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Stival Discipal 12-31-2005 02:12 AM

Join the Imperial 501st Legion... A RP'ing Clan

I have been informed to make you aware that The Empire has formally requested your service... recently a small band of terrorists have destroyed a number of installations throughout the outer-rim.

I have proposed dividing the Empire into "priority sectors." This action will cause an overlap in the existing astrographic and political sectors, and give us a distinct tactical advantage in locating those that demonstrate treasonous activity.

The Emperor has granted me the honor of Grand Moff, I will oversee all plans from a new, moble weapon. You have been requested by the Emperor to join the 501st Legion... you will work directly under Lord Vader who has been given the task of locating a missing transmission from terrorist spies.

If accepted, you will be expected to roleplay your "hero" character as well as participate in decisive battles using either the stormtroopers/officers or fleets.

Hurry, there can be no delay...

Here are the number of open positions left:

1. Moff Tarkin
2. Colonel Veers
3. Boba Fett
4. Mara Jade
5. Bounty Hunter

Remember, "Doctrine of fear" Is simply- "Rule through the fear of force, rather than force itself."

starmark2k 01-02-2006 08:46 AM

If you want to Role Play try the role playing forums @ or

Stival Discipal 01-02-2006 05:03 PM

Thank you for the link starmark, and just to make sure there is no misunderstanding this post was indeed a recruitment for EatW, where players would be assigned various heroes to "roleplay" (in game).

If you where just making known the link for roleplaying I appreciate it.

Stival Discipal 01-06-2006 10:17 PM

Thankyou to all Roleplayers that have responded, there are however positions/heroes left to fillso remember to use the personal message sys if interested.

vovim 01-09-2006 03:01 PM

Count me in Stival Discipal!

Stival Discipal 01-09-2006 10:24 PM

Ah, a new bold recruit arrives... Eager to take hold of his fate.

You are welcome here, the Empire has all that you seek. You will recieve my PM transmission shortly...

Stival Discipal 01-11-2006 08:14 AM

We are pleased to announce that we have begun work on a website for 501st Legion... hopefully we can have it completed by early March.

Wish us luck!

PrivateMiles 01-17-2006 12:12 AM

Clan Join
I'd like to join as soon asap Stival Discipal!:speeder: I like to Roleplay and I like the Empire! Death to the Rebellion!:launcher::slsaber: give me holo-mail if you want.:holosid:

P.S. 2. Colonel Veers is my favorite guy.

Stival Discipal 01-17-2006 08:44 AM

Indeed, soon the Rebellion will be crushed as our numbers grow. Together we will obliterate the terrorist threat. And we will have.... peace.

Standby to recieve transmission...

PrivateMiles 01-18-2006 12:21 AM

Yes Sir! :atpilot:

PygmyShrew 01-20-2006 11:34 AM

I have to say it sounds very interesting, but Im not to keen on the name, id imagine this would be more of a task force or fleet than a regiment of stormtroopers like the 501st??

PrivateMiles 01-20-2006 10:08 PM

Well this clan is about roleplaying and with fleets and other things but the name just has more roleplay too it

Stival Discipal 01-21-2006 09:12 PM


Originally Posted by PygmyShrew
I have to say it sounds very interesting, but Im not to keen on the name, id imagine this would be more of a task force or fleet than a regiment of stormtroopers like the 501st??

The 501st were simply the elite clonetroopers, the best the Empire had to join Vader. The name was chosen because this clan would like to be one of the best in not only Roleplaying, but also in ingame planning, and coordinated attacks just as the actual 501st.

Hopefully that shed some light on the names significance.

Thondorr 01-25-2006 10:54 PM

<Commence Transmission>

I shall enlist myself into the fleet of the Empire, and hope to help defeat the rebels. I will crush my foes with relentless force, and Defend my allies, because the more allies we have, the less our enemy does. I only hope that my words of combat and decisive tactics will render me a service to the Empire.

<Transmission Ended>

::EDIT:: Fixed Spelling Errors.

PrivateMiles 01-26-2006 08:41 PM

A very wise of you to join the 501st Legion

Stival Discipal 01-26-2006 09:53 PM

Indeed, his fate will be the same as your own....

Soon you all will be meeting my Apprentice, Lord Vader. It would be wise of you both to greet him honorably.

PrivateMiles 01-27-2006 05:13 PM

Yes Sir!

nrseven 01-29-2006 08:23 AM

*Tarkin's face changed from that of a worried man to a rather strict one as he opened the holo-link*

<begins transmission>

I once again want to remind you all of the fact that Lord Vader's arrival is nearly here.
I'm asking all of you to deal with any problems trough the doctrine of fear. If there would be any questions about the practical side, look on the holonet and learn how to handle these 'rebels' from the recent events at Ghorman, located in the Sern Sector. For those who have a momentarily disconnection caused by space anomalies, I will be sending trough the latest version of the doctrine itself. Stand ready for incoming files.

<ends transmission>

Imperial Communique #0010044.92v: The Tarkin Doctrine

- Establish "Oversectors" to monitor and react to rebellious activities within tumultuous systems. Oversectors will receive more forces than other regions of the Empire, and this Imperial presence is designed to stop small Rebel factions before they become a larger threat.

- Assign command of each Oversector to a single individual who reports directly to the Emperor.

- Improve communication resources and Imperial response time by placing modified Holonet Transceivers aboard each flagship of every Sector Group within an Oversector command. Similar facilities have also been established aboard the Emperor's flagship and on Coruscant.

- Control unruly portions of the Galaxy through a fear of force, rather than actual force itself. Possibly the most integral aspect of the Tarkin Doctrine, this measure encourages the Empire to display its power and weaponry through potent symbols such as the Star Destroyer.

- Continue to research and develop new and more powerful starships and weapons designed to inspire fear in resistant systems.

*After closing the connection, Tarkin turned back to studying various maps, trying to figure out the most probable locations where the traitors could be.*

Stival Discipal 02-04-2006 09:20 AM

I sense Lord Vader is approaching.... Nrseven, Captain Piett, ready your troops!

Trigun Bounty 02-04-2006 10:02 AM

Is The Bounty Hunter Still in the list of wanted Soldiers

Stival Discipal 02-04-2006 09:37 PM

Why yes, Trigun.... Do you wish to claim it?

Trigun Bounty 02-05-2006 12:27 AM

I do Wish to become your bounty hunter for the empire

Stival Discipal 02-05-2006 02:54 AM


If successful, you will find that payment for your services to the Empire can be quite considerable. Failure however will not be tolerated.

There are 3 tasks that must be done before you can join us officially.

Stand by to recieve transmission.

Trigun Bounty 02-05-2006 03:53 AM

Standing by my Lord....

Stival Discipal 02-10-2006 10:29 PM

Now that Trigun has recieved my transmission, almost all requirements have been met by him. Once he has made the pledge, he will be an official member of the 501st Legion.

Trigun Bounty 02-11-2006 02:10 AM

My lord, you have returned, I was getting weery of your where abouts. I have a matter to discuss with you.

Stival Discipal 02-12-2006 02:31 AM

Your weariness?? (Emperor's face hardens)

My whereabouts are not your concern, you were called here for your reputation as being the best bounty hunter in the galaxy. Your eagerness for payment seems to be clouding your judgement.

Use the personal messaging system Trigun. *

There are pressing matters to attend to... There has been a great disturbance in the Force.

Recently a certain Rebel Clan has started to aquire members at an alarming rate. Soon we will need to end the Rebellion threat permanently, by crushing the best they have to offer. I have dispatched Lord Vader to find out as much as he can about them before he arrives.

Nrseven, and Captain Piett have you aquired any information about any of the growing insurgence?

( * Check the other forum on MXO)

Stival Discipal 02-27-2006 10:23 PM


Apology accepted, captain.

My arrival was delayed, but im here to put you back on schedule. The rebels scored a victory in combat with one of our allied battalions. The success however has clouded their vision, and they will not succeed against us. All current and pursuing members are to sound off via private transmission, or post in this thread, after which you will be given instructions on the joining process, or given access into the initial insertion plans....

Do not fail me again....

War has begun.... soon we will declare war on the current elite Rebel clan, and destroy forever the pitiful little band.

Ready your fleets captains, are target will soon be revealed.


Here are the number of open positions left:

1. Darth Vader
2. Moff Tarkin
3. Admiral Thrawn
4. Mara Jade
5. Colonel Veers

McCusto 03-03-2006 06:20 PM


Supertrooper181 05-30-2006 07:48 PM

:vsd: I, Supertrooper, would be honored to join the 501st legion and destroy the pitiful Rebellion. I am a very good fleet commander

Darth-Destroyer 08-22-2006 09:05 AM

<begins transmission>

as i can see you wil aquire Darth Vader since there isnt a Lord Vader yet i would like to claim the position and crush the pitful rebellion

<ends transmission>

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