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jediofdoom 10-08-2005 03:13 PM

The Phantom: Jedi vs. Sith
(continued from Phantom: the return)

Jax docked with a star destroyer. He could sense Gus and Rezillo. Gus was coming to meet him and Rezillo was watching. Jax put a hand in his robe and gripped his lightsaber. He could see Gus's ship. The door opened and a storm trooper walked in.
"hey? what the?"
Jax ran and stabbed him in the chest. The trooper collapsed. Jax walked out and came face to face with Gus.

Renegade Angel 10-08-2005 03:16 PM

"What do you want!?" Gus took out his blaster and aimed it at Jax. "As much as I don't wanna do this, I have to. We're no longer... allies." Gus tried to refrain from using the word ''friends''.

jediofdoom 10-08-2005 03:20 PM

Jax gulped.
"'s a trap! Can't you see? Lars used some sought of...i dunno He took on ym apearance and pretended to be me and fooled you! This is all Rezillo's fault! He want you to be his aprentice!" Jax said quickly
Jax gripped his lightsaber tightly.
"We way no longer be friends but we have to stop him!" Jax said seeing the look on Gus's face

Renegade Angel 10-08-2005 03:25 PM

(( I gotta go guys, see ya later! ))

Renegade Angel 10-08-2005 03:27 PM

(( Okay, I have time to post one tinhg ))

"You... but... Lars is here, isn't he?"
He felt sorry now. He had almost killed Jax when he hadn't even done anything. He started yto lower his pistol and stopped halfway. "But... How... You can't be!"

jediofdoom 10-08-2005 03:29 PM

"Lars is dead Gus. He got sucked out when i cut the power to the ray shield on the hanger...I can't be what?"
Jax was worried again. If Gus didn't believe him all would be lost...

Renegade Angel 10-08-2005 11:13 PM

(( Hey, Fisto-Kit, just so you know, Kaitlyn is a PC of mine. She can't die unless I say so. Sorry to sound so bossy! And Jedi, Should I engawe in combat with you or not? I don't want to ruin any plans you had. ))

Gus looked hard into Jax's eyes. He felt terribly ill again. That dang fever... "Jax... I..... It's just so hard to... you..." Gus had a hard time explaining. Jax's destiny was like his own, but Jax didn't know that. So was Stu's... but he couldn't tell Jax that... if this Jax was even his friend anymore....

Redwing 10-09-2005 01:47 AM


Originally Posted by Renegade Angel
(( Hey, Fisto-Kit, just so you know, Kaitlyn is a PC of mine. She can't die unless I say so. Sorry to sound so bossy! ))

((*wonders what post y'all are talking about o_O*))

jediofdoom 10-09-2005 05:24 AM

(we can fight if you want I'm not bothered)

Jax looked at Gus and he understood
"You're afraid that prophecy might be right? I am a Jedi and always will be, I will never fall to the dark side, never! I'd rather die that become what I hate"
Jax gripped his lightsaber
"You can do what you want with your life but I'm here to end this once and for all!"
Jax half expected Gus to stop him, he would have even liked Gus to throw a punch at him, he didn't care anymore. The sith had ruined lives and now it was time for it to pay...

Renegade Angel 10-09-2005 08:39 AM

"It's not a prophecy Jax. It's true." He knew Jax wouldn't understand this... "The ''prophecy'' was written by The Dark Lord Kenobi. My great granfather. It was a glimpse of the far future. Of us. Of the new Sith. I don't want this to happen either. I'd rather suicide than become a Sith! But we can't stop our destinies..." There was a long moment of silence. "It will happen just like... like what happened to me when Lars was disguised as you! I won't be able to help it. We can't control it! It's going to happen somehow, someday! Don't you get it!?" his eyes filled with tears as he punched Jax across the jaw. "I'm sorry Jax, but we can't stop it..." He threw another punch towards his chest. He didn't want to fight one of his best friends... but it was his only choice. "AHAHAHAH! FOOLS!" a voice from above kackled. "REZILLO!?" "COME OUT YOU SON OF A-"

(( Hey, Red! we're talking about a post from our last Phantom thread. ))

jediofdoom 10-10-2005 10:43 AM

Jax looked up.
"I will never turn to the dark side. You can think what you want. Nothing but me has control over my life"
Jax walked away. He had to find Rezillo. Jax entered the throan room. Rezillo had his back to him. Rezillo held up a hand and the doors behind Jax slid closed and locked.
"no one will interupt us..." Rezillo said softly. He Turned. His hood covered his face in shadow. He pulled out his lightsaber and ignited it. He walked towards Jax.
"At last we meet...for the final time. yes, I've waited a long time for this"
"I bet you have" Jax said through gritted teeth
"The day where one of us walks away as the most powerful sith in the galaxy"
"Only one problem with that theory, I will never turn into a sith"
" shall not win. Only your hatred can destroy me"
Jax pulled out his lightsaber and ignited it
"If you win you will fall"
"I will win and I will not fall"
Rezillo smiled
"We will see about that"

Renegade Angel 10-10-2005 03:41 PM

"JAX! NOOOOO!" G8us banged on the big metal doors but it was no use. If he didn't follow what his father had told him to do. He'd never save Jax in time. He rememeberd how his dad was a jedi and he refused to be like his grandfather and be a sith lord. One day he had a vision. About 2 young pilots and Gus. Stu and Jax... Jax defeated Rezillo, an evil sith lord and became overwhelemed with power. Gus then fell after Kaitllyn, a young girl his dad saw in the vision, was killed by Jax. Then, Stu fell after hearing abut the death of Racheal, another girl.... He had to stop this now...

jediofdoom 10-10-2005 05:18 PM

Jax braced himself. Rezillo walked towards him. Jax felt a sudden surge of hatred. This man had stolen his best friend! Jax raised his hand but stopped. This was ecactly what would happen. He could not give into hate.But hatred was pusling through him. Rezillo sesning Jax's weakness attacked. Jax dodged and struck at Rezillo and as he did he felt a pain in his heart and felt a new rush of anger. Jax struck again, more anger fueld through him. Jax stopped. Rezillo laughed.
"You see? Every strike you make brings you closer to the dark side!"
Jax glimpsed at his hand. sure enough it was turning grey. Jax looked up and threw his lightsaber to the side.
"I will never join you" he said queitly
"and you know I won't kill you"
Rezillo nodded
"Your ties with your friends is your biggest weakness"
Jax stood silently waiting for Rezillo to strike him down
"I value bravery and pride...but these things will be your downfall"
"Strike me down then. I refuse to become a tool of the sith"
Rezillo smiled again
"all in good time" he gave a wicked laugh....

Renegade Angel 10-10-2005 07:40 PM

Gus's fever was getting worse as he used up all his energy banging and hitting the door. He couldn't let his friends fall, whever Stu was, he wished he was here to help. Gus reached into his robe's pocket and took out his old lightsaber. His sith lightsbaer. He still kept it, it was much more powerfull than his current one. On a succsesful hit, the opponent will be stunned for 10 seconds, but sadly it didn't always work like that. DUH! It finally came to him. All he had to do was use his saber. The bright red saber lashed through the doors lock and the doors burst oipen. There, was a weaponless Jax and a laughing Rezillo. He wuldn't let his friends fall, even if it meant risking his life to the darkness deep within his heart. He unleahed it. The darkness took control of him and he relized that this gift of darkness was there for a reason. To stop the sith, not become one. He fed off the darkness, but he did not let it take control of his anger and hate. He used it like Lord Revan, his great grandfather would've. A small black orb hovered above his palm, with purple energy inside of it, glowing bright. His signature power. The one power no one else had. Only he knew the move. Every force user has one... they just have yet to discove it. His power, was the Heart of the Force.

jediofdoom 10-11-2005 03:07 AM

(Hey Rennagade, can you please not kill Rezillo? he is a pc of mine. Sorry to sound bossy)

Jax turned around and saw Gus. Rezillo looked like this was a joke he a small smile on his face and his eyebrows were raised.
"Oh here we go" Rezillo said in a exhausted voice
"Gus NO!
But it was too late if Gus was right he would become the new emperor which meant Jax would have to fight him again! and then the never ending cirlce of sith lords would continue...

Renegade Angel 10-11-2005 03:46 PM

(( If I can hit him 3 times with the orb, it absorbs siome darkness in him, not all, but some It also has some other effects you'll see later. ))

"Don't worry, Jax! This won't kill him!"
"Besides, my power.. the darkness... I found a new way to use it. I can use it to control my emotions. As in: I can't fall... not now, not ever."
A long beam of black and purple erupted from the orb and actred like awhip, twirling around all over the place. It hit Rezillo in the chest and he was whipped back by the blow.
"Serves you right, bitch!"

jediofdoom 10-11-2005 03:55 PM

Jax watched as Rezillo was flugn back. Rezillo's laughter increased.
" think you can take me down? Your power blinds you Gus"
Rezillo struck at Gus. He skid across the floor. Rezillo stopped laughing when he saw Gus's determined face.
"It's time to bring out the big guns" Rezillo got out a double bladed lightsaber. In one hand he wheeled it in the other a single. His lightsaber skills were amazing. He controlled the swords so well Jax could not believe it. Maybe they had underestimated him. Jax jumped up. He used the force to grab his lightsaber and strcuk at Rezillo to stop him cutting Gus in two. Rezillo blocked Jax's attack and kicked him back. He then hit Gus with the hilt of his double bladed saber.
"You want to play with a sith lord? Lets play!"
Rezillo jumped up and kicked Jax in the face. Jax bounced back. Jax got out his green saber and ignited it. Jax got up and attacked. Rezillo was ready he blocked Jax's attack. Jax could feel the anger surging within him. This didn't make any sense. A few moments ago Gus was sure that the prophecy was true and now he was saying it wasn't? Jax didn't know what to think. He felt anger, hatred, fear all rush to his head and he struck again, he sliced Rezillo's double blade in two. Rezillo stepped back and picked up one of the peices.
"very good Jax" he said softly

Renegade Angel 10-11-2005 04:10 PM

"Jax, clear your thoughts!" If Jax didn't listen he'd fall too easily.
He jumped up and ignited his red lightsaber. His sith lightsaber. It changed to a deep shade of blue and Gus smiled.
He lashed out at Reillo, using his true acrobatic skills to dodge, strafe, and dash. He jumped up and landed behind Rezillo, and with a swing of his saber he managed to tear some of his robes. He used Force Push and then quickly switched to his Heart of the Force orb. He blasted at Rezillo, hitting him in the chest. He put his lightsaber away and fell on hios knees. He had to take deep breaths to regain all his strength. He glanced up. The ceiling was cracking at the top.... weird... BOOM! an explosion blew a hole right through the roof. The bomb. The rebublic. All attacking at the same time. He ignited his saber and healed HJax and himself using Force Heal.

jediofdoom 10-11-2005 04:21 PM

Jax coughed. He automatically put his hand to his mouth. Blood.....his hand was covered in it. It was happening Jax was turning to the dark side. Rezillo stood behind him looking directly at him.
"This wasn't meant to happen" He said softly
"It was meant to be him not you" he said pointing at Gus
"But no big deal...there will be a new sith within the hour regardless if i live or die"
Jax knew it was true. He picked up his lightsaber
"I will never turn to the darkside" he said in almost a whisper
"It has to happen"
"no it dosn't"
"It does, as long as you breath"
"then...I wont breath" Jax turned his lightsaber on to himself
"what? what are you doing? Don't be a fool!"
Jax stared at him
"I never thought It would be you that caused my death Rezillo" Jax said his voice breaking
"Jax? No!"
Jax raised the blade
"DO IT!" Rezillo said smiling
Jax raised the blade and threw it. It hit Rezillo in the chest. Rezillo choked. Jax fell to his knees a tear in his eye. Rezillo looked at him and hit the floor. This was it. Jax would fall to the dark side or die. Jax looked up and screamed until he had no breath left. He felt a flicker. his lightsaber turned red. His eyes slid out of focus. The prophecy was true...Jax had fallen. He could not let his friends suffer. He turned to Gus.
"Get out" he said in a weak voice.
"leave me here to die" An explosion ripped the silence. The rebels had almost destroyed the ship.
"Go" he said his voice deeper and rougher
"I am of no use now, I have....fallen"

(depending on where it goes from here I might change this post later)

Renegade Angel 10-11-2005 06:16 PM

"No! Don't leave now!"
He picked up Jax with all his strength and hoisted him over his shoulder. He ran out the flaming door and to the bridge. He jumped in the last pod and set Jax on the floor of it. He sat beside him and waited. The ship caught fire as they launched toward the Republic hangar. BOOM! The ship exploded and they crashed throught the hangar force field.

Jet Jedi 10-12-2005 01:05 PM

( as the ship explodes a pilot jumps out and just avoids the explosion)
what the..? what's happening? ( whips out 2 pistols) my own rebels almost blew me up there now what is happening? ( raises gun to eye level) Well?!

Renegade Angel 10-12-2005 03:29 PM

(( sorry, fill out a character sheet first ))

"Gus? Gus are you okay? Gus?" Gus opened his eyes to find himself being squeezed against Kailtlyn. "Hi, Kait.... Jax? Is he okay"
'He's in th medbay. You were too, but you seem fine now... I hope."
He kissed Kaitlyn on her red cheeks and thanked her for helping out. "No problem, Gus"
Gus sat up and used his Force Heal to try and stabilize his blood flow. Much better. He seemed to ahev some more energy now and he decided to get out of bed when it struck him. A wave of flames came through him. His fever was worse now. His head felt like a hot fire and beads of sweat dripped down his face. He lay back down and Kaitlyn moved closer. :sorry... about the fever."
"It's not your fault, anyways, Kait"
"I'll go get some ice, stay here."

jediofdoom 10-12-2005 03:40 PM

(in dream)

Jax was walking along a dark coridoor. At the end was a door. Something was telling Jax to open it. But something scared Jax about this door. It was leading him to the dark side...Jax opened the door.
(in reality)
He sat bolt up right. He was in the med bay. He was in a tube. He felt trapped. In rage he smashed the tube. Glass fell everywhere. The medi droid came over.
"Sir, calm down"
Jax couldnt be calm. He was turning evil. Gus should have left him to die. Jax got dressed quickly. He grabbed his lightsaber. He had to leave. Now. He ran to hanger. He jumped in his A wing and sped away. No one would suffer becasue of him.

Renegade Angel 10-12-2005 04:03 PM

"Jax..." he knew Jax had left the station. He had to stop him. He could stop Jax from falling, but Jax just kept leaving and he didn't get the chance to help. He and Kait finally made it to their ships and they immediatly launched off towrad Jax. If only... if only he could help....

jediofdoom 10-13-2005 03:22 AM

(Hey renegade I'd rather Jax not be found if thats ok I would like to wrap the whole phantom story up now and start a brand new thread about something completly different or join a new one)

Jax was headin towards a distant planet...there he would try and become good again...he had no idea how long this would take or if it was even possible.He looked to the stars. From an early age he had been facinated by the stars and had always anted to explore space, now he had the chance he wasn't going to throw it all away. He put on an extra spurt of speed and shot into the distance....

the end?

Jet Jedi 10-13-2005 05:51 AM

soz ok character sheet:
Name: Jalek
Species: Human
Rank: rebel pilot squadron leader
weapons: 2 pistols
bio: treid to blow up the ship from the inside and almost got blown up myself now can i do stuff?

Renegade Angel 10-13-2005 11:23 AM

(( No problem! ))

Gus changed directions and she followed. "What are you doing!?"
"We're leaving him alone, he wants to change his destiny."
"If you're sure."
The two headed back towards the station and landed in the hangar.
"But what if something happens to Jax?" She asked.
"He'll survive. He's a Jedi Knight. We're tought to use our instincts."
The two walked back towards Gus's room and sat down on the bed. Thet looked into each other's eyes and felt a strong wave of love fall over them. Gus's darkness imediatly took control of his love and tried to defean it. The two leaned forward... and kissed.


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