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Rebel Loyaltist 04-19-2000 04:46 AM

22FG I want a Fight! Now!
I've got people with lazyboy chairs and beer and munches and no fun! Fight Know!

To start the heat: The 22fg couldn't heat the broad-side of a rebel Tug!

The Rebel Alliance. They're the best. Enough said. The Empire sucks. Too much said.

Fondas 04-19-2000 05:45 AM

Be carefull what you wish for RL !

The only place where success comes prior to work, is in a dictionary ! TZG+7

K_Kinnison 04-19-2000 01:36 PM

Actually, i think they practice in Tugs...IN them.

*pulls up chair, Slams a beer, and sips another*

wedge_antil3 04-19-2000 02:14 PM

wedge walks in drunk and shocks K_Kinnison with his tasser and walks out grinning


K_Kinnison lays on the floor Unconscious with saliva driping out his mouth.

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K_Kinnison 04-19-2000 07:29 PM

*twitch* *twitch*

Fel Crynyd 04-20-2000 10:09 PM

Where is that drunken fool...
I want to use my Air Taser!!!!!!!!!!

Clef Ostin 04-20-2000 10:52 PM

SO you want a fight?
you can have one.

* commands a unit Stormtroopers in to the cantina - cant find a rebel - graps the empty beer tin from the flor just to press it like a cheese, slams the tin into a corner:"Damn" *

Clef Ostin, XO/WO, 22nd Flight Group
"You got millions of legions behind you"

K_Kinnison 04-20-2000 10:57 PM

*Has a tribe of Ewoks show up to subdue the Troopers, after they are done, he shoves them out the dor before they sing*

milkshake 04-21-2000 09:21 PM

I'm the drunken fool!!!

Charlie "Milkshake" Mitchell
Black wind squadron/Rouge Aliiance
Black 4/Rouge 8
Self proclaimed RAL Drunkard

Who are you?

nutz_efa_33rd_BTS_kitch 05-10-2000 05:48 PM

well i a ewok , and i go NIE


K_Kinnison 05-10-2000 06:30 PM

nie? no shrubbery?

TK421 05-10-2000 10:42 PM

Hey where'd all my Stormie buddies go! We get in trouble if we don't stay in a group.

* Fires his StormTrooper rifle at Ewok-General Kinnison, but somehow misses and hit's Nutz in the head *

K_Kinnison 05-10-2000 11:13 PM

I have the one item that all Stormies fear... A can opener... come here! and STAY AT YOUR POST!

TK421 05-10-2000 11:23 PM


* TK runs screaming from the cruel Kinnison *

Beside's don't you know all StormTrooper suits have a ring-pull :P Ha Ha Ha

K_Kinnison 05-11-2000 12:57 AM

Brings out gun PULL!

*as TK421 nicely arcs across the sky..he fires the Desert Eagle .45*

Tek Gunner 05-11-2000 01:11 AM

*Sees the crowd looking up at TK's exploding body, and hears the crowd's "Oh's and Ah's.."*

"Your just jealous because the voices talk to me"!
TZG -3 Rogue 11

TK421 05-11-2000 02:04 AM

"All the Emperor's lackey's and all the Emperor's men couldn't put poor TK back together again"

* just then an entire legion of the Empire's best troops arrive on the scene and proceed to turn Kinnison into swiss cheese! *


K_Kinnison 05-11-2000 01:11 PM


TK421 05-11-2000 01:59 PM

That was suppose to be a Cheese trap K_K, you're from the Cheese state right? Course if you're not then I sound like a complete idiot, funny how familiar that feels

That's right come get the cheese, good boy.
no don't worry about that thermal detonator in the middle just chomp down hard


Oh look, it's raining Kinnison kibbles

- say where is everybody from, I'm from South Australia (the dryest state in the dryest country on earth - fact).

Fel Crynyd 05-14-2000 07:13 PM

*after laffing at all the occurences Zaps TK421 and watches him fry*

BBQ any one? And no Ewoks are not invited so BACK OFF BEFORE I ZAP YOU TO, YA FURBALL!!

TK421 05-15-2000 03:05 AM

Sorry but due to my little war with Admiral Zaarin ( you ugly Gammorrean you! ) my new clone is completely immune to frying, immolating, internal combustion or being thrown into stars!

* TK uses a taser on Fel, picks up his twitching unconcious body and throws him on the BBQ until he's medium rare, nicely garnished with melted Kinnison cheese, yum *

Where is Zaarin! I've got a Deathstar with his name on it here.

Avenger1 05-16-2000 04:48 PM

"HeeeeY EverrrrybbbBoDY WhereSss ThhE BEeeeer Att?"
Avenger1 says, as he drunkenly stumbles in to the cantina. Suddenly he trips on a peanut and his light saber falls to the ground slicing
TK421's foot off. "Whhhopssie ThhHAt Mmmust have Sstung." "Aaa lLittle Bacta, and yourr ffffoot willl bee assss good asss newww!"

May the force be with you!

Thrawn 05-18-2000 07:56 PM

so much for a fight...

"Have no fear, your local Grand Admiral is here!"
Rogue 6

milkshake 05-19-2000 04:31 PM

Yea, how the hell are we supposed to have a fight while RL's not around.

Oh well

/me hits Thrawn in the face giving him a nose bleed

Charlie "Milkshake" Mitchell
Black wind squadron/Rouge Aliiance
Black 4/Rouge 8
Self proclaimed RAL Drunkard
Now when you break your legs don't come running to me!

Thrawn 05-19-2000 09:12 PM

haha tht's funny, but this is funnier
/me prepares to give milkshake a demotion in the RAL

"Have no fear, your local Grand Admiral is here!"
Rogue 6

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