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cbrandt 03-12-2000 11:49 PM

Best Joystick?
I have a CH Flightstick pro, which worked really well in "x-wing" and "tie fighter" but seems to have some severe limitations for "x-wing alliance". Looks like a have to buy a new one. Shame, because I really liked the flightstick pro. Oh well. Question: What is the best joystick (combination of feel + capability) to use with x-wing alliance?

sincerely, cb

K_Kinnison 03-13-2000 01:29 AM

I know of serval ppl who ahve been very happy with the Logitech Wingman Extreme. It has a hat switch, four buttons on the top of the stick, 2 buttons on the base, a throttle control, and it twists.

It has a great program for ..progreamming it, and the Twist takes a litte getting used to..but it allows you to rotate the craft very easily

i bought mine for under 40 american dollars..and NOTHING has gone wrong with it. The ppl i know that use it,and would rather have that one than any other out there

Wraith 5 03-13-2000 01:12 PM

hey cbrandt what is wrong with your joystick. I have the same one and besides the fact that it is old and about to break it works fine. I Just wish there where more bottons.

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garyah99 03-13-2000 03:54 PM

Sounds like your present j-stick should work fine. Unless you specifically want throttle control, or twist capability, you shouldn't need one. I use the Microsoft Sidewinder 3d. Works great.

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Lt. Guilo 03-13-2000 07:33 PM

You want the best? Simple enough: the Panther DX from Mad Catz. Imagine a Flightstick Pro with several more buttons and USB functionality. Need I say more?

Parias 03-13-2000 09:03 PM

Hell, I'm using a regular Flightstick, 6 year old thingie-majigger (probably older).. throttle, 2 buttons, and trimmers. That's it. I'd use my Gravis Firebird, but it won't work with the USB on my new comp :p This old stick seems to tide me over just fine though.. but I'd give anything for a Force Feedback stick.

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Fondas 03-14-2000 04:29 AM

Check Saitek's X36 Throttle and Stick. Then new version is digital with USB connector. I think that the numerous programmable buttons and the built in rudder will make it up for the lack of force feedback.

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K_Kinnison 03-14-2000 01:33 PM

FYI, the Logitech Wingman can use both USB and game port. and has it's own prog for setting the buttons...they are game specific, so that all the keys are fuction labeled. Kewl huh?

UPA_Wacho 03-22-2000 06:12 AM

Logitech wingman extreme, thats a joystick it has two buttons on the base a trotle and two buttons elswhere.

gord 03-26-2000 01:31 PM

With the risk of recommending a Microsoft product, I like the SideWinder Precision Pro, it's got digital sensors so you don't have to calibrate it, 4 buttons and 8-way hat on the stick, 4 other buttons, throttle and a great rudder (twist) which once you've used you can't live without it.

Also it has a shift button so that you effectively have twice as many buttons, it actually makes it possible to play XWA without the keyboard.

Doesn't work in DOS though, so no good for Tie Fighter but as it does support USB you can connect both your current joystick and this at the same time.

milkshake 03-26-2000 02:14 PM

Microsoft Sidewinder force feedback stick beats all, 'nuff said

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gord 03-29-2000 02:29 PM

I agree the Sidewinder Force Feedback is great, it's the best way to 'feel the force', ho ho.

Jedi Jim 09-12-2000 10:37 PM

I have a CH Flightstick Pro also, and it works fine - when it's hooked up to my CH Throttle and Rudders. If you have to spend the cash anyways, take a look on eBay and see if you can get a throttle and rudders for your current stick. You may be able to get the throttle and rudders for the price of a new stick. The game is so much better with the throttle (and especially the rudders) that the money would be well spent, even if it was a little more.

FYI, I got my entire package (Flightstick Pro, CH Throttle, and CH Pro Rudders) for $115 on eBay - a pretty good deal for nearly $300 worth of equipment that works perfectly with the game.

Keyan Farlander 09-12-2000 11:07 PM

Wow, old thread. Guilo even has a post in it!

Keyan Farlander

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Bubba Fatt 09-12-2000 11:16 PM

I use the Microsoft Sidewinder 3d pro. Works perfectly for me in XWA.


rogue518 09-13-2000 04:50 AM

Microsoft's Force Feedback Pro.....great joystick!!!

Ba'rad 09-14-2000 12:48 PM

Got me Microsoft Sidewinder Pro...wish I'd gotten the force feedback, but couldn't afford it at the time, oh well! I recommend this joystick primarily for 2 reason, one being that it's got a comfortable grip, and two in that you can move around not only horziontally and vertically, but also on the z-axis (twist), this adds a lot to the game and HELPS A GREAT DEAL.

nova_wolf 09-19-2000 11:03 AM

I have a 8 axis 4 button stick FULLSTOP !
I the end, the only upgrade worthwhile is force feedback FULLSTOP !
Everything else is another annotnace as far as I concerned, distracting me from the battle. All I need is a fire button, and engine control - and I off !
Hat switchs - I SOOO detest them ! They get in the way !
Twist-handles - So what - it actually makes the stick weaker, and more likely to break, and you can start to just.... drift all of a sudden, becuase you forget its there, and you relax your arm...
Throttle controls - I play Right-hand = Joystick, Left-hand = Keyboard. The throttle would mean my left hand getting in the way of my right forearm, which I DONT need.
In the end - its your skill, NOT what your sticks like, cause some 80 Forcefeed back Sidewinder with all the trimmings aint gonna do you no good against me and my A-Wing !

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K_Kinnison 09-19-2000 10:02 PM

is that a challange?

nova_wolf 09-20-2000 08:45 AM

I have NEVER played against a hman EVER - so NO !
Im still havent reclaimed my Ace 4th from pre-computer crash, and Id like to keep it once I have it !
But ill bear this in mind....

Nove Squadron, Elite B-Wing flight group stationed aboard the MC Oracle, home of the tech library.

'No capitol too large, no corvette too armed. NOVA squadron, for ALL your extermination needs. Our special at the moment - Eclipse Star Destroyers !'
Commander Jon 'DFMD' Adamson - leader of Nova Squadron (B-Wing ID = 'The White Witch')

oldmansteve 09-20-2000 06:24 PM

Personally, I never knew happiness until I got on ebay and bought a set of well-worn Thrustmaster HOTAS controllers. I'm so old and slow that looking down at a keyboard costs me my last few precious living seconds. With my TM, though, I can identify buttons by touch and proceed to mangle AI-driven TIEs like clubbing so many baby seals.

bokan 05-31-2009 02:52 PM



so this is the biggest necro in the history of the universe, but I am about to buy a microsoft FF 2, seems it is still the best. I had a saitek evo force but it is trash, no control.

any other suggestions?

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