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BlueBone 04-14-2006 08:54 AM

BFII shutdown after first lvl
Hi.. after finishing first lvl in Rise Of The Empire, the game shuts.. any1 know why.. it use to work, but now it keep doing it.. I've allready reinstalled the game.. but still same...


zerted 04-15-2006 03:10 PM

Disable sound and see if that works.

BlueBone 04-15-2006 04:38 PM

yea... i read the other posts before i posted my.. i tryed with the sound mixer and stuff... but now i can only get to the sirst space lvl... not much of a chance if u ask me...

zerted 04-22-2006 05:00 PM

What are your system specs? (processor, graphics card, sound card, Windows version, DVD or CD version of the game). You've patched the game right?

BlueBone 04-24-2006 10:11 AM

Number of Processors: 1 physical, 2 logical
Cpu Vendor: GenuineIntel
Cpu Identifier: x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 7
Cpu Speed: 3059 Mhz
Physical Memory Size: 1022 MB
CD: 1
DVD: 2
Video Description: RADEON 9800 PRO
Video Identifier: 0x1002[v], 0x4E48[d]
Video Driver Version: 6.14.0010.6606
Video Memory Size: 181 MB
Vertex Shader Version: 2.0
Pixel Shader Version: 2.0
DirectX Version: 9.0c
Operating System: Windows XP Service Pack 2
BITS: enabled

the patch is installed right... and i can see that i posted wrong.. it should be on the BFII tech forum... plz move it

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