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JT121 01-07-2006 12:46 PM

IGF Clan for PC
this is the updated IGF info since the original from 2001 is incorrect:
Clan/Team Name: IGF (Imperial Ground Forces)
Structural Leadership: Military style
Founder: Ironlight, well at least he is the current leader
Tag: [IGF]
Accepting Members: Absolutely
Ladder: Military
Type: dont completely understand this question
Alignment: Empire mainly but probably other stuff too.
Main Game Type: everything

Recruitment/Personal Forum:

Other Contact Info:
My info:
If you decide to join, put JT as your recruiter

Brief Background:
We have over 60 members and will probably have almost 70 by the end of the week.
What we offer:

Active members
Fun tournaments and competitions with other clans
over 60 members
Fun Fun Fun

Put JT as your recruiter if u decide to join.

JT121 07-26-2006 11:40 AM

new update:
we have over 100 members
we have been around for 7 years supporting other SW games
we host events weekly
we have an easy to understand military structure
if you want to become an officer, its very easy to do that.

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