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jediofdoom 01-15-2006 01:11 PM

Dark Times...
This RPG is set in the time between star wars episode III -IV. The new empire is trying hard to completly destroy the remnents of the CIS and at the same time starting to fight a new enemy. The Rebel Alliance. Leading the fight it Senetor Organa, being backed secretly by Yoda and Obi Wan. A bounty Hunter called Viper still commands respect from the CIS droids and is somewhat their leader. But with many of the droid facilitys being destroyed the remnents of the droids are dwindling. Viper has made contact the rebel allicance and has agreed to offer his services. Now to two sides battle over a wounded Kamino. The Emperor has realised a new wave of clones has been produces ones who can think for themselves. He is weary of this and has sent the 501st and his aprentice skywalker to destroy the remaining clones. Unluckily for the empire the rebel aliance and remaing CIS forces have heard of this and have gone to help the few clones that can think for themselves. The 501st exited hyper space to see a fleet of CIS cruisers and some new cruisers they had not seen before. This battle will be in space and on land. Before joining in fill out these details-

Name: Bob
Faction: CIS remnant
Rank: captain
Ship: Modified ARC-170
Weapons:blaster rifle, grenades
Bio: (Optional)

Important note: Ship wise both sides would be using the same. X-wings etc would not be available yet. The CIS of coarse will be using droid star fighter but the alliance will use ARC-170's, The very first Y-wing bombers, Republic Starfighter. The empire are using V wings and early Tie fighter models.
I will fill my info in soon.

jediofdoom 01-15-2006 01:17 PM

Name: Viper
Faction: Alliacnce/CIS remnant
Class: Bounty Hunter/ Leader Of CIS remnant
Rank: Commander
Ship: Firespray class ship
Weapons: Rapid fire duel pistols, Custom blaster rifle, attachements to armour
Bio: Viper was a close friend of Jango Fett before his death. Together they developed armour and weapons. Viper joined the republic as a volunteer but turned when he found out about the Chancellors plans to turn it into a galactic empire. He turned to the CIS and when Grievous died he took command. He managed to escape from The emperor and skywalker and made contact with Organa and agreed to help the alliance...

codj 01-15-2006 05:28 PM

Name: Bac Rueben
Age: 27
Faction: Empire
Class: Stormtrooper
Rank: Lieutenant
Ship: Early tie fighter
Weapons: Blaster rifle, shotgun, thermal detonators
Bio: Bac moved quickly through the ranks during his survice under Commander Cody. Bac himself soon became a friend of Obi-Wan and Anakin Skywalker. But when the jedi supposedly turned on the Republic, Bac turned on Obi-Wan on Utapah and watched as his comrades shot Obi-Wan off the cliff. After the battle, he was moved from Sergant to Lieutenant. As Lieutenant, he watched the Republic slowly turn into the Empire. Now he joins the Empire to punish his brothers on Kamino.

Sebastian Vlay 01-24-2006 08:28 PM

Name: Unit 221
Age: ...
Faction: CIS remnant
Class: Baktoid-automata battle droid
Rank: Corporal
Ship: none
Weapons: Blaster rifle, one thermal detonator
Biography: Corporal 221 is a simple, yet headstrong battle droid. It was manufactured only a year before the battle of Kashyyyk and still maintains high efficiency. It now prepares to push the Empire back from the Kaminoans' home world.

(Wait, wait, wwwwait........ Lord vader, RISE!)

Jedi Atomic 01-24-2006 09:07 PM

Name: Darrick Dominia
Age: 22
Faction: Alliance
Class: Mercenary
Rank: Lieutanent
Ship: T- wing Interceptor
Weapons: Shotgun; Sniper Rifle
Bio: He was a Mercenary under the command of the turning Republic and he heard of a new enemy forming. He decided to leave the Republic since he wasn't much of a leader and he wanted a good position and good pay. He gave much secret info of the New Empire and he earned lieutanent skipping all ranks inbetween.

jediofdoom 01-25-2006 12:50 PM

(woops forgot to post)

Viper sat quietly in a briefing room listening to the commander of the rebel alliance talking about the plan to defend Kamino. Viper knew the layout of Kamino better than any one he knew. He stood up when the commander was finished.
"There new bombers we have are capable of carrying a deadly amount of bombs and will be useful in taking out the Imperial Star Destroyers"
"Yes but the imperials have produced a new space fighter"
The plans showed up via a holagram. The Group around the table watched. Viper galnced at it and left the room. Waiting was the worst. Viper had not fought against the Imperials as sutch. The last time he had fought against the clones was on Mygeeto. He had a brief counter on a hell hole know as Earth but since then he had kept his head low to escape Lord Vader's grip. Viper stepped out into the rain and looked up. ABove he could make out the shaped of ships. His comm. Buzzed.
"Viper we are expecting the Imperials to arrive soon"
Viper got into his Firespray class ship and flew into space to meet with the CIS capital ship...

Sebastian Vlay 01-25-2006 02:20 PM

Unit 221 was being fed information about enemies and such for this mission while being held in stand-by mode on a service rack. Using the data he was receiving, he began to draw out strategies that could be used to defend Kamino from the Empire. At long last, the flow of information stopped, and several wires unplugged themselves from the corporal's body. Then, its body began to take standard humanoid form: legs extending, arms bending, head lifted, as he was brought down from the service rack.

"Corporal, our ships just arrived in the Kamino system." Another said. "As of the moment, you are to report to the hangar bay. Understood?"

"Yes sir," 221 replied.

It saluted its officer, and moved toward the elevator, taking it down to the hangar. Once there, he was greeted by another comrade. All throughout the hangar, repair and service droids were working on the still-operational ships and fighters. Many squads of battle droids had been aligned against the walls of the hangar as well.

"Corporal, you will be taking part in squad 2301's mission. They are waiting."

Corporal 221 walked over to the small squad, receiving more instruction. He waited now for the Imperials to begin their assault. Hopefully to only begin their assault on Kamino.

Jedi Atomic 01-25-2006 08:01 PM

Darrick sat on his bunk waiting for the siren to go off but nothing happened, just footsteps and the voices of men walking past his room talking amongst each other. He decided to lay down and wait. After a while he began sleeping.

J-hawk 01-25-2006 10:14 PM

Name: Jon Hawkins (nickname J-hawk)
Faction: Empier
Class: Engineer
Rank: captain
Ship: Modified Early TIE-Fighter
Weapons:Modified Shotgun,Commando Pistol,Fusion Cutter,Thermal Detonators
Bio: After the Republic was turned to the Empire he was ranked from Sergeant to Captain.He was once under the command of Aayla Secura but after code 66 he was moved from Felucia to Kamoni to finch the last of the CIS.

J-hawk 01-25-2006 11:00 PM

J-hawk was in the Hanger Bay looking over his Tie-fighter waiting for the Rebels to attack.In moment a alarm goes off. It sinals that the rebel have send there fisrt wave of fighter.He hops into his fighter and takes off with his 2 wingmen.

jediofdoom 01-27-2006 05:17 PM

Viper sent a message to the CIS to release their fighters. A droid answered with
"Yes, Viper, Sir"
Viper turned around and landed back on the pier. He turned and ran to the central command.
"It's starting. How many pilots do you have on the ground now?"
"Not many. Most of our pilots are in the alliance's cruisers"
"I see those you do have get them to a transport and get your men ready"
"Yes sir"
Viper turned around and strarted to ready the planetary defences
Meanwhile on the CIS cruiser above the CIS were releasing wave after wave of droid starfighters that engulfed the Tie fighters.....

Jedi Atomic 01-27-2006 07:04 PM

The sirens go off and Darrick jumps out of his bink hitting his head on the above bunk. "Damn it." he said rubbing his forehead. He hurried over to the hangar as the ships outside collided. Once he entered the hangar he noticed hardly any ships were in there from earlier. He hurried over to his ship as men were finishing setting the controls, and jumped into the cockpit and the ship soon hovered and he launched into space.

Sebastian Vlay 01-28-2006 04:24 PM

The droid pilot manuevered the boarding craft through space with every bit of skill he had. Corporal 221, and war buddies of squad 2301 were preparing themselves for combat. It could hear violent explosions outside of the ship, which jerked as it flew. Rusty old piece of junk, it thought.

A voice came over the intercom, barely heard over all the noise. "We have accessed the hangar of the Imperial Victory star destroyer. Brace yourselves."

221 heard a slight slam as the landing craft hit the hangar bay's floor. Then, the ramp began to slide out. Immediately, the seven battle droids poured out of the craft, blasters blazing a spectacular red. Trooper after trooper, 221 and his mates blasted each and every Imperial in the hangar bay. Then he met up near the elevator with them.

"Contact command," the corporal began. "Inform them that our squad has cleared the hangar, and that if they wish to capture and use this star destroyer for the Rebellion's purposes, then they must make their move now."

"Yes sir," another replied.

The squad's second-in-command walked up to unit 221.

"Sir, we must continue to move through the ship so that we can locate and destroy the auto-defense mainframe. In doing so, our comrades will make it to the hangar safely."

"Very well," 221 agreed.

Squad 221 began to move out after they had contacted the CIS's command ship. So far so good.

J-hawk 01-28-2006 09:47 PM

As J-hawk flies thought space dodging shot after shot he hear over his intercom that the CIS have taking over the west star destroyer. He confirms the message and call to all of his squad the 801st to head over to the west star destroyer to take it back.

All of his squad confirms and the start the attack. He warns his men that this is going to be the hardest mission of this battle. The intercom was quit for a moment but the sounds of shots breaks
the silent.

As he goes to the invaded star destroyer as he looks back to make sure he has enough men, he see that he to short of men and he thinks in his head, We’re and going to make it a live. Then he looks back to see that 10 or 12 droid fighters have launched from the destroyer.

He go head on head with 2 droid fighters he shots a missile and one blows up as so the other fighter starting firing at him he dodges them turns and fires but misses. Then out of nowhere a third fighter comes. He was trapped but then the third fighter blows up behind him. Over the intercom the sergeant, Your welcome, with a small laugh. Thanks he said back over the intercom. He turns and fires a 5 shots and the droid cracks. Then when 4 fighter were leaf another 10 came out.

He thinks that this is going to be non-ending. So over the intercom he said that the sgt. And 5 marines and 1 pilot to board the ship and that everyone is to attack the on coming fighter. Over the intercom he hears yes, sir.

As the group heads to the ship they was attacked by 3 fighters. So he tells a marine to attack them as so they slip by them but right after that he was blow upped. So he the sgt. 4 marines and 1 pilot aboard the ship. They start to shot the supers, he commands and marine and the pilot to blow the boarding ship up.

popcorn2008 01-28-2006 11:02 PM

Name: Ventris Durant
Age: 20
Faction: Newly formed Empire
Class: Imperial Officer
Rank: Commander
Ship: Prototype Imperial Shuttle
Weapons: Blaster Pistol, small dagger
Bio: Ventris was in his late teens when the Republic began to transition into the new Galatic Empire. Ventris always had dreams of becoming an officer in the Republic but when the Empire was formed his dreams sky-rocketed and he left home to join the newly formed academy. Ventris has good tactical skills, though because he is young, he is over-eager. Because many of the republic officers were either clones or turned to the Rebels, Ventris was quickly put in command of his own Victory Class Star Destroyer.

(Out of character side note: First time role playing go easy on me :D)

popcorn2008 01-28-2006 11:08 PM

Ventris stood siliently as he watched the CIS droid fighters dog fight with the new TIE's that were recently placed under his command. He was watching from the command brige, of his newly crescened Victory Star Destroyer. So far, the battle had just began but he was highly suprised to discover that the CIS had so many fighters still under their control.

Suddenly alarms began to go off, proclaiming "Intruder Alert!" Ventris turned from his grand view of the battle to consult with his head of security.

"What is going on?" Ventris asked with a hint of anger that his auto turrents didnt shot down the invading boarding craft.

"A CIS Boarding craft has somehow managed to land into our hanger area. I am just now recieving reports that they have secured the hanger and are begining to move to the Auto Turrent Mainframe." The clone commander responded.

"We musn't allow those auto turrents to go off-line! Hurry and get a security team down there at once! Send our best clones, these CIS are not to be under estimated."

The clone commander looked down at his datapad, "Im recieving word that some pilots managed to take out the boarding craft. But I am afraid some battle droids are still making their way to the Mainframe"

"Get that team down there at once! Tell the pilots to help cut off the hanger as an escape. We will get them from the front and back." Ventris said.

At that, Ventris turned around back to his grand view of the battle field. Only to see a capital ship coming out of hyperspace, a ship he had never seen before...

jediofdoom 01-29-2006 06:22 AM

Viper waited in the pouring rain for the first wave of Imperial troops to arrive. He had revceived word that the alliance had released their fighters and in the confusion a Imperial troop carrier had been spotter heading towards the planet. Now viper had the rebel soldiers, clones and droids behind him ready to take this enemy down. The key to the mass number of reinforcements was that CIS had quikcly created a small droid facility which was making droids as they spoke. Also the clones were heard at work and more were being deployed every moment. Then they stopped. A new garrison was to be formed in case of needing back up. Viper looked into the rain filled sky and heard the noise of approaching craft. There were more carriers than he first thought. But no matter his troops were positioned all around the compound and landing areas. The first ship touched down a few feet away from the hidden Viper Squadron. A few stormtroopers exited guns raised. Viper waved his arm and all hell broke loose.....

Jedi Atomic 01-29-2006 10:14 PM

Darrick dodges a missile and shoots at a tie fighter hitting it's wing making it spin and crash into the star destroyer, exploding. He started towards the star destroyer shield generators to take out the shields, for the bomber to start their work. He noticed more tie fighters entering the hangar than leaving. must be something going on in there. he thought as he closed in on the shield generators. He fired a missile and it hit the sphere only exploding on the shell of the sphere. He quickly turned around and fired blaster bolts at it and some more proton torpedoes.

Soon enough the sphere shaped shield generator started exploding like a chain reaction. "One down one more to go." he laughed as he started around for the second shield generator sphere. After the explosion the clear blue of the shiled started flickering.

J-hawk 01-29-2006 10:16 PM

J-hawk was in the hanger bay killing all the supers he could see. Then the Sgt. yells to his Captain ,Sir we have word that the commander of the ship is sending a specials team down to help us and they ask if we can hold them from escaping the hanger bay. OK,

About dam time tell them we’ll try. Roger , Sir. And tell them i'm going to send for a boarding ship.After that he yells over the intercom , get a boarding ship here ASAP with as many soldier as possible and make sure they are so heaved escorted that you can’t ever see the ship. I hope we can hold them off for the specials team and boarding ship to get here

popcorn2008 01-30-2006 03:09 PM

Suddenly the Victory Star Destroyer was violently shaking in almost all directions. Ventris got himself up only to see on the status display that both shield generators had been destroyed and the hull was exposed.

Quickly, Ventris ran to his security officer.

"We aren't going to last much longer, prepair my shuttle for immediate take off," Ventris said, "and what is the status of the security team?"

"All Battledroids have been removed from the ship sir." The officer answered.

"Good news, if you survive your squad may just see a promotion." Ventris smiled as he began to walk out of the command brige.

"Oh, and sir we found this in the memory banks of the leader of the boarding party. It appears to be a memory chip of some sort," the officer illuminated the room with a holographic map of Kamino's surface.

"Excellent! I take it this waypoint is the where the enemies troops are meeting?" Ventris questioned.

"As far as we can tell, yes."

"Bombard that position immediately. I don't care for any civilian or friendly casualities. Our goal is to secure Kamino." Ventris said almost immediately.

"Yes, sir," his security officer responded, "oh and that ship you wanted me to identify isnt responding to our hails at all. It appears to not be on the rebellion side either."

"Keep me informed." At this Ventris walked off to the hanger as the sound of turbolasers spread through the ship, as Kamino was bombarded.

Sebastian Vlay 01-30-2006 05:35 PM

(popcorn2008, great job on the posts. I like the amount of detail and character depth you've been displaying. Very good.)

Corporal 221 watched through a small air duct's vent as the Imperials attempted to defeat the scattering droid invaders. It had overheard a few of the enemy officers discussing current tasks, revealing the ship commander's plans. A very effective set of plans they were. 221 was forced to watch its men be torn down to parts as they were cornered. Luckily it managed to find the air duct it was in was loose and not completely bolted down.

Find a terminal to connect to, it thought. If it could send a message back to the CIS's commanders, perhaps it would be able to make it off this ship. The corporal rotated in the duct and began crawling through the tunnels. In a few minutes of time, it had found its way out into a safe and secure hallway. 221 then walked throughout a system of halls, until he found a lounge. It had a terminal in it. But.... the ugly side of the room was that there were enemy -

"Halt! Hands up, drop your weapons." A voice came from behind.

"Uhhh." 221 began.

If it allowed itself to be captured, there would be a little escape chance. But if it acted in anyway to be damaged or retarded on a standard basis, it could mean it would be escorted to the maintenence section of the ship. And where there's a maintenence area, there's bound to be some terminals.

That was a plan-in-action.

"Uh, who 'Gun?'" 221 asked in a dull manner.

"Your weapon. Drop it on the floor," the other replied.

"Gun be friend to -" The battle droid collapsed before finishing; shutting itself down.

Jedi Atomic 01-30-2006 07:22 PM

He soon gets a report that all the droids have been illminated inside the capital ship. He decided to fly over to the hangar and land.

While heading towards the hangar a Tie Fighter started firing behind his tail so he tried evading it but soon was hit on the wing. Darrick spun around in circles towards the planet. He tried to slow the ship down because he knew he wasn't going to make it back into space, now that he was inside the planet's atmosphere. He managed to level the fighter out and stop the spinning.

He soon noticed the buildings above the water come into view.

J-hawk 01-30-2006 08:47 PM

Sir we have reports that the ship is free from all droids. Thank you Sgt. We also have word that the ship isn't going to make it, we need to get out.

Ok, get my ship right for take off. O and one more thing they have found a memory bank they think its a waypiont where all the enemies troops are meeting, and they are bombarding it right now, OK tell me when the bombard is done. Mean will get all of the 801st ready to land on Kamino. Roger.

jediofdoom 01-31-2006 03:10 PM

In moments the imperial dropship was destroyed. Viper killed the final storm trooper and looked up. He watched as green blurs came at them
"Yes sir"
A shield appeared protecting the clone and droid facility and soldiers. It shuddered. It wasn't supposed to handle this much punishment. Viper just hoped it could hold out. He radiod his CIS command ship in space;
"Take out that ship that is firing at the planet!"
"Sir, we have lost the droids that have entered the ship"
"I see...Get the fighters to take out it's cannons and turrets"
"Yes sir"
Viper looked over at the other platforms. They had cheated death this time but the imperials now knew what they were dealing with and would be better prepared bext time....

popcorn2008 01-31-2006 06:08 PM

(By the way, thanks Sebastian Vlay for your compliments :))

He felt cold, terribly cold. In fact he was shaking, he only prayed that his superior officer wouldnt notice his fear.

Ventris was sitting in his private chamber of his imperial shuttle. Looking at what would soon be the image of his commanding superior, what would be the image of a disapointed commanding superior. Slowly he pushed the side button on the holographic projector, creating a direct connection to Coruscant, capital of the Galatic Empire.

Ventris knew what he had done was not imperial at all, he left all his men, all his friends, to die on board the half dead star destroyer in orbit above Kamino. He left scared, for the first time, scared of the enemy. Never had any traitors been so organized, so precise in their efforts. His last minute bombardment decesion was his last mistake. The energy drained from the turbo laser shots had all but deminished what reserve energy was left in the reactor. He could only pray that any of his men escaped aboard the emergency escape pods.

Then, slowly, appeared the image of a pale yet terrifying superior officer, Grand Moff Tarkin. Leader of the war against the rebellious traitors, he would not accept failure, and Ventris knew that.

"What seems to be the problem?" Tarkin asked, "I was busy."

"Sir, the battle over Kamino..." Ventris stopped mid-speech. In the corner of his eye, he saw the image of his parents displayed on a holograph picture. They never survived to see his acceptance into the academy. They both died that fateful day when Order 66 was issued. Killed, no slain by the traitorous Jedi Master on Mygetto. At least, that is what the reports said. Ventris didn't know otherwise.

"What about it?" Tarkin questioned, this time with a deadly mix of concern and anger.

"I have lost, sir. The Rebels have allied themselves with a rogue group of CI..."

"The CIS, do not concern me Commander Ventris. They are all but destroyed. Your mission was to destroy the rebels. Apparently my trust was not well placed in you." Tarkin spoke angerly.

"Give me one more chance." For my parents. Ventris thought.

"Go to the coordinates I provide you," Tarkin spoke coldly, "there will will rendevou with two Imperial warships. Take them to Kamino and show the dissidents imperial justice," Tarkin said chillingly, "and Ventris do not fail the Empire again. I am the least of your worries."

Slowly the hologram faded out. This time, Ventis thought, I will not fail.

Sebastian Vlay 01-31-2006 07:30 PM

(Well, I'm positive that my battle droid was destroyed. Even if it wasn't, it wouldn't escape the dying star destroyer. So, I suppose I will start anew.)

Name: Unit 961
Age: --
Faction: Confederacy of Independent Systems
Class: Super battle droid (SBD, :D )
Rank: Sergeant
Ship: none
Weapons: built-in wrist blaster and rockets
Bio: Unit 961 is very advanced in terms of strategy and reaction speed. It has proven a great help to the dying CIS's war droids, and is very intelligent. Just recently he was promoted to sergeant.

(Post later.)

jediofdoom 02-01-2006 04:45 AM

A Clone came up to viper
"Sir, we have interecepted a transmission"
"Follow me sir"
The clone lead Viper back to the large command centre. As Viper entered many clones took their helmets off in respect. Viper was secretly pleased by this.
"Here sir"
Viper looked
"Go to the coordinates I provide you, "there will will rendevou with two Imperial warships. Take them to Kamino and show the dissidents imperial justice"
Viper stood up so fast he had a head rush
"Get more men into space if you can and more men onto the platforms"
"Sir we are stretched as it is"
"I know, I know. but this is an odd move for the imperials and I don't like it"
Viper turned
"Get as many men to the platforms as you can spear"
Viper started to walk back to the battle field to wait....

Sebastian Vlay 02-01-2006 07:54 AM

The message was quickly received. Viper, leader of the CIS remnant, requested for more soldiers. Commanders aboard the CIS flagship immediately took action by activating a bundle of two-thousand droids.

Unit 961 woke up. It was receiving objectives and resource information by the nanosecond. Within a few, it was unplugged and ready to begin its mission as a sergeant. 961 walked away from the service racks, making its way towards the elevator. It took the elevator down to the hangar, where there were a few dozen transport craft.

The sergeant boarded one of these craft. Not too long afterwards, it began to lift and soon left the ship, heading towards the oceanic planet. (Wait, I can just imagine the droid march right now.) The array of transports would soon make it down to the planet, where they would start preparing for battle.

Jedi Atomic 02-01-2006 08:12 AM

Darrick noticed some imperials fighting so he turned slightly and fired at the stormtroopers killing most of them. Seconds later Darrick's starfighter crashed into a platform made for ships, skidding to the edge and it started leaning over the edge.

Darrick opened the cockpit window and jumped to the ground. He soon was being surrounded by stormtrooper coming from the pathway. He quickly threw a thermal detonator at the pathway blowing it up and making the reinforcements halt. Only a few stormtroopers remained. He grabbed his shotgun and fired at a stormtrooper making him fly off the platform screaming into the water. The other stormtroopers looked back at their fallen comrade and turned around to find their head or arm cut off by Darrick's force pike.

jediofdoom 02-01-2006 01:41 PM

Viper stepped out from the comman center and heard voices. He turned to see a group of storm troopers fighting with someone. He watched as the man decapitated the troopers with a pike. Viper started to run towards the man to aid him. The man seemed to have taken down all of the storm troopers but one was still left. Viper jetted over to him and hit him round the head with the blade that came out of the wrist of his armour before he could take the starnger from behind. The trooper fell to the floor.
"Close one that" Viper said looking at the figure
"I take it you didn't have a smooth landing" Viper said noticing the fighter

popcorn2008 02-01-2006 05:57 PM

Ventris watched once again as the starlines faded from his command bridge view. Below him he saw the familar site of Kamino, and in front of him the familar CIS and rebellious ships in orbit.

Suddenly he turned to his clone commander, "Commander, I want you to take this transmission," he said handing it to his trusted clone.

"Yes, sir. Erm... what is it?" The commander asked.

"It is an instruction hologram. Upload it to all TIEs. You see commander these two warships are armed with special EMP turbolasers. We are going to lauch our full compliment of TIEs at the enemy. They will either sit back and take a beating, or lauch all their precious droid star fighters. If they launch their fighters then we will set off the EMP." Ventris smiled.

"Sir, wouldnt that disrupt our own ships as well?" The clone asked.

"Yes, of course! Those," he pointed to the hologram projector, "are instructions on how to eject from your TIE. Your escape pod is programmed to land at the last known destination of their forces. You will take the battle to the land." The more he said, the more he smiled in pleasure.

Ventris turned around back to his grand view, from his temporary Imperial class Star Destroyer. To his left was the second imperial warship, already blasting away at a smaller CIS capital ship. Suddenly bursting from the bottom of both ships came swarms of TIES full of the best trained clones in the imperial navy, the 501st.

Jedi Atomic 02-02-2006 08:18 AM

"Yes, I didn't have a smooth landing." he said to a stranger. He new he didn't like making friends randomly but since he knew this man was working for the Rebels or CIS he knew they both wouldn't turn on each other, so he decided to try and be friends. "are there anymore enemy soldiers here?" Darrick questioned.

Sebastian Vlay 02-02-2006 05:14 PM

The transports made a safe landing, without the need for an escort. Only a few of the craft were destroyed in the process.

Unit 961 walked down the ramp at a steady pace, quickly taking in its surroundings. It was a wet place. Very wet. And there were many platforms, both large and small. Some were even large facilities, it seemed.

A few platforms away, other transports were unloading battle droids. Even further away was what looked to be a mass of non-droid figures. They must be the "Rebellion."

After surverying the area, sergeant 961 headed for the platforms where the Rebels were at. Perhaps it could figure out what use it would have here...

popcorn2008 02-05-2006 09:21 AM

After much disarray the battle in space had begun, though Ventris wasn't satisfied by his technicians apparent stupidity. After trying to launch the EMP cannons there was an apparent power surge and they didnt fire.

"Were just going to have to take their fighters out the old fashioned way. Commander!" Ventris yelled, "Prepair our sentinel landing craft. Send more troops to Kamino's surface."

"Yes, sir" His commander then walked off to get the troops prepaired.

jediofdoom 02-08-2006 12:01 PM

"No none. The last were just killed. If you follow me I'll take you to the command center"
Viper turned and walked back the way he had just come. The doors slid open and he was confronted by a clone trooper. The clone armour was the newer armour worn by the clones near the end of the war. Viper was unsure. He knew the clones they were working with had the older armour. He moved his hand towards his pistol slowly.
"Er I did not know that armour was being used"
"well it is obviously"
Viper suspected something at once. He struck the trooper down. And tore off his helmet. He was young and had bleach blonde hair.
"Who are you?" Viper demanded as he put pressure on the boys throat
"Arhh....I...will never tell you" he sat and spat at Viper
Viper increased the pressure on the boys throat he just laughed
"If you kill me you won't get information and it's either you killing me or the Imperials. What is there to loose in not telling you?"
Viper released his grip and kicked the boy in the side
"Throw him into a cell"
he said to two clone troopers
"Yes sir"
Viper thought there might be more. The invasion of Kamino had begun...

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