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mphillipson 12-08-2005 07:19 AM

Multiplayer CD-KEY
I have battlefront2 works fine (single & Multiplayer). I have also just bougtht Battlefront as many of my online friends play this.

The problem is encountered when joining multiplayer (powered by Gamespy), message pops up 'CD not authorized to play this game'. I have found many other posts in other forums and spent days researching this CD-KEY issue

Now I have joined this forum as a result of major frustration trying to resolve this. I have contacted the following:

Lucasarts: Posted on their tech forum, e-mailed them (twice). Finally got a reply and they told me contact Activision.

Activision: I had already phoned and e-mailed (no response) them, so I phoned them again. The only solution was to give them my CD-KEY which they would e-mail to Lucasarts for advice. (I have already done that)

A friend of mine who plays Battlefront e-mailed me his Key to try out and that worked... BUT obviously I can't use his key AND why should I, I bought this game from a main dealer factory sealed. Activisions original advice was to return the game and exchange for another copy, I did that ...same problem!

There are posts on the Lucasarts forum which HAVE been resolved by Lucasarts either authourizing the Key on Gamespy server or e-mailing valid multiplayer enabled Key to the cistomer. I've even had people chip in on my thread saying they have the same problem.. got nowhere with support and could I let them know if I get it fixed who to contact.

Anyones thoughts/views appreciated


zerted 12-08-2005 09:11 AM

Two failed copies from the store is very unlikely. Did you send your key to the friend to see if it worked for him? Can you use a batch file and create a server? Can you then join the server if created? You don't need to create two threads on this issue.

mphillipson 12-08-2005 09:43 AM

Yes sorry about the Post in BattlefrontII tech forum I have tried to delete it but couldn't find out how to.. sorry.

As to your questions yes I can create a server, and he can join with his valid key. He can join games currently in progress whereas I cannot. I did send him the key and no it didn't work.

However ... and this really pi**es me off ... one of my other friends in London bought the game last week to 'join in' and his key isn't authorized, he has exchanged his 3 times... same error each time and has now got his money back.

I appreciate your comments but I refuse to let Lucasarts off the hook on this, I have now bought 2 factory sealed copies, neither is authorized for multiplayer. I have never experienced any issues like this and to be honest quite shocked at Activisions response... I even asked them for Lucasarts Contact number so I could phone them direct from the UK, but they don't have it (or wouldn't give it to me).

I'm also getting quite a few e-mails from others experiencing the same error who have 'given up' and could I let them know if I get it sorted to let them know who to contact.

So what next.... i'm continuing to e-mail Lucasarts, beyond that given no resolution I fully intend to write to all UK PC gaming publications and UK retailers.

Don't mean to rant but I will not be ripped off by Lucasarts, the strength of these games (Battlefront and Battlefront2) is in the multiplayer Imho

Thanks for you reply anyway :o>

zerted 12-08-2005 02:57 PM

Well the first thing I can say is "never give up" and "give'm hell." Compaines need to understand their customers don't want to be walked on and are no longer tolerating it. Can you not extchange the copies you bought? If you have been buying from the same store, maybe the store got a bad batch. If you are going to get one more copy, try Buy a used copy from someone (not a company) who had played the game and has a working cd-key. Make sure to ask them about the cd-key. You can also sell your bad copies there too. Just make sure to put in your statement that they don't work for online play. Good luck. To bad I don't get any UK publications some of their computer mags are much better than the ones in the US.

mphillipson 12-08-2005 04:40 PM

I fully intend to "give 'em hell", the thread ive posted on Lucasarts tech forum is rapidly growing with others with the same problem.

I have clearly pointed out to Lucasarts that I will not let this issue go... :firemad:

(unless of course they wish to settle "out of Forum".. and I might accept a full stormtrooper oufit.. with blaster of course) :giggle1:

Kurgan 12-16-2005 02:42 AM

Do any of you guys use gravis products? Because their software often interferes with the copy protection schemes these games LucasArts games use...

Of course they really ought to fix that, because how else can you use the joystick to fly with?

mphillipson 12-19-2005 06:42 AM

Problem resolved!!!
Just thought i'd let you know... I received and e-mail from Lucasarts after I sent them pics/scans of my CD's/Manual/cd-key etc.

They have issued me with a new cd-key.... this works perfectly in multiplayer. If any one else has this problem (and i think there are a few) just contact Lucasarts tech support... they do answer the e-mails.

Have a good xmas all!


zerted 12-19-2005 09:46 AM

When I contacted them about my missing reloading graphics in SWBF2, they replied with a walkthrough to uninstall Jedi Academy (I don't even have the game). Glad it worked out for you.

mulchie 02-14-2006 11:33 AM

Re Multiplay CD key issue
Yet another post on this topic!

I recently bought SWBF. CD key useless! (`Key not authorised....` message).

Took the software back to the shop and it was replaced.

I managed to get ONE game over the internet. Now the software declares the new Key is not authorised again. :fire2:

Interestingly, I noted that, while the key would not let me in, there was someone with the SAME userID playing another server!

Is there any foul play? Can people `steal` valid keys?
Why would access be so flakey! :mad2:

Kurgan 02-15-2006 02:29 AM

People could steal keys.

Do you have Gravis software installed on your system anywhere? You may need to disable it in order to play, as I had problems installing until I (temporarily) disabled it.

Also, you might be trying to play on a server that is warezed or something (try another server).

zerted 02-15-2006 01:46 PM

Complain to tech support. If you can prove you own the game (like a manual cover or something) they will give you another cd-key.

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