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DEnd 03-09-2001 08:20 PM

Stucked into Calamary cruiser
I have finished the second mission of the tour of duty and all I can do is go to the Salvage yard or, go to my room at the family cruiser and check email or, go to the simulation hall. but I canīt get a new mission. Any sugestion, I mean what do I have to do to advance to the next mission?


emupiett 03-09-2001 08:52 PM

Can you get a new family mission? Click on Emkay.

"Intensify forward firepower!!"

K_Kinnison 03-09-2001 11:09 PM

Is it a ToD mission? Click on the Big Door, in the top center of the Concourse.

And it is Calimari not calamary

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