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Doctorjones 02-05-2006 02:21 PM

Indiana Jones and the Emperors Tomb cheat help
Does anyone know how to get this God mode cheat to work on Ps2:

Hold L1 and R1 then enter UP, UP, DOWN, UP, X, SQUARE, X, CIRCLE, UP, DOWN, TRIANGLE, START.

I'm not really sure where to write it in, so could someone please help. :indy:

Doctorjones 02-09-2006 04:46 PM

Finished ET
It's allright now. I don't need the cheat, because i've just finished Indiana Jones and the Emperors Tomb. I thought that it was easy and it only took me two weeks. I have two questions to ask, on the art gallery can you click on the pictures to see a bigger picture of them? Also What bad guy was your favourite, Marshall Kai or Von Beck? Mine was definitely Marshall Kai, Von beck was a wimp hiding away in his tank. :indy:

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