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Darth Felber 10-20-2000 08:24 AM

Reactor Core
I can't get the reactor's hull down to 0 %, no matter what I do. Wedge shoots 2 torpedoes at the northern energy regulator, and so do I, but the $?+?$ thing won't collapse. What's wrong there ?

HanSolo 10-20-2000 03:41 PM

You dont have to get the hull down to %0, %12 will be OK...
Fire 1 missile to that energy regulator and 1 missile to reactor ( or 2? ) and rush out of there, dump all laser energy to engines and whew you are out....

Marril 10-20-2000 04:02 PM

Thought it was 16%, or at least that's what it said as I flew the !%^#$@ out of the DSII...

Anyway, smartfire two torps, and dumbfire two others. I've heard of a bug that causes smartfire torps to be destroyed, and dumbfire avoids that...

PS, if the explosion cube even TOUCHES your ship, no matter how minor, no matter your shields, I've found you're ALWAYS destroyed. Odd...

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