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GrayJedi 04-20-2006 10:03 PM

Kyle's Saber
I haven't played MOTS for a while so I would just like to know if anyone knows what colour Kyle Katarn's lightsaber is when you face him with Mara Jade at the end of MOTS. I assume it's red.

Reason being I am trying to track his lightsabers for a friend's fanfic. My research thus far has yielded:

1) DF 2: Qu Rahn's green saber...destroyed by BOC, Yun's yellow saber.

2) MOTS: Constructs own saber with hilt from Jedi Outcast/Jedi Academy...equipped with orange crystal...falls to dark side switches to red crystal...redeemed by Mara switches to blue.

3) JO/JA: Personal saber and blue crystal from above.

Nesseight 04-21-2006 12:16 PM

Taken from darkjedi_kyle.cog:
material tip_mat=saberred0.mat local
material side_mat=saberred1.mat local

Yep, that's the red saber (I know, I'm lazy).

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