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Zargon 06-15-2000 03:00 PM

I have a question for you guys...
Did you guys all know that you rock?

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GUNNER 06-15-2000 03:40 PM

I know I did.

milkshake 06-15-2000 04:13 PM

It is kind of obvios!

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Ikhnaton 06-15-2000 04:42 PM


next question?

GUNNER 06-16-2000 10:38 AM

I hope we didn't sound to vain.

King Stallion
Nuff said!

JR2000Z 09-03-2000 01:12 AM

Gee,I dint know how to answer this one.
And no,this wont get you a promotion.
And this should go to the Community forums but its too late because im 3 mounths behind.

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