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Redwing 02-02-2006 07:34 AM

Cantinaverse Wiki
Everyone know what Wikipedia is?

Well, there's an easy-to-use create-your-own wiki site that Penny Arcade used to create the parody The Elmenstor Saga (a wiki referencing an imaginary fantasy franchise).

I figured we could use something like that to catalogue some of the complex nonsense we've built up over the years, as well as play around with our worldbuilding and suchlike, for easy reference. Imagine: Don't know what an Aesir is, or just who is Halren Flax? Or have you been here a while but don't remember some detail on what a Vanguard can do? Click here! Etc.

Behold: the Cantinaverse wiki.

The password is "cantinascenario".


(Oh, and I've done no editing so far because it's 4:30 AM, so it's in totally raw format.)

BattleDog 02-02-2006 09:31 AM

Sounds good. I'll get to work on some stuff when I have the time.

Deac 02-02-2006 03:13 PM


I'll get to work on stuff right away

Redwing 02-05-2006 05:52 AM

Update: Tried to make the main page look passable:

None of those linked pages go anywhere so far, but clicking on them will lead you to a page that lets you edit that page.

(How-to pages: and

Rogue15 02-05-2006 09:47 AM

that's pretty cool.

BattleDog 02-05-2006 05:52 PM

Okay, there's some stuff in the Agamari section now. Not all the links go somewhere but you might want to look at "Tribes" and "Clans" as well as "Ealdorman" for a description of what Taklin Flax actually is.

Redwing 02-05-2006 06:36 PM

Links that don't go anywhere are red, links that do are blue. Feel free to make as many "broken" pages as you want, btw. They can be filled in later.

btw, in case someone gets confused later on, I might make some cosmetic changes in arrangements of pages, and everyone else is free to do likewise. The last 50 changes to pages are always listed here: Backups can be made on the admin page for those paranoid: - though I doubt that's necessary. XP

Redwing 02-06-2006 01:49 AM

Update: Done a summary of The Cantina Scenario (Cantina 1).

I'll do the rest of the summaries (not Cantina 14, until it's done) if no one has any objections. You're all free to edit what I write, of course.

Edit: Okay, Scar, stop creating blank pages and other randomness like that, k? :p

BattleDog 02-06-2006 07:10 AM

Yeah and I saw you screwing with some of my entries.

Cmdr. Cracken 02-06-2006 09:46 AM

I'm wiki stupid.

can someone create a few pages for me to edit? Titled....
"Cracken Hideki Palpatine"
"Alysara Armenia Palpatine"
"Grand Admiral Tojo"
"The Crimson Star"
"The Starscream Project"

Cmdr. Cracken 02-06-2006 09:47 AM

Also, may i do the history of the Crimson Star War?

And Redwing, can you get me the names of the original 4 Super Stardestroyers that were present in the original blitz across the galaxy in C i think it was 13 or 12? It was the start of the Crimson Star War.

Deac 02-06-2006 01:05 PM

Red, you have it all wrong!

"I'm not drinking my arsenic contains cyanide...that's the surprise!"


Writer 02-06-2006 01:07 PM

That's the beauty of a project like this, Deac... you can change it :p

Kuuki 02-06-2006 01:10 PM

needs more cheese.

Cmdr. Cracken 02-06-2006 01:17 PM

Huh? I still don't understand. I r @ c0d!|\|6 n00b.

Redwing 02-06-2006 01:50 PM

Cracken: All you need to do to create a page is type the name of the page [in brackets] on another page while editing, and a dead link appears when you update the page. Clicking on the dead link will let you create the new page. Magic.

It's actually extremely easy. Look at the two how-to pages.

Feel free to do the Crimson Star War, but I still am going to do a summary for the Cantina threads in which it took place. Yours can be the more in-depth summary, since my thread summaries will cover the main plot events, hopefully in a completely neutral fashion. :)

The 4 Super Star Destroyers? Not sure. See, that's why I'm doing the thread summaries thread by thread; it's a more efficient way to pick up on missing random information, as you can see by the Characters, Locations, Terminology and Msc Notes section of the Cantina 1 thread summary.

Rogue15 02-06-2006 01:51 PM

thanks for adding the summaries....XD i might add some bios..

Deac 02-06-2006 02:03 PM

I'm going through adding some anything relating to anything I came up with. I can edit them later if something is inaccurate. Nice job on the Cantina 1 summary Red.

BattleDog 02-06-2006 02:15 PM

I'm just adding stuff as I become inspired.

Rogue15 02-06-2006 02:29 PM

i added Saurat's bio. XD this is addicting.

Admiral 02-06-2006 04:53 PM

I'll try adding things over the weekend. May take me a bit though.

Cmdr. Cracken 02-06-2006 05:05 PM

For some of the finer points of the events, like signifigant things, number of star destroyers, things that would effect continuaty, i will defere to you, oh he who will re-read cantina,..... :D

i think i began in cantina 6 or 7, so i will start my personal reviews there. :D

Deac 02-06-2006 05:25 PM

5. Cracken appeared in part five. He nearly brainwashed Deac into joining him with cool boots.

BattleDog 02-06-2006 06:26 PM

That was great.

"Imperial Boots!"

Deac spent two pages walking up and down decks with his hands clasped behind his back.

Kuuki 02-06-2006 06:28 PM

Dark Deac! ^_^

BattleDog 02-06-2006 10:58 PM

Red, how are you going to explain this in your summary?

(My first two posts)

Turns out Flax was refered to as "Dog" throughout much of Cantina 5.

Rogue15 02-07-2006 11:55 AM

lol i made a bio for drey way like cantina 9 i think? never posted with him except for holiday special...i think. Zey disappeared...

anyway i updated some of my bios....

Deac 02-07-2006 02:58 PM

Yeah...we sure loved those "Imperial Boots"...this has brought back so many fond memories of the times we've had..

Redwing 02-07-2006 03:52 PM

Well BD, unless there's other info that turns up in the thread I'll simply report that as it happened. Flax appeared to die, but later mysteriously reappeared alive, without volunteering an explanation. (and describe the reappearance) ;)

P.S. you all forget I've done something like this before (or at least with the equivalent amount of work), to make this. (Except then I skipped posts not involving Deac, Rwos or Corzip Dinn.)

Cmdr. Cracken 02-07-2006 05:20 PM

OK, cantina 5, i'll go digging through there. :D

BattleDog 02-07-2006 06:17 PM

Red, FYI Flax used Deac to anchor himself in the real world.

Hay, Cracken, you going to RP any time soon?

Redwing 02-08-2006 03:02 PM

Unofficial bio format:

Bio Page Name Format: (Last Name), (First Name).

(This is to maintain consistency. To link to the page while displaying something besides that format type, brackets and the "|" included: "[(First Name, Last Name)|(WhatYouWantThePageToSay)]". For example "[Starkiller, Deac|Deac]" would display "Deac" and link to "Deac Starkiller".)

!!!Name (first, last)

**Hair Color**:
**Eye Color**:

(Make sure to preserve the spaces at the beginning of each line. They're what makes the little white box around this info.)


**Other Info**:

**Appearances**: (Don't worry about this part. I can fill this in later.)

You can add more detailed descriptions of the characters, etc. etc. whatever you want, but the above is the basic format I'm using at the moment, stolen from Wookiepedia.

So for now:

!!!FirstName LastName

**Hair Color**:
**Eye Color**:


**Other Info**:

btw, in case anyone's wondering why I'm currently just adding random stuff and not anything 'useful' i.e. on Rwos, the Aether, etc, it's because I want to go through Cantina and get all that done first. Am planning on giving every single character that ever starred in Cantina a page, and most Cantina anachronisms (the reason I even made a page for GalactéMon).

Editorializing will be inevitable in cases of random godmoding, FYI, demonstrated well, I think, here: Aceos Azzaviros bio page.

Deac 02-08-2006 03:32 PM

I have no memory whatsoever of galactemon....

Kuuki 02-08-2006 05:21 PM

well im obviously re-writing all my crud for my Jedi Remnant, well back when ever i intro-ed em they werent that, but stilll...

Deac 02-08-2006 06:13 PM

I am currently on the verge of installing a new and better router that's more forum/wiki friendly. Till then I'm emailing Red with all my stuff.

BattleDog 02-08-2006 06:50 PM

Phew, Flax' bio is really long, and I haven't even gotten past Hoth yet!

Rogue15 02-08-2006 09:33 PM

eh i updated all my char bios..

Kuuki 02-10-2006 01:01 PM

call me compulsive, even crazy. but still,.. i did it. yeah...

BattleDog 02-10-2006 04:00 PM

You changed the front page, well done. Now its pink.

Kuuki 02-10-2006 06:41 PM

No, i spent almighty dollar for it to be a premium account
and i thought i made it look gray... O.o

must be my LCD on my lappy

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