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Renegade Angel 01-01-2006 01:44 PM

Broken Wars: Kashyyk Defense
Mission Briefing: The republic has received a distress call from the wookies of Kashyyk, they're under attack from the CIS. There are two Republic Capital Ships with three frigates to protect the capitals. The capital ships are loaded with pilots, marines, troopers, and other classes of Republic soldiers. There are also three squadron of Starfighters on the two capitol ships and each ship and frigate has auto turrets and shield generators. just in case. :wink: Unfortunately, the CIS have blockaded the space surrounding Kashyyk, and they have three capitols and two frigates. The republic must destroy the blockade to get down to Kashyyk to aid the wookie defenses.

You are either a Republic or CIS pilot or marine attacking or protecting the blockade.

Character Information sheet
Name: (Required)
Age: (Optional)
Gender: (not required by CIS)
Class: (Pilot or Marine)
Side: (Republic or CIS)
Weapons: (Two Primary, and two Secondary)
Bio: (Optional)

Ship Specs:
Type: (Such as Jedi Starfighter, V-Wing, Droid Tri-Fighter, etc.)
Shield: (Yes or No)
Hyperspeed: (Yes or No)
Reinforced Hull: (Yes or No)
Targeting System: (Yes or No)
Weapons: (Your ships weapons)
Other: (Anything else I didn't cover or any notes about the ship)

I'll fill in my info when we have at least two othe memebers. Enjoy!

jediofdoom 01-01-2006 06:44 PM

Name: Viper
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Class: Pilot
Side: Republic
Weapons: Duel Blaster pistols, Blaster rifle, Grenades, 4 Timb bombs
Bio: Little is known about the Bounty Hunter known only as "Viper". He was a close friend of Jango Fett and was a volenteer for the Republic Army. Note: In later life Viper turns against the Republic and fights with the CIS

Ship Specs:
Type: Custom ARC - 170
Shield: Yes, higher than average ARC 170
Hyperspeed: Yes, again higher than average ARC - 170
Reinforced Hull: as above
Targeting System: as above
Weapons: Four laser cannons (Two are added when ship goes into attack position) Phonton Torpedoes, Heat seaking missiles, EMP missiles
Other: Secondary pilot available

I'll post properly later

Renegade Angel 01-01-2006 07:40 PM

Hey Jedi, nice to see you again.

Renegade Angel 01-01-2006 07:50 PM

Name: Chazz Vertigo (Delta 155 of the 506th Legion)
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Class: Marine
Side: Republic
Weapons: Blaster Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Time Bombs
Bio: Young for a marine, but a tough one at that. He spent 4 years in military training before joining the Republic.

Ship Specs:
Type: ARC-170
Shield: Yes (Two Layers of Shielding)
Hyperspeed: Yes (Not as fast as most though)
Reinforced Hull: No (weak hull)
Targeting System: Yes (An enhanced version of the standard)
Weapons: 4 Proton Cannons, 2 Homing Rocket Launchers
Other: Nothing really....

Renegade Angel 01-02-2006 03:39 PM

We''l start now I guess.

Chazz jumped into his ARC and took off. if they were going to fight off three capitals, they'd need all the help they could get. The fighter went through the hangar bay shield and he headed towards the first frigate. "Vertigo to All fighters: All fighters target frigates before Capitals."
"Understood." came a deep voice from his comm.
He fired a rocket at the single auto turret mounted on the frigate's bow. It caugth fire but was still blasting away at the millions of fighters. "Delta 829, can you spare a shot?"
"Sure thing Chazz!" came a lighter, friendlier voice. 829's rocket was a direct hit and the turret exploded. "Fire at the underbelly of the frigates." Yelled Gus.
"Delta 728, what the hell do you think you're doing!?" Yelled Chazz over the comm. Sure enough, Gus was firing at the frigate's underbelly. "I'm takin' this thing down!" came the young boy's voice. "You're firing at the-" He stopped and laughed. "Target the underbelly boys!" Yelled Chazz. The genrators on the inside of the ship were there. Perfect. "Your training payed off, didn't it 728?" Static filled the comm. "728? Delta 155 to Delta 728. Over?" Nothing. "Delta 728? answer me, over!" Teh frigate exploded and Gus's fighter flew past him. "Nice shot, private." said Chazz and they moved on the first capital. "Republic Capital 472's shields are down." came another deep voice. that was quick. thought Chazz. "Gus Kenobi, you read me?"
"Yes, sir!"
"Pull back and help protect the command bridge." came the admiral's voice. "yes sir!" Gus pulled up and turned around. It was a shame to loose him so quickly. "Good luck 728." Chazz dodged a proton torpedo. "Target the Main Cannons."
"Understood, boss!"
The first cannon exploded, followed by the second. "Omni 154 to Delta 155."
"Omni? This comm. is for Delta only." lectured Chazz.
"yes, but they have reinfirced shields, we'll ned to take out the shield genrators from inside."

jediofdoom 01-02-2006 06:03 PM

Viper walked into the control room of the ship. people turned to watch him as he walked up to the captain. Viper didn't let on but he enjoyed the extra atention he got.
"Ah Viper, we need your help-"
"Three Frigates and Two Capitol good as gone"
"Yes well-"
"Be careful, I plan to"
"Good Luck"
Viper nodded. And put his helmet on
As he left he heard a voice say
"Can we really trust a bounty hunter. After all he was close friends with Jango Fett"
Viper ignored them. He walked into the hanger where his squad lined up. Before him. He nodded to each of them in turn and motioned them to their ships. He got into his own and flew out of the hanger.
"Right boys, do what you have to do"
"Yes sir" they all said
They flew towards the frigate and sent wave after wave after wave of missiled. The ship rippled with explosions. Out of the corner of his eye Viper saw ships being picked off by Auto turrets. Boys stay with the frigate I'm going to take out the shileds. He heard a voice say
"yes, but they have reinfirced shields, we'll ned to take out the shield genrators from inside."
"This is Viper I'm going in, don't get in my way" he said into the comm.
His ship shot towards the ray shields and dived into the hanger of the CIS capitol ship. Viper jumped out and started blasting droids with his pistols. When the droids were dealt with, he didn't want to stick around for another wave of them to show up, he made his way to the shield generator....

jediofdoom 01-02-2006 06:04 PM

By the way Viper is a grouchy git so if he insults your character don't get too ofended

KenobiChronicle 01-02-2006 08:13 PM

I'll Join In.

Character Information sheet
Name: Unit 187
Age: 3 Months
Gender: N/A
Class: Droid Marine
Side: CIS
Weapons: Remote Launcher, Award Pistol - Grenade, Detpack
Bio: A Droid Marine Fresh off the Factroy Lines

Ship Specs:
Type: Droid Gunship
Shield: Yes
Hyperspeed: No
Reinforced Hull: Yes, It's the highlight if the ship
Targeting System: Yes
Weapons: Space ARC Caster
Other: The Gunship Isn't the average gunship. It's been through alot. It can take a hell load of punishment, and it can release a hell load of damage as well. Though it is weak against multi-purpose fighters.

Renegade Angel 01-02-2006 09:41 PM

"Darnit Viper, waht are you doing!? Okay Delta, change of plans! stay back, take out the auto turrets until the shields are down! Im going after Viper."
Chazz heard Gus start to say something. "Yes private?"
Gus was silent. "Err.... Nothing sir."
He dived through the hangar shields and jumped out. He saw Viper. He shot a few droids before catching up with him. "I'm here to help." He knew what Viper would say, so he stopped him. "and I wont take any of that ''I work alone'' bounty hunter crap, either." he said.

codj 01-03-2006 12:21 AM

Name: Codj
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Class: Marine
Side: Republic
Weapons: Blaster rifle, Rocket launcher, Thermal detonators x5
Bio: An experienced clone that fought on Geonosis. He was transfered to the Marines for his tactical brilliance on the battlefield and his calmness and dedication during flight simulation. His only battle experience in space is when the chancllor was caputured and the clones went to rescue him. Because of his experience, he was ordered to help defend Kashyyk.

Ship Specs:
Type: V-Wing
Shield: Yes
Hyperspeed: Limited power
Reinforced hull: Yes
Targeting system: No
Weapons: High powered lazer blast and bombs
Other: Codj enabled the ship to throw the bombs greater distances and added a secondary shield emitter.

jediofdoom 01-03-2006 03:03 AM

Viper turned to look at the clone. He thought about striking him down but that would cause problems.
"Fine do what you want clone, but it's your own fault if you get killed. Also stay the hell out of my way"
Viper moved on. He had no time to talk. He walked towards the shield generator. he Knew the CIS capitol ship layout like the back of his hand. But as they got closer and squad of destroyer droids come out of no where.
"Freeze clones" one said
Viper shot it directly in the head he rolled and started blasting at other droids but heard the unmistakable roll of destroyer droids coming their way....

Renegade Angel 01-03-2006 08:13 PM

'You'll go wrong kid... trust me..' He thought to himself. His best soldier was as arrogant and as pushy as him, but he had left and joined the CIS, Chazz was forced to kill him... He continued to make his way to the generator, firing at super Battle Droids and Marine droids on the way. "Viper, we're almost there." he said, firing at a pilot droid. "But we've got droidekas..." He said, looking at his radar and throwing a theraml detonator.

KenobiChronicle 01-03-2006 11:16 PM

"Well, well, well what do we got here?" A Droid Marine Walked in through the droidekas. "Sabatoge? Very 'Republic' of you Scums." Unit 187 reaches onto his back and takes his Rocket Launcher. "You Know What to do, boys," said 187 as he looked into the targeting device in his grip area. "Die, Republic Scum!"

codj 01-03-2006 11:29 PM

When Codj walked to his ship, he walked calmly and with his head held high. In his mind, he knew this would be an easy mission. Yet, deep down he knew it was gonna be a toughy. He climbed into his V-Wing and launched into space.

jediofdoom 01-04-2006 02:04 PM

Viper stopped. He rolled out of the way as a few shots came his way. He dodged fire and made his way to a door but it was locked. He was covered by the small amount of wall between the door and the corridoor though. He signalled to Chazz to take out the droideka on the left. If Chazz got the message Viper never knew. Viper armed a EMP grenade and threw it at the droids.
"Theres more than one way to do this"
He planeted a charge on the door and stepped back. The door blew apart and Viper ran inside. He looked around. There was a ventilation system in the corner. He took the hath off and examined it. He clambered in and made though thw inding tunnels using a map on his wrist comm. He decided to get out where their auto turret defence maninframe was so he could blow that up. He kicked the vent open and climbed out of the hole. He saw the mainframe but it was guarded by droids. Viper withdrew his pistols and start shooting....

Renegade Angel 01-04-2006 07:08 PM

Hand signals? A bit ''Military'' but... He shot down the droideka and noticed more and more were coming up. "Crud." He dodged a rocket and dropped a time bomb, running up through the door and into the shaft. He turned on his comm. "when you finish, Ill be waiting by the shaft entrance, got it?" he said, hiding behind an explosive crate.

KenobiChronicle 01-04-2006 07:36 PM


Unit 187 Waved his hands at the droidekas. "Stay Back" He said, "I'll handle this." With that, he went towards the Life Support Systems in the next room. He got past the consoles and the turret, and went to the mainframe. He punched in a code, and an announcement came on: "Ventalation Systems Disabled." Then 187 Walked back to the droidekas. "That Bastard can't stay in the ventalation without any Air or Life-Support. Now for the other guy, Just shoot the---" KABOOM!!!!! The Droidekas got blasted to peices. "HOLY OM9, THAT GUY HAS A TORPEDO BLASTER! STAY BACK, HE CAN BLOW THE WHOLE SHIP!!!" Little did 187 know that the droidekas fired at the explosive crate. "But wait, He probably blew himself up as well. We can't be too sure though. I'm going to go seal up the room." With That, 187 walked away.

Renegade Angel 01-04-2006 08:45 PM

Chazz rolled and the crate exploded, killing the droidekas. 'Idiots.' he tohught. They had just blown themselves up. He took out his comm. "Viper, they're shutting downt hte ventialtions! Get outta there!" he yelled, but only static cqame back. His comm. must not have been working for some reason. He withdrew his blaster and slowly crept after the droid that had shut down the shafts.

jediofdoom 01-05-2006 04:45 AM

Viper heard a buzz over the comm.
"Viper, the.........shutting........ventialtions! Get outta there!"
"I'm already out" he tried to say back but static greated him
He shurgged and crept forwards to the mainframe. He planted a charge and blasted at a super battle droid who attempted to stop him. The mainframe fizzed and blew up. The ship rocked slightly.
"That should make ours guys jobs a bit easier"
Viper went to the door but it was sealed shut. He shrugged and planted a time bomb. He backed off and waited....

Renegade Angel 01-05-2006 04:11 PM

"I'm... out..." More static. 'Oh god!' he thought, he was dead! Then he felt the ship rock and he fell on his face. He smiled weakly, he was still alive... Chazz jumped up and fired at the droid.

jediofdoom 01-05-2006 04:29 PM

The door blew off and Viper ran through. He saw Chazz and blasted at the droid who was firing at him. Once the droids were taken care of. Viper lowered his pistol and said
"Finished playing with the droids yet? We have work to do"
Viper continued to the bridge....

Renegade Angel 01-05-2006 06:06 PM

"Sure thing, tiger!" He yelled and ran beside him. That other droid had gotten away, but it was no big deal. Gus's voice rang over the comm. "Nice job guys!" He yelled cheerfully. "im off guard duty and im coming to help." Chazz replied. "Sure thing, we'll be right there."
"Nice job, Viper, we did it." he said. He knew Gus was hiding something... but what...

KenobiChronicle 01-05-2006 08:10 PM

Unit 187 Walked in with his Super Battle Droids. He went up to the computer. The ship suddenly rocked. "Republic Scum!" He said. But before he could lay a hand on the computer, the doors opened, and a Republic Soldier came in. "Shoot him, idiots!" he yelled and drew his blaster and starting firing. While his droids were being shot down, he made his escape through the Authorized-Only door. Once he did, a door blasted open, and another soldier came in. He went up to a small console in the cramped space he was in. He punched in "ship34G_status" and waited a few seconds. He checked over a list that had apeared on the screen. "What? Mainframe's down? That can't be good" He said to himself.

Renegade Angel 01-05-2006 08:45 PM

"Okay, Viper, lets roll!" he yelled, jumping into his ARC.

jediofdoom 01-06-2006 10:41 AM

Viper shot at a few more droids as he entered his ARC 170. He threw a grenade at a barrel of fuel and it exploded. Fire followed Viper as he left the hanger. As soon as he was out of the ship he came under fire.
"Damn droid Tri fighters" he said
He swerved and dodged but couldn't shake the fighter.
He glanced at his screen
"He's got a lock"
suddenly his ship was hit by several missiles. He spun out of control and git a droid starfighter. His shields were damaged. He spun round and round. His ship heurtled to the planet below and he crashed on a beech. the ship's consol was mangled. He rasied his head and glanced out of the cracked cockpit. He saw some wookies coming over. he got out of the cockpit and gasped
"Im here to help" He collapsed gasping for air
He stood up shaking and looked at the wookie homeworld for the first time. He saw all the implacements for weapons. He took off his pilot's helmet and replaced it with his own. He turned and heard the noise of approachings ships....

KenobiChronicle 01-06-2006 07:11 PM

Unit 187 came out into the main hall. "Their numbers are down! We can land on Kashyyyk and take over this wookie world!" He said with a grin. "Take us down, Admiral." With that, the ship turned towards the planet, and moved to it. Nobody knew what would happen then.

jediofdoom 01-07-2006 02:59 PM

Viper looked towards the sky. He could see a CIS transport through the clouds. He raised his comm to his mouth
"Chazz, get down here now. The invasion has started"
Viper ordered the wookies to prepare what they had now. He walked around whilst waiting for his squad to arrive. A republic drop ship arrived moments later. His squad got out and faced him. His squad comprised of at least one of every single class of clone soldier. There were three snipers, Two jet troopers, one clone commander, two heavy troopers, one clone pilot, one clone technician and ten clone troopers. Viper greeted his men and set them to work. The snipers, heavy troopers and jet troopers were told to take wookied snipers to higher places so they could bombared the enemy. The soldiers set up gun implacements and set up baracades. The technician and the pilot fixed and helped with the wookie vehicles. Viper stood alone waiting for the CIS to make a move and for Chazz to bring re-inforcements.

KenobiChronicle 01-07-2006 04:24 PM

"Sir, We're Under Fire by Clones!" A droid came up to 187 and said. "No matter, Keep going!" He replied. "Roger, Roger," the droid went back to his station. "Release the Air locks!" 187 yelled. The ship rocked heavily. "Good, Get the fleets ready for invasion," he said. "They're all ready by the Ray Shields," the droid replied. "Then Shut down the Shields!" He yelled. "Roger, Roger," Said the droid. he punched in a code. "Our shields are off," He said. The Droids Swarmed into Kashyyyk, ready to kill clone and wookie. "We're still high ground! Land this thing!" 187 said. BOOM!!!! The Ship hit the ground. Every Droid Pilot and Marine fell to the ground. "General 187, our engines are out!" The droid said. 187 Took out his Commando Pistol and shot the droid. "Mainframe, Shields, and Engines. All we got left is Life Support."

Renegade Angel 01-07-2006 04:39 PM

"Oh great..." he muttered. "Okay Delta squad, round up!"
"The CIS mangaed to make it to Kashyyk, we need to get down there!" Gus lifted his comm. "Omni Squardon, we need you to follow us."
"Sure thing, Chazz." Chazz had 8 soldiers: Kataru, Gus, himself, Zea, Bella, Rory, Charlie, and Wes. Theyw ere all well trained, especially Gus. He was the youngest of the eight, but the toughest. Rory, Bella, and Zea were all girls, but oddly enough, this was their first year in the Republic, and they were doing great. Kataru once was a dark jedi, but he turned on his friends and helped kill a sith lord, Charlie was a marksman with great skills with a sniper rifle, and Wes was a jedi. 'This'll be fun.' He tohught, speeding towards the planet with the Delta squad behind him, and the other ten pilots of the Omni squad behind that.

jediofdoom 01-07-2006 05:34 PM

Viper watched the CIS cruiser crash. He looked towards the sky. He knew Chazz was on his way. Viper took his helmet off and wiped his forehead. He shivvered. Although it wasn't cold Viper feld so. He looked back at his squadron. They were the best of the best. Well Viper thought so. They hadn't been beaten yet. Viper smiled. No, the day they were beaten would be a day where all hope would be lost. Heck, Viper Squadron were the backbone of the republic army.....

KenobiChronicle 01-07-2006 10:35 PM

The Droids Swarmed in, shooting on sight. Unit 187 stayed in the ship for repairs. "They're outnumbered! HAHAHAAHA! Kashyyykk is ours for the taking!" He said to himself. To his surprise, the droids were getting picked out one by one by a couple of Republic Pilots and Marines. A Droid walked up to 187. "General, We're losing men!" He said. "WHAT?! That's impossible! They're outnumbered by exactly 5.316 Times!" He yelled. "Yes, but it seems there are elite pilots and marines protecting the Wookies, General," the droid said. "WHA....No matter," 187 walked up to the Communications Array Control Console. "Lord Sidious, Are you there?" He said. After a pause, a response came back. "Yes. Is there a problem?" 187 scratched his head and said: "Lord Sidious, We're going to need backup. Sith backup." 187 could hear sidious breathing. "Hold them off, I have visitors. Jedi Visitors. Don't worry, General. I'm sure my new apprentice will turn up sometimes." Sidious said. When the call ended, 187 could hear a greeting to the Jedi. "Hello, Master Win--" Was all he could hear.

Renegade Angel 01-07-2006 10:40 PM

When the team reached Viper squad, the battle had already begun. Chazz and Gus were the only two from Delta here. Omni and the rest of Delta were holding a position north of the beach. When Gus saw Viper, he walked over and shook his hand with his tightest grip. He took of fhis helmet. "Viper, its me, Gus Kenobi" said Gus. Chazz was shocked. What was going on?

(Gus and viper were in another RP together, remember?)

jediofdoom 01-08-2006 05:54 AM

(Indeed I do)

"Good to see you my old friend" Viper turned away. He felt some kind of beckoning. He felt here he would learn a terrible truth. Viper left the others and start walking towards the CIS ship. He kept walking even when his squad asked him where he was going. He kept walking. He came to a clearing by a pool of water. Byt the water was a man. Viper approached him. The man turned and Viper stopped surprised. It was jango fett. He smiled.
"Hello Viper"
"J-Jango. But you're-?"
The image faded. Viper shook himself.
"Pull it together" he said to himself angrily.
He continued walking. He amerged a few feet away from the CIS ship. He looked areound. No one was there. He walked onboard and walked to the bridge. This was were he was being lead. He sat down in the captains chair and looked around. On a screen he saw the battle of Geonosis. He saw Jango fighting with some Jedi and then......Viper looked away. Jango had died because of the Jedi. Viper knew that.
Viper turned. A loan droid was watching him
"I see you are confsued"
"It dosn't matter"
The droid walked across to him.
"Your past and future is not clear"
The droid turned into Jango
"Fight for me"
Viper nodded. He followed the voice to a chamber. He opened it and there was armour exactly the same as Jango's except this was yellow. Viper looked into a mirror. and started to put the armour on. When he had he exited the ship.
"Are you ready to do your bit?" asked Jango
"I am"
"Good then follow me" The droid lead the way forward. Viper watched him. He sighed and put his new helmet on......

(Viper has just turned against the republic by the way)

KenobiChronicle 01-08-2006 06:10 PM

"GODAMMIT COME ON!!!!" 187 was getting paranoid. "I CANT TAKE YOUR FAILURE! I'M GOING OUT THERE!!" 187 put on Some Armour and grabbed a Rocket Launcher and ran outside. "DIE REPUBLIC SCUMS!" He yelled as he fired into the air. Unfortunately, that gave away his position. Next thing he knew, he was shot in the head by a Marksman.

I Guess I died lol. I wonder how the rest will turn out.

jediofdoom 01-09-2006 04:15 PM

Viper jetted up to a ledge where a CIS marksman stood.
He turned
"Viper reporting for duty"...
Viper dodged fire. The Republic douln't know it was him other wise they wouldn't be shooting. Viper picked up a droid's blaster and shot a republic solider. It felt starnge to be shooting men he had worked with. Viper saw a Clone commander pointing at him. He knew what was coming. Sure enough the air strike followed directly. He tripped as he was was almost killed. His helmet came loose and slipped off as he slid in front of Gus Kenobi and looked him in the eye.....

jediofdoom 01-09-2006 04:17 PM

Viper jetted up to a ledge where a CIS marksman stood.
He turned
"Viper reporting for duty"...
Viper dodged fire. The Republic douln't know it was him other wise they wouldn't be shooting. Viper picked up a droid's blaster and shot a republic solider. It felt starnge to be shooting men he had worked with. Viper saw a Clone commander pointing at him. He knew what was coming. Sure enough the air strike followed directly. He tripped as he was was almost killed. His helmet came loose and slipped off as he slid in front of a republic soldier.As Viper reached for his helmet the soldier put his foot on it. Viper looked up. It was Gus Kenobi. He looked shocked as Viper stared him in the face.....

Renegade Angel 01-11-2006 07:19 PM

Gus stared down in disbelief at Viper. One second, a republic soldier, the enxt, CIS scum. He knelt down beside him. "Viper? Viper- A-are you okay, what just happned?" But he knew, the CIS had tricked him, cause him to fight for them. "No..." He whispered, shoving his pistol into his belt. "I wont kill you..." Chazz ran over just in time. "I KNEW YOU HUNTERS COULDNT BE TRUSTED!" He yelled, firing a shot at Viper. "NO!" yelled Gus, tackling him to the ground. Chazz couldn't move, he was pinned there. "YOPU CNAT HURT HIM! THEY TRICKED HIM, THEY-" Chazz shoved Gus off him. "GET OVER IT TROOPER, THIS IS WAR!" Gus just gave him a cold look and closed his eyes. "Well it doesnt have to be this way." said Gus, standing now. Chazz fired towards Viper again and looked back ot Gus. "WHAT ARE YOU-" Gus pulled out a pistol, and aimed it at Chazz. "They're... they're.... The CIS is tricking you both!" STOP! ITS A TRI-" but Chazz heard a shot being fired and the last thing he saw was Gus falling over, as he himself fell.

Gus was now in shock. he had just shot his own commander. What was he!? INSANE!? HE JUST KILLED HIS COMMANDER! Gus shook his head and looked up at Chazz's body. "he's not dead..." Chazz stood back up and fired at Viper, then he fired a shot towards Gus. Gus jumped out of the way and fired his pistol. All he could hear was the voice in his head. "Kill him.... Kill him.... He's the reason you're an orphan! HES WHY YOURE PARENTS ARE DEAD!" The lie repeated over and over, causing Gus to go insane and fire at Chazz again and again. "YOU KILELD MY PARENTS" He hsouted, firing again. "GET A GRIP!" yelled Chazz, pummeling him in the face with his rifle's barrel. "ITS A TRICK SOLDIER! GET UP!" Chazz was sweating and crying, but trioed niot to show it. Gus nailed Chazz with the barrel of his pistol. "YOU KILLED THEM!" he yelled, charging, his head down, towards Chazz. His head made contact with his chest, causing him to topple over. Chazz just stared up into Gus's eyes. "They're tricking you..." he slapped Gus, which didnt help one bit.

jediofdoom 01-12-2006 04:44 AM

Viper rolled out of the way of the two fighting. He picked up his helmet and put it on. He knew Gus was friend but as Chazz had said this was war. The republic had killed Jango and now they wanted him dead. The republic could not be trusted. Viper knew what curruption was going on at the centre. The so called Chancellor was really the sith lord the Jedi had been tracking. He knew as soon as this was was over there would be a dictatorship. And Viper for one did not want that to happen. Viper saw a change the the clones battle plan. He glanced up at a command post where master Yoda stood. Two clones were approaching him he jumped up and killed them both. It had happened. The emperor had given the order to kill the jedi. Leaving Chazz and Gus to it he jetted up to a ledge. He saw a clone sniper taking aim on master Yoda. He took aim himself and shot the sniper in the head. Yoda would never know that Viper had just saved his life. But a heavy trooper had seen Viper and had blasted a rocket in his direction. The ledge crumbled and he fell back between Chazz and Gus. Viper rolled out of Chazz's way took out his pistol and pulled the trigger.....

Renegade Angel 01-12-2006 06:17 PM

A pistol shot hit Chazz's armor. "Ah!" Gus rolled out of the way and ounched Chazz. Hot blood ran down inti his mouth an dall he could smell was the scarlet bloody drips. He looked up and tripped Gus. He wouldn't kill him. But Viper was different. Chazz fired at him twice before throwing a detonator and running towards the post where Yoda was. "Master Yoda! We have a rebellion!" Yoda looked up at him and frowned. "Know I do already, fight back we must!" Chazz knew what this meant. Chazz shouted at the top of his lungs. "FIRE AT WILL!" Jedi and the troopers still loyal to his command jumped from behind the wooden barriers and charged at top speed, clashing with the traitors one at a time. Gus was no where to be seen. "Master Yoda, we need back up."
"Back up I will get..." said Yoda, smiling now. He closed his eyes and concntrated ahrd. before he knew it, hundreds of fighters and gunships came out of nowhere, some firing at the rebellion and some at the Loyalists. As more and more troops were killed, Gus realized he couldn't see Viper. Suddenly, a jet trooper crashed into a healing bot behind him and the droid exploding, killing the jet trooper. Gus detached the jet pack from the dead troop's armor and attached it to his back.

jediofdoom 01-13-2006 02:59 AM

Viper knew it was tim to retreat. This was out of hand. Viper jetted up to a pier and walked calmly along it. He reached the other side and His ARC-170. Droid engineers had managed to reapir the damage. Viper turned to watch the battle unfold. The other may delude themselves but Viper wouldn't. The republic was a ticking time bomb. And Viper didn't want to be around when it went off. He got into his ship and took off. He flew over the battle field. Seeing a group Of CIS droids being backed into a corner he fired at the clones doing so. They fell to the floor. Viper fired a missile at the Republic command post killing clones. Viper, his job done, went to his new assighnment. Mygeeto.

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