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KNIGHT_Clark 07-27-2000 01:56 PM

The Sky Knights
KNIGHT_Clark here, all interested in joining the best clan out there go to

KNIGHT_FEDAYKIN 07-27-2000 05:56 PM

hi Clarke, not seen you here before i dont think. This part of the revival?

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K_Kinnison 07-28-2000 01:47 AM

if knight was the best clan out there, why was it gone for so long?

just asking

and FYI, the link didn't really work... mind explining that to people?

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OMEGA_ANUBIS 07-31-2000 12:31 AM

surely u got the url for the best squad wrong..
i think it goes something like one of these two:
ah now.. isnt that better

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K_Kinnison 07-31-2000 01:47 AM

heee, hey nubs if your so great, why isn't PHX or OMEGA doing so well in the XWA WoW? :P

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