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Lilt 08-26-2001 04:39 PM

I'm a total arse when it comes to x-wing alliance (partly because I have a 3 joystick that cannot be centered) and so you won't be surprised to hear I'm having trouble getting passed mission 6 of the Prologue - the one where you and your brother have to escort your dad and the bacta to the rebel hospital.

Basically, all is well up until the point when the Imperial Star Destroyer (ISD) and 2 other ships arrive

What I try and do is to first attack one of the 2 ships on either side of the ISD with wingman support (Shift+A) and then move to the other one. Now, the problem is, I end up with about 50% shields after just the first attack and am usually dead by the time I mingle with the second.

I have managed to plaster the 2 though a couple of times and still escape with about 80% shields. In the meantime, you get loads of TIE fighters coming your way...and TIE bombers going for the hospital...

I go for the bombers to protect the hospital - but it bruises pretty easily with me in command Somewhere in between this battle though, my brother gives me the order to evaquate...and...I do even though only about 30% of the hospital has been evaquate (66% minimum is required). I would stay but by then 4 gunboats arrive and start dumping missiles at me

Out of the 30 times I've tried completing the mission, I've evaded the gunboats a few times and escaped through hyperspace...but with an objective still looming.

Is there a good strategy for this mission or do you just need to be a better pilot?

I really enjoy playin' XWA even though I'm never quite sure what I'm doing - so I'd be grateful for some help, thanks

K_Kinnison 08-26-2001 06:09 PM

Once your dad's ship gets destroyed.. you are toast.

Go after the bombers that are goign after your dads ship, and the Rebel trasports. Try to disable, or wound the bombers enuf so they fly back home.

You are just trying to make sure your dad stays alive long enuf for the otehr transports leave.

YOu cnnot stop your dada from dying, but you can delay it. Once he dies, the GUNS show up, and the ATRs go after the station

Rebel Loyaltist 09-02-2001 11:56 PM

Also don't join the fighter screen at the first sign of the Imps. You'll be taking on to much heat way to soon. Wait until they saw you should join the fighter screen. You'll be alright from there.

Actually K_K one time I DID save dad's ship (It was my first time doing it non the less). I haven't been able to repeat that fet of all the times I've replayed XWA.

If you leap before you look, I'm not catching you sorry ass!

Red Leader Ace 09-06-2001 06:18 PM

Yep, I agree with K_Kinnison and Rebel Loyaltist, go for the bombers and focus on them, otherwise, too many Rebel craft will be destroyed. I found it virtually impossible to save the Vasudra, so I don't know how you did it!

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