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Delta. 03-05-2006 09:37 AM

Forums Contest - Vote for Star Wars forum!
Hello everybody.

Here in the Netherlands we have a major gamesite called ,,Gamevillage''.
We have many forums on Gamevillage, and Star Wars is one of them.
Now there is a contest of all the most populaire forums, and Star Wars must win.
Well, as a professional SW fan I beg you for help.
Star Wars is maybe gonna lose it!

What to do for voting?
Well, go to;
Gamevillage is Dutch, but I will explain all.
You have to make a new account to vote, but thats not so complicated.

You see this:
You'll have to click on ''Registreren'' to registrate.

Then you see this:

You have to put your birth date in.
Maand is Month, Dag is Day and Jaar is Year.

By me it is: 07/11/1990, So that means I am 15, and born on 11 Juli.
But, you have to be older then 13 to be a member.

Then you'll get this:

You'll have to fink that block! It's marked on the screenshot.

And then you will have to click on ''registeren''.

You'll get this:

Thats the usual stuff.
''Gebruikersnaam'' is username, 'wachtwoord' is your password.
Emailladres is your Email, not to hard to get.
Then you see in the right the numbers and grades.
You'll have to write them in the block on the left.
You see your birthday, it doesn't matter now.
Down under is nothing interessting.
Scroll down and click on registreren.

Then you'll get an email, with an URL.
Click on the URL, and your account is activated.

Go to
And in the right upper corner, you can typ in two blocks.
Thats to log on.
Do that, and click on ''inloggen.'' to log in.
Then go back to and vote on ''Star Wars Community (medewerkers: Bluehawk, Rushie)''.

If you will do that, very mucht thanks! =D

Astrotoy7 03-08-2006 06:13 AM

lolz....SW in the Netherlands.... Does Vader wear clogs ??

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