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jediofdoom 02-03-2006 05:18 PM

The Empire's Revenge
This RPG is partof a strange history and it is rather farfetched. A Jedi has changed time and it seemed to go well until the a riff in space amerged. From this enemys from various paralel universes entered. Among them are many Dark Jedi and Sith. The Empire pounced on this oppurtunity and manged to convince the outlaws, dark jedi and sith to fight with them. The rebels are stretched out across the Galaxy trying to stop this madness. A rebel transport has managed to engage a Star destroyer near the riff in an atempt to close it. Onboard the star destroyer are many of the sith warriors. They have learned of a few powerful Jedi that still exist around the Galaxy and are hunting them. The basic plot is:
You are either part of the combined forces of imperials and sith or a rebel. Your job for either side is to do as much damage as possible to the enemy fleet and try to close the riff or keep it open.

Fill in this basic Character Info:

Ship (If any):

I will post mine later...enjoy!

jediofdoom 02-03-2006 05:22 PM

Name:Jax Polara
Age: 24
Faction:Rebel Alliance
Class:Pilot (Viper 4 - V4), Jedi Knight
Weapons:Blaster Pistol, Purple Lightsaber, 4 Grenades
Ship:Modified B wing. Speed, armour and weaponary are all enhanced
Bio: Jax is a memeber of the legendary Viper Squadron. He is also a Jedi Knight who was trained many years before but gave up his training when his parents were killed by Imperials. He then joined the Rebel Alliance as a Pilot. After medeling with time (see Phantom RPG's and Sector 64) he is determined to close the riff.

codj 02-27-2006 06:52 PM

Name: Bac Rueben
Age: 25
Class: Imperial Lieutennant
Weapons: Blaster rifle, thermal detonators, time bombs, blaster pistol
Ship: Imperial Lambda-class shuttle
Bio: Starting off as a mercenary, the imperials recognized his skills and persuaded him to join them. Starting off as a private, Bac advance quickly through the ranks and is currently a Lieutennant. He is aboard the star destroyer, determined to protect it.

juiceslash 03-02-2006 08:18 PM

Name: Mist Heir
Age: 323
Class: Jedi Knight
Weapons: Orange lightsabre, Fist
Ship: Advanced Jedi starfighter
Bio: Despite his age, He looks as young as a 22-year-old. Mist was born from another galaxy and is rather short (yoda short but looks nothing like yoda). At 52 he left his home to this galaxy, And made a home on a young Corusant. Reading in the archives about jedi and their powers, he realised that he was strong in the force and went to the newly built jedi temple to join them. He has fought more than 50 wars but refuses to be accepted as a jedi master. Then, while flying his Jedi starfighter through space, He and 10 other jedi get transported into another parallel thingy by a strange riff in space. Hes on his way to intercept the rebel transport and join them on their quest, seeking answers why this riff opened up and took him away.

jediofdoom 03-03-2006 03:17 AM

Jax sat in the briefing room waiting. He was abesnt mindedly flicking a peice of wood on the table when the captain walked in. Jax stood up.
"Oh Jax, I thought it would be you"
Jax did not smile and return the greeting
"What's the situation?" he asked
"That star destroyers defences are top notch even Viper Squadron may have trouble breaking through their shields"
Jax nodded. Jax was only 24 but his eyes looked like they had seen years and years of blood shed and pain. The captain sighed
"Jax you must realise, it wasn't just a few fighters or soliders that came through the riff it was whole planets. Planets who havn't been seen for millenium. And you understand the term "Parralel Universe"?"
Jox nodded
"Right, every action has an opposite and reaction so in some universe when you defeated that sith lord somwehere else he deafeated you"
Jax shivered. Zion was a cruel sith who had been trapped for thousands of years. But had escaped his bonds. Jax stood up when the alarm rang
"Jax" said the captain quickly
"They out number us 20-1, If we don't receive re-inforcements soon and Viper Squad fail......well" he said
"Good luck out there"
Jax left the room and ran to the hanger. His yellow jump suit was half done up and his helmet was under his arm. In his belt a lightsaber was placed. Jax got to the hanger and saw his friend, Rezillo.
"Come on Jax lets go!" He yelled across the hanger
He glimpsed a shot off his friend Don who was Blue leader.
"Good luck out there Don" Jax yelled
"You too Jax"
"BOSS COME ON!" Rezillo yelled. Jax got to his ship and climbed the ladder. The hatch closed and his B wing lifted off the ground and went into space...

snowy_robbie 03-04-2006 07:48 AM

Name: Xan 'Ace' Orokk
Age: 36
Faction: Rebel Alliance
Class: Captain
Weapons: Blaster Rifle slung over back and blaster pistol in holster.
Ship (If any): The Dagger's Edge (a small Rebel Frigate currently being shot out of space)
Bio: 'Ace' is a veteran within the Rebel army. He moved up the ranks from a lowly fighter pilot to finally become Captain of a Frigate. He is seem among his men as a strong leader and a revolutionary fighter.
Ace sits at the bridge of his ship, suiting up as his ship is currently being boarded.
Ace: Come on! We can't take any more hits like this! Pilot, evasive... pilot...??? Someone get down there and take his posistion, I'm going to the com room, we just lost signal."

Once he arrived at the comroom he found the soldiers all over the room, thrown around by a blast. They were all dead. He pressed the com-link button sending out a distress call. The ship was going down. There was no response, the sensor relay was out.
Ace: DAMN IT!!! Bridge respond... (no response) BRIDGE! RESPOND!"

A sound can be heard in the background "No please... please! AHHHHH (the sound of a lightsaber slash is heard)"
Ace: DAMN IT!!! This is it... time for heroics... Xan pull yourself together.

He runs towards hanger bay 2 on the starboard side of the ship where one escape ship is held. The intruders landed on port side. Along the way he stops at walkway above a fuel tank, placing a group of thermal detonators with a timer of three minutes. Once he arrived at the hanger bay he got into the fighter ready and prepped to leave. One thing wrong... a fuel leak... and with under a minute to go.

Darth Willo: Sorry to dissapoint you Captain.
Ace: Damn you Sith. I'm afraid I have little time for your kind.
Willo: Oh I agree. I have little time for you too. Step out of that fighter so we can get this done quickly.
Ace: 10...
Willo: 10??? A bizzare strategy. Care to explain why you are doing mathematical sums.
Ace: 5...
Willo: Wha...?
Ace: 4...
Willo: His engines are firing... blast him...
Ace: (engines start and ship rises slightly) 3...
Willo: Ready...
Ace: 2...
Willo: Aim!!!
Ace: 1...
Willo: FIRE!!!!!!!

Suddenly the bomb goes off blowing the fuel tank, flames rip through the ship heading towards the hanger, all the imps. thrown off by the explosion drop their rifles. Ace flies out the hanger and just clears the frigate as it blows killing Darth Willo.


With fuel low Ace is forced to land in the nearest docking bay... aboard the star destroyer...

Shadda 03-04-2006 09:16 AM

Name: Kei Detoi
Age: 19
Faction: Rebel Alliance
Class: Demo Man for 3rd Special Squad
Weapons: Blaster Rife, Full face helmet + Body armour, Time bombs, Fusion Cutter
Ship: X-wing
Bio: Like many, Kei was raised on a plantation on Datooine. He got tired of that life and joined the Alliance. He know has 5 years of experience in special operation and is a Demolition Man for 3rd Special squad, Under lead of Hitter Wyn and his fellow comrades, Arc Keli, Fer Detin and Warp Comm.

Shadda 03-04-2006 09:31 AM

"Ive got a credit, One for everyone of you, la la laaaa la! la la laaaaaa la!" Kei sang as he dodged blaster fire from imperial Ties.
"What are you singing back their, Kei?" Hitter called over comm from point lead.
"Childhood memory song." Kei replied back.
"Ive got a lovely bunch of Cocunuts! Big ones, Small ones, Ones of every size! do dee doo dee doo." Warp started singing. The squad started laughing.
"BURRRRRP." Fer burped into the comm. Everyone laughed but then he said. "Heads up guys, Docking bay is closin in."
"Shields are closing." Arc said.
"Got it." Hitter replied, Then barrel rolled and fired at the shield generator, Destroying it.
"Ok people, landing gear in." Hitter then said. They all put down the landing boosters.
"Don't worry guys, 5th, 7th, and 9th Special Squads are coming in after us." Kei said.
They landing smoothly but Imps started firing all over them as they got out. Kei took out two then got one scrambling for his tie. 5 minutes later 9th Special landed, Then another five and 5th then 7th. After 20 minutes of fighting in the Hangar it was finally cleared and only 3 imps made it out of the hangar in their Ties.

juiceslash 03-04-2006 02:57 PM

Mist and his 10 other jedi stared amazed at the battle. "Wow. we were supposed to do patrol runs not get put into a parallel universe and see action. Oh well, Prepare to engage boys."
They locked onto a target and started firing. But it wasn't long before 15 TIEs intercepted them and the two groups engaged their seprate battle away from the main group.

jediofdoom 03-04-2006 03:06 PM

Jax re-grouped with Viper Squadron and they started their run.
"This is it boys. We are going to cover Jax's and Rezillo's run to the hanger. We will then pull up. Got it?"
"Copy that V leader" the group said
"Right lets go, all wings in attack formation"
The B wings did so. They attacked tie after Tie but there was so many of them. But Viper Sqaudron wern't the best B wing pilots in the rebel alliance for nothing. They dodged and swerved. Jax looked into his computer. He could see the star destroyer hovering near the riff. It was just out of danger of being sucked in. Jax felt darkness surround the ship. He knew on-board the ship was something evil. He didn;t know what it was. With the amount of parralel universes there were for all he knew it could be an evil Luke Skywalker or even himself as a sith. He shivvered. He had to focus.....

Shadda 03-04-2006 04:10 PM

(ok lemme get this straight. i've read Viper Squadron thread and didn't you end it?)

jediofdoom 03-04-2006 04:14 PM

(Viper squadron is very confusing. The story is way too long to explain but if you have the time read the phantom RPGs and Assualt on sector 64. Jax basically changed time so a sith lord could not control the galaxy. He then came back to his own time and stopped the chain of events that led to the conclusion of the sith lord destroying evrything. But as we all know changing even the slightest thing has a consiquence. Jax then fought against Zion and won (woooo!) Jax then wanted to retire but decided not to when he realised he had created the riff and loads of people came though and made matters worse)

Shadda 03-04-2006 04:26 PM

(oooooooooh ok :D arghhhh im gonna kill my char and make a new one i like jedi and their lightsabres better)

Suddenly, a Y-wing drops a bomb and destroys the ship along with Kei! oh no :o!

Shadda 03-04-2006 04:39 PM

Name: Ebios Yeto
Age: 43
Faction: Rebel
Class: Jedi Master
Weapons: Green lightsabre
Ship: Anything Avalible
Bio: Ebios became a Jedi master after taking on many tasks. He has a padawan called Wind Meteor who is war-crazy and is attempting to show him that war isn't what it seems by bringing him along to this battle.


Name: Wind Meteor
Age: 7 in human years
Faction: Rebel Alliance
Class: Jedi Padawan
Weapons: None
Ship: Whatever his master uses
Bio: Wind Meteor is extremely strong in the force and is addicted at the idea of going into battle. When Wind was 2 monthes old, He and his parents were onboard when their systems shutdown and they collided with a Hutt's freighter carrying ammunition and weopens supplies, killing Wind's parents. (goo goo ga ga) Wind sensed danger and protected himself using the force, being able to harness it at that age because he was so force strong.

Shadda 03-04-2006 05:06 PM

The click clock of Eboi's heels were loud in the corridor of a rebel Mon calarmi ship.
Wind looked up at his master as if asking something from him in his own way.
Eboi caught Wind's gaze and said "What is it, padawan?"
"Why." Was all that Wind said.
"Why what?" Eboi said back with his usual patience.
"Why do evil people do these bad things?" Wind said in his young tiny voice. The question made Eboi stop in his tracks.
"Well," Eboi told Wind. "A long time ago, before you were born, a bad man called Zion made a true point."
"What was it?" Wind said questioningly.
"Good and evil is just someone's opinion. To the other side of this battle, We are bad and they are good. But as rebels, We think we are good and they are bad."
"Yes." Eboi said, Smiling at his padawan. Wind questioned a lot, Which was unusual for someone his age. Most 7-year-olds thought that they were right about their guesses, And never consulted their parents or guardians.
"Something strong." Wind said.
"Yes, their are many sith and jedi in this battle." Eboi replied as he stepped out of an elevator and onto the bridge.
"Wow!" Said Wind when he saw the battle raging outside the ship. "Oh wow, If i was in that fight..."
Eboi sighed. He could never put down Wind's addiction to battle. "Are the shields fully functional Captain?" He asked someone at the controls.
"Yes sir." The man replied.
"Good." Eboi said to the man then turned to Wind: "I want you to stay here while I do somethings. While your watching the battle here, I want you to think of the pain that all these people are going through and that you could get hurt too."
"Ok." Wind said, Then rushed over to the window to watch more of the battle.
Eboi walked out of the bridge and to the elavator, setting it so it goes to the hangar floor.

snowy_robbie 03-04-2006 05:44 PM

"Damn it!!! My ship! My ****ing ship!" said Ace as he landed in the imperial docking bay.
"There! Another Rebel! Open fire!" The small fighter is riddled with bullets. Ace sinks in his seat, trying to duck from the fire within his cockpit.
"Come on Ace... think, think... fuel? No too low... ejector seat, yeah, that'l do fine."
He fired the ejector seat and went soaring up above the cockpit, inside the hanger. Drawing his pistol he fired upon the Imperials. The chair suddenly hit the hanger bay roof and the chair came crashing back down. Ace was surrounded by Imperials and thrown into a detainment cell. (HE NEEDS TO BE RESCUED)

jediofdoom 03-04-2006 05:57 PM

(I'll rescue you)

Viper squadron covered Jax and Rezillo as they landed in the hanger. Jax jumped out and ignited his lightsaber. The purple blade glowed. Stormtroopers turned and fired, but Jax blocked their shots. A door to the side opened and two dark jedi entered brandishing red lightsabers...

(quick character sheet for Rezillo)

Name: Rezillo
Age: 23
Faction: Rebels
Class: Pilot (V-2) Jedi Aprentice
Weapons: Blue Lightsaber, Blaster pistol, Yellow short lightsaber
ship: modified B wing
Bio: Rezillo was brought up on Naboo. He was taught piloting skills at a young age. He was also force sensative. It was not until he met Jax did he start learning the ways of the force. Rezillo is now Jax's best firend and fellow Jedi.

Rezillo followed suit and brandished his lightsabers. He twirled his short lightsaber and watched Jax. Jax nodded at Rezillo and they attacked the dark jedi...

Shadda 03-04-2006 06:12 PM

(lol no way my char is too busy. just kiddin ill come.)

Eboi got into the nearest starfighter and drove off into space.
"Computer" He said to his starfighter's databank computer. "Whats in ummm... that one?"
"Class 'E' Imperial Star destroyer. Taken Minimal damage and has recently taken a prisoner." The computer responded in her feminine tones.
"Whos th-"
He was cut off by blasterfire tearing his comm and booster apart. "Oh no way!" Eboi said. He was going to have to land at the star destroyer the computer was talking about.
His backup booster went out and Eboi had to use the force to make it go to the hangar. He crashed with a loud screech of metal against metal, sparks flying everywhere. He jumped out and ignited his llightsabre, taking two heads off and a hole through the chest of 3 imperial pilots. 10 more imperials where approaching. Twirling his lightsabre, he stabbed one and threw his lightsabre, taking down three. He force pushed 2 back into space through the hangar opening and blocked laser blasts off his lightsabre at the remaining imperials.
He ran through the hangar doors to the elavator, stopping only to destroy the auto-turret defense generator. He set the elavator for the prison cell floor.


Wind was watching the battle when suddenly the ship lurched. Wind held on to a support pole but the only ship operator in the bridge smashed his head against the controls, causing the ship to lurch down.
"Uh oh." Was all Wind could say then because he was struggling to maintain himself. The shields protecting the ship went down and it was open and helpless to all imperial attacks. "Time to get out of here."
Wind got into the elavator and set for the hangar. He was smashed around many times due to the ship being destroyed by imperial blasts. Wind was reliefed when he got to the hangar that some of the starfighters were still intact.
"Umm." Wind said. "I like that one." And ran off toward a blue X-wing.

Shadda 03-04-2006 06:30 PM

oh and im gonna read the phantom series and all that stuff but i need to know what order to go in :(.

snowy_robbie 03-04-2006 06:41 PM

Ace sits inside his cell with some other prisoners.
Ace: Come on... we gotta find a way to alert the Alliance.
Prisoner: What will the Rebels care. If they get a chance they will blow this ship outta the sky, with or without us onboard.
Ace: Shut it you. Think Ace, think!

jediofdoom 03-05-2006 06:04 AM

Go in this order:

The Phantom
The Phantom II
The Phantom III: Battle of Yenna IV
Phantom: The revenge
Phantom: The emperors servant
Phantom: The Return
Phantom: Jedi Vs. Sith
Assualt On Sector 64
and then it goes back to Viper Squadron

jediofdoom 03-05-2006 06:28 AM

Jax blocked a slash aimed at his head. And kicked the dark Jedi. The Jedi fell and became lifeless. Jax was shocked. Rezillo had also had an easy time. They looked at each other. Jax looked un-easily around. He felt a power he had not felt since he was very young. He put his lightsaber back in his robes.
"Rezillo, yoy go find Ace. There's something I need to do"
"Oh, not again Jax!"
"Please Rezillo. I will be fine"
"I'm not worried about you being fine. I'm worried about what you might do. Jaax you have a bad habbit of doing things which then lead to massive chain of events"
Jax smiled, Rezillo didn't know the half of it. They split up Rezillo made his way to the cells and Jax went and searched the ship. Before long Jax came across more Dark Jedi. This time he didn't even touch them. They just dropped. But so did something else. Someone had dropped behind Jax.
"Well, well. Good to see you Jax"
Jax turned. A young man in Jedi robed was standing there. He had medium length curly brown hair and a smile. Jax went down on his knees.
"Master Phinius"
But it was not the Phnius Jax had known. Jax had known him as an old man but this was Phinius when he was at his peak.
"Get up you fool" He said smiling
"from what I hear you are also a master"
Jax nodded.
"But how Phinius? The riff?"
"Yes. I was dragged out of a fight with a nasty dark Jedi when the next thing I know I'm on here. I had to pretend to be a bounty hunter. A few other Jedi are here also but they have either been killed or locked up"
Jax nodded again
"You may think I'm about to tell you that we must join forces and kill all the "sith" and free the Jedi, but i'm not"
Jax looked at his old masterr
"Then what-?"
"Do you remember what I taught you about my master? Zion?"
Jax nodded and shivered
"I know you fought him and defeated him. But do you remember what he said?"
"About opinions?"
"well yeah"
"Good becasue that is why I am here to teach you more"
Jax nodded...


Rezillo reached the holding cells and focused. He sensed where Ace was. He got out his lightsaber and cut the door down
"Knock knock" he said smiling

juiceslash 03-05-2006 06:22 PM

(as i said in Origin of the Sith, I'm leaving these forums forever.)

a bunch of ties intercept mist and his fellow gay jedi and they die from a random explosion from the emperor's servent, which in the other parallel universe it wasn't destroyed... suckers...

Shadda 03-08-2006 08:37 AM

Eboi was running up the corridors towards the detainment cell area but stopped dead in his tracks and ignited his lightsabre. He could feel something in the force. It was strong. He turned around and backflipped to avoid a blood red lightsabre being swung at him. A sith was there, Lightsabre ready.
"Hello jedi." The sith said. "I am Lord Murto of a parallel universe you do not know of."
"Get off me sith, we both have better things to do here." Eboi shot back.
"Grumpy." Murto said, purposely causing Eboi to get angry.
Eboi suppressed his anger and flew at Murto, Swinging his lightsabre and at the same time tripping him. Murto blocked and took a swing at Eboi, catching his arm lightly. Eboi forced pulled Murto to him then swung at him. Murto scrambled away and threw his lightsabre at Eboi. Eboi ducked and force called Murto's lightsabre to him. Murto threw light-blue lightning at him but Eboi matched it with tinted green lightning. They both tried to over power each other and the both lightning strikes grew stronger. Then they both gave up at once and flew in opposite directions against the hall wall.
Eboi force ran at Murto but he dodged, making Eboi run against the wall head first. Then as Eboi got up, Murto rammed his lightsabre into Eboi's chest. Eboi gasped for air as his heart was pulverised by energy.
He stood up and swaggered slightly, looked at Murto hatingly, then fell to the ground.

Wind had absolutely no idea how to dodge fire from enemy ships, but jedi reflexs made up for a lot. He turned and barrel rolled and suddenly a red sign in his control panel lit up. 'Low fuel'.
"Oh great." Wind said sulkingly and headed for a star destroyer. "At least i can do some real battle on ground!"
Another red sign lit up and the R2 unit assigned to his ship beeped out, Warning him hes was going in to fast to land. Wind ignored it and pressed on. Shrieks of alarms went of further warning him he was going too fast! Wind barrel rolled and his starfighter slammed against the hangar's floor. It screeched to a halt with sparks flying and Wind got out with a proud look on his face.
Their was a dead dark jedi's lightsabre on the ground. Wind excitingly picked it up and turned it on. It was blood red. Wind's eyes grew wide but he was reliefed when the lightsabre deactivated and activated again, this time orange.
Wind happily put it on his new lightsabre on his belt and continued on, seeking adventure.

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