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Diego Varen 03-13-2006 02:57 AM

It's a bit sad, but what Characters or anything else in KOTOR, should die in KOTORIII. It should mark the end of KOTOR and it should have a huge impact on the game.

I would like:

Canderous - Mentioned in Returning Characters Thread, he should die in style.

Ebon Hawk - Should get destroyed on the final Planet.

I'll think of more later.

RobQel-Droma 03-13-2006 03:12 AM

The Millenium Falcon didn't get destroyed at the end of RotJ, did it? Neither should the Hawk.

Carth Onasi

Er... I know their's more, but I can't recally now.

Kensai 03-13-2006 04:16 AM

The PC

†Saint_Killa† 03-13-2006 05:06 AM

The sith lord must die of course.

PazaakPrincess 03-13-2006 05:22 AM

eeek, I hate it when good Characters die, although it can be very necessary to add to the drama and further the plot.

Even though I am a fangirl I realise that if they had left in the death scene of Atton (female pc) in TSL it would have serious impact and given a very powerful ending to KotorII. So even though it would be sad it would have added a "wow" factor that just wasn't there.

I think Revan and the Exile should die heroically saving the Galaxy or defeated horribly for turning to the Dark Side, depending on how you played the game.

This would then given a chance for further characters to continue Kotor or close the door completely.

Ztalker 03-13-2006 06:26 AM


many important people die in the SW universe, don't they?
I think Candarous should die in style too, like...serving the Exile or Revan one last time in a suiicide mission. That would be cool indeed ^^

Remember, if you destroy the Ebon Hawk, you end the Revan Trilogy. It could be cool, but only if it has a purpose. Maybe T3 flying it into a Starship, thus saving the PC's arse? :)

Personally, i'd like to see the PC die in Kotor 3.
Maybe sacraficing himself to save the ailing republic? It could end with an enormous funeral, and you being hailed as a hero.
(Or put into a Sith Tomb if DS:) )

†Saint_Killa† 03-13-2006 06:41 AM


Personally, i'd like to see the PC die in Kotor 3.
Maybe sacraficing himself to save the ailing republic? It could end with an enormous funeral, and you being hailed as a hero.
(Or put into a Sith Tomb if DS )
hmmm... a sith legend. AWESOME!!! Or still be alive and open up for another new trilogy!!!!

Ztalker 03-13-2006 06:54 AM

You get my point ^^
They could end the Revan Triology very cool, and with it, start a new one.
It could be cool to visit the grave of the PC from K3 when you're playing a new part. It could realy link the games and make it feel more...'complete' and so on.

RobQel-Droma 03-13-2006 11:59 AM

^So... Our character is doomed to die throughout the whole story, and has no choice? Might be kinda interesting, but I'd say no.

Ztalker 03-13-2006 02:14 PM

^No, our character is just like the normal ones, but has to make a sacrafice at the end.

Revan has assambled all the (Lightside) Jedi in the unknow regions. They fight a bitter war against the new Sith commandar, and former Revan apprentice 'The Exile.' You as new rookie will be mixed in this events, whether you want it or not. Will you choose Exile and obtain power? Will you choose Revan and choose peace?
The war is slowly destroying the Republic, and it needs to be ended. Then it goes epic ^^
LS: Defeat Exile, end the war, and die doing it.
DS: Kill Revan, and the last hope of the Republic. With your death, you made way for the terror of the Sith.

Just an example...

JediMaster12 03-13-2006 05:00 PM

I catch what you are saying though I was thinking more along the lines of anakin giving his life for his son though that would have to be worked out differently for KOTOR. Canderous will die because I say so but he will do it and bring a legacy of the Mandalorian spirit that will last into the days of the Empire. T3 and HK will be shut down and in hibernation until many, many years later another comes and finds out who they are. Sorry if I seem authoritarian in this but that is my belief.

Darth Macca 03-13-2006 05:22 PM

I'd like to see the end of Darth Revan in a final duel. I believe theirs a lot of secrets to unravel in the KotoR series. I'd like to see Carth returning and being slayed! I hated him, always complaining. But most all, Darth Revan hands down. The true dark lord of the Sith!

The Distorted 03-13-2006 06:32 PM

I'd personally like Revan to sacrifice himself nobly at the end of the game, for "the greater cause", seeing as that's kinda what he's (or I guess she, if you can choose these types of details again) all about. Even if s/he was Sith - because when s/he was initially the dark lord, s/he still had the bigger picture in mind, always. It would suit him/her well, methinks.

Point Man 03-13-2006 10:37 PM


Originally Posted by The Distorted
I'd personally like Revan to sacrifice himself nobly at the end of the game, for "the greater cause", seeing as that's kinda what he's (or I guess she, if you can choose these types of details again) all about. Even if s/he was Sith - because when s/he was initially the dark lord, s/he still had the bigger picture in mind, always. It would suit him/her well, methinks.

No Sith is about self-sacrifice. Revan as Sith would be about gaining power for himself and keeping it.

Jae Onasi 03-13-2006 11:21 PM

I want all the good guys to make it through the danger in just the nick of time and the bad guys to be totally destroyed in one fantastic final epic battle.

Sith_Reven 03-14-2006 12:14 AM

As memorable as it would be for characters to die, I don't like it. I always want to know that even though there won't be any games after kotor 3 that the characters are still alive; that there still could be a possibility to continue. Having that characters die is the ultimate conclusion and I think it would be a little depressing, if not totally dissapointing. A game where the character dies doesn't make me want to play it anymore after I beat it.

is it so hard to believe that a starwars fan could in the not to far future make a sequel to Kotor 3(if it is made). That starwars could be revived and the saga could continue. To kill the characters would officially mean the end of the Kotor series the way we know it. Revan or the Exile must always be out there,,, alive and ready for a potential continuation. That Revan becomes the most unstoppable immortal threat perhaps or the Exile almost causes the death of the force and is 10x greater than Nihilus. It could be!

Darth Windu 03-14-2006 12:41 AM

I would love to see Canderous die. I forsee him and his Mandalorians warriors, allied to the Republic, in a massive space battle with the True Sith. During the battle, Revan is hurt or about to be killed by the True Sith, at which point Canderous sacrifices himself to save Revan. That I would like to see :)

†Saint_Killa† 03-14-2006 07:33 AM

Good point!!

KotOR 3 should also state the fall of the Mandalorians and the True sith race. THE END.

The Distorted 03-14-2006 08:34 AM


Originally Posted by jimbo fett 66
No Sith is about self-sacrifice. Revan as Sith would be about gaining power for himself and keeping it.

In KotOR II though, it is pointed out that even when Revan was the Lord of the Sith, s/he knew (or could sense) the threat of the real Sith, and s/he left many Republic economic and military structures in place, s/he was not out for total domination (like Malak) but was seeking a form of balance, to consequently keep the galaxy "safe". If you already haven't - speak to Go-to about this, he will explain the details (and other various hints are littered throughout the game).
Think about it - if you chose that Revan went DS again in the Jedi Civil War (KotOR 1 story) in KotOR II, s/he still leaves Bastila behind, and takes no-one of whom s/he cares about into the Unknown Regions, and goes to fight these real Sith alone (she says as much in the holocron on Korriban). It's basically a suicide mission. IMO I call that a personal sacrifice, because s/he's more concerned with the safety of the galaxy, than his/her own personal safety. OK, maybe it's just cos s/he wants the galaxy to him/herself (and thus does not want to side or share power with the real Sith, or anyone), but still, s/he is willing to put everything other than him/herself as his/her first priority, so could s/he not die in attempting this? S/he may not realise s/he is about to die for it, but s/he could be all brave etc. nonetheless, and do something extremely risky anyway.

Also, it has already been theoretically suggested that Revan "sacrificied" him/herself by becoming the Dark Lord in the first place, as s/he needed to, in order to be able to mentally understand the true Sith - in preparation - and to give him/her the edge s/he needed to ensure that s/he could make the decisions necessary required in war tactics.
S/he also took a greater understanding of the force from this act.

Remember, s/he is a student of Kreia. Another point in KotOR II seems to be that one cannot truly know the force if just felt from (and limited to) one extreme end of the perpsective - many elements need to be explored to truly weild its full power. Atris is a key example of this. She knew not what she was dealing with (was unprepared) when she horded all the sith holocrons, and thus became tempted and subsequently corrupted by them.
Even so, (someone like Kreia will still say that) afterwards - commiting to one extreme (light or dark) is foolish, still.

I mean, Jolee is considered to be a grey Jedi, but he is still more naturally inclined to be a "good" person. Kreia was also grey, but more evilly inclined.
Revan seems to think on a greater, wider plain to that of the large majority of Sith and Jedi - s/he understands that the galaxy needs balance, and s/he will seemingly do whatever it takes to achieve this.

- Anyone else get this impression from the way (specifically DS) Revan was described in KotOR II? I'm beginning to think that if not - then maybe I read too much into it (and added/linked too many things together in my own mind). :animelol:

Renegade Puma 03-14-2006 08:47 AM

I want Revan and the Exile to both be in it as PC's. But in the end one of them sacrifices themself to save the other. I think that would be cool.

JediMaster12 03-14-2006 02:01 PM


Originally Posted by Jae Onasi
I want all the good guys to make it through the danger in just the nick of time and the bad guys to be totally destroyed in one fantastic final epic battle.

A fairy tale ending but rather naive. There has to be some sacrifice on the part of the good guys in order to make the ending worth watching. I apologize if I'm being blunt but not everything is a happy ending. Sometimes the dark must rule in order for light to come and triumph.

Ztalker 03-14-2006 02:17 PM


And remember:
The two Kotor games had quit an amount of sacrafice too.
It's just to bad that it was cut out most of the time. It would seem un-Starwarsdish to let everyone make it through the end.

We never said it should end with a masacre: That isn't like SW too.
But just...a little Epic twist to end the Revan saga, aight?

Mandalorian BH 03-25-2006 08:19 PM

Canderous should live.But I think that Atton should die.And this might seem VERY sad but HK and T3 should get blown up.

Alkonium 03-25-2006 08:23 PM

HK-47 can't die, at least not for another 4000 years, since he appears in Galaxies, but I do think someone should sacrifice themselves for the greater good, maybe Revan himself could die for such a cause. Or perhaps they could kill off more major characters than the NJO did, just to show the sheer power of the enemy.

stoffe 03-25-2006 08:34 PM

I kind of prefer the type of ending that was done in VtM:Bloodlines... Where if you pick one of the "Good" endings you succeed despite the odds (even though you are manipulated), while the "Evil" endings land you with either a fiery death or watery imprisonment. :)

Leave the misery and sacrifices to those who deserve it for once, and give the Halo-wearers a happy ending. I dislike games ending in an anticlimax. :)

shinyjedi 03-25-2006 10:37 PM

If I want to see death and destruction, I'll watch the nightly news. I play video games FOR the happy ending against insurmountable odds. I, for one, am glad they cut the "Atton's death" out of TSL. Would have ruined the game for me (at least while playing female PC) I remember being royally torqued when I thought Atris had killed Briana. Only the excessive cost of replacement controllers kept the one I was holding from close congress with the wall. While I'll accept the deaths of characters in certain circumstances (read, "whoops, maybe I shouldn't have told NPCX he was a sissy-girly-man if he didn't charge the Krayt Dragon singlehanded with nothing but a mining laser and half a plate of cold manacotti!") It should at least be possible to get out with everybody important alive. And if I can save the bad guy in the end? meh.

Maverick5770 03-26-2006 12:46 AM

I like all the characters, good and bad, but Canderous should die fighting for his race, nt really like a hero though, and Jolee could maybe die of old age. T3 could also get blown up.

pokejedi123 03-26-2006 11:01 AM

Hmmm....what a the end they should put the dead chars as Fg(Force Ghost).(Kreia,Dicsiple(Disicple fans : :cry8: atton fans: :clap2: :clap2: :cowdance ).

OFFTOPIC:The end should Be a huge war with lots of soldiers and fighters and tanks are around you an you shred them to pices with you lightsaber.

igyman 03-26-2006 11:19 AM

Well, for one Mira could die in KoTOR 3, if she even makes an appearance - Kreia said at the end of TSL that Mira would die fighting on a forgotten planet, so...

Right now I don't know who else could die, but I'll get back to y'all.

Angelos Kumani 03-26-2006 01:32 PM

@Distorted - No I agree with you...don't start doubting what is plainly in the games to this date! If you have followed most of the dialouge options for the major NPC's in TSL then I think that you would see that all of them point to this philosophy that regardless of light/dark Revan was thnking of the balance of the galaxy...If you don't believe me, go back and run through the dialogues with GOTO, Brianna, and Kreia for starters - I think that you will see that you have been connecting the right dots! They have put way too much of the back story into TSL for it simply to change or not matter when KOTOR 3 gets developed (notice I said when, not if). I have even argued that the story of the Exile is much the same - regardless of light/dark - it is about understanding that the Exile must choose the same path as Revan. Because of this...I think that KOTOR 3 has a very good chance to foucs on the sacrifice of the Exile and Revan in order to save the galaxy. So much so, that it may even involve the PC character attempting to understand why - and then being faced with the same choice.

As far as companions go...we know that Mira is supposed to die, just not sure exactly when - I thought that Kreia had said she would die many years later (amy or may not be in the timeframe of KOTOR 3?).

I am not so sure that Atton will die...I would not be surprised to see him "run away" again (perhaps providing a link for the new PC to TSL and KOTOR 1).

I think that it would be very appropriate to have Mandolore die - but I agree with most that it should be in some way that his life is sacrificed for the greater good and by doing so he establishes the legacy of the Mandolorians.

I think that Brianna and/or the Discple will survive in order to keep some semblance of the "jedi" in play...

At times I think that Bao-Dur will sacrifice himself for the Exile, but I also wonder if the opposite might be true...

KOTOR 1 characters that might make appearences (/only to die)...I think will be limited. Most likely their fates will be explained, but I imagine that it will be through dialogue options...

Non-false Jedi 03-26-2006 02:19 PM

I'd hope that any characters that die would have noble deaths. Such as dieing in a huge epic battle, perhaps with a Sith Lord, but not going out easily.

Maverick5770 03-26-2006 10:15 PM

Actually I get tired of the god guys dying like heros and the baddies dying like wusses. There needs to be some good guys just walking along when boom, their dead, and at least one baddie should die without any conversation.

†Saint_Killa† 03-27-2006 09:43 AM

Instead of baddies dying like wusses, get redempted and die with honor.

Non-false Jedi 03-27-2006 04:27 PM

I was thinking of them dieing with a huge amount of effort. Such as in several parts, he goes through several Jedi before finally being barely weak enough to defeat with difficulty.

REDJOHNNYMIKE 03-28-2006 01:04 AM

Iggy beat me to it, and as much as I hate to say it, Mira's story has to be completed before the series' end.

Aurora Merlow 03-28-2006 05:57 AM

i definitely don't want the PC to die in the end, for me that would make the game a bit pointless. I wouldn't mind Jolee to die in a somewhat Yoda fashion, peacefully becoming one with the force after passing on some vital bit of info that acts as a massive twist in the game. Just for example, that the PC is Revan and Bastila's child, or some big thing like that

Ztalker 03-28-2006 06:00 AM

I agree with RJM.

Mira saw the two sides of the war. She was first Mandalorian, then helped the Republic, by helping the Exile. It's a to cool story to end like this.
Maybe she can help rebuild the Mandalorians, after Candarous dies?

Mira: 'Boba, I AM your mother!'
Boba: 'NOOOOO'

I forgot one thing to mention.
Every single game/film trilogy/book of Starwars ended with a big epic battle in wich several people die.
-We had the Jedi order in Episode 3
-Darth Vader and the Empire in Episode 6
-The death of the last imperial grandadmiral in the 'Heir of the Empire' books
-death of Desh Randar in 'Shadow of the Empire'

I think that, if they try to end the Revan trilogy, they should end with a blast. Of course the series won't be stopped. It could continue with a part 4, maybe 2000 years later for example.
In my opinion they should finsih it in style. Maybe a last Mandalorian army fighting alongside the ailing Republic to beat the Sith? A last alliance of sworn enemys? The last battle of the Mandalorians?

Alkonium 03-28-2006 08:14 AM


Originally Posted by Aurora Merlow
Just for example, that the PC is Revan and Bastila's child, or some big thing like that

Are you saying that Revan would be the father of Bastila's child, and the revelation of that will be Revan's dying words? Brilliant!

Originally Posted by Ztalker
Mira: 'Boba, I AM your mother!'
Boba: 'NOOOOO'

1: That makes no sense. Mira died 4000 years before Boba Fett was born, and Boba has no biological mother because he's a clone.
2: What does that have to do with anything?

Ztalker 03-28-2006 08:47 AM

It was a joke :p
It does have some reality in it though. In the expanded universe, the Mandalorians return. Boba Fett is in fact a mandalorian. Since there are still so many in the Kotor games, they must have died somehow.

Non-false Jedi 03-28-2006 03:40 PM

Kreia said that she will live for a while. But persoanlly i'd like to think Kreia saw a different future. Always in motion it is darn it! The Dark side clouds everything, impossbile to see the future is.


In Truce at Bakura i think Luke saw a future that didn't come to pass.

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