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RAF_Guilo 06-26-2000 05:03 AM

New Clan! Be one of first to join.....
Hi! We have a new clan, the Rebel Attack Force. It was made by me and RAF_Salme. We have just made it, so we have no members yet, (other tham myself and Salme). If you join now, you will be made a captain, and can be the leader of a squadron! So far, I am Commander the X-Wing Squadron, and Salme is Commander of the A-Wing. Email me at, or This clan will expand, and we are in the process of making a website.

NEW CLAN!! Rebel Attack Force, started by RAF_Salme and I. Be the first to join,and be the Captain of a squadron! Email to Join: Zone name: RAF_Guilo

Fondas 06-26-2000 07:43 AM

Since you're in command of the X-Wings and Salme of A-wings, does this mean that I'll be assigned to Y-wings ? No thanks !

BTW, I'm moving this thread to the Recruit section.

The only place where success comes prior to work, is in a dictionary ! TZG+7

RAF_Guilo 06-26-2000 01:53 PM

No, we will have more than 1 X-Wing and A-Wing Squadron. Which would you want to be leading? If you wanted, we can put you in command of another X-WIng or A-Wing Squadron
>>>Commander Guilo<<<

Conair 06-26-2000 06:29 PM

Hey i sent a e-mail to you guys asking to join. i hope i can. i am kind of new but i am really good a single player. i noticed you didnt put a web site URL. IF you dont have i web master i will gladly make you one thanks bye

The Best of The Best

RAF_Guilo 06-26-2000 08:36 PM

Conair, i replied to your email. yes, you can join. We did not put a site url because, we haven't had time to make a site yet, and i suck at HTML. If you could be a webmaster, Great! i would appreciate it. Thrawn, who is also joining, knows a lot about HTML, so you and him could work on our site. I will make you a Commander along with Me, Salme, and Thrawn. You will be a leader. Thx for your help, and check your email. I placed RAF_Corran on my Z-Friends list, so when you make it, you will be on. THX again!
~~~ Commander Guilo~~~

RAF_Corran 06-26-2000 09:38 PM

ok i will talk to Thrawn on the zone but what is his z-name????? and i sent you a e-mail so check your mail. c ya

Commander Corran Horn

Assassin 06-27-2000 01:48 AM

OK..I will send u guys an email, because i am well experienced, in both single and multyplayer

I am not THAT stupid!

KNIGHT_FEDAYKIN 06-27-2000 11:13 AM

he certainly is, be proud that you got this guy.

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K_Kinnison 06-27-2000 01:18 PM

Now i wonder how long they last b4 they get bored, or give up

Assassin 06-28-2000 02:45 AM

Thanx Fed, who r u flyin 4 now?

I am not THAT stupid!

RAF_Corran 06-28-2000 08:46 PM

If you join this clan and dont think you have the skill or you just do want to be in command of your own squadron then Join Rogue Squadron.
Rogue Squadron is commanded by me(RAF_Corran)
Join today
E-mail me at

Commander Corran Horn

[This message has been edited by RAF_Corran (edited June 28, 2000).]

Thrawn 07-07-2000 02:43 PM

maybe this clan will last. but if i can help to get another clan going strong for the rebels then if it fails i'll always have the RAL.

"Have no fear, your local Grand Admiral is here!"
Rogue 6

General Taskor 07-07-2000 02:49 PM

If I do join I would like to be in command of Wraith Squadron. Can this be arranged RAF_Guilo?

General Taskor 07-07-2000 03:53 PM

Anyways if I do join I could put screenshots up on your website.

RAF_Corran 07-08-2000 08:12 PM

Yes! you can join just fill out the join form and you can send those screen shots to me and i will put them up on the site thanks

General Corran Horn

RAF_Corran 07-08-2000 08:14 PM

Yes you can be in command of Wraith Squadron and you will be a Captain!
go to the site at
thanks! bye

General Corran Horn

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