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mercTorch 10-30-2005 09:33 PM

Command line, server help
Hello, I am new, to this type of game, usually play MoH, adn i am haveing trouble getting the maps to rotate, I have followed the info on this forum and I am getting nowhere I can post all my info or I can some way show you.

SWRepublicCommando.exe DM_POW?game=mpgame.TDgame?GoalScore=35?timelimit=2 0?MaxPlayers=16?FF=0?MapList Type=MPGame.MapListMixedDeathMatch -server

this is my current command line, It seems to start on the pow map but after it changes to another it will stay there in a tdm mode adn not change maps again. I would post my system ini file but it is to big so I'l put up the maplist part





Maps=CTF_Siege?Game=MPGame.CTFGame?GoalScore=3?tim elimit=10
Maps+=CTF_Detention?Game=MPGame.ASGame?GoalScore=0 ?RoundTime=240?NumRounds=2?timelimit=0
Maps+=DM_Hangar?Game=MPGame.TDGame?GoalScore=40?ti melimit=10?NumRounds=0?RoundTime=0
Maps+=CTF_HangingGarden.ctm?Game=MPGame.ASGame?Goa lScore=0?RoundTime=240?NumRounds=2?timelimit=0
Maps+=DM_ZeroG?Game=MPGame.DMGame?GoalScore=25?tim elimit=10?NumRounds=0?RoundTime=0
Maps+=CTF_Underpass?Game=MPGame.CTFGame?GoalScore= 3?timelimit=10
Maps+=DM_POW?Game=MPGame.TDGame?GoalScore=35?timel imit=10
Maps+=CTF_Trando?Game=MPGame.CTFGame?GoalScore=3?t imelimit=10
Maps+=DM_Engine?Game=MPGame.TDGame?GoalScore=35?ti melimit=10
Maps+=DM_Siege?Game=MPGame.DMGame?GoalScore=25?tim elimit=10
Maps+=CTF_Hangar?Game=MPGame.ASGame?GoalScore=0?Ro undTime=240?NumRounds=2?timelimit=0
Maps+=DM_HangingGarden.ctm?Game=MPGame.TDGame?Goal Score=35?RoundTime=0?NumRounds=0?timelimit=10
Maps+=CTF_ZeroG?Game=MPGame.CTFGame?GoalScore=5?ti melimit=10
Maps+=DM_Underpass?Game=MPGame.DMGame?GoalScore=25 ?timelimit=10

Can some one tell me what is not working.

arramus 10-31-2005 11:33 AM

Add a + to this line Maps=CTF_Siege?Game=MPGame.CTFGame?GoalScore=3?tim elimit=10

so it reads Maps+=CTF_Siege?Game=MPGame.CTFGame?GoalScore=3?ti m elimit=10

Make sure you are adding this mixed map list text to the Systems Configuration File in the save area here
C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Republic Commando\GameData\Save

Let us know if your maps rotate after you try this.

mercTorch 11-02-2005 10:43 AM

Nope still hung up on garrison tm, with no rotation. any ideas?

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