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SlasherX 12-03-2000 12:58 AM

Battle of the Stars!
There has been over many science fiction stories, games, and books to read. This topic is referring on which science fiction story would be the best of all time. I would rather like to see you post only space. Also include quotes and pictures to argued, which sci-fi universe will truly top it all of. Here are some sci-fi stories in any random order I know about:

StarCraft (My favorite)
Aliens 1-3
and lots more I don't know about.

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K_Kinnison 12-03-2000 01:51 AM

dont forget Babylon 5

Thrawn 12-03-2000 11:33 PM

um, well Star Wars!
it's proven itelf by hanging around for twentysome odd years
it's a classic story

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nova_wolf 12-04-2000 07:34 AM

And thanks to aspiring writers, like me, it will be around a few years longer.

Other Sci-Fi to mention :

Buck Rogers
Bucky O'Hare (Cartoons count)
Blake's Seven
Dr Who
Mechwarrior (If he can have Starcraft, Im having this.)
Centurions (Cartoons DO count)

And others besides

Nova Squadron, the Elite B-Wing flight group stationed aboard the Nebulon B Frigate 'Oracle', home of the tech library.

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Gold leader 12-04-2000 07:37 AM

Don't forget Dune.

Andromeda 12-04-2000 03:28 PM

star wars is, of course, my favorite sci-fi thing, but if any of you saw titan a.e., the animation in that movie wasn't that great, but the cg was awesome. the dredge were so cool lookin', and so was the whole crystals-in-the-nebula thing at the end.

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Nute Gunray 12-04-2000 04:33 PM

For as much as it totally sucked, Space: Above and Beyond has them ALL beat.
The whole thing seemed like they took a bunch of guys from WWII and stuck them a couple hundred years in the furture and in space. The Hammerhead fighters that Earth had were very simplistic and seemed almost plausible. The LIDAR (I think that was what it was called ) actually sounds like something like FLIR or LANTIRN. And of course the Eisenhower was the best looking capital ship ever.

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Admiral 12-04-2000 07:28 PM

Anyone see the new Dune movie (part 1) on the sci fi channel?

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Dj Skywalka 12-04-2000 09:22 PM

Well Star Wars is by far the best. But I like the Lost in Space and the Sargate movies.

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SadShadow 12-04-2000 10:07 PM

its the best of all the time!!!!!!!
startrek.. well SUX!

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Thrawn 12-04-2000 11:22 PM

I completely forgot Stargate. I love the show, and the movie was good too!

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Nute Gunray 12-04-2000 11:50 PM

The stargate SHOW mangled the story. Ra's species is all wrong in the show, considering they SHOW what the alien form of Ra looks like in the movie and he's not one of those worm parasite things...
I could also whine about the under-representation of the Horus Guard and the whole Hathor thing...

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TK421 12-05-2000 12:37 AM

I like TITAN A.E., got that one on VCD

What I saw of S:AAB I liked but I only saw a few episodes, and the movie.

don't forget the Aliens vs. Predator series - best of both worlds. The best Sci-Fi nasties ever made. Can you think of anyone (sci-fi) who could beat 'em?.

SlasherX 12-05-2000 01:35 AM

StarGate did give a theory that seem quite realistic on how the Egyptians really builted those enormous pyramids that seem humanly possible for us to build. They didn't even got to the invention of the wheel to move those huge limestones, but I believed they used logs or so. An alien race enslaving humanity building great altars for them.

A lot of sci-fi stories are usually remade over and over again because most ideas are almost used up. Like the Aliens series look exactly like those bug-eyed creatures in SST (StarShipTroopers) or those sucidal savages Zerg from StarCraft. People believe that StarCraft was totally copied of from SST because of the races, the Protoss was the Skinnies from SST.

StarWars is mostly based upon WWII in my own opinion. Darth Vader seemed like someone everybody knows and even George Lucas argued about himself to an interviewer about the relevance to his film to WWII.

TK421 12-05-2000 09:33 AM

The Death Star trench run was based on a WWII movie "Bridge at ?????" where US fighters had to fly down a river to knock out a Japanese bridge, read it a starwars 'behind the scenes' book years ago, it was from Lucas himself or so the book said anyway.

the Aliens series is nothing like those crappy "bug-eyed" bugs in SST, for one thing they don't have eyes!

black or black
humaniod/insectiod configuration
sneaky suckers who like suprise attacks
so mean even their tongue can kill ya!
shooting them is harmful to your health (acid blood)

SST Bugs:
All sorts of pretty colours
purely insectiod in make
not so smart (yeah let's charge straight into twinlinked heavy machineguns!)
overwhelming numbers & rush tactics
shoot their legs off then break for lunch
Their blood sprays all over you so look funny being half green

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Nute Gunray 12-05-2000 02:59 PM

It was the Bridges at Toko-Ri, and it was a Korean War movie. I've seen a lot of sources call it a WWII flick, but if you WATCH the movie it's got JETS and HELICOPTERS in it. Plus it happens in Korea It's a good movie. Ending is a let down though...
The shocktrooper aliens from Independence Day are the only alien species that could defeat the Alien alien in hand to hand combat. The shocktroopers are those black and blue ones milling around while Will Smith says "Looks like they're preparing an invasion." My logic for this? The guys who designed them said they ID4 alien was just a souped up Alien.

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Poor Bastard 12-05-2000 07:17 PM

I would've liked to see a big ground battle in ID4...

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Nute Gunray 12-05-2000 07:36 PM

It would have looked kinda stupid...the aliens didn't have any ground vehicles (that we know of). It would most likely have been huge mass of aliens versus Armored Cav Division.
The aliens would swarm onto the tanks (after taking initial loses from artillery) and first pull the turrets off with their tentacles, then fish all the guys out with their tentacles, then strangle all the guys. Repeat as needed.

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JR2000Z 12-05-2000 07:38 PM

I heard that there was to be an ID4 2000 movie.Obviosly the rumor's false.

Nute Gunray 12-05-2000 07:47 PM

There was supposed to be a trilogy.

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SlasherX 12-05-2000 07:48 PM

How is it possible if the mothership was destroyed? They were like parasitic creatures without no homeworld and weaklings. They were actually much fragile than us and needing the basic nessecites as us. They needed an exoskeleton armor to live within, crack that they'll lose without a doubt.

Lets get on to vechicles, the best starfighter would be the Wraith with dual missle launchers and an equipped laser cannon. The most importance of this fighter would be its cloaking technology and sleek movement. It could probably take out a couple of fighters before anybody could realize it without an detector.

Nute Gunray 12-05-2000 07:58 PM

Here is what the story for a sequel was as far as I have been informed:
A few months after the war, humanity was united into a single global nation for ease of governing after the death of everyone's government. The military is going around and picking off the millions of surviving aliens from all the crashed destroyers. After something (they didn't know what the cause would be) happens on Earth, the government collapses and everyone's at each other's throats. Then things get worse. The line "their entire civilization" comes into play here. Look at Earth. There is CERTAINLY more than one civilization in our species. Killing that mothership was the equivalent of killing off all the French or something. Another mothership shows up answering a distress signal from a downed Destroyer. We decide to try the computer virus trick again with these guys, but they're a bit clever and more heavily armed. Our initial plan doesn't work and we have to slug it out with hybrid earth-alien technology. The producers didn't get any further than this point, so I don't know how they would have beat them although there was talk of a THIRD group of aliens showing up and helping us out. That probably would have been what they would have done so there would be an avenue to a third film with that one.
The THIRD movie was assuming that we should gain an ally against the aliens. Earth would join up with a band of survivors from other worlds, planets that either repelled the aliens in the past or are currently battling them in some sort of Space Allies thing against aliens. There would be fighting on other planets and in space. There wasn't much talk about that one.

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Poor Bastard 12-05-2000 08:07 PM

Sounds kinda l33t... Only kinda...

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Thrawn 12-05-2000 11:11 PM

But Stargate is still a good show
Another ID4 would be cool, but i'm getting sick of them turning everything into a trilogy. Just because SW and Indy did it, doesn't mean everybody else can.

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SadShadow 12-05-2000 11:47 PM

dont forget another STAR WAR...

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SlasherX 12-06-2000 01:00 AM

Yes, StarCraft is perfect in all ways of storyline and the fun factor of the game. It seem more realistic and got to show some gruesome violence unlike other Sci-fi stories except SST. It was very perfect of the races the company of Blizzard created and made the concept of technological warfare on space and land. The original StarCraft did so well, that they even made a sequal of BroodWars, which was also a great sucess. The game was most fun because it was an RTS game with much strategy in fighting on a battlefield of 2D unlike Focom, which did quite bad using 3D instead.
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JR2000Z 12-06-2000 01:18 AM

I played the demo but didnt get the game because it looked unrealistic.I also didnt like the idea controlling aliens.

JR2000Z 12-06-2000 01:20 AM

Freespace 1 and 2 are my favorate because of a great storyline,unbelievale graphics and everything.Unfortunaltly there is a chance that there isnt going to be a Freespace 3.

Keyan Farlander 12-06-2000 01:46 AM

I like the Freespace games too. Sadly, I highly, highly doubt there will be a Freespace 3.

Nute Gunray 12-06-2000 01:52 AM

That medic reminds me of a mech called Glitterboy from an RPG I used to play...RIFTS i think it was called...

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Taarkin 12-06-2000 02:55 AM

Starcraft was kewl is the way they handled the story. Unlike other games where you get to play different sides, you're supposed to play them in order so it has a coherent story. And the Marines just look damn cool.

Was I supposed to eat the heads too? 'Cause I took nooo prisioners!

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Poor Bastard 12-06-2000 10:10 AM

Starcraft <u>sucks</u>. Anybody who likes Starcraft should be shot in the nuts.

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TK421 12-06-2000 12:06 PM

*plants evidence showing that PB likes Starcraft, then shoots PB in the nuts*

JR2000Z 12-06-2000 05:21 PM

*Didnt know tha PB had nuts.

Poor Bastard 12-06-2000 07:10 PM

If somehow, I start to like Starcraft, I'll shoot myself in the face.

You know one thing that will really make a Jedi mad? Just run up and kick him in the ass...

Jem 12-06-2000 07:29 PM

the best sci-fi game is the first privateer, it's so great.
the second one was good.

anybody see that movie SpaceBalls ?? It's a great funny parody of starwars

SpaceBalls must be my favorite sci-fi movie..

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Keyan Farlander 12-06-2000 07:36 PM

Spaceballs, you say? No, we've never heard of that

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Poor Bastard 12-06-2000 07:43 PM

Whoever doesn't like Spaceballs is stupid.

You know one thing that will really make a Jedi mad? Just run up and kick him in the ass...

Jem 12-06-2000 07:50 PM

SpaceBalls !!
I saw that movie a long time ago! I would love to watch it again ! the funny parts I can remember right now are:

-in the begining of the movie where that huge starship took like ten minutes to fly-by the screen.
-Pizza the Hut
-that half dog half man guy called Barf (chewbacca)
-and there was that funny part where the "empire" couldn't find the good guys that escape so they watch "SpaceBalls" on tape and put fastforward...

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Keyan Farlander 12-06-2000 07:56 PM

I think my favorite part was when the radar was "jammed".

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