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darth rookus 04-02-2006 10:15 AM

Need a model!
:twogun: Hey! I'm a new modeler, and I want some things to know, so when you can help me please. So, here are the things:
1.Can anyone give me a link for a modeling tutorial? IMPORTANT!
2.If someone could make me a model, that looks like Vader's body and sidious's head. My email is, and please send me the model as a glm file.If you can, please add the map, so I can make the textures.
3. have fun on the mods, that i will make in the future :)

So, when you can please help! :) :ears1: :twogun:

Sith Dagger 04-07-2006 11:22 AM

darth rookus 05-05-2006 12:05 PM

Thanks! =) I made the model, I've mapped the model, and how schould I export it now? I have both = Md3 exporter and XSI exporter... I have 3DS max 7 too. What now??? please help! thanks in advance

Sith Dagger 05-06-2006 02:40 PM

Did you follow all the tutorials, such as resetxform, aligning the meshes, weighting the meshes to the bones, made the hierarchy, etc?

darth rookus 05-11-2006 12:09 PM

Yes I did... emm...sorry that I need to reply so long, but I can't be everyday on the internet... but whatever...I made the model, folowed all the tutorials, and only want to export, but don't know to what I schould export...

Psyk0Sith 05-11-2006 01:09 PM

Once the rig is done, you need to export to XSI format (file...export...XSI...) uncheck animations, name it "root.XSI" run compiler on it...and expect error messages.

Sith Dagger 05-11-2006 08:44 PM

Error messages, that a good one, lol.
He is right, my models often come up with errors like I have unweighted vertices XD
Then I go through the weight scale, like what the heck?!? I weighted them all!

Psyk0Sith 05-12-2006 08:05 PM

Yup, they dont call is carcASS for nothing ;)

darth rookus 05-17-2006 02:38 PM

Thx guys.... I have the root.XSI file
What now?...
in a tutorial I read, that I schould add the root.XSI to assimilate and add the humanoid.gla file for animatons, but it shows me the erorr message, that the files weren't found...what schould I do?

LightNinja 05-17-2006 06:18 PM

put root.xsi in _humanoid folder and add only the _humanoid.gla in assimilate

darth rookus 05-30-2006 11:54 AM

ok...Thx guys... I tryed my model, and it works!=D all thanks goes to you, for your help... :smash:

darth rookus 05-30-2006 12:04 PM my 30 day trial has expired... Does Someone know, where I can get a KeyGen for 3DS Max 7 ?

Psyk0Sith 05-30-2006 09:54 PM

Congrats on getting it done :)

P.S.: Dont talk about illegal activities on this, or any other forums.

darth rookus 05-31-2006 07:33 AM

sorry...Hehe, I won't talk anymore =P Thx.

darth rookus 05-31-2006 07:37 AM

Emm...Can now someone, tell me, what programes I need, to make my own animations? plz

Psyk0Sith 05-31-2006 07:35 PM

Unfortunately, you need 3d studio max or possibly softimage XSI (mod tools version is free)

LightNinja 06-01-2006 11:35 AM

and the last 3dsMax which was useful to make animations for JA was 3DSMAX 5, you won't be able to put them in game with 3dsmax 6+

darth rookus 06-04-2006 03:34 AM

Ok...With the animations, I will wait a little... I found a mistake on my model... I imported it to 3ds gmax 7 (GLM Import) and did all the things again... But, now when I start Assimilate, and add the _humanoid.gla file, it shows, that the file wasn't found.... What did I wrong this time???

Psyk0Sith 06-04-2006 12:28 PM

Open up assimilate.exe, go to properties and change the compiler line to this: c:/base/models/players/_humanoid/carcass.exe
Remove everything for the "Quake 3 dir" path.

I dunno what's happening with the model, but i prefer to fix the max scene rather than reimporting a GLM into max and starting from scratch again.

darth rookus 06-10-2006 07:37 AM it shows me an carcass.. it shows that:

-------- C:\Documents --------

*************** ERROR **************
SetQdirFromPatch: No 'base' or 'development' in c:\

pres any key...

And than I pres e.g. enter, and it shows that:

Process Returned error: 1

What Schould I do?

LightNinja 06-10-2006 10:19 AM

well, you can aswell restart all the procces again, doing that you'll find the mistake quicker than us

Psyk0Sith 06-10-2006 11:04 AM

Create a proper working folder, dont use a long folder people, read! it's all in the guide XD.

You need to create a "base" folder structure:

-So go ahead and create this directory structure:

"c:\base\models\players\"your player model"

-the next step is to add the animation file to:


Copy carcass.exe and assimilate.exe to "base\models\_humanoid". This is also where you have to put your root.XSI file.

Open up assimilate.exe, go to properties and change the compiler line to this: c:/base/models/players/_humanoid/carcass.exe
Leave "Quake 3 dir" blank.

Try to compile again.

darth rookus 06-10-2006 11:49 AM

F*****G ASSimilate and carcASS (as you said...)... I'll try...I read the guide xD. But didn't found the nothing, to solve this problem... Thx, again :) =P xD

darth rookus 06-10-2006 11:58 AM

Damn...It's says me, that stupidtriangle_off has no weights... but it has xD. What now? =P

Psyk0Sith 06-11-2006 01:24 AM

If carcass says it doesnt, then it doesnt, carcass knows all.

Here's a test to see if the tag(s) is weighted, select the skeleton_root object and move it, all the tags (and skeleton) should move together. Hit ctrl-z to put everything back in place.

darth rookus 06-14-2006 10:06 AM

I've downloaded your skeleton... If I'm not mistaken, yll the tags schould be weighted xD.What now?

darth rookus 06-14-2006 10:08 AM

I've downloaded your skeleton... If I'm not mistaken, yll the tags schould be weighted xD.What now? I mean...Where's the problem now?

Psyk0Sith 06-14-2006 09:05 PM

Well yeah they're weighted, nothing is full proof, i know it works fine for me, but who knows what kind of crazy stunt you pulled :P.

Which version of max are u using? the XSI exporter might be fackt in the head for newer versions.

send me the .max file, psykopat(AT), i'll take a look at it and see whats wrong.

darth rookus 06-15-2006 09:57 AM

Ok...or...i have an better idea...What if someone other makes me a model xD. Because, you'll laugh when you see my FIRST model... I wanted to make a Gohan model (from DBZ). Please, psyk0sith, can you make me one? please, because, I've got the DBZ JKA mod...with the attacks and so on...It's all I need for the perfect game! But I miss some DBZ players...Gohan, Goku(I have a goku model, from the internet), Vegeta, Majin Buu, Cell...and so on... Please, make you me a model of gohan. Please. :)

LightNinja 06-15-2006 04:09 PM

man dont be that abussive, send him the file and he'll be able to put it ingame or see whats wrong with it, dont ask for a whole ethical

Psyk0Sith 06-15-2006 08:18 PM

I dont care what i see in that file, it could be a bunch of boxes, you will only gain more knowledge if i help you, but its your choice.

Vruki Salet 06-18-2006 03:28 AM

What's the latest useful version of XSI to make models and/or animations for JKA? What version did Raven use? Is 5 too new?

LightNinja 06-18-2006 09:50 AM

any version, i think XSI doesnt have the problems that 3dsmax 6&7 have about making new animations

darth rookus 06-21-2006 03:38 PM

amm...please psyk0sith...could you make for me the model? because, playermodels, aren't the models, that are for me... I think, thatI could be a great Weapon maker :) The playermodels, can you make :) (Sorry, for my BAD english...xD) Just make the model, and the textures...and send me the .glm file via e-mail...

KMan 06-21-2006 05:01 PM

This is starting to turn into less of an assistance thread and more and more into a model request.

LightNinja 06-21-2006 05:21 PM

darth rookus, did you even did a model?

darth rookus 06-22-2006 10:12 AM

Yes. I did a it's realy bad...I did one player model, and tons of weapon models. But, I want that psyk0 makes the model, because my model is too bad for the mod I'm doing.

jadendecar 06-22-2006 10:19 AM

rookus, no offense, but if you never start off doing bad work, you'll never get good, and you'll always depend on other people to do it for you. Also, Psyk's modeling days are over anyways, he pretty much just helps people out nowadays (no offense psyk, i'm amazed you modeled as long as you did).

P.S. Doing a mod, especially one with a lot of custom models takes a lot of experience, and a lot of effort. For example, there was one mod (can't remember which one), and it took 5 college grads to even finish it, let alone do it well.

darth rookus 07-10-2006 12:17 PM

O.k.... Amm, but I have just one question...could the problem be, that the skeleton is for 3ds max 5, but I used it in 3ds max 7? Because, I think that the problem is in the skeleton...but I'm not sure ^^

Psyk0Sith 07-10-2006 07:44 PM

Jadencar compiled his characters with my skeleton i believe (and he uses above max 5). So Jadencar, confirm or deny my previous statement :D.

P.S.: No offense taken are right.

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