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ValeriePF 02-02-2006 12:59 PM

Two things.
1) Is there some kind of uniform list of the interesting and hidden things to do or find in this game? Someone mentioned the odd video screen in the Brain Tumbler experiment, and then there's Milla's nightmare room. Things like that. I was wondering if there are more things than this. Kindasorta goes with my second thing...

2) I'm sure others know about this, but you can exploit a glitch in the barrier in Loboto's lab and end up inside the barrier. o_O I found that out by accident, but I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere before. I just thought that was pretty cool.

Thrik 02-02-2006 01:26 PM

I'm not aware of any uniform list for this purpose. It would be nice though, and could possibly be later rewritten and archived on the main website for permanent storage.

I'll create a thread for it in the main Psychonauts forum and hopefully we'll get what you're after!

kaecla 02-02-2006 07:59 PM

You mean the easter eggs in the game??

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