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Zedran 09-07-2000 05:07 AM

check out this site!
Most of you "Nuts" probably already have seen this site, But there are other StarWars Wacko's out there who havent!

Lots of kool stuff there, Check it out!


When last we met I was but the apprentice,.."Now I am the Disaster"

Click,Click,Click,......Damn Light Saber!.....AAAAAUUUUGGGHHH.........

Fondas 09-07-2000 05:22 AM

Great site !

I've spent a whole day reading the "Technical Commentaries" !

Tek Gunner 09-07-2000 10:39 PM

Yep, best StarWars news site out there...
Poor 'Site Links'...nobody likes him.

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