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Fate's Decision 01-18-2006 01:07 AM

Origin of the Sith
The galaxy has fallen into chaos. As soon harmony is created, it becomes vulnerable to the flames of deception. As light shines forth, shadows are formed. There are many concepts of perfection. These concepts can be united by power, but as soon as power becomes loose for contention, they can begin to drift apart. As the galaxy's concept moves toward peace, there are those who are not so easily adaptable...those who challenge the might of good and attempt to grasp the power that steers these concepts. But even as the galaxy falls to evil, there is always hope that power once again can be reversed...

Three weeks have passed since the fall of Niaj Qad. The Jedi Keep has been destroyed, a select few Jedi remain. The Civic Empire has fallen under the control of Rures Sith, an evil ex-Jedi who became dominated by hatred. The Civic fleets begin to take control of one planet after another, mercilessly executing any who resisted. As Rures's plan falls into action, a rebellion is formed.
Eptima, the leader of the Niaj Qad rebellion failed in his mission to defend the Jedi Keep. Along with a small force of survivors, Eptima gathered together another rebellion of surviving Jedi, imperial traitors and mercenaries to stop this great threat. Yet they were far too small of a fighting force to take on the entire Civic Empire. Knowing this Eptima carefully planned out an attack that could potentially do massive damage to the empire. Using his most trusted spies’ information, he planned a siege on Dexus, the current capital of Naboo. After seizing the city, they would immediately depart for Coruscant, where spy reports lead him to believe Rures was. While reinforcements arrived to reclaim the city, it would decrease the amount of security at Coruscant. Though the empire’s numbers were far superior to that of the alliance, the chances of success would be increased. Extremely small, but increased. But then, even smaller than he had anticipated…for what Eptima did not know was that the rebellion had been tracked down…

This is what you need

Current Status
A huge Civic Imperial fleet has surrounded the Alliance and was given direct orders from Rures Sith to execute all of them and let none escape. Fortunately, the alliance had purchased eight-hundred starfighters from Corellian starfighter manufacturers. Model design YAI-80, a long but slender diamond-shaped spacecraft with laser cannons on either side. They could work over the Civic Starfighters and RIG fighters but were out of league for the Imperial Grand Starfighters, or Skull fighters as they were nicknamed.
The objective for the rebellion is destroy all of the tracking systems on the attack frigates and immediately depart for Dexus, Naboo. The objective for the Empire is to eradicate all rebels and let none escape. Bac also had plans for his own Tatooine rebellion. You can choose this as a faction as well.

jediofdoom 01-18-2006 02:57 PM

Name: Phinius Gage
Faction: Jedi
Class:Jedi Master
Equipment:One purple lightsaber
Strengths:Force Powers, Knowledge, Hand to hand combat
Background:After the disasters of Niaj Qad Phinius was made a master by the council for killing the evil jedi Zion, who was his former master. He has been having nightmares and can still feel Zion's presance wherver he goes. Becasue of this the Jedi have placed him on this mission to get this off his mind.

codj 01-18-2006 11:10 PM

Name: Bac Rueben
Faction: Rebels
Class: 86th battalion commander
Equipment: Blaster rifle, commando pistol, thermal detonators, and time bombs
Strengths: Battle planing, squadron fighting, one-on-one fighting, assassination
Weaknesses: Piloting, mechanics, mercy for victims
Background: Bac Rueben started out as an Imperial soldier on Niaj Qad, but soon switched to the rebels when he realized how bad the imperials had become. He soon became the 86th battalion, made from the men that followed him and vollunteers. After the destruction of the planet, the reinforced on Tatooine and eventually met back up with Eptima. They now go to Naboo to help the rebels. In the end, Bac hopes to rule the Civic Empire and create a more peaceful galaxy.

Fate's Decision 01-19-2006 12:31 AM

Name: Mid Kunar
Faction: Rebels
Class: Jedi Knight
Equipment: A white lightsaber, detonators, a black-purple Jedi light-scythe, Jedi master robes, blaster rifle
Strengths: Near-impervious fighting style, handling of guns
Weaknesses: Using the force, anger
Background: Mid was lead by Dyce's group on Niaj Qad and was responsible for saving several Jedi before the planet's detonation. He had lived in the Jedi Order all his life, but was very poor with the force when he was younger. His master was extremely wise and powerful and took him on several missions. On a mission in Tatooine his master was killed from an ambush by several bounty hunters. Mid thought that he could have aided his master if he were stronger and prevented his death, and from that day forward he trained his hardest until he had far surpassed his peers.

jediofdoom 01-19-2006 03:57 PM

....The room was dark. In the corner a Jedi was sitting in the pitch black. Suddenly a purple glow lit the room. The Jedi's lightsaber gleamed. A sudden noise made the jedi focus. A dark power. An evil power. It was stonger than anything he had ever sensed. The thing, whatever it was, was stonger and was getting closer. The Jedi stood up and faced the door. It slid open and a dark jedi stepped in. His red lightsaber glowed. His body was hald mechanical and hald human. The jedi laughed....

Phinius woke up sweating and panting. He sat up shaking. He wiped his forehead. He got up and put on his Jedi robes and grabbed his saber from under his pilow. He walked slowly to the bridge of the ship
"Anything to reprort captain?"
"Nothing yet master Phinius"
Phinius's head was pounding. He turned to leave when a message came through
"We have received word that the Civic Army are closing in. On one of the Capitol ships we believe there is a sith lord"
The message fuzzed over with static. Phinius looked up at the captain the captain looked back anxiously. Phinius gulped....

Fate's Decision 01-19-2006 10:12 PM

Mid slashed out at invisible foes with his white blade. He had been training twice as hard sinse the Niaj Qad disaster, early every morning until sunrise, or, whenever sunrise should be. If anything like that ever happened again, he would not fail to protect his allies. Mid was currently aboard one of the rebel Capital ships where he would remain until the Naboo invasion, he was practicing saber combat as a soldier entered his room. Mid sheithed his lightsaber blade as the soldier panted, "Our scout frigates have spotted Imperial Captial ships! We're surrounded!" Mid's expression changed, he nodded to the soldier to show he understood. He grabbed his scythe and hurried to the main deck. He joined up with the other Jedi and after all of the men were collected, went strait to the docking bay. He chose a green-trimmed corefighter and sped out into space. There were much more of the enemy than he had imagined.

codj 01-21-2006 04:12 PM

In Bac's ship, the alarms started ringing throghout the ship as reports of the Imperial Fleet passed through. Bac and the rest of the 86th battalion hopped into ships and sped out to attack the fleet head on.

Jedi Atomic 01-21-2006 04:33 PM

(((Some questions.....

I was wondering how many years is this past the destruction of the Niaj Qad Keep?

May I have Scur Jal' Daan again continuing from the last chapter? And if Deamon doesn't take Zaran can I control him?

I would like to continue Scur and Zaran's story.)))

jediofdoom 01-22-2006 01:27 PM

(Three weeks has passed since the destuction of Niaj Qad)

Phinius walked to the hanger and got onto a boarding craft. Several other Jedi got in and several soliders also entered the ship. The ship took off within moments. Phinius felt his stomach flip and watched as the two enemy fleets clashed. The ship Phinius was in offered a cloaking device and was invisible to the enemy. The ship managed to get too close to the capitol ship before anyone notcied.The ship came under fire but it didn't matter the ship was already in side the hanger. The ship was immediatly fired at by ground troops. The Jedi and soldiers inside jumped out and staright into combat. Phinius sensed a dark power. He deflected back a blast from a enemy solider. The Jedi had managed to infiltrate the enemy capitol ship it was only a matter of time until...
A shadow moved. A dark jedi jumped down from the ceiling and slashed at two jedi killing them immediatly with his single red lightsaber. Phinius knew this was the sith lord. The hooded figure turned. And lowerd his hood. Phinius gapsed. The man was half man and half machine...Zion Romantix was back and it looked like he had been upgraded.....

codj 01-22-2006 02:37 PM

The 86th battalion soon met the other fighters and began to fight them. Bac knew he couldn't stay for long because he wasn't a good pilot. The whole scirmish was for Bac to get inside the capital ship and use sabotage to destroy the fleet. He pushed his YAI-80's thrusters to full power and sped towards the capital ship.

Jedi Atomic 01-22-2006 05:47 PM

((Well then I'll continue the story of Scur and Zaran until Deamonomic gets back unless he doesn't want to control him.

Just incase somebody new joins here are Scur and Zaran's information:

Name: Scur Jal'Daan
Faction: Jedi Council
Class: Jedi Consular
Weapon: Dual Lightsabers; Silver/Orange
Equipment: Blue Jedi Consular robes
Strengths: Piloting, 1-on-1 Fighting
Weaknesses: Close together fighting

Bio: (summary of the last chapter) Scur Jal'Daan was a consular on Niaj Qad. He was liked by many people because of his generosity and kindness. He defeated many opponents when the Civic Army invaded the planet, trying to kill all Jedi, which failed. Many Jedi escaped with the Rebellion.

Scur fought with the new Sith Lord, Zion, who turned to the Dark Side in the middle of the battle, and killed many Jedi from within the Keep. Zion escaped and quickly made his way to the reactor to the planet and switched it to self destruct. Scur had a vision of him doing this and quickly made his way towards the reactor to stop it followed by Zaran.

Once Scur made his way to the Reactor it had started exploding and Zion tryed stoping Scur, which failed because Zion escaped the explosion of the planet as Scur used Force Barrier on the explosion to try and suffacate it with the help of Zaran. the explosion grew too strong, and flung fainted Zaran and Scur into space, soon to be picked up by Phinius.
__________________________________________________ ________

Name: Zaran
Faction: Jedi Council
Class: Jedi Master
Weapon: single bladed lightsaber; Blue
Equipment: Jedi master Robes
Strengths: agility, ability to calm down instantly and focus
Weaknesses: Injured leg

(Well that should be it, and if Deamonomic joins he can write the Bio for Zaran)

Fate's Decision 01-22-2006 11:41 PM

As Mid made his way toward the enemy fleet he checked his belt to confirm that his lightsaber and folded scythe were not left back on the Mothership. He had taken a long time to make his new lightsaber and was not up to designing a new one. Ever sinse Zion had betrayed the Jedi, they had refused to use red lightsabers. Mid had cast away his old blade and created a lightsaber even better than before. White was a neutral, calm color, and Mid noticed that he felt a little calmer using it, even though he was still getting used to it. As for his scythe, he would easily make twenty Jedi lightsabers and cast them away before dreaming of losing it.

Mid locked onto the nearest frigate's tracking radar. The alliance would have to take out all sensors if they hoped to make the Naboo invasion unexpected. Unfortunately, the Empire had little need of the frigate's sensors, so they stuck them all the way in the back. Back behind formations of skull fighters. Mid knew that getting through them would be no easy task...

codj 01-23-2006 09:59 PM

"Squad 5, cover me as I head towards the capital ship," Bac commanded. "Roger," replied the squad leader, Romul. Romul was an original 16th battalion soldier(The battalion that Bac started commanding when under the Empire) and had always been there for Bac. He was also the best pilot the 86th battalion had. Bac slowed down to let Squad 5 surround him in a box formation and they headed towards the capital ship.

jediofdoom 01-24-2006 12:46 PM

Phinius stared into the cold grey eyes he had once admired and respected.
"B-b-ut I die" Phinius was speechless he looked like he had been petrified.
Zion did not smile like he used to when he saw his old aprentice he just looked at Phinius with pure hatred
"You saw wrong" Zion spat at Phinius in a voice of pure venom. Zion looked around and the stunned jedi.
"I guess you all wan't to know how I surivived? My master saved me and brought me to this ship and made a new me"
Zion did not carry any hint of a threat in his voice but they all knew what was about to happen
"To buisness" Zion threw his cloak aside and jumped up. Two Jedi went to meet his as he landed
"NO!" Phinius yelled
Zion dropped and sliced one Jedi's head off and then cut the other in half. Zion used to force to grab one of the dead jedi's lightsaber and he ignited it. He controled the two baldes so well no one could get close to him. Those he tried soon met their deaths. Another Jedi rushed forward and atempted to attack Zion. Zion picked him up with the force and threw him through the ray shield and into space. Phinius did nothing even when a Jedi yelled at him for help. He knew Zion was too strong. A few soliders fired a few shots but Zion deflected them back and killed them. Zion using the force picked up one of the skull fighters and threw it at a few Jedi who were caught un-aware. They colapsed under the weight and Zion's use of the force. Phinius was soon the only one left. Zion looked at him. Phinius knew it was time to face up to Zion. He ignited his purple blade and like Zion used the force to pick up a fallen comrades lightsaber. He ignited the orange blade and looked into the cold eyes of fury and evil....

Fate's Decision 01-24-2006 09:20 PM

Mid fired into a group of Imp starfighters and moved around the explosion. He was waiting for the other Jedi to join the fray so he could get past the skull fighters. He blasted and tried out a few other missle commands, but he was getting used to the machine. True, Eptima made sure that all of the Jedi knew how to use them but the only time he had been in a starfighter not made specifically for Jedi was a skull fighter that he stole under commander Dyce Fondoa's command in order to rescue his fellow Jedi before Niaj Qad blew.
Mid tried out some long-range explosives in aim at the sensor relay points. He lined up his targeting monitor with the tracking system and fired. The shot was off by a mile! The missle went in a complete and totally different direction, crashing into the armor of a GSfighter. Mid hadn't even payed attention to where he was shooting. Mid slowed his fighter down so he could turn around. He was thinking of what happened on Niaj Qad, of how Phinius had slain the monster responsible for its destruction. A red beam swiped right above Mid. He was less than 200 yards away from a huge group of skull fighters. "Aaah!" he cried in frustration. Why couldn't he concentrate?
Mid flew his corefighter backwards and sped off toward the Mothership. How did the Empire find the alliance anyway?
A rebel soldier took him out of his trance. "Sir, a Sith Jedi has boarded the Mothership and is killing our soldiers!!"
Mid sucked in the shocking news and risked a higher burn to get to the ship faster. He flew right into the docking bay and commanded his ship to land. He didn't even wait for his ship to touch ground before he thrust himself out of the cockpit, flaring his lightsaber. A dual lightsaber was slicing through soldier after soldier, menacing and mercilessly. A blade that only belonged to Zion Romantix.

codj 01-24-2006 10:59 PM

There was many ships that tried to stop the box from heading towards the capital ship, but the 86th battalion was a determined, persistant, and powerful battalion, even in the air. They seemed to know just where their comrades were and moved into postions that would help them out. Bac mainly stayed out of the fighting. His objective was to stay alive and destroy the capital ship. Every now and then he'd help out, but only if the battalion was in desperate need of his assistance. The battalion still probably wouldn't have made it had it not been for the stray fighters that were picked up to help them. The last defense was a considerable group of fighters that launched out of the capital ships hangar. Not only that; though, but the turrents on the main ship was killing us out there. Eventually, Romul and his top two fighters told me to go on and they would follow to give a distraction. The rest of the fighters would fight the ships to keep Romul, Bac, and the two other fighters protected. They finally swirved out of the fighting and made it inside the capital ship.

jediofdoom 01-25-2006 01:00 PM

Phinius saw the Jedi get out of his ship but not stop to try and persuade him to leave. He imediatly had to block one of Zion's attacks.
"You are already doing better than the others" said Zion
Phinius stepped back and twirled his lightsabers
"I see you are a master now"
Zion launched into another attack. This time Phinius was less lucky. Zion caught one of Phinius's blades and struck it in half. The orange saber flew out of the ray shield and the two halves floated uselessly in space. Phinius raised his Purple blade to deffend himself. Zion kicked Phinius in the stomach and Phinius fell to the floor. He jumped back up but immediatly hit the deck as another Skull fighter was flung across the hanger. Phinius force pushed Zion threw a door and followed. Zion was ready. He hit Phinius in the face with the hilt of his blade. Blood spurted everywhere. Phinius was blinded by the blood but wiped it off. He slumped against the wall as Zion kneed him in the stomach. Zion slashed at the walls and pushed Phinius threw. Phinius fell threw the wall and down a small shaft. Above he heard an elivator moving down. ZIon was standing in the corridor watching. Phinius raised a hand weakly and attempted to stop the lift from crushing him....

Fate's Decision 01-26-2006 06:15 PM

Mid stared horrified at the few dead Jedi sprawled around. Only a few survivors (many were unconcious) remained. But the death of Phinius would not stand. As Zion lowered the elevator onto Phinius, Mid grabbed a fallen rebel soldier's arm cannon and fired wildly. Zion stopped the elevator controls and blocked the rapid bullets. As he did this he slowly moved foward to take care of the nuisance. Yet Zion was not so easily fooled, for he used the force to keep the elevator slowly falling. Mid charged up the cannon to maximum damage and fired at the controls. Zion blocked a large chunk but couldn't hold back the entire blast. The elevator controls exploded. Mid now had to figure out a way to distract Zion long enough to allow the remaining Jedi to escape in the corefighters.

jediofdoom 01-27-2006 02:55 AM

The elevator stopped a few inches away from Phinius's face. It was then flung up into the air. Phinius heard it hit the top and then hurtle down again. He managed to stand up. When the elevaotr was just above him Phinius spun around with his saber in the air. The elevaotr hit the bottom. Phinius had cut a hole and had gone into the inside. He stumbled and grasped the wall. He felt a rush. Zion had thrown it back into the air. The elevator crashed once again at the top of the shaft and Phinius hit the ceiling and dropped onto the floor. Once again the elevator dropped, it hit the floor with sutch force Phinius was almost knocked out cold. The doors made a small bing and opened.Zion was standing there lightsaber ignited looking at Phinius.
"Going Up?"
The elevator shot up. Phinius jumped up and iginited his lightsaber and attacked. Zion blocked the wild slash easily and forced Phinius against a wall. The elevator made a noise and stopped. The doors opened and Phinius force pushed Zion out threw the doors. He followed limping.....

Jedi Atomic 01-27-2006 06:17 PM

Scur made his way down the hallway of the Star Ship as the sirens were blazing. He walked into the bridge and felt Phinius needed help. Zaran was in the hangar as Scur walked in preparig his starfighter. Scur headed over to Zaran, "Hey Zaran we need to help Phinius since he saved from the suffocation in space after the destruction of Niaj Qad. Prepare your ship for departure and follow me."
"Yes, Master." he said as he half-way climbed up the ladder to situate the cockpit.
Scur walked over to his starfighter "Ready?"
"Yes it is"
Scur climbing the ladder into his starfighter and readyed the controls. (comlink)"Ready Zaran?"
(Comlink)"Yes Master Scur."
(Comlink)"Ok on our way to the capital ship." Scur said as the two ships hovered then blasted out of the hangar and into space.

codj 01-28-2006 12:04 PM

Bac Rueben, Romul, and the two other fighters landed in the enemy hangar and jumped out. Bac looked around and saw dead bodies all over. It seemed they were killed by a lightsaber. Bac and Romul walked forward, commanding the other two to guard the ships. They opened the door and saw a sith get pushed into an elevator followed by a jedi with a purple blade. They also saw another jedi with an arm cannon. They crawled through and hid behind a corner and watched the fight that ensued in front of them.

Jedi Atomic 01-28-2006 12:20 PM

As Scur and Zaran made there way into veiw of the hangar bay on the enemy capital ship, some starfighters enterd the hangar. Scur quickly made his way to the ship and felt the force inside the ship. "Zion!" Scur said into the comlink.
"Where?" asked Zaran.
"Inside the capital ship."

Soon they entered the hangar and some of the Alliance troopers were running through the blast doors. "Zion and Phinius are close." said Scur as they landed inside the hangar. They jumped out and landed on the ground already sprinting towards the blast door leading to Phinius and Zion.

jediofdoom 01-28-2006 01:38 PM

Phinius struck at Zion witth such force when the two blades collided a burst of energy erupted making the walls around them crumble. Phinius blocked Zion's attack and then continued to parry with him. Zion kicked out and Phinius backed off. Phinius used force heal and regained the use of his right leg. He was still badly hurt but it hurt less. Phinius jumped up in the air and kicked Zion in the side of the head. Zion barly flinched. Zion looked into Phinius's eyes and grabbed his foot. Phinius's body fell limply down but was then thrown up as Zion started to spin. He spun several times gathering speed and then let go. Phinius hit a wall and slid down. Phinius got up slowly
"You always were a good fighter"
"You were always an arogant brat" spat Zion
Phinius nodded
"I wasn't arogant I just belived in my own abilities. SOMETHING YOU NEVER DID!"
Phinius flew at Zion and attacked. Zion started to smile. Phinius had to calm down or he would also fall to the dark side....

Jedi Atomic 01-29-2006 09:56 PM

Scur and Zaran halt once they see Zion and Phinius fighting.
"Phinius No need to get angry about what he says, just tune him out!" Scur yelled after Phinius attacked in a frenzy, angry, interrupting the two Jedi fighting.

codj 01-30-2006 11:25 PM

While the jedi were busy, Bac Rueben and Romul rolled past the battle. They walked inside the door to find a few Civic pilots manning the turrent controls. They slowly pulled out their pistols to not diturb the pilots and fired upon the pilots. Two fell, but 3 more got up and fired. Bac rolled to the right behind some boxes and fired on the one closest to him. He was hit in the head and died instantly. The one next to him fired at Bac, but he ducked and was missed. Romul, meanwhile, didn't have such luck. He strafed and fired at the same time, but the pilot hit Romul in the shoulder. Romul fell, injured, but fired on the pilot. The pilot was shot in the chest and killed instantly. Bac finally popped up to see that the last pilot pointed his pistol at Romul. Bac aimed and fired, hitting the pilot in the leg and dropping him. Bac rushed towards him and knocked the gun out of his hand, pointing his pistol at him.

jediofdoom 01-31-2006 03:04 PM

Phinius landed a nasty blow on a control pannel and a door slid open. Zion backed into it. Zion glanced at the control and force pushed a dead body into it. The door slid closed and Zion and Phinius were seperated. Phinius heard a buzz and tried to unlock the door but it was stuck. Phinius sat down exhausted. He breathed heavily and focused. He used force heal to heal himself some what. He stood up slowly and ignited his lightsaber. He closed his eyes and raised the door using the force. Zion wasn't behind it. The light above where he had been flickered and died. The onlt light was the light from Phinius's lightsaber. Phinius entered. The door closed behind him. Phinius focused. Zion had hidden his presance and Phinius could not detect him. Suddenly a red glow filled the space behind Phinius. He turned but it was too late Zion had already struck. He sliced a deep wound into Phinius's back. Phinius choked and spat up blood. His vission blured. He went onto his knees. He gripped his blade and turned suddenly taking Zion's leg clean off. Blood sprayed the wall. Phinius fell onto his back on the cold floor and gasped in pain. He backed away. He left a trail of blood. Meanwhile Zion was cursing. Zion screamed and a new mechanical leg came out from where his old one once was. Phinius almost threw up. Zion stood up smiling.
"You think you can beat me?"
Phinius screwed up his face in pain and stood up.
"I don't think. I have to"
Phinius learched and hit the floor. Blood was everywhere. He gasped for breath. He tried to focus. He felt the wound in his back heal slightly. He struggled onto his feet again. But faced Zion determinatly and swung....

Jedi Atomic 01-31-2006 09:29 PM

(You weren't even phased when Scur yelled at Phinius.)

After Phinius took a few swings at Zion, Scur quickly ran to the side of Phinius. "Since you saved me and Zaran we shall save you." said Scur as he ignited his orange and silver bladed lightsabers and Zaran ignited his blue lightsaber. " Don't worry we're here with you.

jediofdoom 02-01-2006 04:34 AM

Phinius looked at his friends.
"Thanks guys" he said in almost a whisper
He turned off his purple blade and put it in his robes. Instead he pulled out another blade and ignited it. This blade was yellow.
"Do you remember this?" Phinius asked Zion
"It's the first lightsaber you gave me"
Zion nodded as Phinius stared directly into his eyes
"You can't beat all three of us" Phinius said raising his blade
"So surender"

codj 02-01-2006 07:32 PM

Bac ordered Romul to guard the prisoner and walked through the door to the right. He had guessed right. This was the Engine Cooling Room. He pulled out his rifle and shot the security turrent, then started placing a time bomb on the cooling tank. Once he set the timer on all 5 of them, he ran out of the room. Behind him, the cooling tanks exploded, which on the outside caused the engines to fail. The ship swerved forward and Bac barley was able to grab onto a pole.

Fate's Decision 02-09-2006 05:37 PM

(sorry I havnt posted in such a long time)

Mid ran ahead of Zion and Phinius and dropped down a hatch leading to their level. He then backtracked his way to where he saw Phinius last. Mid entered an extremely dark area only one room away from the place he last saw Phinius and Zion fighting. This would no doubt be the room where both of them were. He moved very cautiously along a long wall until he heard the faint buzz of a lightsaber around one of the corners, which he peeked around. It was Zion, and behind him he faced Phinius, Zaran and Scur. Mid made his entrance.

juiceslash 02-09-2006 08:06 PM

Name: Arca "Shifty" Wolfe
Faction: Neutral
Class: Bountyhunter
Equipment: Unarmed except for telekenetic glove (crushes things)
Strengths: Mechanical stuff, Being silent, Assassination.
Weaknesses: Tacos, other assassin's blaster fire, Semi-jedis.
Background: After his parents were killed by jedi, He hitched a ride on the nearest out-bound ship. The jedi killed that ship (beliving it was carrying supplies for its enemies) and killed some of his friends. after crash landing in a strange planet, A sith found him and nursed the dark side in him.
Angered that that sith uses the powers of jedi, He tried to kill him, after a bit of fighting that involved a lightsabre mark in his back, arca finally did kill him. Then he set off again, Now hating both sith and jedi.
He found that he wasn't the only one hating both sith and jedi. He soon formed an organization of skillful assassins called C.R.O.W.s (Capable Resisters of war).

juiceslash 02-09-2006 08:07 PM

damn i dunno whats going on here... i dunno where i should start

juiceslash 02-09-2006 08:28 PM

Arca climbed up the ladder leading to the bridge of the capital ship. "Man", He said to himself, "This is gonna be simple and easy. The dumb guys don't even think of a bounty hunter being on the ship." Arca was on his own mission, for personal reasons, on this ship. Arca said, "I'm sure noone will care if i blow up the ship, so Why waste time killing dumb jedi individually?". Arca ran off to the engine room.

juiceslash 02-09-2006 08:45 PM

Arca peeked through a stuck door, the engine room door. Inside was a rebel battalion commander of some sort. The commander said an order to someone arca couldn't see, and planted time bomb(s).
When the commander bent down to plant the time bombs arca knew he had to run before the soldiers found him as they ran out.
Whispering "thank you" secretly to the commander for doing his job for him, He ran off.

jediofdoom 02-10-2006 02:54 AM

Zion laughed.
"You three? You must be joking? You are not match for the sith!"
Zion flung Zaran aside. He hit a wall and slid down it. Zion struck at Phinius but Phinius dodeged. So instead he went for Scur. He swung his blade at Srur almost taking his head off. Scurr rolled out of the way. Zion force pushed Scur into a door which opened. Zion then picked Scur up and threw him through it. The door closed and locked. It was only Phinius and Zaran left. But Zion stopped.
"Another approaches" Zion swung around and faced a new face to the battle....

juiceslash 02-10-2006 10:28 AM

Arca was running down the corridor as fast as he could.
Damn, He thought, Wish i had a jetpack on me.
Arca stopped short. Something was wrong. He looked up ahead and saw a door. The control panel to it had been destroyed by what looks like a lightsabre. Oh crap, He thought as a shiver went up his spine, Jedis.
He ran to the door. He could hear the light buzz of lightsabres and noises as if people were bouncing off the walls or something. He felt something in there. Even any mortal non-jedi could feel those medicloreans in there. One of those jedi was really powerful.
Arca knew he couldn't just stand in the middle of the corridor like this. Using his powerful legs he threw himself up to the ceiling and climbed along the poles, Approaching the door from above. He dropped down. He was thinking what to do when a squad of civil empire soldiers marched down the corridor, heads high.

codj 02-10-2006 10:48 AM

Bac went to find Romul and found him still in bad condition. The prisoner was still alive, but made no move to attack. Since Romul needed to be taken care of, he picked them both up and went down the hall.

juiceslash 02-10-2006 10:58 AM

Arca gulped. Trapped. Behind the first squad of civils their was another, then another. They must have been trying to hunt down the jedi. It was pretty obvious really, Kill the jedi, And you have a way better chance of recapturing the ship.
Ok, He thought, Maybe those lightsabres were that of the good jedi. Maybe they would spare me. Arca started repairing the broken control panel and finally managed to fix the door when finally the soldiers started shooting. Arca pushed them down the corridor using his teleknetic glove, not even touching the troops, but flung them into each other, and threw himself inside the near pitch black room. He took a few pieces of pole and jammed the door so that it wouldn't open. It was beyond repair or opening now. Now he was trapped in a room full of jedi.
He could hear his heavy breathing and that of others. Part of his senses told him their was 3 jedi in the room, And the other part told him that their was 4. He saw a yellow lightsabre jumping around nearby. He threw himself to the ceiling again, Virtually invisible to mortal eyes. But not to jedi or sith senses.

jediofdoom 02-10-2006 04:38 PM

Zion sensed two newcomers but only saw one. Someone was on the ceiling. Zion had no times for games. He knew the biggest threats were Phinius and Scur. Phinius's yellow lightsaber was now in ruins on the floor but he still gripped his purple lightsaber and breathed heavily, exhausted from the battle. Zion smiled slightly. His job was easier now Phinius was denied two blades for combat. Zion twirled his blade around his fingers. He threw his lightsaber towards Scur. The blade cut a pole above Scur. He was then trapped under piping from above. Zion turned on Phinius.
"This is our fight and ours alone" he mumered
"...Agreed" Phinius panted. He could bearly stand. He was bleeding heavily from his shoulder and had a deep cut above his eye. He looked like he had come off pretty bad in a huge crash. Zion stepped forward with his blade rised.
"Before we start please inform me why you still stay loyal to the Jedi?" Zion asked
"Becasue we fight for the good"
"For good? Good and evil is just a point of view. I see the Jedi as evil becasue they try to police the galaxy and go against what they teach and turn their backs on those who need it most. Is that "Good"?"
Phinius stayed silent
" that way. You will not see the truth. You are beyond my teachings. You are too "Good" which makes me "evil" I suppose" Zion said bretahing heavily
"Time to end this" Phinius said roughly
"Indeed..." Zion sighed
Zion raised his blade and attacked....

jediofdoom 02-10-2006 04:39 PM

Zion sensed two newcomers but only saw one. Someone was on the ceiling. Zion had no times for games. He knew the biggest threats were Phinius and Scur. Phinius's yellow lightsaber was now in ruins on the floor but he still gripped his purple lightsaber and breathed heavily, exhausted from the battle. Zion smiled slightly. His job was easier now Phinius was denied two blades for combat. Zion twirled his blade around his fingers. He threw his lightsaber towards Scur. The blade cut a pole above Scur. He was then trapped under piping from above. Zion turned on Phinius.
"This is our fight and ours alone" he mumered
"...Agreed" Phinius panted. He could bearly stand. He was bleeding heavily from his shoulder and had a deep cut above his eye. He looked like he had come off pretty bad in a huge crash. Zion stepped forward with his blade rised.
"Before we start please inform me why you still stay loyal to the Jedi?" Zion asked
"Becasue we fight for the good"
"For good? Good and evil is just a point of view. I see the Jedi as evil becasue they try to police the galaxy and go against what they teach and turn their backs on those who need it most. Is that "Good"?"
Phinius stayed silent
" that way. You will not see the truth. You are beyond my teachings. You are too "Good" which makes me "evil" I suppose" Zion said bretahing heavily
"Time to end this" Phinius said roughly
"Indeed..." Zion sighed
Zion raised his blade and attacked....

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