!

Stu climbed out through the door, the pain of his arm was numbing, he seen a mysterious figure at the end of a walkway,he felt the persons darkness, he then knew that the figure was the person who had done something to Jax. Stu ran towards the figure, his arm not bothering him anymore-He wanted Vengance For what had happend to his friend...

jediofdoom 09-24-2005 07:57 AM

Jax's mind was racing, everything was white. If this was death it wasn't so bad. But was this death? jax opened his eyes. The white light came from below....from the core. He was still alive. He was a small ledge. A very small ledge. It was amazing that he had managed to land on it. He glanced over the ledge. He could not see the bottom. He knew he must be close because the heat was over powering. He gasped for air. His lightsaber had gone, probably fallen into the core. He looked up. He could see the opening, from where he was it was the size of a postage stamp. He knew he had to get out. To the side there was a ladder but it did not go all the way to the top. Jax imagined it was there from when the ship was being built. Jax glung to the ladder which was hot. He managed to hitch him self up. The ladder groaned. He climbed as fast as he could. A part of the ladder below gave way. He could see another ledge. he clambered onto it. He rested for a bit then he continued. He continued until the ladder stopped. There was no other way out.
He got to his feet, People seemed to think he was a jedi...maybe he could jump?
He focused and jumped. Nothing happened. He did it again and still nothing happened. He stood there....he felt something...he jumped...He flew up to the opening. He stumbled and tripped forwards. His face hit the cold metal and he breathed the air. He stood up. Rezillo had gone. He had to find him, he had to find a weapon. He ran out of the room, the door was open and Rezillo had gone. Jax ran into the room where Gus had been. He had gone too. But he had left behind a lightsaber. Jax ignited it, it was green. Jax turned it off then pocketed it. He could no longer sense Stu or Gus, maybe they had run? or maybe not. Jax made his way to the bridge where he would face his old friend one last time...

FiStO-KiT 09-24-2005 08:05 AM

Stu Charged At the figure but it moved out the way, Stu looked at where it once was, it was gone. he walked to where Gus and his partner were, they were gone.
"What The Hell is goin on here!" Stu said, Everyone was gone and he didnt know where they went, but suddenly he heard footsteps towards the bridge.
"Jax! is that you!" Stu yelled, hoping for his friend to answer him....

jediofdoom 09-24-2005 08:09 AM

Jax stopped.
He turned sure enough he was there.
"You're ok! Do you know where Gus went? or....Rezillo?"
Jax had a pain in his chest
"Stu, my friend, i must do this alone, please i nee you to get out of here, get to your ship and here take this"
Jax handed him a comm liink, this will keep you in touch with me.
"Please, this is my fight"

FiStO-KiT 09-24-2005 08:27 AM

Stu took the Com-Link...
"Very well good Luck my friend, if you need this take it."
Stu Rolled the dark jedi's lightsaber to him.
"i found this by a Dark jedi that Gus had killed,i'm sorry that i cant throw it to you but well..." Stu pointed to his arm.
"Well im outta here, good luck Jax."
Stu ran down to the hangar bay and flew his damaged ship back to 'The Ghost town'. He Re-grouped with his friends-Alan and Adrian.
"Guys im back get to the hangar now."
"I'll tell you but first dock at base then get to the medical unit, i'll meet you there."
Adrian:"Why the medical unit?"
"Well lets just say that im in a sling to say the least." Laughing friendly*
Alan:"Very well."
Stu walked to the medical bay and lay down on the bed.
*Alan and Adrian Walk in*
Adrian:"Oh My God Stu! your arm! What happend?"
"Told you that i was in a sling."
"Medical Droid, can you create me a new forearm."
4-LOM:"Very well master Zandar."
Stu Went to get his new Robotic arm fited.....

jediofdoom 09-24-2005 10:52 AM

Jax picked up the lightsaber.
He watched Stu go. When he was out of sight Jax continued to the bridge.
He reached the bridge door and walked in.
The bridge was full of people. Officers, dark jedi and at the main control pannel was Rezillo.
An officer looked at him.
Everyone turned. Rezillo looked shocked.
"Surprised to see me?"
"you...But how? no matter" Rezillo looked at the dark jedi and nodded.
They jumped up and ignited their lightsabers
Jax got both of his out and ignited them and smiled
"Bring it on"
Jax jumped and kicked on in the head
Rezillo circled the fight and spoke to jax
"You have learned well..."
Jax stabbed a Draak Jedi
"...but you will not win"
Jax took out the last dark jedi and turned to Rezillo
Rezillo got his lightsaber and ignited both ends
"It's double bladed" He said at the look on Jax's face
Rezillo kicked a storm troopers helmet at Jax and again they began to fight
Jax was beter this time. He jumped and dodged. Rezillo seemed shocked.
"how did you...?"
Rezillo slashed at Jax but jax jumped onto some controls. When Rezillo's slash made contact with it they sparked and Rezillo cried out in anger.
Jax jumped and flipped over Rezillo's head and kicked his lightsaber out of his hands.
"Jax wait" he said as jax's blade almost touched his throat
"It's me....your friend Rezillo!"
Jax stood over him
"I Rezillo I knew is dead" Jax said simply
Jax raised his blade but Rezillo used the force to get his lightsaber back.he ignited it but Jax sliced it in half.
"what are you?"
"Im a jedi" Jax said
Jax kicked Rezillo backwards
Rezillo grabed a dark jedi's lightsaber and a imperial pilots helmet and smiled.
He threw the lightsaber at the glass and it cracked. He put the pilot helmet on and got out a harpoon. He let go and shot the harpoon at the wall. He was sucked out. The emergency cover was applied and Jax could breath aagin but Rezillo Had gone.
Jax ran to the hanger but before he got to His B-wing he remembered something. he took a seismic charge he got from Stu's firespray ship. He ran back to the bridge and put the timer on, it was set to 7 minutes. On the way to his ship he saw Gus.
"Gus theres a bomb on here get out!"
Jax jumped into his B-wing and spead out. He saw a ship in the distance. It was Rezillo's firespray.
"Im coming to get you" Jax said softly, and spead off after Rezillo.....

Renegade Angel 09-24-2005 12:17 PM

Jax didn't understand... gus had no energy at all left in his body. He would die anyways. a lose-lose situation... No. Gus ahd these things happen before, and he still made it. but it was getting hard for him to breath.... Kaitlyn picked him up and carried him to her ship. it was stil working... barely. She put him in the back and took off.
"GOOOOO!" She yelled through the com.
"Yes, mam" replied a captain.

FiStO-KiT 09-24-2005 10:10 PM

Whilst Stu was in the operating room Adrian decided to re-enter the battle.
"Alan,Stay here im going back into the battle."
Alan:"Sure thing Aid."
Adrian Flew off into the battle..
"Ok, Time to help destroy the imperial remnant."
Adrian was no-match for the TIE's he decided that maybe he should stay back on the ship to help Stu,but he was too occupied with the TIE's. All of a sudden a TIE interceptor flew up behind Adrian and fired...

FiStO-KiT 09-25-2005 11:58 PM

Stu Came out of the operating room...
"Good as new."
"Alan, Wheres Adrian?"
Alan:"Aid flew off into the battle.He Did not return."
"Oh No."
Alan:"Wait here comes Captain Jackson."
Captain:"I have some bad news for you Admiral Zandar, Your second, Adrian Hansen Has been K.I.A(Killed In Action.)
"He always was a battle-monger.
Captain:"Well its just you two now, do you want any extra reinforcments?"
"We'll See about that."
Stu and Alan Walked off into the bridge.....

FiStO-KiT 09-26-2005 08:29 AM

Stu Thought about adding some more recruits into Green Squadron, but then He and Alan were good enough to do it by themselfs.
"Hmm... how about we recruit 3 new perople then?" Stu asked Alan.
Alan:"Its up to you man."
"Right, lets go."

Stu and Alan walked up to captain Jackson..
"I'll take three recruits ok." Stu said.
Captain:"Sure, I'll show you the recruits."
"Lets go then."
The Captain showed Stu 8 recruits, but stu picked the 3 he fancied....

Recruit 1.
Name: Fierro Montiero.
Faction:Rebel Alliance.(duh)
Class:Pilot but is also skilled in hacking.
Bio: Fierro is a great pilot but started off as a Hacker for the rebel Alliance.

Recruit 2.
Name:Nicole Baxter.
Faction:Rebel Alliance.
Class:Pilot but is also Skilled in Stealth.
Bio: Sneaky yet trustworthy, Nicole can dogfight imperials easily in her own ship-A special B-Wing.

And the final recruit Stu fancied quite a bit...
Recruit 3.
Name: Rachel Polson.
Age: 14.
Faction: Rebel Alliance.
Class: Pilot, but is also good in Hand-To-Hand combat.
Bio: Rachel was found by the Alliance during a Cantina brawl.

Stu walked up to the three recruits....
"Ladies and gentleman, I am the Squad commander, Admiral Stuart Zandar, But you may call me Stu. i hope you all know the situation so get ready."
Recruits:"Yes sir."
Stu walked up to Rachel..
"Rachel i know this is quick but would you like to be my Second in control?"
Rach:"Whats with the quickness?"
"i dont know but maybe its because i already sorta like you."
Rachel thought that Stu was perving on her...
*Rachel Slaps Stu in the face."
"Oww,What was that for?"
Rach:"Dont be Dumb Stu, i know that your trying to get me in bed!"
"Rachel what Makes you think that."
Rach:"Ok-Ok maybe you were'nt but dont try it because if you do you'll have a boot print on your crotch."
Stu backed off a little bit..
Rach:"I'm sorry but im just a little edgy about this."
"i can understand that, so just relax and if you need backup we'll help you ok, we're a team."
Rach:"Very well, sorry about the slap."
"heh its ok."
"Everyone Get ready!"
Green squadron got ready to fly out into the battle.....

jediofdoom 09-26-2005 12:07 PM

while jax tailed Rezillo Don was in trouble, don does also not know that Jax escaped the explosion...
"Damn it!"
Blue Squadron had lost most of their pilots only a few remained.
"Don what do we do?" Dave asked in panic
"Keep a steady head!" Don yelled back
Over intercomm: "we need reinforcments now!"
"copy that blue leader we are sending out green group now!"
Carlson was being tailed by a Tie. His Y-wing was in the path of it's fire power but before it took it's shot Dave shot it down.
"Thanks Dave"
"No problem Carlson"
"Blue leader this is "the nemesis" (a carrier) we are approaching your position we have fresh troups and pilots we will release them immediatly!"
"Thank you commander"
Don dodged Tie fire and barrel rolled as he attacked a star destroyer. Explosions rippled along it, it's shield had given way and it was heavily damaged. The star destroyers bridge was in flames and the star destroyer crashed into another causing a vast explosion. even so the imperials still out numbered them. The rebel defences were giving way, the rebel cruisers had desighned vast energy shields to protect them nothing could get it, but things could go out. If a ship needed to return they had to be granted access. Don's ship was already damaged from his and Jax's attack on a star destroyers insides and now it was worse one of the wings was dmaged badly and the cockpit controls were reading fuel low.
"Command this is Blue Group requesting permission to come back for refueling"
"Permission granted, wait a few moments we are releasing Yellow Group now they will cover your re-entry"
"thank you command"
As Don and the remaining blue group fighters were close to the shields a swarm of ties follwowed them. There was a special re-entry point, if the whol shield went down the rebel cruisers were doomed but a small patch was clearly marked where they could re-enter. Don could see yellow group speeding towards them on the other side of the shield they were also follwowed by Orange group and were in custom D-wings"
As yellow and Orange group left the protection of the shield they opened fire on the ties. This gave blue group a chance to get in. once they were in they made their way to the "ghost town" and docked. As they got out of their ships for a breather they met Stu.
Don looked at him
"Where's Jax?" he demanded...

The trooper fell to the floor. All at once both sides opened fire. The ebel fort rained down death from above. The imeperials were in disaray explosives, napalm everything the rebels had was was thrown at them. An AT-St took a hit and exploded in a burst of flames. Rebel snow speeders were trying to deal with at AT-At and Y wings were bombing the paths to the fort. When more imperial drop ships arrived the Y wings attacked them. A few were take out but some got past.Those that dis get past released their troops and they were bombarded by missiles and napalm. The soliders hit the floor either dead or being burnt alive. the ground batlle had begun...

Renegade Angel 09-26-2005 03:58 PM

(( Sheesh! Racheals over reactive...))

Kaitlyn opened fire on a horde of TIEs. She wondered where they were... When they escaped the explosion, a Star Destoryer went into hyperspace, and they got too close. They had been sucked in and had no idea where they were.
"Oh great" said Kaitlyn
"Stranded with Imperials..."
"Hang on," Gus started "These guys have to make a jump back to Normal SPace sooner or later..."
"Good Idea"
Tehy finished off the ties and headed for the Star Destroyer. Perfect. it was entering Slipspace, about to make a jump.
Suddenly, a flash of white filled the viewscreen and they appeared in the middle of a space battle.
"Where's Jax?" asked Gus

jediofdoom 09-26-2005 04:19 PM

(well what do you expect? women...can't live with them can't live without them :D )

Jax tailed Rezillo to the planet below (this planet dosn't seam to have a name but oh well, from now on...planet X...lets be original) Jax landed a few feet away from Rezillo. Jax jumped out and stopped rezillo from running. In the distance they could hear explosions. Jax got out his lightsabers and ignited them, Rezillo got out his duel lightsaber.
"another one ay? scared that i might win if you have a single bladed lightsaber?"
"ha this just gives me...err...more killing oppurtunity. You do know they are harder to master right?"
"yeah what ever"
Rezillo made the first move he ran at jax and tried to slash at him. Jax jumped onto his B wing, rezillo looked at the B wing and then at Jax.
"Im surprised this peice of junk still works"
"You'd be surprised, this baby has saved my life many times"
"hmmm....i seem to remember you also flying that tin can too..the A wing"
"thats custom built, the fastest fighter in the fleet"
"that's nothing to boast about"
Rezillo then looked at the big V-4 written on the body and viper on the wings.
"you named it after your position in viper squadron?" and there was something in his voice that made Jax lower his blade
" were my best friend...why?" Jax said with a seriousness Rezillo could not ignore
Rezillo looked up at him almost tearful
"Jax...I...Never...i don't want to kill....DAMN YOU SCUM!" and to jax surprise Rezillo dropped to his knees and threw his lightsaber to the ground. He broke down in front of him. Jax put his weapons down. He ran to his friend. Rezillo was crying, he grabbed Jax's arm.
"Jax...Forgive me!"
" my friend"
"Thank you...Boss"
They imbraced
They returned to The rebel cruiser the ghost town. As they docked a few pilots ran over to them. As Jax got out Don ran to him
"Jax you're ok! what happened? the explosion, i thought you'd....REZILLO?"
Rezillo exited his firespray...he looked a real mess.
A few pilots stared
Rezillo looked around as if he was home
"I'll explain later" Jax said to Don
Jax took Rezillo to a medical unit where he was drugged so he would sleep. while he slept his brain waves were monitored. Meanwhile Jax filled the captain in...
"So he's been alive for all these years?"
"no longer the only survivor of Viper Squadron now then Jax" said th captain winking at him
"No sir"
Jax felt calmer than he had been in a long time, he no longer felt hate or anger. He was happy behind describing it, he had rezillo back. Jax went back to the medi unit where Rezillo was changing into a yellow jump suit.
"I have something to show you" Jax said smiling
They entered a seperate hanger and there was Rezillo's old B wing
"you got the Shark back up?"
(long story, i wrote a story ages ago at trhe beging of the r/p viper squadron and yeah just a story of how Jax got into viper and stuff, if it wasnt sooooo long i would post it. but anyway, the Shark is Rezillo's old B wing, the one he used in viper squadron's last mission was a normal one)
The V-2 gleamed on the wings and body.
Rezillo Turned to Jax with tears in is eyes
"thank you my friend" They hugged again
Jax got a ladder up and glambered up to the cock pit where he threw Rezillo's old helmet down. Jax turned to go but Rezillo stopped him
"one more time? for viper squadron?"
Jax smiled
"For Viper Squadron"
Jax got into his B wing and they took off to take on the imperials one more time....

jediofdoom 09-26-2005 04:27 PM

The Rebirth of Viper Squadron
Jax and Rezillo raced out, Don, Dave, Carlson and Jay followed.
"heres the deal boys, we are no longer blue group...we are Viper Sqadron. Don i promote you to V-1, Rezillo V-2, Dave V-3, Myself V-4, Carlson V-5 and Jay V-6"
They all cheered.
"but jax i can't give orders to are higher ranking than me"
"yes but Viper Squadron isn't about following the commander....we are a family now not just another squadron"
another cheer...
"Now lets show the imperials what Viper Sqaudron are capable of!"
They all raced into battle...

Renegade Angel 09-26-2005 05:03 PM

(( The Viper Squad was awsome, too bad it was deleted.... ))
Gus felt something in his heart. something... happy...
Kaitlyn turned around.
"What? Viper?"
"No time to explain!"
Kaitlyn moved over to the co-pilot seat and Gus jumped intot he pilot. He flew alongside Jax.
"REZILO!?!? But JAx, He's dead!"

FiStO-KiT 09-27-2005 07:39 AM

"Green Squadron, Lets get moving!" Stu ordered.
Green Squadron Flew out into the battle...
"Green Squadron report-in"
"G-1 Standing by."(Stu.)
"G-2 Standing by."(Alan).
"G-3 Standing by."(Fierro.)
"G-4 Standing by."(Nicole.)
"G-5 Standing by."(Rachel.)
"Ok we're all in heres what we're gonna do, we're gonna run along the sides of the furthest star destroyer and it out. First off me and Nicole will fly down and hopefully take down the shields then Alan, Fierro and Rachel will make they're attack runs and destroy the bridge whilst me and Nicole will cover you.Lets go!"
Nicole:"Stu, are you sure this will work?"
"Trust me on this Nicky, I have done this before, i was once the Gold group commander. I helped Viper Squadron take out 2 imperial Barge's, i think i know what im doing."
Nicole:"Fair Enough."
"Ok Squad we split up here, good Luck Green group two."
Alan:"Just Like the good old days."

P.S. Well i made Rachel because the Story cant have Perfect characters,know what i mean. Plus i want to add little stupid things that would happen if it was reality e.g:Ships running out of Fuel,Droids Short-Circuiting etc....

jediofdoom 09-27-2005 01:37 PM

"I assure you Gus im quite alive" said Rezillo
Jax smiled
"Don't worry Gus I''l Explain Later right now we are gunna finish this once and for all!"
Viper Squadron moved into attack. They worked as a seem less team covering each other as they attacked. Carlson and Jat looped over some Tie fighters that were trailing them and blasted them out of space. Jax Dived, Rezillo followed. Don and Dave headed to the bridge. They fired and the bridge rippled as it's shields were tested. The star destroyer was weak and was going to go quickly. Jax and Rezillo opened fire on the engines and the shield and the engines gave way. The Star Destroyers ground to a halt. Carlon and Jay shot at the bridge and explosions rippled along it. All at once the members of viper sqaudron fired a torpedo at the birdge and the star destroyer's bridge exploded. The body of the star destroyer floated helplessly and exploded. they clebrated the small victory but little did they know what was in store....

Renegade Angel 09-27-2005 03:38 PM

(( Wow... I looked through the Original Phantom thread, and our RPG skills have improved greatly! We used to make one line posts about the story, and it was horrible grammar, but now... Amazing! ))

Gus did a barrel roll.
"Watch it!" yelled Kait
"Sorry!" Gus yelled back.
He did another barrel roll and shot down a TIE fighter.
An X-Wing pulled up beside them. It was Kaitlyn's... Her droid was using Auto Pilot on the ship. She put on her pilot's helmet and acyivated the oxygen dupply on her suit. She opened the Cockpit and jumped into her's.
"Ok Jax, now is our chance!''
"Im listening in on the Imperial's communications chatter, they're in complete dissaray, They weren't expecting this big of a fleet!" Reported Kaitlyn.
"Good, Lets go now!" Said Vince ((Vince is another recruit from Gold Squad ))
"Hang on, Vince."
I destroyed two more fighters and yelled over the comm.
"All Rebels, protect the Viper Squadron, we're moving in!"
I glance over and couldn't find Kaitlyn.
"AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!" came a voice from the comm.
He looked behind him. Kaitlyn's ship was doing barrel rolls and flips. She dodged rockets and laser shots from the destroyers.
No.... A torpedo hit her wing and she started to go down.
"KAITLYN!!!!!" Gus dove down after her.

jediofdoom 09-27-2005 03:46 PM

"Damn it! this is exactly why we should not fall in love!" Jax yelled, Jax followed suit and dived to save her. He managaed to knock her away from a star destroyer but he narowly missed it himself. He had to duck as a Tie fighter chased him. He went towards Rezillo who was ready he blasted at the tie. It exploded.
"Gus is she ok?"
The intercom was full of static.
"what the?"
The imperials were falling back
"what's going on? the imperials never retreat!"
The imperials fell back but did not eneter hyper space. They were waiting for somethign...but what?

Renegade Angel 09-27-2005 03:51 PM

(( We should fall in love? Did you type something wrong or do you like Kait? ))

"The Weapon....."
Gus rememberd his years as an Imperial. They mentioned a weapon so powerful, it could destroy an entire Galaxy.
"RETREAT!!!" Gus yelled over the intercom
"A bomb!" It was too late, Rebel fighters started attacking.... The Imperials would defeat them once and for all....
He ignored these thoughts and jumped into Kaitlyn's ship. She looked... dead... Her face was scratched and bloody... Someone tried to hi-jack her ship... the contriol panel was demolished.
He graabed her around the waist and pulled her into his ship. He need to stop the Imperials, and fast.
"Retreat! The Imperials have an ''ultimate weapon"... A bomb... a huge, warp bomb."

(( if this isn't what you were planning on, just make the other thing come intot he story too. ))

jediofdoom 09-27-2005 04:01 PM

(sorry about that was a typo, and Jax assumes you have fallen for her. Yeah it's a good idea i was also put something else in but it's a secret...)

Jax stared, a weapon? then he remembered
the message he received on planet x.
"This is Viper Squadron, all ships fall back do not attack the star destroyers"
"Copy that V-4" said the other group leaders in unison.
They all fell back.
"wait....whats that?" said Orange Leader
"Oh god...Gus! what is he doing?" jax said stunned
Jax raced after him but suddenly a star destroyer emerged from a riff in space. Jax froze. the made the emeperprs servant look tiny. It was massive.
"the emperors slave" said Rezillo stunned
"I heard about it....aparently thats the ship that the dark lord....well is on"
Jax felt a pouding in his throat. This was it....

(on the planet x the imperials have retreated and taken to space the rebels are in hot persuit and come to rest inside the shield, i would write about it, but i cant be bothered)

Renegade Angel 09-27-2005 04:11 PM

(( K, Cool ))
Gus raced towards the Emporer's Slave, he knew that bomb on board would kill them all. He ran up alongside it, dodging turret shots and rockets. He had to be careful, he didn't want Kaitlyn to be killed because he was stuid enought to take on a Mile long Star Destroyer. He dropped a rocket on it. It left a small amunt of damage on the shields. Thsi would take too long, he had to retreat. He sped towards Jax, dodging shots. He stopped alongside Viper Squad.
"Listen Jax, We have to do something quick, that bomb will ex-"
He stopped. He just realized Kaitlyn was awake, in the Co-Pilot's seat.
"Hi" She said
"HI!? What happened to you back there!?"
She resorted to one thing. She kissed him on th elips and he stopped talking. It was like her weapon, she kissed him and he shut up. His heart raced and his cheeks blushed.
"Jax, What's the plan?"

jediofdoom 09-27-2005 04:22 PM

Jax, thought.
"To be honest Gus i have no idea, This is beyonf anything i've ever handled"
"jax we have to get onbaord and deactivate the bomb" said Rezillo
Jax thought again
"Ok Gus, Stu, Viper squadron, follow me, Orange and Red Leader cover our approach we are going in"
Jax raced off towards the emperors slave. It had so many hangers...
"That one" said rezillo
"that will get us closest to the bridge and the emperors chambers"
They dodge turret fire. The ray shiled over the hanger was on but Jax knew how to deal with that he shot at the generator it exploded. The shield went down and the metal shield was coming out Jax and the other managed to get in.
"Jay hack into the controls and make sure that ray shield goes back up, i dont want to have to run around while we look for a way out"
Jax jumped out of his B wing and got out is lightsabers he threw one to rezillo who ignited it and they defelcted shots back at the strom troopers.
"Got it!" jay yelled
The metal shield slid back and the ray shield replaced it
"ok guys lets split up, me, Rezillo, Gus and Kaitilyn will look for the emperor"
"and the officer in charge of weapons, without him there will be not more bombs like this" said Rezillo
"right, Ok so me and rezillo will go after the emperors and Gus and Kaitalyn will go after the officer and the others go to the bridge and find where the bomb is, we will meet you there, Stu you still got that inter comm i gave you?" Jax said as he turned to leave

Renegade Angel 09-27-2005 04:27 PM

Gus ignited his saber while Kaitlyn took out an old blade with strange markings. He recognized it immediatly. The blade of a jedi in training.
"You're a-"
Kaitlyn nodded.
"Lets go"
We heade towards the door but more troops arrived. Kaitlyn and I chucked grenades until the last soldier was killed. They advanced down the hallway. The lights were flickering and the ship was creaking. Kaitlyn immediatky was frightened and grabbed Gus's hand. He turned his head and smiled at her.
"Its okay, We'll make it."

FiStO-KiT 09-28-2005 05:56 AM

"Guys, Follow Rachels orders, im goin to help out Viper Squadron."
Stu Flew down into the hangar with gus and Jax...
"Stu you still got that inter comm i gave you?" Asked Jax
"Yeah i do." Stu replied.
A stormtrooper raced around a corner a stu fired at it.
"Lets do what we gotta do." Stu said to them...

jediofdoom 09-28-2005 01:10 PM

"right...let's go" Jax gritted his teeth and him and rezillo left. They walked in silence for a while until they came across a guard. He was dressed in a red robe, Jax recognised his as one of the emperors guards. He gripped an electro-stick that was buzzing softly. Jax and rezillo ignited their sabers. They stood there for a moment the guard seemed to be considering them. and then he attacked, jax blocked his attack and rezillo went for the kill. The guard hit the floor lifeless.
Jax looked at Rezillo.
"did we have to kill him?"
"Yes...sorry i have to get used to not being....lets get moving"
Rezillo lead the way. They came to a stop outside a chamber.
"This is it, i expected more guards than this"
They entered
The room was large and dark.
"I've been expecting you" i horse voice said
The sith lord swivled in his chair
"Rezillo, you will die for your treason...and jax you will become my servant"
"never" Jax said softly
The dark lord smiled. Rezillo face was passive, he showed no emotion.
"lets go!"
They ignited their sabers and moved forwards. The sith lord got up and ignited his lightsaber and laughed madly...

Renegade Angel 09-28-2005 03:35 PM

Gus and Kaitlyn ran into the room. The emporor was cackling and jax and rezillo got into battle position. I picked up a red saber off the ground and handed it to Kailtyn. we got into Jedi Ofeense stance and stood beside Jax and Rezillo. Kaitlyn was tense. she wouldn't do too well if she was this tense. The emporor withdrew a red saber and ignited it. He jumped into the air and immediatly dashed at Kaitlyn. He grabbed he arm and kicked her stomach. She felw backwards and hit the wall, grimacing in pain. "Kaitlyn!" Gus had to do it. he had to Force ascream. But he'd kill Jax, Rezillo, and Kaitlyn if he didn't grab them. He continiued to attack, still thinking up a plan. The emperor force pushed him ontot he floor, and Gus finally realized what he had to do.
"Guys, Run!"If he succeded, he'd drain himself of nearly all energy, but if he didn't, they'd all die. another lose-lose situation. Or was it?

jediofdoom 09-28-2005 03:43 PM

Rezillo looked at Gus. and smiled. He force pushed him out throught the door way. He then turned to Kaitilyn. he force pushed her into Gus and he closed the door and sealed it.
"No more distractions"
Jax stared at Rezillo. Rezillo turned on him.
"sorry my friend"
Rezillo force pushed Jax into a wall. He was knocked out.
"This is my fight, and mine alone"
Rezillo stepped up to face the emperor....

Kenny walked into the hanger on the "lawrence arm" He looked around. The pilots were milling around waiting.
"what are you doing?" he asked one
"waiting for the all clear"
"oh..." Kenny walked over to his A wing
"Permission to go out and scout sir
"certainly not"
Kenny looked down at the floor. how long would they have to wait?

(im gunna do some posts using Rezillo later)

Renegade Angel 09-28-2005 03:57 PM

"UH!" Gus banged on the door until he cpuld n longer move. He sat down. it was getting cold and there wasn't much air left in the room. He was worried about Kaitlyn and Jax and Stu.... and Mira... she was at home. They sent her home after her battle and she retired from the Rebels. He missed her so much. When he got out of this place, he was going to kill Rezillo, whether Jax like it or not. No.... H eknew what was happening. Anger. Hate. Fear. His blood boiled and little jets of hate worked up in his mind. He had to escape and kill Rezillo. He had t- Gus fainted to the floor, barely able to breath.

jediofdoom 09-28-2005 04:08 PM

Rezillo stared at the emperor.
"well well, my old student has come to challenge me"
"yes...I have!"
"hmmmm i always knew you had too many links to the rebels to be a worthy aprentice so i brought you here to get me a new one"
"Gus kenobi"
"Him? But I have years of training!"
"And? Gus has anger and hatred you do not and that will be his fall to the dark side"
"Not if i can help it"
"thats just it...YOU CAN'T!"
The emperors ran at Rezillo. Rezillo was ready. He dodged. And rolled backwards. He picked up Jax's lightsaber and ignited it. Rezillo jumped up.
"You will not win Rezillo, right now Gus Kenobi is plotting your downfall"
"Gus? He is another matter. This is about you stealing my life!"
Rezillo ran at the emperor who laughed. He used force lightning but Rezillo blocked it.
"very good..."
"You'll find im full of surprises"
"I do know...i did teach you"
"you taught me nothing but to hate...Jax has tought me about friendship and trust and that will be my weapon"
The emperor yawned
"that is very cliche"
"maybe...but it's true"
Rezillo could sense Gus's anger, He just hoped Gus wouldn't interfeir before he could finish the emperor.

Renegade Angel 09-28-2005 04:21 PM

The door blew. Gus walked through the smoke, lightsaber ignited. His face was red and anger was flowing through his vains. He immediatly jumped intot he air and slashed at Rezillo. He missed. he slowly backed up and... Screamed. as loud as he could. Rezillo made his plan work. He moved the others out of harm's way. Perfect. he screamed louder and louder until metal and plaster fell from the ceiling. His destiny was about to be fullfilled, and he didn't even know it.

(If you recall, his destiny was to become a Sith Lord, but Im going to change it to becoming a sith apprentice, then A lord)

jediofdoom 09-28-2005 04:25 PM

Rezillo dodged.
"Gus, you will not stand in my way. If i have to kill you I will"
Rezillo rolled.
"Gus, what Is your problem? Im trying to end this war!"
Rezillo walked towards him
"But if you decide to stand in my way, I will cut you down"
Rezillo looked Gus in the eye
"Gus...please don't stand in my way"

Renegade Angel 09-28-2005 04:28 PM

It was then Gus realized Rezillo wasn't the target. it was the emperor. Rezillo's death could wait. he looked at the emperor and weakenewd him with Force Grip. wait... I know Force grip? He thought. He backed up.
"Good Luck"
He turned around and ran, in search of Jax and Kaitlyn.

jediofdoom 09-29-2005 04:10 AM

Rezillo turned back to the emperor.
"maybe your faith in his is misplaced"
"maybe your doubt of the boy is misplaced"
"your over confidence will be your downfall"
"your faith in your friends is yours"
Rezillo Lightsabers were ignited and pointed directly at the emperor. The emperor looked at him and smiled
He jumped up and slahsed. Rezillo dodged it and struck at the emperor. He emperor blocked it. Rezillo used his other saber to attack but the emeror kicked his hand and his blue saber went flying. Jax was hit the fave with it. He stired. the saber was lying there. Jax picked it up. waiting..

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