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jediofdoom 11-17-2005 09:42 AM

Operation "Hours"
During the clone wars both the CIS and the republic are obssesed with gathering support. A Republic Transport has been shot down by the CIS on it's way to a meeting with the supporters if the Republic efforts. The Republic emediatly retaliate with an attack a CIS blockade. You are part of this retaliation. You can either be a member of the CIS or Republic.This is an open battle. There is fighting in space and on the planet below (This is a small planet with a large city which takes up most of the planet. It is night time and there is a blackout in the city which the CIS occupy) the blockade. Fill out the following info for example....

Faction: Republic
Class:Clone Sharp shooter
Equipment: Custom sniper rifle, Blaster Pistol, Armour, Nightvision Goggles
Strenghts:Aim, Agility
Weakness: Piloting skills

once this is done join the role play....I will post my own info soon

jediofdoom 11-17-2005 09:55 AM

Name: Known as "Viper"
Age: Unknown
Faction: Republic
Class: Solider, Squad leader
Equipment: Custon Blaster Rifle with scope, duel blaster pistols, 4 thermal grenades, 4 EMP grenades, 2 Mines, 2 Time Bombs, Binoculars, Advanced Clone Armour
Strengths: Leader skills, Aim, Agility
Weakness: Honour

Viper's Squad had been given the honour of being the first squad on the ground for operation "Hours". The Republic Dropship sucessfully infiltrated the blockade without being detected. As soon as Viper gave the signal the Republic would start their attack on the planet and in space. The CIS was oblivious to the fact that the Republic were about to take revenge for what they had done. The dropship had silently dropped them near the city without being detected. The ship had been hidden and now Viper was leading his men into the lions den.

The squad had reached the city and had encountered little resistance. The city was in blackout so the they had no idea where they were. They were all equiped with nightvision. Viper galnced through his binoculars at the armed guard standing by one of the entrances to the city. Viper had dispatched his sqaud to form a perimeter around the gate. His two sniper boys were in position and so was he. But this wasn't as easy as he had planned. Viper knew the city would be protected but he had no idea how many gun implacements the CIS would have. his was a stealth mission so they could not arrouse suspission. Viper gave the signal and hsi men sucesfully dispatched of 6 droids in quick sucsession. Viper gave the word...
"Release hell from above"
And the battle began....above the republic ships exited hyperspace and took the CIS by surprise at least thats what thought.....
A air strike was called in on the door and Viper moved his squad forward.....

Renegade Angel 11-17-2005 03:45 PM

Name: Gus (Unknown last name)
Age: 17
Faction: Neutral
Class: A former Spec Ops leader for the Republic
Equipment: Blaster Pistol, Spec ops equipment, Sniper Rifle
Strenghts: Stealth, Speed, Accuracy
Weakness: Piloting Skills
Notes: Gus is currently on the planet below, during the blackout. He is in a HUGE abandoned mansion with CIS searching everywhere for him. he is also a rouge, so the Cis and Republic are both hunting him.

Gus jumped over the broken desk and continued his run. He withdrew his blaster and took a sharp turn down the hall. His momentum and speed caused him to crash into a closed door. there, laying on her back was a younbg woman, about his age, with black hair and blonde highlites. Her hair was chin length and was a little curly. She didn't seem dangerous, so he knelt down next to her and took out the medpack he had found. There was a tear in the bottom of her pants, near her ankle. Her leg was bruised and scarred around the spot. he started to wrap the bandage around her leg when her eyes opened.

( She is based on my NEW girlfriend named Julie. Who will NEVER dump me, cuz we were like best friends for a few months and then I asked her out. Hooray! She of course answered yes. )

codj 11-17-2005 07:41 PM

Name: CC53
Age: 8
Faction: CIS
Class: Super Battle Droid
Equipment: Wrist blaster, wrist rocket, tri-shot
Strengths: commanding, powerful shots, tough armor
Weaknesses: slower than most droids and piloting

CC53 was definately surprised to see clones attacking the blockade. He knew they had powerful pilots and he couldn't help them out there. So he and his commanding squad head towards the planet.( by the way, what's the planet's name? )

jediofdoom 11-18-2005 10:47 AM

(Planet wise I don't know. Im not very familiar with star wars planets outside the films so I do not know, sorry)

As the door came under fire Viper moved his squad forward. He ran to the door and he ordered his squad to fire 3 rounds at anything suspicious. His plan worked. When the CIS saw the troopers firing rounds they assumed the knew there position and returned fire. Now viper knew where they were he threw two grenades at each side of the narrow street. The explosions caused the droids to explode along with them. One of the already frail buildings collapsed dertroying more droids. Viper turned back and reloaded his rifle. He signalled two of his men to go to up on the city wall and rain down fire from above. They nodded and made their way up some side steps. Viper heard some shooting and a droid fell down the stairs.
"Ready" he heard one of his men say
"Do it" He said simply
The rocket trooper and Heavy trooper bombarded the CIS outposts. Viper held up his hand and they stopped. He moved forwards and surveyed the area. Someone else was here. Something that shouldn't be. Viper looked at the ground. Footprints. He looked up and spoke into his comm.
"We have a Rogue down here, any advice on what to do with him Captain?"
there was a pause
"If he gives you trouble dispose of him. If not continue as planned"
"Copy that sir"
Viper moved forwards under the cover of darkness....

Renegade Angel 11-18-2005 04:30 PM

The patter of raindrops fell and he quickly finished up the wrap. He kicked the empty medical box aside and helped the girl up. "Can you stand?" He asked.
"Yes, barely."
Suddenly, the sound of running arose.
"Get down!"
He helped helped her up and set her by a pile of rubble. he ran out and stoped. A squad of Republic troops. He dropped the blaster and backed up. He helped her up again and she leaned against him for support.
"Please, She's injured. Shoot me instead."

jediofdoom 11-18-2005 04:38 PM

Viper raised his rifle
"You shouldn't be here, The republic are bombing this city if you want to live leave now"
Viper glanced at his troopers he nodded and they lowered their guns
Viper stepped forwards
"May I?" not waiting for an answer he looked at the girls wound
"Did you dress this wound?" He asked the stranger
again not waiting for an answer
"You should leave unless you want to be air strike fodder"
Viper signalled to his troops who moved into cover
An air strike hit a 15 feet north of their position
Viper had a sudden thought, This boy could be the rogue
He raised his rifle to the boys head
"Friend Or Foe?" He said

Renegade Angel 11-18-2005 05:53 PM

"I won't harm you, I'm a rouge, a neutral. I left the Republic years ago."
He grabbed the girl's arm and helped her walk. "I need to leave."

jediofdoom 11-19-2005 01:24 PM

Viper dropped his weapon
"See to it you do not get in our way" He said his voice impassive
He signalled to his troops and they moved out
Viper glanced back and then put the rogue of his mind
He entered a broken down building and ordered his sniper's to see what was below them and what oppostion they faced. They did so. Viper waitied. They appeared moments later
"Can't See a thing"
"You sure?"
Viper wasn't sure
"I need a thermal scan of the co-ordinates im sending you now"
"Copy that......there sending you the information now"
Viper glanced at his consol
nothing...He still felt weary so he ordered his men to stay put for the time being
He paced up and down for a few minutes before he decided to use an old trick. He ordered a drop ship to drop some smoke bombs onto ther position. When the smoke covered the whole are he turned on his heat vision. He ran throught the alley ways his squad close behind him until he reached another abandoned building. He ran inside and stopped.....he had the odd feeling that he was being watched......

codj 11-20-2005 06:50 PM

CC53 was watching a group of clones who were on the planet. They looked like they were formidable so he stayed out of the way until smoke appeared. He then ran into an abandoned building that happened to be the building right across form the building the clones were in. He ordered each of his snipers to get to a window and they each targeted a clone's head.

Renegade Angel 11-20-2005 08:54 PM

A red shot flew past Gus's head. The CIS mistook him for a Clone trooper. He ran until he came to a tunnel. "It's worth the risk."
He ran down until he came to a door, he busted it down to find an entire room. Still intact. A bed woven from bamboo and covered in cloth was in the corner. he layed the girl down on it. She was unconcious. Wow. he thought. How is this place still intact? He looked around. Dirt floors. Bed. Wooden table. Off course! He was underground, duh! He would be safe... for now.
"Hey." He spun around to find the girl awake. "So, I never got your name."
"I'm Julie."
"nice to meet you."
"Yeah, it'd be nicer if we weren't in danger of being crushed by CIS scums."
Gus like this girl, she had a sense of humor. He sat down at the edge of the bed.
"So...May I ask how you ended up here?" He asked.
"I... I don't seem to remember, but I know I don't live in this hellhole."
"Don't remember?"
"Yeah, I'm not sure why, but I don't."

jediofdoom 11-21-2005 04:48 PM

Viper was so sure they were being watched. He looked into the grubby mirror. He could see something...
"GET DOWN!" he yelled
His troops all hit the floor
"What is it viper?"
"Snipers across the street"
one of Viper's men pulled out a recon droid, he released it and it went up the stairs. The camera showed them where the dorids were. The clone ordered the droid to self destruct next to the builidng or as close as it could get. It exploded before it hit the builing one of the sniper smust have taken it out. Viper pointed at his rocket trooper. and gave him a signal.
The trooper nodded and loaded his EMP launcher. He fired above a window and ran across the room and up the satirs without being hit. He continued up the stairs
"Keep us covered"
Viper ordered his men up the stairs whilst the rocket trooper was distracting the droids. Once they were out of sight Viper found the back entrance and ordered his men into the street. his men did so. This was becoming more and more dangerous.
Operation Hours would fail if they did not suceed. Only a select few knew about the operation and fewer about what it involved. Viper knew one thing though, his squad wasn't becoming vaulcher fodder.

codj 11-21-2005 11:05 PM

The rockets were begining to get annoying. CC53 couldn't ever find a good hit on the rocket trooper and he was starting to get close to hitting someone. Finally, one of his snipers hit the trooper in the head, instantly killing it. It was finally over. CC53 knew however that if one clone was in there, another clone or more must be. Clones usually never go alone. So a recon droid was sent out and searched the building. Using a heat ray, it detected fresh tracks that led upstairs. They sneaked over to the next building and picked up their recon droid.

codj 11-28-2005 06:37 PM

Once they picked up their recon droid, they went upstairs.

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