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Kurgan 10-02-2005 07:04 PM

Heroes.. kinda fun
Well so far I've only seen Yoda/Grevious, and Han Solo/Fett.

All of the above are basically combat monsters, except Han, who's more like a glorified combat medic. Actually Fett reminds me a lot of the Jet Trooper in SWBF1 before he was nerfed by the Patch, plus a flame thrower.

In all, I think the Heroes are pretty well done, considering. They have a few more saber animations so it doesn't look quite so boring (most of them seem automatic, you don't have much control over what swing you use), and they die quickly if you don't know what you're doing.

For example I became Yoda, encountered Grevious, and killed him in about 3 seconds. You have a block button but I think most people forget to use it and I have no idea the limitations of your blocking. But it doesn't seem like you can really "duel" it's just whoever attacks first/fastest.

The Heroes have their time based bar, and hitting them enough defeats them (your character just crouches in defeat and you get sent back to the respawn screen).

I think at least the non-Jedi heroes can still use vehicles (which could come in handy) and can capture control points (out of vehicle of course). As a reward for a killing spree it's not too bad. Ditto for unlocking the last two classes (you get the first four automatically, the rest have to be earned via points, though I'm not sure if it's your team's points or just you individually... ie: does every player have to unlock them for themselves?).

Unless of course this changes in the final version... but so far in the Beta it's kinda fun.

Too bad they couldn't have done something similar for the (otherwise horrendous) Space map... ;P (like unlock a better ship or something)

zerted 10-02-2005 07:57 PM

Everyone has to unlock them for themselves.

HordaK 10-03-2005 03:27 AM

What i miss about the hero Units is the server information what u have to do to become the hero, if u wanna avoid to be the hero u can just press F2 but if u wanna test the heros ur doomed to the luck, hmm "Do i have to kill myself to become the worst player and then the hero?, lets try" that kinda sucks that u cant just check some information about the heros unless u are the Host who set up the Hero config....

Kurgan 10-04-2005 01:20 AM

After doing some more experimenting in the beta looks like this is how it's done...

Each infantry based Map has it's own set of four heroes (one for each side of the four factions).

Utapau has Obi-Wan (Republic) & Grevious (CIS) / Han Solo (Rebels) & Boba Fett (Empire); Tantive IV has Yoda (Republic) & Grevious (CIS) / Princess Leia (Rebels) & Darth Vader (Empire)

Now in SWBF1 the Heroes were all generic Jedi. Now the Jedi actually have two types of swings. Their standard combo and a "backwards attack" when you're moving backwards. They "float" when they're sprinting and move very fast (although Grevious strides and gets in his own way, and if you run into a wall you're basically stuck in it for awhile). Vader looks a little scarier this time around and WALKS everywhere, so he's powerful but very slow (you have to sprint or Jedi Spirit to get him anywhere really).

Their "Jedi Spirit" power is apparently the same as sprinting, but you can float up a little bit (less than normal jump height though). Force Jump is just a jump at the height of your jump and you jump about twice as high and a little floatier.

Each Jedi has to cycle "powers".. they all have Saber Throw plus one more (Yoda & Obi-Wan: Push, Vader: Choke). Grevious just has a "buff" power that's infinite. Edit: Correction, Yoda has "Push" and "Pull" which doesn't seem to work very well (Yoda's best advantage is his small size and speed!).

The "buff" powers are a ground based thing that affects people in your area and gives them a temporary boost like invulnerability, extra armor or extra damage, etc.

The Hero has a power bar that slowly decreases, when it's gone they're gone. If you get hit, it takes some off your bar, so you can die in 2 seconds if you're not careful. If you KILL somebody you get a little bit added to your bar (no clue what killing teammates does, but it ought to take off your bar IMHO!). So theoretically you could stay as a Hero forever if you just kept killing... though each kill only adds a tiny bit.

As far as Jedi are concerned, their "force bar" is identical with their normal energy bar (the "tired meter" in this game which I think is a great idea). Force Jump, Force Powers, sprinting, Jedi Spirit, rolling... it all takes your energy away and you have to then let it recharge. "Blocking" is a toggle, which vanishes if you roll or jump or attack. It seems to block everything in front of you (except explosives) but it drains your energy bar at a constant rate (regardless of if you are actually blocking anything or not). So it is of limited usefulness (I guess it might be good against a chaingunner).

I'm pretty sure I'm using the default settings here (on my test server).

So anyway, so far at least if the beta is any indication, the Heroes seem pretty good. And giving the server the ability to customize them should cut down on problems, though I imagine some servers might make it a bit too easy and then people would just be them all the time... or too many purists will turn them off out of fear (remembering SWBF1) and miss out on something fun. ;P

Commander Obi-Wan 10-05-2005 10:59 AM

I have only played as General Grievous....he fun to use.....but I only get him for a minute at most since everybody is shooting at him or attacking him....but i still manages to kill ten Clones each time.

"The Concussion Rifle is the weapon of a Jedi Knight Player, an elegant weapon, from a more civilized community." - Kyle know this character who listed the quote....he killed a powerful Dark Jedi....I don't actually recall this name but the was blind....just thought i'd say.

master_skywalke 10-05-2005 01:46 PM

I played all the heroes on one day.They are all great!

Kurgan 10-05-2005 02:52 PM


Originally Posted by commanderobiwan
"The Concussion Rifle is the weapon of a Jedi Knight Player, an elegant weapon, from a more civilized community." - Kyle know this character who listed the quote....he killed a powerful Dark Jedi....I don't actually recall this name but the was blind....just thought i'd say.

You're thinking of Jerec, leader of the Seven Dark Jedi from Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight. ;)

Rebel_Trooper 10-05-2005 03:14 PM


Originally Posted by Kurgan
You're thinking of Jerec, leader of the Seven Dark Jedi from Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight. ;)

Ahhh, those were the days, Dark Forces II had a single player atmosphere like no other game... it as fun, the levels were good and gave a nice atmosphere, like infiltrating Baron's Hed (it was just so good, not stealthy or cool, just good atmosphere I know I'm sad), some amazing weapons in that game too, the Concussion Rifle (which gave far more than a concussion, I'll say) was a classic for example... excellent force powers too... best LA game since TIE Fighter I think! I did miss the Dark Troopers though...

(despite the seemingly mutated Ugnaughts... arn't they supposed to be pink and not yellow and green? LOL, I loved 'em that way! BRRUUGGHHHLAAAHHII!)

I think Fett is undoubtedly the best, then Leia, then Han, the Jedi are meh! The non-lightsaber characters seem so more effective!

Syzerian 10-06-2005 04:14 AM

Thats just because the lightsabers stand out and make everyone go "Ahhh! Jedi! Kill it!".

zerted 10-06-2005 05:01 AM


Originally Posted by Syzerian
Thats just because the lightsabers stand out and make everyone go "Ahhh! Jedi! Kill it!".

Not me. I think "Ahhh Jedi. Roll away... If there is no one around it to be killed, its time will run out..."

ParanoidAndroid 10-06-2005 05:54 AM

But explosives make their time run out so much faster. I'll never forget the time I killed Yoda with a technician. Man, I love those new detpacks.

Kurgan 10-06-2005 09:41 AM

Yeah, poor Yoda is constantly eating explosions. The little green guy gets no peace...

Unexpected this is, and unfortunate! :launcher: :yodac: :blaze6:

ManaMana 10-06-2005 03:14 PM

Jedi heroes can be a bit unbalanced in CTF, I picked up the flag as Yoda on Tantive and I had known that the enemy had a gap in their defence (Though my team mates were to busy making killing sprees, those tk n00bs :P...), so i made a run for it when I luckily took the flag. But there were five or more guys guarding the base, so if I had come as a normal infantry i would have loose 100 %...
But that I didn't, and I soloed the last point to our team, making an 5 against 4, with nobody really getting what happened, they thought that the Droids had the flag four seconds ago and the enemys still forwarding it.

Damn jedi sprint ;)!

Kurgan 10-09-2005 03:27 AM

Yeah, the Jedi can't use Force Jump while holding the flag, but otherwise they are unhindered...

Btw, this is probably old news to people, but if FriendlyFire is on, and you're a Hero, killing your teammates is the same as taking damage (reduces your hero meter).

Though I think it may be my imagination, but when I was playing Tantive IV Clone Wars, I swore I was swinging my saber around (Friendly Fire was off) and I was rebounding shots from my clone troopers back into them and they were getting hurt from it. Could have just been tired though... ;P

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