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Deac 11-24-2005 03:09 PM

Cantina 14: The Guardians Of Peace And Justice
Right, you all know the rules, here we go again, yadda yadda yadda. I think it's upto BD to set the scene.

Redwing 11-24-2005 03:12 PM

((Oh, man. This title... is BEGGING for irony. XD))

BattleDog 11-24-2005 05:49 PM


A long time ago in a galaxey far, far away....

The year long REPUBLIC CIVIL WAR is over! Now
the work of truly bringing peace to the galaxy can
begin. However, all is not as it seems, the Emperor,
LORD CRACKEN PALPATINE, has dissapeared.
As one government is restored another threatens
to slide into CHAOS! Meanwhile a new EVIL has
appeared on the edge of IMPERIAL SPACE. The
JEDI COUNCIL has sensed a disturbance in the
FORCE. Now the REPUBLIC must uncover the
ancient SECRETS of the JEDI or all will be
consumed in darkness.

*The Planet of Coruscant turned slowly on its celestial axis, the Jedi Temple had passed the terminator into night several hours ago, yet the masters still sat in session. The attention of the twelve Jedi Masters was focused on the man in the grey and blue robes of the ancient Jedi Guardians standing defiantly in the centre of the circle and on the decision they had to make.*

Luke: Jammes Windrider, you are charged with aiding the agents of the dark side of the Force and the Sith in particular, how do you answer these charges?

Jammes: Guilty.

*That caused a stir, even amongst these Jedi, Kyp Durron scowled openly, while Kam Solusar steepled his fingers and leaned back in his chair. Taklin Flax was studying his brother in-law intently.*

Streen: I sense no evil in him, only defiance.

Kam: Defiance? I sense also pride, but not hate, and not the darkside.

Luke: Explain Yourself, Master Windrider.

Jammes: When the Republic split, I chose to follow the law, I did not learn until later that the Senate was being controlled by Reletha Darkstar.

Corran: But when you did learn you stayed. Why?

((Okay guys, jump in.))

Redwing 11-25-2005 05:07 AM

((I'm gonna be playing around with time a bit here. ...For the foreseeable future. ^_^

P.S. My PMs are kinda screwing up, but you can always use my email. :)))

Coruscant Airspace, Two Weeks Ago

Aren: *via Kioet's comm* Kioet, do you hear me? *A burst of static interrupts* -transmitting coordinates. I have a new target for you. And - congratulations. You just survived your first encounter with a Blade. There are many who don't.

*Another burst of static*

Aren: Stand by for data.


Coruscant, Present Day

*A glass shatters on the floor of a Coruscanti apartment. A fuming woman sends another glass hurtling after it. She has long ears and a mostly humanoid appearance, marking her as an elf to anyone who could recognize such a thing, pale skin and dark hair. She is wearing a rumpled outfit that looked like someone would make an appearance in at a Coruscanti nightclub*

Elven Woman: *shouting to no one in particular* You bastard, Cracken! What does you think you're doing? Dammit!

*She storms about her apartment in a fury, breaking other innocent household objects*

Elven Woman: Where are you? Where are you hiding? How are you hiding from me, godsdammit?

*She starts striding around the room, muttering to herself*

Elven Woman: And you just had to kill your second, too...

*She rolls up her sleeve and stares at her arm. It has a black mark running up and down it, set in the pale skin*

Elven Woman: You stay down... stay down...

*A male voice comes from behind her, sounding curious, affectedly innocent*

Voice: Why, what's that? How unusual!

*The woman whirls, holding arm. Standing in her kitchen, having appeared out of nowhere, are two other elves. Both were dressed in overly ornate and unusually tailored versions of what she recognized as Blade outfits. The one who'd spoken had blonde, spiky hair and skin as pale than hers, and an outfit in lighter colors set off by black. He had sharp eyes. The second, taller one was a dark elf, with skin the color of ash. His outfit was black. Both carried blades.*

Elven Woman: What are you doing here? Get out! I paid for this apartment!

Blonde Elf: You did! Good job. Pity we're not from the debt collector's guild.

*The elven woman hesitates for a moment, then whirls around, reaching out her arm. A light blue halo of light surrounds her hand*

Blonde Elf: *hand shooting out as well, sending a streak of red light across the room* Naughty!

*The red light hits the gun that's heading towards the elven woman's hand in midair, and knocks it across the room. As he does so, the woman dives under a table*

Blonde Elf: Oh, come now. We just want to ask you a couple questions. We're not even here to deport you. Now, introductions. I'm called Slythe. My companion here is called Nereli. You one of Rwos' little friends?

*Blaster bolts shoot out from under the table. The elves deflect them away with protective spells that appear in the air*

Slythe: Guess not.

*Slythe closes his hand. When he opens it a blinding light uncoils from it. He flicks his hand, and the light smashes into the table, splitting it into dozens of different pieces that fly across the room.

Revealed under the table is the translucent image of the elven woman, holding a blaster. As Slythe and Nereli watch, the image collapses in on itself and the gun drops to the ground. Outside, the sound of a speeder receding rapidly away is heard*

Slythe: ...Clever.

Nereli: You said you would handle this. Now you do it. I'm being commed.

Slythe: Certainly, Sai.

*Nereli reaches to his belt and twists a silver disk attached there, then disappears in a flash of blue light. Slythe runs to the window and leaps out without pause. His figure, cloak fluttering, is illuminated clearly in the night lights before plummeting down into the shadows*

((Yeah, mega-post, but it's not like anyone here could have replied anyway! :p))

Writer 11-25-2005 01:33 PM

((Lots has happened in two weeks... as you'll see here.))

Alyssa Renolin sat in silence, watching Jammes Windrider, waiting to see how he would answer Corran's question. Off to the side, Riebe Sothe stood watching with Nom and Tarila Vilnov. Though Riebe was not on the Council, she was still allowed to watch their gatherings for two reasons. First, Alyssa was her apprentice (though it may seem strange to say so as Alyssa is in her 30s and Riebe appears to be around 19). Second, Riebe was respected because of her age (in reality around 2500 years). The Vilnovs were there as guests of Riebe.

"So who's that?" Tarila whispered pointing at Jammes. Riebe shushed her.

"Less talking more listening," she whispered back. "Listen now. I'll explain later."

Kuuki 11-25-2005 01:36 PM

((i like mega-posts))

*Coruscant, Jedi Temple*

*Irvine remained in the temple after he father disappeared. He desided to stay dispite his sister and Starr taking their leave.*

((only guessing here red, i mean, would Starr really want to stick around? ;)))

*Irvine was still in the temple, studing the true Jedi and thier ways. He's only grew up with a medicore version compared to these Jedi.

He treked up towards the council chambers, expecting them to be departed for the evening, but then he noticed the doors were shut, and he could hear discussion inside...*

BattleDog 11-25-2005 05:06 PM

((Scar, I would say that the Council chamber is sealed. Ivrine can't hear anything, its not like its an mfi door! I also have issues with non Council members being at a trial, still they're already there so I'll let it slide. The Council is going to want to talk to the Vilnovs anyway.))

Jammes: Why did you all run? If we had all stayed then the war might not have happened.

((Anyone want to jump in and help me beat on my character, in a Jedi way.))

Writer 11-25-2005 06:02 PM

"I cannot speak for the others on the Council," Alyssa said quietly. "But I speak for myself; I was not here when the war started. Would I have left at its outbreak? I don't know. I know next to nothing of what happened and why."

She shook her head slowly. "You claim that if we had all been here, perhaps the war might not have occurred. Are you suggesting that we might have seen what you did not?"

jokemaster 11-25-2005 06:06 PM

Coruscant, Jedi Temple

Jack, alias Jokemaster stood outside the council room. The room was too small, and if he went in he'd risk Riebe sensing him. He was, however curious to the result of the trial, and from there tapped into what everyone was sensing, giving him an idea of what was going on. He noticed Irvine attempting to overhear the conversation.

Jack: Don't bother. It's soundproofed.

Coruscant, NRI
Greer had remained stationed on Coruscant, back in the NRI watching for any suspicious activity. So far it had been a boring day for him. He sighed and put his legs up on his desk. He supposed after fighting a war, every day would seem boring for a while.

Kuuki 11-25-2005 08:19 PM

((BD: edited.
he can 'hear discussion' but not anything that can be 'distingushed' :D

whats an mfi door anyway?? :D))

Rogue15 11-26-2005 12:28 AM

Kioet: *over comm* I'm glad they're not on our side. *static** next, please.

Admiral 11-26-2005 03:16 AM

Jedi Temple: Council Chambers

*Godwyn raised his head and looked at Jammes for a moment, he had only been half listening to the trial, the other half of his mind thinking of the mission he had just returned from and the next step he needed to take*

Godwyn: This is irrelevant, the war could still have occured if every living Jedi was here. We can spend the rest of our lives discussing all the possibilities and the could have beens. Instead let us keep to the actual facts. There was a war and you sided with the government controlled by the Sith. As Master Horn asked you, when you learned that the government was thus controlled why did you stay?


Godsheim Station

*Vidar looks up from a report he was reading as the door to his spacious office slides open and Valda enters*

Vidar: What brings you all the way up here?

Valda: Some updates and news.

Vidar: Oh?

Valda: A squadron of hunters will arrive early in the morning. The olympians are finally sending a delegation from Elysium, they should arrive in five standard days. Svafa will also be returning tomorrow afternoon, she says she has some good news.

Vidar: I see, and whats the news?

Valda: Since you like knowing about the Jedi, they are holding a trial on Coruscant, I'll inform you on how it turns out. More importantly though the Jotuns made a stronger then normal attempt to break the containment. I'll update you when we know more about what happened.

Vidar: Thank you.

BattleDog 11-27-2005 08:48 AM

Council Chambers.

*Jammes stiffens.*

Jammes: I did not trust the leadership of the Rebellion.

Kam: Less than the Leadership of the Republic?

Jammes: Yes?

Flax: Ahh. *It was the first time he had said anything.* Now we come to the root of it. You did not trust me and when presented with two sides you could not bring yourself to choose mine. Anger, then.

*Jammes says nothing.*

Flax: You blame me for your sister's death, my wife's death. You have allowed this prejudice to cloud your judgement. I think that is the root of it.

*Jammes looks Flax directly in the eyes.* Yes.

Flax: I do not believe this is guilt, nor do I believe this is innocence. As I am clearly the cause of this I defer to the other Masters, what sentance will you pass down?

Admiral 11-27-2005 06:23 PM

Godwyn: I have a few more questions since I was not here when these events took place. What actions did you take to oppose the rebellion? Rather in your opposition to the rebellion did you remain true to our code?

((BD: Just need to know what is Jammes' rank within the order?))

BattleDog 11-27-2005 07:34 PM

((Jedi Master. Oh, and Deac I can see you lurking.))

Jammes: I upheld the law, when the war came to Coruscant I opposed the Rebellious Jedi.

Kyp: You call us Rebellious!?

Writer 11-28-2005 12:48 AM

"Our anger or annoyance at being called rebellious solves nothing," Alyssa said, staring pointedly at Kyp. Then, she turned to Jammes. "Rebellious how?"

Admiral 11-28-2005 01:09 AM

Godwyn: Rebellious in the fact that they rebelled against the lawful government. What I want to know Jammes is how did you oppose them, for example did you kill, or maim them or did you simply block them.

Cmdr. Cracken 11-28-2005 10:19 AM

Bilbringi, the New Imperial Center

*The massive Imperial Fleet hung in high orbit over Bilbringi, the new core of the Empire. The fleet and her starfighters were in all out parade formations, and across the Imperial controled space, which covered half the galaxy, celebrated the return of the Imperial Family, and the victory over the enemies of the Empire.

A shuttle departed from the Super Star Destroyer Executor with TIE-Defenders in parade escort, and headed to the capital city. The shuttle landed on a shuttle platform that was attached to the Imperial Palace, whichw as still being built. The 501st Stormtrooper battalion was in parade formation, tradition when high ranking or royalty arrived on world.

The shuttle bay opened, and the battalion snapped to attenion. Down the ramp, walked down the rightful hier to the Empire... Emperor Cracken Hideki Palpatine. At his side, his apprentice, Starr Hailfire, and his daughter, Princess Alysara Palpatine, the hier to the throne.

Cracken saluted the battalion, and did the usual political dance of waving to the Holocams. He continued to walk to the palace, and once inside, made a bee line to his office chambers. The three entered his office, and the soundproof door shut quietly.*

Cracken: Starr, disperse the fleet, standard patrols on the boarders of our space. Have them watch out for... rogue elements of the Empire. I sense a great disturbance in the Force....

*Cracken took his seat, and qued up the latest Holonet feed. The Holonet said he had dissapeared back to the Empire to hide, defeated. Farthest from the truth. He walked away from the meeting with Skywalker semi-pleased. The Jedi were no longer activly in pursuit of the Sith, and he no longer had to fear the Jedi Assassinating him anytime soon, because he stuck a cease-fire agreement that put on hold the ancient fued between the Sith and the Jedi. *

Cracken: Alysara, go to Yaga Minor, take the Vengence and her support fleet, and the 501st Battalion....

Alysara: Yaga Minor? Father, that's a backwater planet...

Cracken: I know, I just think.... *he appeared distant* Someone is coming.... *He smiled at Alysara* Go, if you need the rest of the fleet, it is at your command.

*She noded, and began to walk out the room. She stopped, and hugged Starr, and smiled. She continued out the door, and headed out to the shuttle bay.

Cracken picked through various datacards, long disorganized during his absence on the Imperial Center, and found the one he was looking for. He put it in his datapad, and a hologram popped up, relaying various numbers and technical descriptions. A single location was pointed out, and above all, the words CLASSIFIED, Royal Family Eyes ONLY permiated the holo.*

Cracken: Now, my apprentice, there is a certain... project that I started during the Crimson Star War so long ago, that I wish to be completed at all speed. Go to the Maw Military Instalation, and hurry it along. Make sure nobody follows you.

*He took out the datacard, and handed it to Starr.*

Cracken: While we cannot strike at the Jedi or the Republic any longer, we can still strike fear into the enemies we have. And fear us, the will.

Deac 11-28-2005 02:25 PM

Atredis, Hospital

*Deac enters a small private room, containing a comfortable looking bed and adjacent bathroom. A young dark haired man in a wheelchair sits staring through the large glass window that overlooks the farmlands of Atredis.*

Deac: Orthos?

*Orthos does not answer. Deac walks up and sits by Orthos*

Deac: The doctors said part of you was still in there...I don't know if you can hear me...but I'm sorry...I'm sorry I left you for dead.

Orthos: ........

Deac: I've taken a leave of abscence Orthos. I'm going to be on Atredis, and I'm going to come see you every day.


Deac: Well...*frustratedly* Forget it. See you later.

Orthos: *Quietly, to himself*Time...Choice...

Writer 11-28-2005 03:25 PM

Alyssa smiled slightly, but said nothing as she thought of how little she truly knew of the recent events nearer the center of the galaxy. Yes, she felt she'd been away far too long and now she thought it best to remain silent. There was nothing further she had to say without making herself look ignorant rather than just uninformed.

BattleDog 11-28-2005 05:06 PM


Jammes: Jedi died by my hand and I watched other jedi fall by the hands of other master. *He looks pointedly at Flax.*

Yaga Minor.

*Agric's Black Fleet of forty ships dropped out of hyperspace in close formation. On the Bridge Agric turned to his come officer, a middle aged major.*

Agric: Open a channel, inform them we come from Bilbringi and are here to recieve a new compliment of TIE Defenders, you will occupy them until our commandos have completed their task.

Major: Yes, My Lord.

*As the major opens a comm channel a cloaked assault transport drops from the hanger of Agric's own ship. Within the transport were thirty commandos, Fett Clones, each wearing black flexi-armour and armed with E-11B carbines, similar transports dropped from the other eleven ships.*

Cmdr. Cracken 11-29-2005 02:08 PM

Yaga Minor

*On Yaga Minor, the commanding officer reviews the fleet.*
Cmdr.: Ask for thier IFF codes, and have them transmit them at once. I've recieved word that her Highness is arriving soon, and only she can give the go ahead for the transfer.

Comm. Officer: Yessir. *The tech keys the comm* Unknown fleet, transmit your IFF codes for verification, and hold position. Her Highness Palpatine is arriving soon and will verify transfer of equipment. Non-Compliance will be meet with military action, do you copy?


*The countdown clock continued to tick away until time to reversion. The Vengence and it's support contigent of 9 Imperial Mark II Star Destroyers streaked through hyperspace. 3 hours left... A twinge in the Force caught Alysara's attention. She keyed her comm.*
Alysara: Admiral, prepare the fighters for immediate launch after reversion. have reinforcements on standby for hyperspace into the region.

Admiral: Yes m'lady, thoughr einforcements will take at least 6 hours to get her after we call for them.

Alysara: Understood Admiral.

*She shut off the comm, and thought.... something was beginning....*

BattleDog 11-29-2005 04:09 PM

Yaga Minor

Major: Understood, transmitting IFF codes.

*He transmits the IFF codes of 12 ships in addition to Agric's personnal identification code. Deep in the vaults of Yaga Minor's computer core a twenty five year old file is retrieved from digital storage and sent zipping into the CPU. From there it arrives at the comm-officer's screen.*

Imperial Ident: *****-****-****-***-*

Clearence Level: 1A-Special

Originator: ******** ******* ******** ******

Date Stamp: **/**/****/

Addendum: Comply immediately, by order of the Emperor.

Cmdr. Cracken 11-30-2005 09:23 AM

Yaga Minor
Cmdr: Well?

Comm. Officer: It's an older code, but it checks out... though this is not the Emperors usual method of equipment transfer... *The tech swivled in his chair* Sir, I don't mean to be insubordinate, but I know it says by order of the Emperor, but... Didn't Emperor Palpatine say her Highness was coming, and all matters reguarding military in the region were up to her?

Cmdr: Repeat the message. Offer the usual officer quaters planet side. We will wait until her Highness arrives. *The commander lossened his collar a bit. He knew the price of failure on his part, and he hoped Alysara would be more forgiving that Lord Vader ever was.*

Comm. Officer: Aye sir. *he keyed the comm again* We have recieved your IFF codes, and acknowledge friendlies. However, her Highness is now in charge of military affairs in the region. ETA is 2 hours, 55 minutes, galactic standard time, all transfers are to be put on hold until her specific approval has been given. Until such time, your officers are welcome planetside.

Transmitting Imperial Decree 100982.87.
*the decree reads as follows....*
By Order of Emperor Cracken Hideki Palpatine, Imperial Center
Her Highness Princess Alysara Amerian Palpatine, daughter of the Emperor, hier to the throne, is now commander of all Imperial Naval and Armed Forces. She is to reorganize, restructure and streamline the military as she see's fit, and all questions reguarding all matters within the military are to be answered at her discretion. All conflicts or concerns reguarding equipment, personel, or methods, are to be forwarded to her. Non-Compliance will result in prosecution under Imperial Law.

Deac 11-30-2005 11:28 AM

Bilbringi, Imperial Capital Building

*Stormbaltz sits in a prison cell. It is spartan, but not overly inhospitable. A small second room holds a bathroom, while he has access to a limited computer terminal. He sits, still in his uniform, atop the hard bunk left out for him, while a lawyer sits opposite him, flanked by two stormtroopers.*

Lawyer: You've recieved summons from the Emperor. He wishes you to explain yourself.

Stormbaltz: I have been trying to do that since I reached Coruscant.

Lawyer: The emperor is a busy man. He does have to manage the entire empire and cannot drop everything for one wayward officer.

Stormbaltz: You'd be easily decieved too if you spent the better part of a decade in cryogenic stasis.

Lawyer: Save it for His Majesty. Come with me.*Turns to Aide* Signal the Emperor. Admiral Stormbaltz has answered his summons.

Cmdr. Cracken 11-30-2005 01:00 PM

**OOS: deac, Cracken is on the Imperial Center of Bilbringi, in his palace under construction.**

Imperial Center at Bilbringi, Imperial Palace

*Cracken shuffled through the data cards on his desk, organizing them into a coherent order. The mess on his desk was less clutterd than when he first walked in whith his daughter and his apprentice. He had several piles, one which had financial reports and economic matters, military matters, and social matters in one, and several smaller piles which he was going to look at later. His desk comm beeped, and he answered it*

Cracken: What is it?

Secretary: My lord, Stormbaltz is here as requested for questioning and sentencing.

Cracken: Excellent. Send him in.

*Two Stormtroopers and a lawyers entered his office, with Stormbaltz in tow. Cracken motioned for Stormbaltz to sit before him in a chair provided, and motioned for the lawyers and the two stormtroopers to leave. The troopers gave a salute and walked out. The lawyers mearly bowed, knowing his duty was done, and left, leaving the Emperor and Stormbaltz alone.*

Cracken: Now, former Admiral Stormbaltz.... You are incarcerated for treason against the Empire. You plead... not guilty, I assume? Please.... explain to me why I shouldn't either execute you now, or save you to be executed by my apprentice, who would be far more cruel than I....

Admiral 11-30-2005 03:58 PM

Coruscant: Jedi Temple

Godwyn: Hmm...If no other master has questions for you then you can wait outside, as we deliberate. The Vilnovs, if you would also wait outside as we deliberate, we shall call you back in when we are through.

Writer 11-30-2005 04:02 PM

Nom and Tarila glanced at Riebe, who nodded that they should do as they were told. They exited the room and Riebe followed them out. She'd heard enough until the Vilnovs were called back in.

Kuuki 12-07-2005 06:06 PM

*Irvine was still outside, patiently waiting til the council was done with the hearing, he had is own appointment scheduled....*

((I think you got 3 ppl wiating on ya deac :D))

BattleDog 12-07-2005 09:29 PM

((Okay, sorry about the wait guys, I've been writing an essay on Pan Hellenic festivals for the past three days, before that I was writing one on Herodotus.))


Corran: I think we know all we need to know.

Kam: Do you have anything more to say?

Jammes: No.

Luke: Then we are ready to make a decision?

*The other masters nod.*

Luke: You can wait outside, Master Windrider.

*Jammes leaves, when he passes into the anti chamber two Jedi Guardians flank him, as though guarding a rabid dog that might attack them at any momment.*

Yaga Minor

Major: Message recieved, we will await the arrival of the Princess.

*Even as the major is speaking the cloaked transports dock to long unused airlocks and deliver their cargo of clone commandos.*

Deac 12-10-2005 04:43 PM

OOC: Damned router won't let me post the long post I need to say!

Kuuki 12-10-2005 06:51 PM

((just copy paste!))

Deac 12-12-2005 02:59 PM

OOS: I'll try. If not, prepare for several posts.

Imperial Centre

Stormbaltz:My Lord, it begins ten years ago. After I was promoted to Admiral, Lord Syrnl Darkstar approached me and told me that me and my crew had been selected to participate in the Dragon's Teeth program. We were to enter stasis to be awoken if the empire had dire need of us, a backup if you will. We slept, and were awoken by Lokpihet Darkstar, who told us that he was the last surviving person on our command structure.

Deac 12-12-2005 02:59 PM

OOS: Seems I can only post a certain number of characters. B*llcks.

Stormbaltz: We had little contact with the clone of your son. I did not know who he was, his existence was not widely know. After Lokpihet's death he proved he had the DNA of the heir to the empire, and told us that you had been killed. We had no knowledge of the events that took place in our slumber. However, I suspected something was amiss due to the clone's involvement with cloning and some bizarre cult, and we faced off and I was forced to back down. During the battle of coruscant, we intercepted information that proved he was a traitor, but he escaped before we could aprehend him. I have only further to say, my lord, that we willingly surrendered after the battle, something real traitors would not have done, and that during your father's reign, I was in the Inner Circle of the Secret Order. I would not betray the Imperial Family.

Kuuki 12-12-2005 07:57 PM

((*likes where this is going* :D))

Rogue15 12-13-2005 03:23 PM

Kioet: Now, I am ready for another battle. *over comm* Aren, the data download is complete, I think.

*Kioet sets the hyperspace coordinates for Dantooine*

Kioet over comm: I'll be at a cantina on a mining outpost in Dantooine for a bit.

*Kioet's missile boat jumps into hyperspace*

Rogue15 12-13-2005 03:51 PM

Character: Saurat Seerdon
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 26
Skills: Expert Marksman and Scout
Weapons: silenced sniper concussion rifle, scout blaster with stun ability
Bio: Seerdon was the son of the late Moff Kohl Seerdon, whom was shot down by Jedi Luke Skywalker on the planet of Thyferra. His mother was killed by rebel forces when he was only 10, which is one of the reasons that he joined the Imperial Army. He trained to be a scout/sniper, and made sergeant by the time the rebels destroyed the 2nd death star. The squad he was in was killed by ewoks, he managed to flee to Dantooine with one of the landing craft used to deploy speeder bikes down to the planet, once there, he traded his shuttle for a beautiful mansion, not too far from the mining outpost that he frequents.

Location: Mining Outpost's Cantina

*Saurat sits back in his chair, enjoying the entertainment of a Twi'lek dancer, while sipping his corellian ale*

Rogue15 12-18-2005 01:24 AM

*Saurat was just beginning to doze off when he caught a giant trandoshan shoving someone through the doorway of the cantina and into the wall next to the dancer*


*Kioet thrusts the barrel of his pistol into the calamari's throat*

Mon Calamari: I-I'm I fix things! Perhaps-we-could work out some arrangements? You are the owner of a missile boat, correct? I can get you a deal on some parts and upgrades, yes?

Kioet: Missle Boat? What the hell?

*Kioet edges closer*

Kioet, in a low growl: Are you a spy?

Mon Calamari: No! of course not. I'm of Seerdon, he's right over there.

Seerdon: Geez, Garstan, you could have comm'd me.

Garstan: I would have, but....

*Kioet crushes the commlink in his hands, and points his rifle at Saurat*

Kioet: Who the hell is this? Your bodyguard or your slave?

Saurat: He's my slave and my bodyguard.

Garstan: I've been in service to the Empire my whole life, I used to do work for his father, Moff Kohl Seerdon. Then he died, and I was the only thing on the will.

Saurat: Yeah. Good times. Long live the Empire!

Kioet: Do I know you?

Saurat: Of course not. hahaha. You were part of the resistance on Jolek.

(( read: the unfinished resistance RPG))

Redwing 12-22-2005 04:23 AM

((Okay, I'm FINALLY back. My finals are over. ALL OVER. Thank God. So besides Christmasy junk, I'm fully able to post again...

...So. What do I need to be doing?))

Rogue15 12-23-2005 12:17 AM

((make a holiday special..i'ts like tradition that cannot be broken!))

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