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darthkangaroo 01-02-2006 02:20 PM

Favorite line
general grevious "run Jedi run"

master_skywalke 01-02-2006 02:58 PM

"Fear is the patch to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering" - Yoda

VADER: "Obi-wan never told you what happend to your father"
LUKE: He told me enough, he told me YOU killed him!
VADER: No.............I am your father...

"I'm a jedi, like my father before me" - Luke Skywalker

Darth_Extas 01-02-2006 08:56 PM

"Supreme Chancellor Palpatine you are under arrest."- Windu, "So it is betrayel then".-Palpatine

Note: This is as close as I could get off hand without hearing the quote directly.

Nedak 01-02-2006 10:00 PM

"With great power comes great responsability" wait oops rong one :p

"Luke, I am your father *raspy breathing*"- Darth Vader

PoiuyWired 01-04-2006 04:21 PM

This Party is Over... X)

master_skywalke 01-04-2006 04:24 PM


Originally Posted by PoiuyWired
This Party is Over... X)


MachineCult 01-04-2006 05:00 PM

"boobleadabalabeabala" - Jawa.

Nedak 01-04-2006 07:04 PM

How bout "Beep Boop beep" -The Glorious R2D2

MachineCult 01-04-2006 07:12 PM

Haha, in ROTS when the Invisible Hand is going down and R2D2 makes a noise that sounds like "Uh oh".

Nedak 01-04-2006 07:14 PM

lol I think everyone can agree that R2D2 was the master mind of all of the movies. WITHOUT R2 LUCAS WOULD BE NOTHING!! All hail R2D2!

darthkangaroo 01-05-2006 04:32 PM

all hail master R2. he sould be the ruler of naboo.

CommanderKane 01-05-2006 06:28 PM

" I am the Senate!" - Palpatine

GENERAL91 01-05-2006 09:22 PM

For the Jedi, For the Chancealer, for the Empire, for the republic, for the Emperror.(most of these were from BF2, and rest from movies, books, etc)

MachineCult 01-06-2006 09:52 AM

I think he meant from the movies.

Darth_Death 01-06-2006 06:03 PM

be bo beep (whistle) - R2-D2

Nedak 01-06-2006 11:57 PM

I can't say this enough times but everyone would not be anything without R2 I mean really. Anakin wouldnt be anything but a mommas boy, Luke would be a farm boy, Obi-Wan would be some old crazy guy, Yoda would be a Muppet (maybe like kermit the frog). R2D2 makes everyone look bad at times... Like when he kicked those droids ass while all of the other Astro Droids wimped out and got their head torn off. And C3P0 was a real jackass. He had no appretiation for R2. And he wonders why he gets a Memory whipe!! If that stupid proticol droid kicked ME his master I would kick that droids butt!!:coffee:


Darth_Death 01-13-2006 08:25 PM

take a look at my sig that is the best line ever

Sabretooth 01-17-2006 05:02 AM

"Some day you will be the death of me" - Obi-Wan

MachineCult 01-17-2006 07:13 AM


Originally Posted by Darth_Death
be bo beep (whistle) - R2-D2



Originally Posted by Darth_Death
take a look at my sig that is the best line ever

Totally agree.

General Solo 01-18-2006 11:44 PM

Episode 6:
"Chewie and I will handle this" - Han Solo
"Becareful their may be more of them" - Luke
"Hey, its me" - Han Solo

Episode 5:
"Obi-Wan never told what really happened to your father" -Darth Vader
"He told me enough "pause" he told me you killed him" - Luke
"No luke, I am your father" -Darth Vader
"No, thats not true, thats impossible" -Luke
"You know it to be true" - Darth Vader
"Noooonnoooo" - Luke

Episode 4:
"Your lucky your still in one peiece" - Ben Kenobi(Obi-wan)

"Yea, but droids don't pull your arms out of your sockets, wookies are known to do that" - Han Solo

Episode 3:
"You must relize, you are doomed" - General Grievous

"I hear a new apprentice you have palpatine(or something like that), or should I call you "Darth Sidious" - Yoda

"Did you press the stop button" - Obi-wan
"No, did you" - Anakin
"No" - Obi-wan
"Well their is more then one way out of here" - Anakin
"We don't want to get out, we want to keep moving" - Obi-wan

Episode 2:
"My legs aren't moving, I must need maintenance" - Battle Droid with C3-PO's body

"Oh no, not again, Obi-wan is going to kill me" - Anakin

"I was hoping you got my message" - Obi-wan
"I retransmitted as you requested master, then we decided to come and rescue you" -Anakin
"Good job" - Obi-wan

Episode 1:
"Don't defy the council again master" - Obi-Wan
"I must do what I must Obi-Wan" - Qui-gon Jinn

Darth_Extas 01-19-2006 02:36 PM

"May the Force Be with you... Always" - Dead Obi-won

This is purhaps one of the most famous as well one of the quotes most liked.

lord ignarn 01-23-2006 02:20 PM

"This party is over"

"You are arrested Chancellor Palpatine."

"Then, die, jedi"

MachineCult 01-24-2006 04:18 PM

"Once more, the Sith will rule the galaxy... and we shall have peace." - Darth Sidious

I don't know why I just love that line.

Commander Obi-Wan 01-24-2006 04:22 PM

"May The Force Be With you" - Jedi
"Flying is for droids!" - Obi-Wan Kenobi

Cercueil 01-24-2006 07:52 PM

"What was that?"
Palinat Prandis, resident of Apartment 3B, Valintainis District, Alderaan.

St. Jimmy 04-16-2006 07:38 AM

This party's over - Windu

I hate it when he does that - Obi Wan

johnnyoi 04-16-2006 02:03 PM

I am the senate. - Darth Sidious

MachineCult 04-16-2006 02:29 PM


Originally Posted by Darth_Extas
"May the Force Be with you... Always" - Dead Obi-won

This is purhaps one of the most famous as well one of the quotes most liked.

It's "The force will be with you, always."
Obviously not that famous and liked if you can't even remember it.

The Doctor 04-16-2006 04:58 PM

"I don't know... Fly casual." - Han Solo, RotJ
"I find your lack of faith disturbing." - Lord Vader, ANH

Henz 04-16-2006 07:17 PM

" Meesa called Jar Jar Binks "


boinga1 04-17-2006 04:39 PM

"I am your father." :vadar:

Darth Macca 04-17-2006 04:49 PM

"I have waited a long time for little green friend." - Darth 'The Master Of Disaster' Sidious

Commander Obi-Wan 04-18-2006 01:30 PM

"I find your lack of faith disturbing" -Darth Vader

Grey Raven 04-18-2006 05:49 PM

Han Solo - "We still need to disable that tractor beam."

Ben Kenobi - "Leave that to me."

Solo - "Damn fool, I knew you were going to say that."

Kenobi - "Who's the more foolish: the fool, or the fool who follows him?"

Chewie - "Aaarrraaahhhahh."


Han Solo - "Look, I've all around the galaxy, seen alot a strange stuff, but I've never seen anything that'd make me believe there's some 'all-powerful' force controlling...everything. 'S no mystical energy field controls my destiny."


Han Solo - "Hah! I call it luck!"

Ben Kenobi - "In my experience, there's no such thing as 'luck'."


Darth Andrew 04-18-2006 06:52 PM

"Evacuate? In our moment of triumph?" -Tarkin

I dunno why, but I really like this battle droid's quote on the Invisible Hand in Episode III: "We're leveling out, sir." :giveup:

†Saint_Killa† 04-19-2006 05:04 AM

Fav line:
Jar Jar - *grapples the apple with his tongue*

SK - *grabs tongue* You annoying gungan b****. :firemad:

Jar Jar - You sa bad Slipknot fan.

Luke Skywalker - NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! :ball:

lateforwork 04-21-2006 12:25 PM

"You must relize, you are doomed" - General Grievous

It's the one I say all of the time.

KyleOfHarpenden 04-21-2006 07:23 PM

excuse me ur all forgeting 'Hello there'Obi wan ROTS (just b4 he has d saber fight with grevious)
And 'Oh My' C3PO(what else does he say);)
and of corse 'yes but people dont rip arms of when they lose' Han solo episode 1(or somin like that)

bobogarcia 04-22-2006 12:36 PM

"Ew-tini!" - The jawa from EP IV

PoiuyWired 04-28-2006 02:12 PM

Like from EU, KotOR:

"You Are Revan"

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