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Krazy S 04-12-2006 08:32 AM

Kotor 3 idea!
Hi all

Know im very new to this forum and there are other threads that this could have gone in, however im looking for some direct feedback to this and hope no1 minds.

Anywho, heres a rough outline for my idea for KOTOR 3

the game is set around a central quest like always with a series of worlds to visit and a number of quest items to retrieve,
You play BOTH Revan and the exile, alternating between both as you retrieve a quest item on a particular world (so when revan completes the main quest on Dantooine for example you then revert to the exile game)

now heres the clincher: both games are happening at the same time, so when revan is finished with a world the exile could arrive there to find it in the same state as when revan left. this means the quest item is gone and the people could be turned to revans cause and be unwelcoming. If there were 4 worlds to choose from (and there could easily be upto 8 or more this time) each player would get to win 2 and lose 2

we will therefore end up with a final battle between the exile and revan just before the end to gather the quest pieces, this could be fought from both views so there are 2 endings to each time you play thru the game (onewhere revan wins and one where the exile wins)

Also these factors could be included in this game

1. as one hero turns good the other could become more evil, this could be explained by the diologue line "as you grow stronger in one side of the force so too does your nemesis grow stronger down the other path. it also means that the two heros play a different game and dont fight for the same goals

2. all the party members could have a dark and a light side story and will follow the appropriate one beased on the choises of their leader (influence and that) these party members could be found on certain planets so a party will change depending on where each hero decides to go in a particular game

3. it could be possible for a hero to lose the final battle on a planet and still continue (lose a hand which is replaced and provides learning for the next encounters) the other hero could then move in on the same planet and finish what the other started (in otherwords if the exile fails dantooine ten revan can come along after and the planet is stilll unclaimed) as long as each hero wins one planet each there is still an ultimate battle at the end.

that will do for now tho i think theres more to this one

Thanks guys lemme know what you think!


Krazy S

Krazy S 04-12-2006 08:34 AM

me again
this style of game will mean that the game can be played thru many times and still be different every time (eg your party depends on what planets you choose to visit) just thought i mention that one too.


Krazy S

XI33 04-12-2006 09:58 AM

1. Whats the fun of playing against your self?

2. Whos says Reven and Exile arn't both light side or dark side?

3. RPGs shouldn't alternate and it would take to long to make two different games, each with two seperate paths to choose.

Diego Varen 04-12-2006 10:25 AM


Originally Posted by XI33
4. Dont double post.

Yeah, use the Edit Post to add anything in.

Getting back on Topic, I don't think having two seperate Games would be good, because Revan and Exile may be Light/Dark, Male/Female etc.

Prime 04-12-2006 11:18 AM


Originally Posted by XI33
4. Dont double post.

Please leave the moderating to us. Thank you.

vader815 04-12-2006 09:21 PM

The outcome of the game should be dicided based on gender, alignment, influence on NPC's, and order the game was played, like if you go to planet 1 before planet 2 the game goes one way, while if you go to planet 2 first then the game outcome is completely different

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