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Tysyacha 03-18-2006 05:46 PM

Ages of Returning Characters in KOTOR III
How old do you think these characters will be in KOTOR III, in human years?

Bastila Shan
Canderous Ordo/Mandalore
Visas Marr
The Exile

Again, I want your best guess. You don't have to be EXACTLY right.

Thanks! This will help me in the play I'm trying to write.

Non-false Jedi 03-18-2006 06:07 PM

Bastila is still very young in the first kotor probably early 20s...TSL was 5 years later.

I 'm thinking Kotor III would be several months later so

Bastial would be maybe 27.

Canderous is quite old for a warrior, but i think he has Mandalorian blood which will make him hardier and older than you might expect from an ordinary human. By Kotor 1 he had already fought for over 40 years. I'm thinking maybe his late sixties.

Vistas i had no idea.

Revan was a Jedi Knight, and had to be potentially able to romance 38 year old Carth and Jedi Padawan Bastila. So early mid thirties.

The Exile might be aroudn the same age, perhaps slightly younger....or older i don't know.

of course this all depends on when a Kotor III would be set.

Master Kavar 03-18-2006 06:11 PM

I would like to see the characters matured a bit more, and with more obvious signs of character development.

Bastila and Visas in their early to mid thirties, Carth in his early fifties, Revan and the Exile in their mid forties, Canderous in his late sixties.

stoffe 03-18-2006 06:47 PM


Originally Posted by Tysyacha
How old do you think these characters will be in KOTOR III, in human years?

That would depend on how long after TSL the third game would take place.

My guesstimate at character age during TSL:
Bastila Shan - 19 in KotOR1, +5 in TSL = 24
Canderous Ordo/Mandalore = 60
Visas Marr = 30
Revan = 35
The Exile = 35

(and, for comparison...)
Atton = 29
Disciple = 20
Handmaiden = 22
Kreia = 55
Mira = 25
Bao-Dur = Don't know the lifespan of Zabrak...
T3M4 = 5
HK47 = 8
G0T0 = 4

Add the number of years later K3 takes place to that. :)

†Saint_Killa† 03-18-2006 06:55 PM

Mandalore 64 or something.
Bastila should stay sexy so 28 should do.
Visas should be 29.
Revan 40
Exile 39

These are what their ages I presume in K3.

marcoeescobar 03-18-2006 08:39 PM

I Keep thinking that Revan was in his late twentys in Kotor I, because he was really something special (more or less another Anakim) so he probably was not more than 22 years when he left the order to go to fight the mandalorians (Besides i don't remember who said it but in one of the games they say that Revan and Malak found the jedi training to be really slow, so they were or padawan when they left, or the just got promoted). Plus the 5 or 6 until the jedi civil war is over, plus 5 more to kotor 2 let's say he (i know he can be a she a but for me is Revan male, Exile female) is 33. I think that Kotor III should begin one year, not more, later, because i doubt the exile will take that much to find him

Clone L68362 03-19-2006 12:57 AM

I pretty much agree with all of stoffe's guesses, maybe Revan and the Exile a little younger and Kreia a little older.

Diego Varen 03-19-2006 05:07 AM

Revan = 24
Carth Onasi = 30
Mission Vao = 14
Zaalbar = 60 (In Wookiee Age)
Bastila Shan = 20
T3-M4 = 4
Canderous Ordo = 55
Juhani = 20
HK-47 = 6
Jolee Bindo = 65
Trask Ulgo = 25

Revan = 29
Carth Onasi = 35
Mission Vao = 19
Zaalbar = 65 (In Wookiee Age)
Bastila Shan = 25
T3-M4 = 9
(Mandalore) Canderous Ordo = 60
Juhani = 25
HK-47 = 11
Jolee Bindo = 70
The Exile = 24
Kreia = 75
Atton Rand = 23
Bao-Dur = 23
Remote = 9
Handmaiden/Disciple = 20
Visas = 22
Mira = 19
Hanharr = 55 (In Wookiee Age)
G0-T0 = 5

Ztalker 03-19-2006 05:40 AM

@ Pottsie:

Ehrm. Carth already had an adult son in Kotor 1, so he was father around the age of 12?

Also, Revan received the full Knight training, and went to search all Star Maps. He also conquered the Star Forge, joined a war. We know he was captured soon in the war too.
About the knight training, we know Obi-Wan was the perfect example. He was 25 years, but still had some lessons to learn. a.k.a: Go and do some more intensive missions. During the Clone Wars, they speeded up the Knight process, because of the lack of Jedi. Anakin was still around his early 20's though.
-At the end of his Jedi training, i think Revan was 26 years old.
-Finding the Star Maps: +2
-Conquering Star Forge, building army, wage war: +3
-Captured by Bastilla, rehabilitated: +1-2 years.

Revan might be 32-33 in Kotor 1.
Bastilla uses a single saber in the Revan cutscene, wich shows she's still in her early training fase. Also, she's surrounded by other Jedi Knights, so she's still no good enough to do mission on her own. Also, in the Dantooine cutscene, we see Revan in his robes, so he must have left the order a little while ago. In a textbox below a loading screen, we read that Revan was captured relatively early in the war.

Maybe a bit older. She is ready to go alone on missions (with the PC), so eh's in her final padawan training stage, i think. 23-25 could be a bit more...realistic.

Nothing to mention. We see his grey hair, hear his cracking voice, see him mumbling about his 'Basilisk War Droid.' He's definately in his 50's yes :)

Sorry to talk this much, but i always get the feeling people don't want Revan to be 30+. It's like they want to play with a person with a more similar ages like they do. I just think that, how older you are, how cooler you can become. Just watch Sin City, and watch Bruce Willis and Mickey Rourke.
For the SW fans, the coolest (LS) SW character is Yoda, and he's 900 :p

Darth InSidious 03-19-2006 07:17 AM

I agree with Pottsie on Revan. Revan was, as Kreia put it "like staring into the heart of the Force itself", owtte. We know that the Jedi like to train their kids from about birth. Furthermore, it is implied that Revan was not yet a knight, or a very newly created one during the Mandalorian Wars. Revan also was trained to some degree by each of the Masters. He might not have had direct experience, but he had absorbed a lot of experience of others by the time of the Mandalorian Wars. Certainly, I think that he was about 22-ish at the time of the MW.

The Exile I think was older, but not very strong or distinguished in the Force. I imagine he was about 25 for the MW...

stoffe 03-19-2006 07:34 AM


Originally Posted by Pottsie
Revan = 24
Carth Onasi = 30
T3-M4 = 4
HK-47 = 6
Atton Rand = 23
Mira = 19
Bao-Dur = 23
Kreia = 75

Revan was already a knight when she joined the Mandalorian wars. The Mandalorian wars ended 5 years before the KotOR storyline, and it would have taken several years even for Revan to bring such a huge conflict to an end. Somehow I have trouble picturing Revan as a 15-17 year old Knight.

Carth is stated to be 38 years old in the game.

T3M4 was purpose-built by Janice Nall on Taris on order from Davik Kang, in order to aid in his plans to procure the passcodes allowing him to leave the planet. I doubt Davik would let T3 sit on a shelf for 4 years collecting dust before taking possession of his droid. T3 was an infant in KotOR, which may explain why it didn't have much of a personality. :)

HK-47 was, according to his own words, built by Revan at the beginning of her campaign against the Republic, which started ~4 years before KotOR.

Atton fought in the Mandalorian Wars for the Republic, a war that ended 10 years before TSL. Even if he joined just as the war was nearly over, being 23 in TSL would have made him 13 years old at the time. I doubt the Republic would conscript children as soldiers.

Mira was also in the Mandalorian Wars, on the Mandalorian side. If she's 19 in TSL, she would have been 9 by the time the war ended. Even though the Mandalorians probably are more "flexible" when it comes to using children as forced labor, I doubt a 7-9 year old would be of much use in carrying ammo crates and other heavy equipment.

Bao-Dur, same here, he was part of the Republic Military during the Mandalorian Wars, serving for some time under "the General". I doubt the Republic would use a 10-year old tech in their armed forces. (Though I admit it's possible that Zabrak have a shorter lifespan than humans and thus mature more quickly.)

As for Kreia, while it's possible that she is that old, the game (Disciple) suggests that she is actually much younger than she looks, and that her aged appearance is caused in part by Darkside disfigurations.

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