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[ASJN] Balboa 04-09-2006 03:55 PM

Geometry with skybox parameters
Hello, I got an idea for a map i wanted to work on, and it involved the Halo ring from well, Halo. I wanted the level to be a scene from where your actually on the ring and can see it overhead. Now i know terragen does not make structures to photograph, or even trees for that matter, and i suck creating textures on my own, so i thought i would physically build the ring and give it the effect of a skybox of always being infinitely away.

And there is my problem, i don't know how to accomplish this. I know such a thing can be done, because on the level coruscant (t2_rogue) there exist buildings at the furthest corners that no matter how close you get, they infinitely run away like a skybox. From some other forum whos only help was "search portal sky" i found some old q3 tut on sky portals and i got something to work, but not quite what i want.

I got 2 rooms, one the player is in, one sealed away. The player room has a wall with the textures\system\portal texture on, and an entity called misc_portal_surface targeting the other room's single entity misc_portal_camera. Ingame the portal texture shows the sealed off room, but it appears black unless you get very close to the wall, and doesnt show geometry "infinitely" distancing itself from you.

Does anybody know how to get the thing i want?

[ASJN] Balboa 04-09-2006 09:43 PM

nevermind, i reverse compiled t2_rogue and found out how to work it, and so i'm all clear now.

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