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Raz Zaphon 09-30-2000 10:30 AM

The Rebel Squadrons!
The Rebel Squadrons (RS) is an online gaming society based around the Star Wars Universe created by George Lucas. We use various Lucas Arts games to simulate the universe online. There are several fleets which make up the Rebel Squadrons, one fleet for each of the supported gaming formats. The Intrepid Battle Group (IBG) is one of those fleets, which uses the game X-Wing Alliance .

With the use of the most diverse games in the X-Wing series the IBG has many activities to provide for it's members:

An Interactive Tour of Duty (ITOD): This is the use of an ongoing story line and custom missions. The IBG members fly a custom built XWA mission and report on it by outlining the happenings of their mission, and the results. The outcome of these missions will determine the progression of the future story line.

The Outer Rim Battle (OR): The Outer Rim Battle is a weekly competition between the fictionally rival clubs The Rebel Squadrons and The Emperor's Hammer (EH). The IBG fights along side The Renegade Fleet (X-Wing vs Tie Fighter fleet) as the RS. The IBG uses XWA in this battle in a series of melee based skirmishes against EH members. The time that this battle happens is on Saturday 5-11 PM EST in #OuterRim on an IRC Undernet server.

The Campaign Battles (CB): The CBs are a series of battles that go on between the Squadrons of the Intrepid Battle Group. Each round the Squadrons are given credits. With these credits the Squadron Commander can buy ships and supplies to use for the battle. The Squadron they are up against for the particular round is announced and they can use the ships they bought for this fight, which similar to the OR, is a bunch of melee matches against the other squadrons members.

The Intrepid Battle Group Flight Session/Command Staff Meeting (FS): This is a little happening on Undernet's #IBG that goes on from 5-8 PM EST on Fridays. This little get together has two purposes: A chace for members of the IBG to get together and play X-Wing Alliance in anyway they want, for any reason they want. The other purpose is it's a time for the IBG Command Staff to get together and talk with the pilots about new ideas and the general direction for the IBG. If you want a couple of hours of diverse X-Wing Alliance playing or want your thoughts and ideas heard, then this is your thing.

For more information on the Rebel Squadrons please visit our domain at

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at or reply to this post.

Thanks for reading,

Colonel Raz Zaphon
Intrepid Battle Group Commanding Officer

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