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Chris Y 04-15-2006 07:36 AM

Computer screen black-out!

My old PC is messing with me again. Turned out my Geforce 2 card died totally (after being half dead for a year now :P) last week, can't blame it though... it has fought for 4 years now And I'm proud.

Anyways I went to PC City store and bought a new card ... can't remember exactly but it's also a Geforce card. It's not too new and it's compatible with older systems like my old PC. It worked pretty nicely the first 5 minutes until the screen just blacked out and refused to go on again. I restarted my PC a few times but still the same. The screen just dies after a while for some reason.

You guys have any idea? I'm too stupid. :)

[edit: Oh holy ****... wrong forum... someone move this to the approriate forum if there is one! -.-]

Det. Bart Lasiter 04-15-2006 10:46 PM

I suppose this should be moved like you said Chris Y, but I always hated not having my computer operational, so I'll answer and this post can be moved as well :)

The only things I can think of right now are that your drivers may not be properly installed or your PSU may not be large enough. I'm not sure what driver you'd have to use without knowing the model of your card though (so you may wish to post that, the rest of your system specifications, and the size of your PSU as well).

Chris Y 04-15-2006 11:05 PM

This is the first time I switch graphic card so I probably screwed something up along the way... :p

Simply, I just pulled out my old card and put in the new one then starting up the PC with a CD inserted, containing all the drivers. Then I just ran the installer... After a reboot it was running nice for a short period of time.

It has come to my mind that my old drivers is still in there somewhere, uninstalled... maybe that's why...

I don't really know what a PSU is (amateur... -_-) but something like Computer Specs I am familiar with, here's what I remember:

Pentium III,
672 MB RAM,
OS: Windows XP,
30 GB space (with only 2 or so remaining)

The guy in the store told me the card would just customize itself to my PC's limits...

First thing i'm gonna do in the morning is to go and find out my card's full name. Can't do it now in the middle of the night without awakening any sleeping bears. ^^''

DarthMaulUK 04-16-2006 05:37 AM

You will need to uninstall the old drivers, install those from the CD, then visit nvidia and get the latest drivers. Drivers are ALWAYS out of date the moment you buy anything


stoffe 04-16-2006 10:01 AM

Another thing to check is if there is a newer firmware version available for your Motherboard BIOS.

Something similar happened to me about a year ago, when my ATI Radeon seemingly just shut down at random occasions. Turned out that my graphics card was too new for the firmware my motherboard shipped with to handle properly. After I updated the motherboard firmware to a newer version that problem has never occured again.

Since you upgraded from an older card to a newer one something similar could be the cause in your case.

Chris Y 04-16-2006 10:55 AM

I went and re-installed the whole PC to it's former settings with a recovery CD. Then I uninstalled my old graphic drivers and installed the new drivers. I don't have internet connection on that PC so I cannot upgrade anything. It's still messing though...

The new card is a "Geforce FX 5200". My old card was a Geforce 2 something...

Maybe the PC just can't handle the card?

BTW: Now that I re-installed the whole PC it's OS is now Windows ME for the moment... -_-''

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