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jediofdoom 10-02-2005 01:10 PM

The Phantom: The Return
After strange events, the Histroy of the galactic civil war has changed. A few memeber of the Rebel forces have changed histroy completly. The rebel forces went in search of a missing pilot but instead found Gus, a rebel believed dead. They also found the suposed Phantom. The Rebel forces then entered a massive battle with the imperial war ship know as the emperors servant, a terrifying ship with destructice capabilties. On the ship the phantom is revealed to be Rezillo an old rebel pilot believed to be dead for over three years. Jax, a young pilot, manages to convince Rezillo that the dark is really a bad thing. Rezillo then enters the battle. The emperors servant is destroted but a far greated threat appears. The Emperors slave. On baord this craft sits the emperor himself. Some brave pilots dock the ship after discovering a warp bomb. Rezillo manages to kill the emperor. But in strange circumstances a girl called Kaitilyn is killed. Gus, having fallen for her, asumed it is Rezillo. while the two are fighting the bomb goes off. The Emerors servant is desighned to make emergency warp jumps when extreme danger is near. But they some how go back in time. The trio decide to set things right. Kaitilyn is saved, and the bomb is moved. Rezillo stays to battle a lone sith know as Lars. But when Gus and Jax warp back into their own time something is wrong. Rezillo is the emperor and Lars is his eager aprentice. Jax and Gus manage to escape the dreadful duo and get back to their own time....

but now....

Mysteriously whole planets are being destroyed and in the wake a dark trail leads back to the ship the emperors slave. The rebels have found someone who claims to know where the ship is. But as the rebels go to see this man they are ambushed by imperial and space pirate forces...

fill in this info...
Name: Bob
Faction: Rebels
Age: 34
Rank: Pilot
Ship: Y wing
Weapons: 4 turbo lasers
Bio: Bob is a dude

(at the start of this battle, the imperials are out numbered by the Rebels. The Imperials only have three star destroyers. The rebels have 6 cruisers all filled with fighters. At the start of this role play, Jax and Don are speaking to the guy with the info...feel free to join. I will post shortly)

jediofdoom 10-02-2005 01:24 PM

Name: Jax Polara
Faction: Rebels
Age: 25
Rank: Pilot, V-4
Ship: B wing
Weapons: 3 laser cannons, one Ion Cannon, Vast amounts of missiles
Bio: Jax is the only remaining surviour of the legandary Viper Squadron. He has recently re-made the group and has taken up his old position as V-4.

(as i said before Jax and Don are meeting with the guy with the info)

Jax sat opposite the snitch. The man was wearing a loose balacla which did not hide his face at all. He looked nervous and kept glancing at Jax, Don and the locked door and Jax's lightsaber. Jax sat patiently waiting for his answer. Don paced up and down ocasionally throwing dirty looks at the man.
"So, I'll ask again" Jax said when the man did not reply
"When did you see the ship?"
"er....was 'bout few months 'go"
"I see...and where did you see?"
The man looked at the door and then at Jax's lightsaber
"God damn it man TALK!" Don said in exasperation
"Don..." Jax said warningly
"Jax Im fed up, we've been here for hours!"
"Don..." Jax said again
"..I mean i wouldn't mind but this guy hasn't given us one peice of god damn peice of information! OH FOR FUC-"
"Don if you don't shut up I will have you removed"
Don fell silent
"so" Jax said cheerfully
"where did you see it?"
"I....I...I don't remember" The Man said in a strange voice
He looked at Don
"Don, can you please leave"
Don looked at Jax
"You've changed...ever since rez-"
"NOW!" Jax yelled
Jax turned
"Yeah as i was sayin' i seen the ship 'bout few months ago"
The man fiddled with something
Jax looked down. He hit the deck.
The Man exploded. Don came running in.
"what the...woooah"
"Suicide bomber" Jax said anoyed

jediofdoom 10-02-2005 04:21 PM

Jax walked out of the interview room wiping his face. He walked to the Bathroom where he moped the blood off his face. His brown jedi robe was covered in blood. He sighed and walked to the bridge. When he arrived the captain turned
"'s you"
"Who were you expecting?"
"oh...may I ask why?"
"You just have but the information is top secret....why are you covered in blood Jax?"
"Errr...we had a little problem interviewing him"
"another suicide bomber? wow they really don't want you getting close"
"well next time be a bit mor- Jax are you even listening to me?"
"hmmm....what? sorry"
The captain sighed
"Carry on Jax"
Jax nodded and left the bridge. Jax's mind had been pre-occupied ever since he had seen Rezillo in that chair. He had been having nightmares about it most nights. Jax went to the observation window. Outside some Imperial star destroyers were attempting to engage them. Jax was not worried. Normally he would have raced off to get suited up and get out to fight. But now the whole of Viper Squadron was now spec opps. Jax watched as the star destroyers stopped. Jax braced him self. Jax felt something. He looked up. Something had just happened far far away. Thousands of voices had cried out and were then silenced.
"why?" Jax mutterd quietly...

Renegade Angel 10-02-2005 08:55 PM

(( So, you went with my idea? Sweet! ))

Name: Gus
Faction: Rebels
Age: 14
Rank: Pilot
Ship: X-Wing
Weapons: 2 Turbo Lasers, 2 Rocket Launchers, 1 Emergency Nuke Cannon

Name: Kaitlyn
Faction: Rebels
Age: 14
Rank: Pilot
Ship: X-Wing
Weapons: 4 Turbo Lasers, 1 Medium Rocket Launcher

(( No bio, sue me. Oh yeah, one more thing, Mira has retired from the Rebel forces ))

Gus couldn't take it. He was tired and his fever was getting worse every day... The one day in a month.... or 8.... he ahd a break, and he was worried, sick, and worn out. Kaitlyn walked into his room, and watched him pace around, his new blonde highlights shone bright with his dark brown hair. "Still sick?" asked Kailtyn, worried about him. "Yeah..." he mutterd. he sat down on his bed, and looked up at the ceiling. "Sorry." she quickly replied. "It's okay, Kait, It's not your fault."
Kaitlyn got up and sat beside him, feeling his forehead... "OUCH!" his forehead was literally burning up,she couldn't keep her hand on it for more than a second. "Gus lie down on his back, still staring up. Kailtyn scooted closer, and did something unexpected. She started to... make out with him. After about a minute... or 3... or 5... They stopped, and the captain and Jax walked through the door. "Ummmm...." They had seen, and he didn't know what to say. The captain sighed immediatly and knew what was going on. He looked to Jax, then back to me, then to Kailtny, then to the ceiling. He looked back into Gus's eyes.

(( Okay, so what's this mission info stuff all about? Hm? ))

FiStO-KiT 10-03-2005 06:39 AM

Name: Stu Zandar.
Faction:Rebel Alliance.
Rank:Admiral, Pilot.
Ship:KSE Firespray.
Personal Weapons:1xGreen Single Lightsaber.
Ship Weapons:2x Double Ion Cannons,1 Laser Cannon.
Bio:Stu Helped the injured Kaitlyn back to health but before she was fully healthy the dimensions changed and everything came back to the way it was, or so he thought....

Stu was running down to find Jax when he heard an explosion, he seen Jax turn the corner and Stu went to see what happened, when he got there he almost threw up, there were bits of a body everywhere, so stu tried to find Jax,He did allthough he was with the captain so he went to see what was happening and then he seen Gus and Kaitlyn...
"Allo Allo Allo, Whats all this Then."
"Jax, what happened with the body in the room back there?"

jediofdoom 10-03-2005 01:28 PM

"Errr....a little mis-understanding" Jax said calmly. He was trying hard not to laugh at the captains reaction to Gus and Kaitilyn.
Jax looked up. Something was happening. Jax glamped a hand to his head. A sudden pain alerted him to the presance of....something horrid. He turned blinded by pain.
"Jax whats wrong?"
"Nothing" Jax said wincing
He ran from the room. His head was a bout to burst. He gasped and hit the floor. He was out cold. He was un-board a ship, In a dark room. A man in a chair had his back to him. A blonde haired boy sat next to him. His face was hidden by shadow.
"Master" he whispered
"what?" said a cold voice
"master...should we make our move?"
"Master....another one had faile to kill Ja-"
"You will not say his name" the voice hissed
"Of coarse...master. But we have failed to kill him again, he is getting closer to our trail. He must have felt the tremmer in the force when we blew up that planet"
"Obviously, I look forward to seeing him...and killing him even if he is a Jedi!" the voice laughed and laughed....

Jax woke with a start. He was shaky and sweating. He was in the medical bay. His robe mad been placed on the side table. His head pounded. He lay back on the bed and breathed heavily. He was colser on the trail...of the emperors slave.

Renegade Angel 10-03-2005 03:35 PM

Gus knew what just happened. Jax felt it too. Lars and Rezillo had turned on them, and they were plotting their return to destroy them. of course, he knew more than Jax did, but no one except him knew why he did. The coonection between him and the Dark side was so strong, he had visions, dreams, and apparations of the empeor and Lars all the time. But know.... Lars and Rezillo were headed for an Unknow system, to go to the Great Sith Ruins and find the key... and he was the only one who knew what it did... But they had to stop at 5 other planets first, and they left behid death and war.
"Gus? I have something to tell you." said he captain. He glanced at Kailtlyn and she got up and walked out of the room. "Now, as I was saying...."

jediofdoom 10-03-2005 03:44 PM

Jax stood up and put his clean Jedi robe. The medical droid entered.
"Ah master Jax you are alright"
"yes, fine thanks"
"Master Don was worried"
"I see" Jax was only half listening
He ran to his room. He took of his jedi robe and dressed into his jump suit. He put his jedi robe in a box and carried it to his ship. He put it in the cargo hold.
"Jax? We're not going out are we?" asked a voice
Jax turned, standing there was Jay a young comoputer hacker and a fellow memeber of viper squadron.
"No Jay, Im just....I....err....."
Jay looked at him
"Sorry Jay, top secret"
"Jax?" This time it was Don
"what?" Jax said sharply
"The captainn want to see you, Gus and"
"Ok i'll be there in a sec"
Jax walked back to the brdge where he met Gus, Stu and the captain.
"What is it?"
"We've found out the last planet the emperors slave visited"
"The emperors slave last visted this planet" the captain pointed at a map.
"Soon after leaving the planet exploded. You are going to search the wreckage"
"But thats ages away"
"Don't worry we are on our way now"
The ship jumped to lightspeed and they sped away.

Renegade Angel 10-03-2005 03:59 PM

Gus fell over. He was wondering if Kailtyn was coming with them. The ship sped through stars and blurs of galaxies.

Kailtyn felt the jump, they were in hyper space now. She lay on her side, wishing she could go with Gus. she would feel horriblwei fhe would die on this mission... She sighed and rolle dover, staring up at the ceiling, thinking about Gus... She decided not to and took out a Skateboard Magazine stack she always used to read back home.... Home. Her home had been destroyed, and she was taken from an orphanage by a Rebel Captain when she was twelve. She always knew her parents were still alive, she always felt their presence... She sighed again and sat up. She took out a picture of her friends from her home. She missed them so much. Her mind went back to Gus. She couldn't stop thinking about him. Her only day off for quite a while and she was worried about her boyfr- No. She remembered how pilots weren't allowed to love. She didn't care. Gus was more than just her friend now. She rolled onto her side and started to fall asleep when she had a vision. She had been having visions that came true ever since her home was destroyed. She saw Gus, his blonde hair coming down to his shoulders... and beside him, was a picture of a Sith Lord... he had a long black robe, blonde hair coming down a little farhter than Gus's, and his face looked alot like Gus's, except a bit more... older. He looked like he was eighteen or so. He was holding a red lightsaber, with a hilt... that looked just like Gus's did. She knew now, that it was Gus. he was standing on a pile of rubble. No... NO! GUS!!! She woke up and had a glass of water, trying to convince herself it waqs only a dream.

Gus stood up and was thrown forward by the sudden stop. They were above a flamingg planet, half of it was magma... floating in space. He grabbed his robes and his lightsaber off the floor and looked at Jax. "Ready?"

(( Ok, Now we're going to hear some things about Gus on the planet with you guys, and Kait's past. ))

jediofdoom 10-03-2005 04:12 PM

"Two steps ahead of you Gus" Jax said as he ran out of the room.
He ran to his ship. His stopped. How could he have forgotten. He turned and ran back to his room and grabbed his lightsaber. He ran back to his ship and jumped in. He flew out. And looked around. Rubble was everywhere. Half the planet still remained. Jax flew down. He didn't wait for Gus or Stu. He scanned the atomosphere. the air was toxic. Jax put on breathing equipment and got out. Green mist clouded his vision. He chocked. His eyes watered. Jax stepped down onto rubble. He slipped and the rock gave way. Jax slipped. He fell down a steep hill. Infront of him there was a old temple. Jax could sense something evil. He got out his lightsaber. He walked through the arch. Something was deifinatly here. Jax ignited his lightsaber.
"Where are you?"
"right here" said a voice in his ear
Jax spun around. Lars was standing there.
"Me....lets not beat around the bush. I'm here to kill you"
"Bring it on"
Lars ignited red lightsaber and stood looking at Jax and smiled.
"Don't worry Jax, I will bring it"
Lars lunged at Jax

somewhere above a evil voice laughed...

Renegade Angel 10-03-2005 04:25 PM

Hey guys, I'll reply with Kait's character and Gus in a minute, My friend and I are trying to finish someting. Seey Ya!

Renegade Angel 10-03-2005 07:41 PM

Gus took out a small orb and threw on the ground. The orb changed into a Hover Board and he jumped on and slid down the hill of rubble.

jediofdoom 10-04-2005 12:40 PM

Jax blocked Lars's attack and pushed him back
"You're young you don't have what it takes"
At least thats one thing, Jax thought to himself. Without Rezillo as a challenge for being the emperors aprentice he isn't well trained because he didn't try to match Rezillo at everything.
"Come on Lars, Is that the best you got?"
"ARRRRRRRRH! Jax you scum! I'll do what my master could not!"
Lars lunged at Jax again. Lars was too angry to make any impact he missed by a few feet. Jax used the force and psuhed Lars against a wall and held him there.
"Why does Rezillo want to kill me?"
"You dear speak his name?" Lars spat at Jax
"I do, he is an old friend of mine you see"
"yes, back when he was scum like you!"
"You dare call your master scum?"
"what? No! YOU BAST-"
Jax moved his blade closer to Lars's throat
"Do it" he hissed "I dare you"
Jax smiled and threw him to the ground.
"Run home to him and tell him next time he should come get me himself"
Jax turned his saber off as he watched Lars run. He heard a noise behind him. It was Gus on a hover board. Jax turned and saw Lar's ship race off. Jax was not sure why he had just let him go, but he was sure that no good would have come from it if he had killed him.

Renegade Angel 10-04-2005 03:39 PM

Gus jumped off and scooped up the orb in his hand. He put it away and took out his lightsaber. "Well, we should check ou thtese ruins." He pushed away some boulders and dirt and walked in. It was too dark for him to see. He used Force Vision and looked around. Nothing unusual. Some bats... a corpse... a big rock... A CORPSE!?
Before he could say anything to Jax, a big, black, shadow ran towards him and tackled him to the ground. He saw a flash of and he ignited his saber. Once the light filled the room, the creature was gone. Just like that it had appeared and gone so fast... Weird. He brushed himself off, and his legs started to numb. It was FREEZING in here! His saber filled hte room with a luminecent green light. HE noticed the corpse was gone and he looked around a little more. That big rock had gold symbols on it and it was glowing blue. He walked towards it and looked closely. He recognized the symbols as a language. but he had never seen them before, but he somehow knew what they meant... He read them and then fainted once he realized what they said.

Kailtyn rolled around and thought more about Gus. He knew from the moment she saw him that he was the one. The one that she'd love forever. She remembered that Gus was still going through puberty. She couldn't upset him... He was probrably one of those people who love someone else because it feels right... not because they want to. That made her smile and she remembered how Gus's voice kept cracking and how he was always so clumbsy around her. She sighed and turned over on her stomach, wondering if Gus was okay.

jediofdoom 10-04-2005 03:50 PM

Jax managed to catch Gus before he hit the floor. Jax glanced at the rock. Something flashed. Jax dragged Gus's Body outside away from the bitter cold. Jax radiod in and told them Gus was out cold and to get a transport down there. Jax clicked something and a recon droid sprung out.
"Look after him"
The droid beeped. Jax walked back into the temple, his saber ignited. He examined the rock. Something was written below besides the symbols. It was English. Jax squinted, the message read. "The One Who Shall Defeat Him Shall Be The One Who Will Fall" Jax stood still for a moment. He got some paper out and etched the symbols and writitng underneath. Something told him the writing wasn't along the lines of the symbols. Something told him they wern't. And the symbols looked so much older. Jax looked around the room. Something was not quite right. Jax stepped backwards. The floor gave way. Jax grabbed the floor and managed to pull himself up. He went to Gus who was still out.
"Gus wake up!"
Jax searched around there was a stream near by. Jax dragged Gus to it and pooured some water over Gus. He didn't move. Jax Grabbed Gus and shoved his head in the water and then pulled him out again...

Renegade Angel 10-04-2005 05:21 PM

"AHH! Jax you son of a-" He realized they were outside the temple and jax was hovering over him. "Those symbols they... they... they say..." Gus sighed. His destiny COULDN'T be changed. Neither could Jax's. "You... me... side byt side... Sith Lords." He felt a jolt of pain rush throgh him. His connection throught he dark lord was killing him. He was suprised Jax was still awake. He stumbled back and fell face first into the clear water.

jediofdoom 10-05-2005 01:57 PM

Jax pulled him out again.
"Underneath the writting, there is a message that reads "The One Who Shall Defeat Him Shall Be The One Who Will Fall" That could mean one of two things. The one who kills him will fall, or die or fall and turn to the darkside." Jax stood queietly for a moment, thinking. He turned.
"I think we've found enough information down here Gus lets get moving. I don't like this place it gives me the creeps"

Renegade Angel 10-05-2005 03:57 PM

Gus weakly got up on his knees and tried to speak. "You... and Stu... and Me.... The message... the symbols.... we kill Rezillo... and we fall tothe dark side." He walked slowly alongside Jax, his feet aching and his legs still numb. it was getting colder and colder. Finally, they reavched the ships. "let's go."

FiStO-KiT 10-06-2005 04:02 AM

Sorry i havent posted lately, been busy.

Stu had seen the writing on the walls and he knew he must not fall-both ways.
He got onto one of the ships and took a seat thinking of how he was going to it.

jediofdoom 10-06-2005 04:25 AM

Jax sat in his B wing fighter thinking. He took off and made his way back to the "Ghost Town". No, none of them could kill Rezillo. Jax had managed to persuade him once that the dark side wasn't all that great so he could do it again. Or could he? Lars was nothing to them. He was undertrained and weak. Rezillo though was tough, and had powers none of them had. The others had never taken him on in combat. Even when Jax first met Rezillo he was an expert swordsman, and now he was the emperor.Jax docked with the ship and got out. He walked to his room. He was told to report to the captain but one of the others could do that. Jax sat down and looked at his lightsaber. He ignited it, watching the blue blade move. It was hypnotising. Jax fell asleep.
He was in the ship again. The man in the chair still had his back to him, and the boy was on his knees.
"Im sorry master, forgive me"
"I shall not forgive such a pathetic attempt to impress me" He said in a voice of pure venom
"please master it was a mistake, he is stronger than i thought"
"Of coarse he is, he is a fully fledged Jedi! beyond your skills. You're weak!"
"No master, I am not. I need more training"
"WHICH YOU SHALL NOT RECEIVE!" The man ignited a red lightsaber and cut at the boy who screamed. The boy fell down the stairs. He was either dead or very badly hurt, he could not tell.
"You will not fail me again" said the voice
"You will kill them, both are threats. Gus is powerful and power mad. And Jax had not yet realised his full strength. Stu is weak, but the prophecy mentioned a third so kill him too!"
"yes you wish" the boy left the room
The man laughed, his laugh was cold and high pitched.....

Jax woke up suddenly sweating. He stood up. and looked around the room. He had an odd feeeling he was being watched...

Renegade Angel 10-06-2005 03:45 PM

Gus woke up only to find himself in the Medical Bay of the "Ghost Town". A medical droid was startled by his awakening. "Master Kenobi? Please be careful! You are suffering from a few small first degree burns, a concussion, a broken wrist, a sprained ankle, and several cuts!"
"What happened to me!?"
"You don't remember? Your ship was attacked and you crashed into the hangar bay."
Gus didn;t remember anything at this point. He sat up and finally noticed Kailtyn, sitting at the edge of his bed, hunched up in a ball. "Kait?"
"Gus, you're awake!" The medical droid hovered out of the room. Kaitlyn wiped a few tears from her cheeks using her long sleeves on her dark blue sweatshirt. She had been crying, her face was red and her eyes were full of tears. Gus swung his feet over the edge of his bead and draped an arm over her shoulder. He pulled her closer and she lay her head down on his shoulder. Gus gently touched hger warm cheekes and wiped the last few tears from her face. "I missed you..." She said, not even moving her head. "I missed you too." He quickly replied. She gave a small smile nad closed her eyes, falling asleep on his shoulder. He looked down at her and felt fear. she was scared... of him. But why? No... Sion. It took him a few months, but the body Mira thought was his was actually that of his... Master's. Darth Sion. when he had been a Sith... something he'd never told nayone before... His master was Sion. he meant pain and death. His skin was pale, he was missing an eye, and bones stuck out all over his crumpled body. mira told them to ressuretc it, thinking it was him. Oh no... He would destroy the ship! That's what she was scared of.. Sion.. But how did she know?

Renegade Angel 10-06-2005 03:49 PM

That's Sion

jediofdoom 10-06-2005 03:58 PM

Jax dressed quickly and put his hood over his head to mask his face, not that there was any other Jedi's on board. He walked out of his room. He over heard a pilot talking to his friend
"-Crashed right into the hanger the idiot"
"Who was it?"
"Gus i think, between me and you he hasn't been the same since he disapeared"
Jax turned to them thinking about having a go at them for what they had said, but he paused. They were right, Gus hadn't been the same. Jax entered the hanger where Gus had crashed. There was personal everywhere. Fire units were putting out the fire Gus's crash had cuased. Someone saw Jax.
"Hey Jax" He said waving him over
"What happened?" he asked
"Gus came under attack from...some sought of ship"
Jax's immediate reaction was to think of Lars. But how could Lars get from the emperors slave to here while he was having the dream? Jax examined the scars on the ship. They were definatly not Tie fighters. Jax turned to the engineer.
"Get someone to examine these markins on the ship and get them to reprot to me and to me alone. Understand?"
"Yes sir, but why the secrecy?"
Jax turned
"That will be all"
Jax returned to his room. He knew he should go and see how Gus was doing but truth be told He made Jax uneasy. Gus had so much hatred and anger. Jax valued bravary but not stupidity. Gus was certainly a mix of both, but then again so was he. Jax and Gus were very similar except Jax had a lot less anger. Jax knew he could not hate or he would fall. He also knew, deep down, that he would be the one to kill Rezillo. Jax exited his room. He felt...restless. He wanted to get out there and find Rezillo. Little did he know he would be seeing Rezillo sooner than expected....

Renegade Angel 10-06-2005 05:02 PM

Gus realized sion had hi-jacked his ship... He had cut the wires and nearly killed Gus. The fighters made it look like they did it. The ship jerked and the power went out. the hum of the engines stopped and Kailtlyn cursed the darkness as she awoke and hit her head off of the wall. "What the...?"
"The power gave..." Gus answered.
"Oh great..."
A shadow quickly darted into the room and dissapeared. "Who's there!?" The shadow darted to a corner and dissapeared again. kaitlyn hugged Gus tightly. "Gus... What was that!?" "Sion..." He muttered to himself. "Damnit you coward, come out!" Gus and Kailtny tried to ignite their sabers, but the hilt just responded with sparks and smoke. The shadow jumped out and tackled Gus. Gus had a dlashback of the rock and screamed. "Kaitlyn, run! GOOOO!" Kailtyn shook her her head and threw her hilt at the shadow creature. It jumped up and fled. Gus and Kailtny grabbed a flashlight and looked around the halls... no omne... Kailtyn grabbed Gus's arm and cried in fear. "it;s okay Kailtny, we'll make it through this."
"I love you"
"I love you too." The two continued slowly down the dark hall.

FiStO-KiT 10-07-2005 07:12 AM

Stu began getting restless, he was thinking over how HE a good person could turn to the darkness, he ignited his saber and sliced the chair next to him out of pure anger and stress.He seen Jax walk by, he knew something was up...

Renegade Angel 10-07-2005 03:37 PM

Gus burst into the room. The emergency lights in here were still on... for now. He gave a sigh of releif and sat down on a desk. He looked deep into Kaitlyn's eyes... into her thoughts... and then, he knew. She didn't trust him. The Rebels didn't trust him. The Jedi didn't trust him. The world didn't trust him. A tear rolled down his cheek as he felt self-pity. He stopped quickly and noticed Kaitlyn was sitting next to him, hugging him tightly. He ran his fingers down her long, red hair. "Fool." came a deep and dark voice the desk collapsed and the a light shattered at the very sound of it. He gave a sigh... of exasperation this time, and ignited his lightsaber. It worked, Sion came out from behind a door and ignited his. Gus's red lightsaber made a slash at the sith's chest. Red!? How? why? when? He didn't care. Kaitlyn jumped up beside him and ignited her lightsaber. She gasped as she looked at Gus's. Her's turned from yellow to red and back to yellow. Gus's changed back to green. He force pushed Kailtyn out of the way. It was for her own safety. He dashed at Sion and made a small slit on the dark lord's chest. Nothing. A small bit of green goo cam eout and Sion laughed evily. "You're stupidity will cost you greatly." He force pushed him ontop of Kait and dissapeared in a cloud of shadowy smoke.

jediofdoom 10-07-2005 04:27 PM

The lights in Jax room flcikerd and went out.
"damn it" Jax softly. Jax could sense something onboard. something evil...a great power surge. Gus? and someone else...
Jax's comm. went off
"Jax this is Matinence, you asked to contact you when we disvoered what the marking were"
"yes go ahead"
"well it turns out nothing was shooting at it, it looks burnt like it's been touched-"
"by something pure evil" Jax finished
the comm went dead. Jax ignited his lightsaber. The room filled with a blue glow.
Someone was on the ship that shouldnt two people...Rezillo waas here.
Jax ran. He could sense Rezillo moving aboce him. He got to the lift. It wasn't working of coarse it wasn't. Jax wreched open the doors and hithced onto the ladder running along the side. He jumped up to the next opening and forced his way inside. Rezillo was close. Jax hurtled round a corner and there he was....the emperor himself.
He turned
"I knew you would come" he said softly
"As I you, and you bought a friend?"
"yes, Gus and Sion have an intersting past. I will deal with you, Sion with Gus and Lars with Stu"
"I'd like to see you try" jax said angrily
The emperor laughed
"Do you think a wanna be jedi and a man who can decide if he is coming or going will challenge the sith?"
"And what about me? I am a Jedi"
"that you are, and that will be your downfall"
Rezillo ignited his lightsaber. Jax's was already ignited and Jax stood there looking into Rezillo's cold dark eyes. This was it....

Renegade Angel 10-07-2005 04:41 PM

Sion reappeared behind Gus. He took a swing at him and cut part of his robe off. Gus was angry. hate for Sion ran through his body, fueled his anger and hatred. He was falling for it... the writing. It had mentioned him becoming a Sith Lord. This is it. This is what would happen. He'd kill Sion and become angry... wait... why didm't the rock mention her? Oh no.... That's why he had come. To kill her and fulfill Gus's destiny. Gus swung his footand kicked Sion in the chest, knocking the wind out of him. He recovered and picked up a desk. he hurtled it at Gus, whom used the force to push it away form Kaitlyn. He quickly dahsed up to Sion and screamed. as loud as he could. He grabbed her nad screamed until he could no longer breath. He fell to his knees and sa Sion crumble to the floor. He looked uo at Kailtny. She knew too. His destiny... Sion... everything. She stopped crying and backed away in fear. "Why Gus? Why? You were a sith... but" The two sat down on the desk as the ship jerked around more and stopped moving.

jediofdoom 10-07-2005 04:52 PM

"I have waited a long time for this" Jax said suddenly
"what do you mean?"
"Im going to kill you"
"yes, of coarse you are" Rezillo said smiling
"No, I am. I thought there was good in you but now i see there is no good. My friend Rezillo is dead and has been you"
"You do not have the power-"
"You know as well as I do I have been holding back" Jax said
"yes.... but you still don't have the power-"
"Then it's time to awaken my hidden power"
"you...know of this?"
Jax smiled. And ran at Rezillo. Rezillo swung but Jax dodged. Jax ran up the wall and back flipped off it, kicking Rezillo in the face. Rezillo stumbled but kept his balance. Jax swung around and slashed at Rezillo. Rezill did not dodge in time. His arm was cut. Blood spewed out. Rezillo grinned.
"maybe....maybe I've underestimated you...but you know if you kill me you're journey to the dark side will be complete"
Jax froze
"Yes i know of the prophecy"
Jax smiled
Jax kicked rezillo. He fell back into the escape pod and Jax slammed the door shut and pushed a button. The pod released and flew away. Jax sensed Gus....the transformtaion was complete....Jax was sure Gus was now a sith

Renegade Angel 10-07-2005 05:27 PM

Gus looked into Kaitlyn's eyes again. He loved her so much, but if she knew... He sighed and grabbed Kaitlyn around the waist. "I... I... I love you..." Kaitlyn leaned forward and GUs leaned into her sweet lips. They kissed. He was in love. His downfall was now. he was dark. He was a Sith Lord. He had killed Sion. Gus continued with Kaitlyn. He didn't want to leave her. He finsihed and put an arm around her, pulling her tight. She lay her head on his shoulder, falling asleep again. He gently touched her arms.. her cheeks... she was so warm and beautiful. He couldn't stand it. He knew why he oved her... Because she felt... right.... Love was tearing him apart, killing him, making him do the craziest things... and he didn't care. Love... The Jedi could go to hell. He didn't care anymore. He didn't care about anyone but Kaitlyn.

jediofdoom 10-07-2005 05:32 PM

Jax stood in the doorway watching Gus
"Gus..." Jax said softly
"You...have turned into what you swore you would fight against...what we would fight against"
Jax ignited his lightsaber
"If you choose to fight against what we stan-....what we used to stand for I will have no choice....."
Jax looked at Gus
"...but to stop you"

Renegade Angel 10-07-2005 05:37 PM

Gus looked up at Jax. He sighed nad took out his lightsaber. He ignited it. His reen blade slowly turned to a deep red. Kaitlyn awoke and was scared by what she saw. Gus jumped off the desk. "Please Jax... You don't understand. I didn't want this to happen. Love has changed me. The Jedi will not allow me to love. Screw them..." Gus knew he hadn't unleahed full power yet. Now... He wasn't afraid to. "And you're one of them." He dashed at full speed, tearing a samll part of Jax's robe with his red lightsaber. Power coarsed through him. He used Force Push and grabbed Kailtyn. "Goodbye, old friend." He screamed.

jediofdoom 10-07-2005 05:42 PM

Jax stared at Gus
"Im sorry it had to be this way...pal"
Jax raised his blade but Gus pushed him against the wall
"Don't be a fool!" Jax yelled
Jax jumped up. But stopped. Gus had turned evil...that only left him and of them would kill Rezillo...but who? Jax watched as Gus left....left for good. Something told him that Gus would still have something to pdo witth the downfall of the emperor...

Renegade Angel 10-07-2005 05:45 PM

He stopped. He wasn't effecting Jax. "JAx... I'm sorry. My destiny... I... I... can't control it." HE moved forward and threw his lightsaber at Jax's face.

FiStO-KiT 10-08-2005 10:58 AM

Stu Felt The power in Gus and Jax now, he knew he must do what he needs to...
He ran down where he felt Kaitlyns presence, there she was, Stu grabbed her and put his saber to her neck..
"Dont worry im not gonna hurt you im going to try and turn Gus back"
Kaitlyn was stiff with fear.
Stu walked slowly down to gus's position.

(Can you two please continue the fight i have a plan here)

jediofdoom 10-08-2005 12:08 PM

(will do)

Jax cuaght Gus's lightsaber and threw it back.
"Do you remember when when we took control of that star destroyer back in the phantom missions? Thats when I first realised you were evil"
Jax backed away
"Thats when I knew I would have to fight day"
Jax pulled out another lightsaber and ingited that too. The blue and green glow filled the dark coridoor.
"...and I knew you would never except me being a Jedi. I am here to defeat evil....and you are evil"
Jax ran at Gus....

Renegade Angel 10-08-2005 01:31 PM

Gus fell to his knees. Jax had brought back memories. When they were pilots and good friend. He remembered Stu and Jax and him and Mira... The memories held him back. They were like a spider web, stopping him from attacking. He felt power drain from him. Then he remembered his destiny. It was his fahter's fault... he had became a Lord and weakened the Republic. Then he remembered his only friend from the Sith Academy. Wes. He and Wes were renegades. They had ran away from the Sith... Tand The Jedi had taken them in. He didn't know where Wes was now, but he came back to reality as he remembered Jax again. Gus was still on his knees as he looked up at Jax woth tears rollinbg down his face. "Jax... I... I... I'm sorry... I give up." Gus turned off his saber and set it down in front of him. He crushed it with his foot and threw off his black robes. aUnderneath were the robes of a Jedi Knight. Brown with a white tunic. He stood up and looked into Jax's eyes. Jax still din't trust him. No one did...

jediofdoom 10-08-2005 01:39 PM

Jax looked into Gus's eyes. And glanced at his Jedi robes.
" have great hatred and you are is impossible to embrace the Jedi way after what you have done"
Jax turned his sabers off and put them back in his robe.
"It pains me to do this my friend....but you are are too much of a hinderance to be of help to the new republic"
Jax felt a tears in his eyes but blinked them away.
"you may go where you see fit, but you must leave now and Kaitiyln way not go with you....I'm sorry" Jax said stifly
He turned.
"If you are not out within ten minutes I will find you and force you out" he added in a voice much unlike his own.
"you can never be a Jedi" he mumbled

Renegade Angel 10-08-2005 02:45 PM

"Hatred. Anger. Jax, stop..." Gus felt it when he looked into Jax's eyes. Rezillo's plan was complete. Next Stu would somehow leave. What Jax din't understand was that he, Stu, and Gus were the only things that were holding up the Republic. If they all quit and split apart, the Republic would be destroyed. "You can't... Jax... but... no..." tears rolled down Gus's face. He was an exile now. He couldn't return. Ever. Gus stood up and looked to Kait. "I'm sorry." He whispered. He slowly walked out of the room, heading for the hangar. He jumped into his fighter and took off. He took out his heavy blaster and shoved it into a hoslter around his tunic. His robes were torn in many different areas and he had blood stains all over his boots. Cuts and scars were all over his arms, legs, and head. He gave a sigh and looked back at the station. He kept flying, straight towards the Star Destroyer. The one Lars and the others were aboard. His destiny could wait. He was going to win this war. Not for the Sith. Not for the Republic. But for himself.

He docked into the hangar. No one had noticed him yet. He hopped out and took out his heavy blaster. 'Wh-" "AHH! JEDI!" The three stormtroopers opened fire. Gus quickly disposed of them with a grenade and he advanced down the hallway.

jediofdoom 10-08-2005 02:56 PM

Jax watched him go....and laughed
Jax's long brown hair turned into short and blonde. Lars replaced him.
"Ha ha that was too easy! Now to find Jax"

Jax stirred. He had been hit on the head the momment he felt Gus's power surge. He got up. He could no longer sense Gus. But he could sense Lars.
"Lars what are you...? OH NO!"
Jax could sense Gus and he heading towards was a trap.
Jax raced to the hanger. But Lars confronted him.
"YOU!" Jax ignited his lightsaber. Lars laughed. Jax roared in anger and jumped in the air he kicked Lars. Lars stopped laughing. His lightsaber slipped from his grip.
"WAIT! can't kill me....I'm unarmed!"
Jax stared at him
and then at the hanger. He put his hand in his robe and pulled out a breathing device.
"Goodbye Lars!"
Jax struck at the ray shield generator. The shield went down and Jax and Lars were sucked out into space. Jax's plan worked. Lars looked horrified. Jax managed to get to his B wing which was flaoting lifelessly. He got in. The hatch closed and Jax took off his breathing equipment and watched as Lars struggled then became lifeless. Jax Turned the ship around and went to find Gus...

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