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The Doctor 04-23-2006 09:31 PM

Knights of the Old Republic: Darkness Falls II - Alliances
Star Wars
Knights of the Old Republic: Darkness Falls II – Alliances

The Key to the Galaxy has been returned to the Time Stream, and the damage to the Time-line apparently mended. THE OTHER has returned those involved with the Key to where they would be had these events not taken place, their memories unaffected by the journey backwards in time.

His memories now completely restored, Revan is aware of the love he and Kira shared during the Mandalorian Wars - as well as the darkness that drove him to declare war on the Jedi, throwing the galaxy into chaos. He is now driven to extinguish the darkness that forced him to alienate the woman he loved, and drag the galaxy into a war that would last far longer than the ships would fight.

Those involved in the events of the Key to the Galaxy have formed a bond that runs deeper than the Force. They are all aware of a growing darkness on the edge of the galaxy, and know that they will need to find each other and work together once again to stop the galaxy from falling into eternal darkness...

Revan - The Doctor
Atton Rand, The Disciple (Mical), & Kira Starr (Jedi Exile) - ForceFightsWMe12
Brax – 3yks
Crystal Gray – WildJedi
Jasra Lantill, Karda Jal-Ordo* – JasraLantill

*RobQel-Droma will take on the role of Karda Jal-Ordo upon his return to the forums.

Vros (our villain) -- Once a Jedi that had been sent out on a mission to stop the Cosmic Turbine that eventually led to the Vultar Cataclysm, he now goes by the name of VROS. Upset and ashamed by his failure in his mission, Vros retreated to an unknown planet on the Outer Rim and has fallen to the Dark Side. Although he is human, after 300 years he still only appears middle aged, but as Vros was formerly a Jedi researcher, it is assumed he has used some sort of Sith Alchemy with a goal of spreading Darkness to the Galaxy.
Bastila Shan -- Jedi Master

ForceFightWMe12 04-24-2006 04:58 PM

"Studying maps again, Disciple?" Kira Starr, the Jedi Exile, asked, entering the main room of the small freighter, the Ebon Hawk.
" seems that though the Nav Computer is still locked, there are faint hints as to where Revan went before he disappeared..."
"And you're trying to find them..." she finished, gazing at the rotating hologram of a moon and its surrounding stars, trying to figure out what the Disciple saw. "Of course, I was never as skilled with details as you..."
"Believe me," he said with a chuckle, "If you stared at these maps as much as I have, you'd see it too."
The Exile laughed softly, leaning against the machine. Revan, where have you gone?
And that was the spark. Major Déjà vu. Kira’s laugh stopped in her throat as memory washed back to her of the past few weeks. Or, perhaps better to say, the next few weeks.
“Kira?” he asked, looking at her strangely, “Are you alright?”
“No wonder this felt strange…” she said, a new light coming to her eyes, “This already happened.”
Disciple smiled knowingly, his eyes meeting hers. “I was wondering when you would catch on. Though, I guess after all that had happened to you, it would only be natural you’d be the last to… ‘awaken’.”
She fumbled for a moment. “Wait…wha…You already remembered??”
“An hour ago.” he explained, “Though I had to see the pattern I had found in the maps to trigger it. I figured that I would humour you until you remembered.”
Folding her arms across her chest, the Exile gazed at the ceiling.
“I was the last, eh? That means Atton’s remembered as well?”
“Yeah, I have.”
Her head snapped over to the entrance of the cockpit, where the pilot stood leaning against the doorframe.
Though Atton did have a tendency to appear angsty at times, she had to admit that his expression was quite dark, especially when his eyes alighted on her.
“We’re still in the same situation that we started in, though.” he said, “Low on supplies and fuel. We’ll have to land on Nar Shaddaa.” his sour expression deepened. The Exile guessed he wasn’t too happy about landing on the moon.

The Doctor 04-24-2006 05:11 PM

A small craft dropped out of hyperspace, soaring towards the smuggler's moon. It gleamed in the harsh light of the Y'Toub sun.
Inside, Revan's hands' flew across the controls, trying to keep the ship stable. He opened a channel to the docking authority. "This is Brandon Oneda, of the..."
he trailed off as strange images flashed through his mind. A tall blue box appearing out of thin air... a stange blue skinned alien with talons of steel... a sharp pain in his chest...
Kira. The last of his memories flashing back to him, he shook his head, trying to sort the images out. He spoke into the comm again. "This is Revan, of the Starlight. My engines are down, and life support is failing. I require assis-"
A gravelly voice broke over the comm. "Wait, did you say Revan?!"
"Yes! I request permission for an emergency landing! Immediately!"
The Starlight shook as it entered the upper thermosphere of the moon, and the exterior hull began to glow red. "My hull is coming apart!"
All he heard was static. The comm was down.
Cursing under his breath, he rerouted power to the hull. He spoke into the comm again. "If anyone can hear me: I'm coming in for landing."

The Starlight began to shake harder as it broke through the cloud line. Inside the craft, Revan was fighting unconsciousness as the city rushed towards him. This is going to hurt...
The Starlight crashed into the docking pad, it's docking struts disabled. Revan smacked his head on the console, and stars burst in front of his vision. Fighting to stay awake, he forced open the cockpit dome and climbed out, landing in an ungraceful heap on the ground. He stood, and shook his head as a crowd began to gather around the crashed ship. Hiding his lightsaber, he stumbled to the docking officer on duty - an old toydarian with gray skin. He passed the creature all the credits he had on him. "Sorry for the mess," he said, looking back at the crumpled ship.
Before the toydarian could get a word in edgewise, Revan was gone. He had to find the Ebon Hawk. He had to find Kira.

ForceFightWMe12 04-24-2006 05:33 PM

The Force flowed easily through the Exile as she meditated in the back of the ship, trying to sort through the memories of what had never happened. There was an extremely strange man...The Doctor, he called himself, as well as his companions, Nyssa and Tegan...Crystal the telepath...Karda the Jedi, Jasra, the Jedi-turned bounty Omwati called Brax...and...Revan. There were Shards involved...Shards of the Shikon No Tama, the Key to the Galaxy...those Shards had terrible power...over her, over others...the Darkness she had felt fall upon her...she had lost control and...and hurt Atton and Crystal both...she had fought the Doctor, or a future version of himself, called the Watcher...killed a Sith Lord...and all to have the overwhelming power of those damned Shards! Though they were no more, Kira could still feel that tainted energy pull at her heart...
Just then, the ship hummed and began to jolt about.
"We're entering the atmosphere." came Atton's voice through the comm.
Sure, now he tells me. she thought as she braced herself against the wall of the dormitory.
Within moments, the landing gears extended, and they had arrived on Nar Shaddaa. The occupants of the ship piled out, taking in a few deep breaths of real, not-so-fresh air.
"Hey, whata you doin'? Whata you be needin', eh?" came the question of the dockmaster, a toydarian.
"A fuel up," Kira began, offering credits, "And a tune up don't mind." her voice trailed off as she spotted a hunched form in the distance. He was familiar...and as she reached her senses out, there was no mistaking it.
"Revan..." she whispered. He was hurt...and that's when she remembered how they had met up last time. He had crash-landed on the planet.
"Revan!" she shouted, running across the landing pad to him.

Writer 04-24-2006 05:43 PM

"... and we didn't have the time to... Ms. Gray? Are you even listening to me?"

Crystal blinked. "I'm sorry," she stammered. "I'm experiencing something rather odd... where am I?"

"Is this some kind of joke?" the furry alien in front of her shrieked. It sighed. "Fine, I'll play along. You're in my cantina, the..."

"Foolish Kataran," Crystal finished. "On Coruscant. Right."

"Are you alright?" the creature asked her, frowning. "You're acting funny."

Crystal smirked. "You say that, but you've only just met me an hour ago. Does that make you an expert on my behavior?"

"Well..." the creature stammered. "Never mind... I was just describing..."

"The job you want me to do," Crystal interrupted. "I know. I'm going to turn you down this time. You'll have to find another mercenary."

"There is no other who could pull this off," the creature protested. "Just go to Nar Shaddaa and do it for me, won't you?"

Crystal was about to turn him down again, but reconsidered. After all, didn't she want to go to Nar Shaddaa anyway? With a weary sigh, she nodded. "Alright. I'll do it."

"You'll be payed well," the alien grinned, shivering slightly. "Count on it."

"Right," Crystal murmured. "I'll be going now."

She rose and left the cantina in a rush. Memories came flying back to her as she moved toward a lift. The streets were a good location for finding jobs, but Crystal was no longer interested. Everything that had happened before... Crystal stopped abruptly.

"But they didn't happen," she murmured. She found herself wondering if everything she'd learned to do while under the influence of the shards was still available to her. Giving herself a full mental examination, she discovered that the abilities had always been there; the exposure to the shards had merely forced her to discover them.


She stood before the Jedi Temple. She knew she had to get to Nar Shaddaa... but, no. Not yet. This was more important. With a heavy sigh, she climbed the steps to the entrance. There was a Jedi at the door and he stopped her.

"You have been gone for years, telepath," he said. "What makes you so sure you are welcome here?"

"All others are," Crystal answered. "Even if you do not allow me entrance, I can still enter."

"Promise me you mean no harm to the Order," he told her.

"I am here after information alone," she said. "Looking up old friends."

"Very well," he sighed, stepping aside and allowing her to enter.

The Doctor 04-24-2006 05:51 PM

Revan looked up, and saw Kira running towards him. He grunted as she threw her arms around him, sending stabs of pain through his chest. She sensed his discomfort, and released him.
"What happened?" she asked.
"Same thing as last time... my ship crashed." He grimaced, and cutched an open wound in his side.
"Let's get you to the Hawk" she said, helping him walk back to the ship.

He lay on the medical bed, Disciple silently examining his wounds. He turned to Kira. "Who else was here... is there any sign of the Doctor?"

JasraLantill 04-24-2006 06:47 PM

As the warm feeling of Brax’s lips on hers slowly melted away, the bright white light surrounding Jasra faded into a glowing yellow streak. A lightsabre, slicing straight towards her head.

With lightning quick reactions, she ducked, the blade swinging harmlessly above her as she dropped into a tuck and rolled away across a softened surface—a training mat, she quickly deduced, but Jasra was still confused as to where she was.

Then, as she was about to rise to her feet, a disturbing sight met her eyes. She froze, horrified by what she saw and screamed just as the lightsabre swung towards her again and struck her in the middle of her back.


Karda swung his lightsabre at the training droid, his blade deflecting off the energy resistant shield. Jumping up over the head of the droid, he turned quickly, then slashed at the head, at which the droid ducked and rolled to evade. Karda continued through with the swing, crouching as he twisted around, coming up right behind the droid and striking it the back. Only when he heard the scream did he realise he wasn’t fighting a droid anymore.

“Jasra?!” he cried out just as she was knocked down with the electrical surge of his training sabre. Quickly extinguishing his sabre, he moved to help her to her feet. “Are you alright?”

Jasra turned and stared at him with horror, then turned back towards the large mirror that covered the one wall of the training room they were in. “I’m a… a…” she stuttered as she stared in shock at her reflection.

She wore a green belted tunic, overlaid with brown leather tabards that hung just below her waist over black trousers neatly tucked into knee-high leather boots. Her hair was a bit shorter, but what caught her eye was the long thin braid that was dangling over her shoulder.

She swallowed hard. “I’m…a Jedi!” she managed to choke out in a hoarse, disgusted whisper.

“Jasra, you’ll have to do better than that if you want to pass your trials,” said a deep voice from behind them.

Immediately, Jasra and Karda both snapped their heads towards the voice.

“Master Verga?” Karda said, somewhat taken back by the presence of his old Master.

Master Verga approached, his brown robes rustling softly in the silence that had befallen the room. He stood for a moment, looking at the two of them with kind brown eyes, before finally motioning for Jasra to rise from the floor.

“You’ve been summoned to appear before the Council, Karda,” Master Verga said to him. “They have a mission for you. And I must tell you that I’m very pleased that they felt my current Padawan is well trained enough to accompany you,” he added, looking at Jasra with pride in his eyes.

Jasra stared blankly at Master Verga. Padawan? His Padawan? How could this be? Then she remembered what The Other had said. He was sending them back in time to where they had been before their encounter with the shards had started. But she hadn’t been a Jedi! This wasn’t her life! How had things changed so much?

“And upon completion of this mission, Jasra, you will be able undertake the trials for Knighthood,” Verga continued. “And, you, Karda, will be eligible to become a Master.”

“Erm…thank you, Master,” Karda said, giving a small but reverent nod of his head, and then elbowing Jasra to do the same.

Master Verga gave the two of them a curious look. “Are you alright?” he asked, directing his question more to Jasra than to Karda. “I sense a great deal of …uncertainty in you.”

Jasra still couldn’t find her voice.

“I’m sure it’s just lingering effects of the blow from the training sabre,” Karda said quickly. He looked at Jasra. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hit you so hard with it.” Looking again at Master Verga, he said, “If you don’t mind, I’ll escort her to the infirmary, Master. Just to make sure she’s alright.”

Master Verga nodded. “Just don’t be late. You’re to appear before the Council in one hour.”

Karda assured him that they would be there, and with a firm grip on Jasra’s arm, he quickly led her out of the training room and down the corridor.

“What’s happening?” Jasra finally managed to say. “This isn’t where I’m supposed to be! The Other said that…”

“I don’t know,” Karda interrupted her. “But we can find out when we view our records in the infirmary. C’mon.”


“Oh, you have got to be kidding!” Jasra tore her eyes away from the Infirmary computer and looked at Karda. “It says here that I was brought here at age 14, after, and I quote ‘a long spell away from the guidance of any Jedi Master, whereupon she acted upon her darker instincts for her survival. Recommend remedial training and thought reconditioning.’” She frowned. “They brainwashed me!”

Karda was looking at his own record. “It says here that I was with Master Verga when he found you.” His eyes raised, meeting hers. “In Sig’s cantina. Apparently, you were dancing on stage when Master Verga and I recognised you.”

“Oh? And what were you doing on Taris, huh?” Jasra said accusingly.

Karda searched through the file. “Negotiating the release of a Senator who had been kidnapped for ransom by Hedra the Hutt.”

“But…I don’t remember these events?” Jasra said. Then she frowned. “Do you?”

Karda frowned. “Well,” he started, “now that I think about it, I sort of do. But not like I was there. More like, remembering something that I read. Not like a memory of a first-person account.”

Jasra frowned. She didn't remember being brought back to the Jedi Order. Her memories were of a different life... and things that hadn’t yet happened. “Brax,” she whispered. She stared at Karda. “We have to go to Nar Shaddaa,” she said abruptly.

Karda snorted. “No. We have to meet with the Council in twenty minutes. You’re a Jedi now.”

“I’m not,” she said, shaking her head. “Not on the inside.”

“I suggest that you hide your thoughts on that matter, or the Masters on the Council will think you’ve had some sort of ‘relapse’ to your former lifestyle and have you undergo remedial training again,” Karda warned her.

Jasra frowned. Karda was right. She had to play the part of a good little Jedi for the moment, or she would never get to Nar Shaddaa. And Brax. “Fine,” she said with resignation. “Let’s go.”

The two of them left the Infirmary computer station and headed for the Council Chambers, unsure what sort of mission awaited them.

The Doctor 04-24-2006 07:17 PM

Nar Shadda was just as dull and slimey as ever. A heavily entoxicated man stumbled out from the bar, yelling random profanities into the empty street. The man stumbled and fell to the ground. Pulling himself up by the wall, he began to utter a constant stream of threats directed at nobody in particular.
A strange noise filled the air, and the man fell over trying to identify the source of the sound. A strange blue box appeared out of nowhere, as if it were only now fading into existance. The man got up slowly, and stumbled over to the box.
"Whut da hehlll," he said drunkenly, smacking the side of the box with his fist.The door flew open, and a man stepped out, a dark cape flowing behind him. He wore black robes, with a dark green amice (amice). He grabbed the man by the shirt and threw him away from the box. "Stay back, fool!" he spat. He towered over the man, who was now cowering in fear.
"Who... who are you?" he choked out, now fully sober now that his life could be in danger.
"I am the Doctor," said darkly, his deep voice accented unpleasently. "And I suggest you leave, before I lose my temper with you, scum!"
The man scrambled to his feet and ran away, stumbling drunkenly. The Doctor closed the door of the TARDIS, and turned sharply, his long, dark green cape billowing behind him.

3yks 04-24-2006 07:55 PM

"This is the tomb of Ludo Kressh," the voice of an old woman ... Brax frowned, standing outside his small ship, he had just left an old sith academy, and now words drifted through the air.

“Low on supplies and fuel. We’ll have to land on Nar Shaddaa.” Brax's eyes opened, that wasn't right. That isn't what he was supposed to hear, a feeling touched his lips, he blinked ... "Jasra?" He whispered, and frowned looking around him.

That thing ... the Doctor, had said they would be returned to the time stream. He moved quickly back into his fighter, back upto his ship, and off ... headed for Nar Shadaa, he didn't have to locate it this time, he knew right where it was.

The trip felt the same ... it was so weird though, he had memories from the future, he knew that much. The exile was on Nar Shadaa, and so was Revan. Hate filled him for a second, but then memroy of Revan's death, of the forgivness they had given each other. He frowned, part of him lost in the present, instead of the future. Part of him wanting blood.

ForceFightWMe12 04-24-2006 08:33 PM

"None. At least, not that I know of. With that TARDIS of his, he can go anywhere he wants at anytime in the blink of an eye." Kira said, her fingers slipping to entwine with his.
"I always wanted to get one of those." Disciple joked as he readied a syringe. "This'll pinch a bit, though I'm sure with all you've been through you can handle it." he warned, then gave a quick jab to Revan's upper arm, injecting the painkiller. "There. You should be good for the next few hours now. Of course, if you get any feeling in your toes back, you'll need to come back and get a second dose."

The Doctor 04-24-2006 08:41 PM

Revan nodded to show that he understood, and groaned in discomfort as the painkiller seeped through his bloodstream. His body slowly began to grow numb, and he was able to lie there in relative comfort. He looked up at Kira, and squeezed her hand. At least, he thought he did.
"Kira... there's so much I need to... that I need to apologise for..."

ForceFightWMe12 04-24-2006 09:00 PM

"No, Revan, don't be silly. You did what you had to. It's done and over with now; one for the history texts." Kira said, " probably would have been better if I hadn't over-reacted."
"Kira..." he said, running his thumb across the back of her hand. "I abandoned you...I...I shouldn't have--"
There was a rather loud 'ahem' from the door to the med bay, and Kira looked over her shoulder to see Atton standing there. He was staring daggers at Revan...or more preciesly, his hand.
"Someone's here to see you, Kira." he said, "I think we've made new friends."
Kira cocked an eyebrow, and pulled away from Revan, moving to the door. She heard a rustle of robes, and saw Revan starting to sit up. She was about to move to push him back, but Disciple said, "It's alright, Kira. He's all bandaged up and the painkiller should allow him to stay on his feet. Though any nausea or unsteadiness should be reported immeditatly."
"Ever the doctor, Disciple." she began out again, but turned back for a second. "Pun not intended."

As Kira exited the ship, she found herself facing a group of two toydarians, one wearing the badge of the docking authority, the other was the dock owner, and two disgruntled-looking Duros.
"Yousa de owner of dis ship, eh?" the docking authority toydarian asked.
"Yes, I am. What seems to be the problem?" Kira asked, striding to the group.
"Yousa seen a man callin' himself Revan?"
"No, why?" Kira asked, firing the answer off without batting an eyelash.
"Cuz people bin sayin' dey saw him come to yousa's ship." he said, his wings fluttering angrilly as he put his hands on his waist and came right up to her face.

The Doctor 04-24-2006 09:14 PM

"If I were you," said a deep accented voice out of nowhere. "I would forget these... rumours."
The man in the black cloak stepped out of the shadow of the Ebon Hawk, his cape waving slightly in the faint wind. He stared hard at the Toydarian, there eyes locked. "They're most likely exactly that. Why would Revan return here, of all places?"
The toydarian didn't break his gaze with the stranger. "Yes... You're right, eh! Revan woulda neva appear on disa planet!" He waved his hand dismissively. "Sorry to bother you." He turned to leave, his companion follwing him, a confused look on his face.

ForceFightWMe12 04-24-2006 09:18 PM

As their greeting party made their exit, Kira turned to the newcomer. She looked him up and down a few times. He was dressed in some of the strangest clothes she'd even seen...though, then again, someone else she knew had had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction as well. But...this couldn't be him. There was no way. Even through the regeneration process, the Doctor's voice always had a definate sound to it that made you know it was him, the look in his eyes didn't change...
"Why do I feel like I know you?" she murmured.

The Doctor 04-24-2006 09:20 PM

"You do," he grumbled. He didn't smile. "I am the Doctor. But this is not the place."

ForceFightWMe12 04-24-2006 09:25 PM

So her hunch had been right...but...what the hell? There was no way this was the same guy. The Doctor had been cheerful and tolerant and...well...maybe a bit unorthodox, but this guy...he didn't look like he could smile if his life depended on it.
"Might I ask what Regeneration?" she asked. The Doctor she knew was the fifth incarnation. Judging by the change in attitude...her guess was this guy was going on fifty.

The Doctor 04-24-2006 09:29 PM

The Doctor glared at her. "You may. But whether I will answer is another matter entirely." He looked around nervously again. "As I said, this is not the place," he snapped impatiently. "I shall return to the TARDIS, and land it inside the Ebon Hawk. We may speak freely then. And only then."
Without another word, he turned sharply, his cape billowing out behind him, and stalked off towards the TARDIS.

3yks 04-24-2006 09:35 PM

Brax landed without a sound not far off from where the Doctor was walking away from Kira and ... Revan, who was only just poking his head out of the ramp from the Hawk.

He frowned, did they actually remember him? Was any of this real? Or had he simply gone insane and had some weird hallucination of the future? He sighed and stood up from his crouched position, and apeared about twenty feet off, his hands held up. The red gauntlets not glowing with energy.

"Kira? Revan?" He called, the Doctor had said they would have to work togethor this time around. He stayed were he was, hands held up in a sign of peace.

ForceFightWMe12 04-25-2006 05:37 PM

"So he did." Kira said, advancing on Brax. Her right hand was on her hip, her fingers splayed close to where her lightsaber was sheathed at her belt. He might be trying to claim truce, but he had killed Revan in cold-blood before. She wouldn't make the mistake of letting her guard down. She noticed his eyes dart to her hand.
"Throw down your weapons, Omwati, and I'll throw down mine." she said, looking at the gauntlets pointedly.

3yks 04-25-2006 06:24 PM

"I can't." He said, looking at her face, "If I could I would ... but my gauntlets aren't like the one's I gave Jasra." He frowned in thought for a moment. "They're a part of me ... they have been for a long time. The metal eats away at the skin in my hands, bonds with the bone itself. It's why I never take them off, it's why I was suprised ... when we were in that place and I didn't have them." He considered for a moment.

"But I can remove the powercell." he turned one hand up and used the other to open a little hatch, and popped out a power cell, and then did the same witht he other. "It makes it hard to move them much at all, but I will suffer through that to prove that I am not here to fight Revan again." He nodded to this. "Revan paid for his crimes in my mind, and that is all that matters to me."

JasraLantill 04-25-2006 08:31 PM

Standing next to Karda and Master Verga before the Jedi Council in the Enclave on Dantooine, Jasra shifted uncomfortably. She wasn’t used to her new ‘Jedi wardrobe’, and having accomplished Jedi Masters staring at her while she tried to shield her thoughts didn’t help her comfort level any either.

There were five chairs in the Enclave’s Council Chamber, four of them filled, one of them empty. Jasra had asked Karda on their way there who the Council consisted of, and here she saw the faces of the Jedi Masters for the first time: Farenbrae Del, a Twi’Lek; Visas Marr, a Miraluka; Tarlec Kintela, a Corellian human; Prilia Hertlsh, an Ithorian. Bastila Shan, the only member of this Council she would have recognised, was conspicuously missing.

“Karda Jal-Ordo,” said Visas Marr. “As you know, the Order is in the midst of rebuilding itself. Barely one hundred Jedi remain, so every one of us is important if the Order is to survive. For this reason, we have sent one of our own on a mission to seek out Force Sensitives in the outer reaches of the Galaxy, in an effort to try and recruit them to join the Order and train as Jedi. Master Verga, you have been instrumental in recovering some of the Padawans the Order sent away for protection during Darth Nihilus’ purges. And two of your most successful cases stand before us now.”

Jasra swallowed hard. She was a successful case? Oh, if they only knew….

“Thank you, Master,” Verga said, bowing slightly. “I appreciate the compliment.”

“Instructing the young is a difficult task,” said Master Del, “but even more so when their regimen is interrupted.” He gave Jasra a hard stare. “Especially when they are exposed to corrupting influences,” he added.

Jasra cocked an eyebrow at him, but said nothing.

“And overcoming those influences is a sign of a strength,” Visas said. “Turning from the Dark Side is no easy task. One must be constantly vigilant against giving into the lure of easy power. Don’t you agree, Jasra?”

Jasra bristled. Were they testing her? “Power is never easy to wield, Master,” she answered. “No matter where it originates from.”

“I am glad you have learned your lessons well, Padawan,” said the Ithorian Master Hertlsh in heavily accented Basic. “For you will need such wisdom for the mission we are sending you on.”

“Perhaps we should just get to the point,” said Master Kintela, with all the brashness of a typically Corellian. “We believe that Master Shan has been kidnapped while bringing back some Force Sensitive candidates for Jedi training.”

“Kidnapped?” Karda asked. “By whom?”

“We don’t know,” said Visas. “The Council has sensed a Darkness falling across the Galaxy. We are unable to detect its origin, but we believe that Master Shan’s disappearance is related to it in someway.”

“Your mission, Karda, is to find Bastila and the Padawan candidates,” said Master Kintela. “A Republic scout ship is being dispatched from Coruscant. It will arrive tomorrow morning. Padawan Lantill will accompany you.”

“And upon your return, Karda,” Master Del added, “you will be awarded the rank of Master. And, this mission will also be considered part of Padawan Lantill’s trials for Knighthood.”

“Go and prepare yourselves,” said Visas. “Good luck, and may the Force be with you.”

“Thank you, Masters,” Karda said, bowing and nudging Jasra to do the same. “We will not fail you.”


Jasra and Karda walked down the corridor to the dormitory section of the Enclave.

“Kira knows Bastila, right?” Jasra asked. “Surely she’d help us with this.”

“This is Jedi business,” said Karda. “And Kira is not a Jedi.”

“Yeah, but she used to be. She’d help us. Just hope she’s on Nar Shaddaa like she was bef….”

“We are not going to Nar Shaddaa,” said Karda, holding up his datapad. “Bastila’s last known co-ordinates are nowhere near it.”

“But we have to go to Nar Shaddaa!” Jasra said, stopping him in the corridor. “That’s where the others will be!”

“The others?” He gave Jasra a stern look. “Get this through your head. What we ‘remember’--the Shards, Kira, Revan, The Doctor…” He sneered with disdain. “That blue Omwati beast…. It never happened. And it won’t happen. You’re a Jedi now, not some untrained, undisciplined, bounty hunting scum. A Jedi. You have a responsibility to uphold to the Order.”

“The Force brought us all together for a reason, and I have a responsibility to get back to them,” Jasra said. “And so do you!”

“It! Never! Happened!” Karda stared directly into Jasra’s eyes. “I’m in charge of this mission, and if you don’t want me to refer you Master Verga for some more ‘guided meditation’ to ‘recondition’ your thoughts, you’ll do as I say. Understood, Padawan?

Jasra glared at him. She desperately wanted to find Brax. And the others. Besides, she reasoned, they might be able to help them in their search for Bastila. But if she wasn’t allowed to go on the mission, she would never get to Nar Shaddaa.

“Understood,” she said reluctantly.

“Now go and prepare for the journey,” Karda said, pointing at a door that Jasra understood to be the door to her room. “We leave first thing in the morning.”

The Doctor 04-25-2006 08:56 PM

"What's going on?"
A fairly short young woman with shoulder length blonde hair wearing blue jeans and a purple shirt braced herself against a large console in the middle of the room as the entire ship shook.
"I don't know!" answered the man with her, as he pushed buttons and tapped keys on the console. "This can't be right!"
"What is it?" she asked, coming up beside him.
"Something's sending ripples through Time!" he said as the ship shook again. "We;re being knocked off course!"
"Well can't you do something?" she asked, pushing her hair out of her eyes.
"No!" he said, pulling a lever and cathching her as she almost fell to the floor. "The TIme Vortex isn't stable! I can't control our flight!"
"Where are we headed?"
The man smiled widely. "I don't know," he said. He looked up at her. "Sounds kind of exciting, doesn't it?"

ForceFightWMe12 04-26-2006 03:20 PM

Kira detached her saber from her belt and rolled it along the ground to a center point between them as Brax did the same with the power cells. Her eyes continued to watch him warily.
"And so the grudge is dropped?" she asked, cocking an eyebrow. "We can work together without having to worry about you stabbing us in the back?" she meant the statement literally, but didn't mention it.

3yks 04-26-2006 03:25 PM

"Right now all I'm intersted in is finding Jasra, and the best way to do that is with you ... I will not stab you in the back Kira." He nodded his head, looking at her quietly.

"And if I am needed to fight a greater evil, at Revan's side, then I will be happy to join with you for that as well. Once I have found Jasra." He waited for her to acknowledge this, then moved forward slowly. "Take your Lightsaber, and let us board the hawk as friends Kira." He paused a few feet from the saber and power cells.

ForceFightWMe12 04-26-2006 03:56 PM

Kira stepped closer to the Omwati, studying him for a moment. Then, slowly, cautiously, she reached out a hand. "You have my word if I have yours...Brax."

3yks 04-26-2006 04:37 PM

"You have my word, upon my honor as a Zedai." He grasped her hand, the metal on his was, odd, warm to the touch ... a strange hand to shake. But he shook her hand lightly, and then bent and picked up her saber, and offered it to her. Then picked up his power cells and put them back into place.

He smiled a ther, then closed his eyes for a moment, and stumbled .. .falling to one knee. His hand came up clutching his head ... streaks of blood at the tips of his claws apeared in his hair, and on the sides of his head ... "Aaargh." He screamed, and then fell forward, unconcoius.

ForceFightWMe12 04-26-2006 04:55 PM

"Brax?" Kira said, catching the Omwati as he fell forward. "Brax!!"
He couldn't hear her. He had blacked out.
She grimaced as she hauled him up, pulling one of his arms over her shoulders. As much as she distrusted him, she couldn't let him bleed to death right before her eyes. Besides, if she ever met up with Jasra again...
Mical!! she called, touching his mind. We have another patient for you, get your butt out here!!

"I haven't a clue what's wrong with him." Disciple said, flitting around the unconcious alien. "He's the first Omwati I've ever seen, let alone been able to study. Their make-up is different from ours...though I've managed to stop the bleeding for now. Hopefully he'll regain some form of conciousness so he could explain what's wrong and what needs to be done."

steven 04-26-2006 05:45 PM

Marshall Taylor began pressing bottens in the console in front of him. He was doing what he does to prep the ship for departure. As he did this the briefing replayed in his head. It took place in a briefing room in the senate building for a change. As far as briefing rooms go, it was pretty fancy; comfortable seating, a holo-projector that didn't make a funny crackling sounds after 10 tens of use and the hologram didn't flicker either, the man who was speaking clear Galactic Basic, nothing like the Republics Piolt base briefing room.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. You have been requested to join us for an important mission. We are pleased to see that you have all turned up..."the mission commander started. He was an old but tough bloke. He was fully dressed in military clothing, he had grey hair with a black streak at the back, he was also wearing an eye patch and it was ovious that his left hand was fake.
[/I]We didn't have a choice. I was drugged and woke up here.[I] thought Marshall.
The mission commander continued "Lately, an important jedi knight that is a key figure in the Jedi Order restoration program has gone mission. We are were to aid the two jedi in any means possible. You will be using an new class ship. The ship itself is very fast, has the best and up to date shielding technoigly and sensor array in our whole fleet. The ships name is the Dreadless and will be captain by the jedi that is head of the mision, but until then matters will be controlled by Captain Ford. You shall follow his commands even when the jedi take lead. Mr.Taylor will be the piolt of the ship..." This was the part where Taylor lost concentration. All he needed to know is that they were heading to Dantooine and then to some undisclosed location

After getting everything ready, Marshall spoke into the microphone, witch send a message to the space docks where the Dreadless was position.
"Dreadless requesting permission to undock." Marshall waiting for a few seconds until there was a reply
"Permission granted". He docked the ship and waited until the captain gave the order to enter hyperspace. As soon as Captain Ford said "Go", the Dreadless left hyperspace and toward Dantooine.

Xbx_Inthusiast 04-26-2006 06:36 PM

((Way too far in.. i'll go ahead and leave this alone, FFWM thanks for the offer though))

JasraLantill 04-26-2006 07:57 PM

Jasra stared for a moment at the small pack sitting on her bed before finally closing it up and sitting it on the floor by the door. She looked around the austere room. A bed, a plain small desk, a computer terminal, and a storage locker. It was hard to believe that this was her room as there were no personal items in view to identify it as such. Then again, Jedi were supposed to be free of personal attachments.

Her thoughts strayed to Brax. Where was he? Had he changed? Would he remember her? And if he did, would he still… love her? A Jedi?

Jedi. Jasra ran her fingers down the leather tabards she wore. It was a strange feeling wearing the garb of a Jedi. Especially since she didn’t think she wanted to be one now. Brax had opened her mind to a different way of looking at the Force—the once clearly defined lines between ‘Light’ and ‘Dark’ had blurred, her emotions encouraged to be experienced and relished, not hidden and forgotten.

She sighed sadly, then laid down on the bed and stared up at the ceiling. Tomorrow morning, she would leave on a mission to find the missing Bastila, but all she really wanted to do was to find Brax.

She closed her eyes, seeking sleep, and hoping that she might recall the time she had spent with Brax in the sanctuary of her dreams.

3yks 04-27-2006 01:42 AM

The room was dark, the ceiling made of stars, two creatures lay on a bed, curled togethor, one a blue skinned male sentient, the other a pink skinned female sentient. Omwati and Human.

"Jasra," Brax whispered softly, the feel of her warm body close to his bringing a smile to his face. "To bad this is just a dream." he whispered, caressing fingers through her hair gently. Not knowing that his unconcious mind had reached out searching for hers, and her own thoughts of seeking him had connected the two of them, sharing a dream.

"Where are you Jasra?" He asked, peering at her face, "Something seem ... different, wrong about this universe, I can't put my finger on it, but ... I have a bad feeling." He smiled, "Don't worry about responding, I know you're just in my head."

Mical paused a moment, looking at the monitor attached to Brax, the ship showed that he had four hearts ... and two of them had suddenly started beating extremely fast ... his blood pumping rapidly through his veins. He cried out in his sleep ... clutching his chest with his claws, gouging deep red stains into his chest ... Those gauntlets are dangerous. Thought Mical, and approached ... he managed to restrain Brax, and then started looking at the gauntlets. After a short while he called in T3, and togethor the two of them deviced a way to remove them ... and shortly there after Brax's hands were free of the gauntlets ... the skin was worn off almost completely ... muscle and bone shown through in places.

ForceFightWMe12 04-27-2006 05:29 PM

"Damn!" Disciple exclaimed. The Gauntlets...they're like a part of him now. A result of wearing them for most of his life? Or natural?
Regardless, it was a bad idea to have them on, and a worse idea to have them off. He called T3 back in, and they forced the gauntlets on again.
This is not good. he thought to himself, and hurriedly injected both the Omwati's arms with a neural agent that would paralyze the muscles in them, preventing him from harming himself with the claws further. He then set about applying bandages to the puncture wounds in his blue skin, the work going slowly. Finally, he injected him with yet another drug, this one to lull the two hearts that were beating far too fast and force the beating to return to normal. Unless the alien had some sort of reaction to it, the hearts would, and his condition would stabilized. Of course, if his body rejected the serum...well, he prefered not to think about it.
"Omwati have four hearts; two sheltered beneath a rib cage, two below the cage. Skin beneath these weapon-gauntlets also seems to be far too sensative, even to open air. The skin dried and deteriorates rapidly, exposing muscle and bone tissue. Leave gauntlets intact unless it is impossible to avoid." he said, the spoken notes being taken by a small device he had wrapped around his ear. "Let's hope this works."

- - - - -

"I see you've finally caught up with Revan." Atton said, breaking the silence that had reigned in the cockpit as he did a systems check on the Hawk and the Exile was checking coordinates against the galaxy map.
"Yeah..." Kira answered cautiously, casting a side glance at the back of the pilot's head.
"Just like old times, huh?"
She didn't like the tone in his voice. "Well...things are different from the days at the Enclave...things have changed..."
"People have changed?" he asked, standing now and looking at her. The Exile's hands dropped to her side, her eyebrows knitting together slightly.
"Perhaps..." she answered, "Why?"
"Well, I was just asking--"
"Atton," she cut in, "If you wanted to say something, this isn't the way to do it."
He was silent for a moment, looking at her, a hand clenching and unclenching as he tried to figure out what to say. In the end, he approached her, his face coming within inches of hers.
"I love you, Kira, and I just...don't want to loose you."

The Doctor 04-27-2006 06:01 PM

"You know," said Revan, standing framed in the door. "I once said the exact same thing to her." He moved forward, his hand dangerously close to his lightsaber. "And you know what?" he asked, glaring at Atton. "I did lose her. And I won't let it happen again."

ForceFightWMe12 04-27-2006 06:07 PM

As Kira jumped back, startled, her face glowing red, Atton's eyes narrowed and he turned to fully face Revan.
"But you did more than loose her." the Scoundrel said, "You turned away from her. Abandoned her. Oh, I've heard the stories. A corrupted Revan with an incurable blood-lust turns on the Jedi, leaving his most skilled General in his Hyperspace trail to face the Council alone while he goes off to find the ultimate weapon. You say you loved her, but that's just it, loved her. Things have changed since then."
Kira sensed the tension between the men and moved to intervene. "Atton, it wasn't like that, it--"

The Doctor 04-27-2006 06:15 PM

"How dare you!" said Revan, moving around Kra, coming face to face with Atton. "You served under me during the Wars as well, Atton. And you turned your back on me, your commrades. That includes Kira." He moved closer, so that his face was merely inches from Atton's. "But there's one difference between the two of us. I had a reason. I was trying to protcet the galaxy. You were just afraid. You ran away and hid on Nar Shaddaa, turning your back on all that you once held dear. And I won't let you do it again."

ForceFightWMe12 04-27-2006 06:35 PM

"Well sorry if my conscience couldn't handle all the killing that you were having me do." Atton said, pushing the Jedi back. "I was only one Jedi-hunter of how many? Quarter of a million? Half?? And I alone killed more Jedi than I could even have known existed! And guess what, while you prance around calling yourself the 'savior of the galaxy' all those Jedi are dead because of your orders. You killed those Jedi, not me."
He advanced on him again, his fist clenched and arm tensed, as if ready to slug Revan. "Besides, you loved her, Revan! I hardly even knew who the hell she was. From what I hear, you two grew up together, were best of friends. You can't just take back what you've lost, especially after it's been found by someone el--"
"That's enough, Atton." Kira said sternly, stepping between the two men.
The pilot looked astonished for a moment, but his expression quickly deteriorated into one of subdued anger again. He pushed roughly past her, being sure to 'accidentally' throw Revan against a wall as he passed.
"Let him go, Rev." she said, touching him on the shoulder as he turned to follow Atton.

JasraLantill 04-27-2006 09:33 PM

“Brax….” Jasra whispered, as she tightened grip around Brax’s arm. “I missed you.” She was dreaming. She must be. Yet she could feel his caresses, breathe in his scent, taste the salty flavour of his skin as she pressed her lips against his neck in a gentle kiss and then nestled in closer to the intense heat of his body. It was a dream, but it was so real.

There was no need for words, but then Brax spoke.

"Where are you Jasra?" he asked, peering at her face. "Something seems ... different, wrong about this universe. I can't put my finger on it, but ... I have a bad feeling." He smiled, "Don't worry about responding, I know you're just in my head."

“I’m right here,” she said, then Jasra took pause. Bad feeling? What bad feeling? This was her dream, wasn’t it? There were no bad feelings allowed in blissful dreams, were there? Unless…

“Brax, we’re in each other’s heads,” she said quietly. “A shared dream, brought about through the Force. Through our bond.” Her eyes sought his, and for a moment, words failed her. “My physical connection with the Force is stronger now,” she eventually said to him. “You taught me well….” She traced a finger slowly across his brow, then down his cheek, coming to rest lightly on his lips. “…but so have the Jedi.” She frowned slightly. “The Force brought us together. And the Force will lead me back to you.”

3yks 04-27-2006 09:52 PM

"What?" He frowned peering at her face, kissing the tips of her fingers lightly, she felt real. She tasted real, was she right? Was this not 'just a dream?'.

"If you're right then we need to find each other Jasra," he whispered. "I need you ... " for some reason she could tell he put greater significnace on this than simply that way in which lovers need each other. She could sense a physical pain growing in him. "I'm on Nar Shaddaa, but I will come to wherever you are Jasra." He nodded slowly, and then grimaced, she could feel something wet where her hand lay upon his chest.

Blood, he was bleeding badly, he coughed and blood splattered his lips as well. "I love you." He whispered, and then screamed ... and the ddream ended. She was back in her bed.

And he was back in the infermary, screaming ... muscles tensed and struggeling to break free of his bonds. A cry of anguish and pain filling the whole of the ebon hawk. But inside his pain was easing, a bit ... it wasn't gone completely but he settled into place, waiting for Mical to get here.

The Doctor 04-27-2006 10:43 PM

A dark grinding sound filled the Ebon Hawk, and the TARDIS materialised in the middle of the main room. It looked at least 50 years older than the last time they had seen it, with dirt and grime plastered over the windows. The light on the top no longer worked.
The door opened, and the Doctor stepped out, closing it sharply behind him.
Atton stood in the doorframe, leaning against it casually. "About time, Doc," he said, smirking slightly. "Disciple needs you. Brax is in the-"
"I have no time to deal with a worthless creature such as Brax," he spat. "I must speak with Kira. There is much to be discussed."
"She won't say a word to you until you help," he said dryly. "She's difficult that way."
A disgusted look on his face, he turned to the hallway, and entered the infirmery. Brax was screaming in pain, writhing on the table.
"Silence, beast," said the Doctor, glaring down at him. He administered a vial of sickly green liquid, injecting it into Brax's neck. He fell silent, his limbs going limp. "Omwati posess multiple redundant organs," he said. "Four hearts, three lungs, two livers, and 26 ribs. He'll be fine in a matter of hours."
"What... all you did was knock him out!"
"There's no point wasting resources attempting to repair the damage done," he said, standing. "It would be more efficient to allow his redunant systems to take over."
"But... can't you do something else for him?"
"I could. But it would be a waste of time."
"If you want to do something more for him, then do it yourself," he spat, moving past him. "I must speak to Kira and Revan. Come."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Where are we going?"
"But... we have absolutely no idea where we are!"
"Yes, and that's why we're going exploring. Come along, Rose."
He opened to door, and stepped out into the sunlight next to a fairly large lake, a domed building off in the near distance."
"Hold on..." he said, spinning around. "Yes... yes, it is!"
"That's the first time a random materialisation has landed me in a decent place!"
"Where are we?"
"It's a small planet in the, uhm... I believe it's registered as Galaxy 113-68. It's called Naboo."
"Naboo?" she asked, coming up beside him. "Sounds... Indian."
"Well, there are some basic similarities between both cultures. Food styles are particularly similar. The Naboo and the people of India both enjoy similar spices - as a matter of fact, there is a spice here called retila, which happens to be very similar to curry. Though it's not available in the same way - here, you must harvest it yourself, as the market does not sell it. Now, India: that's where you'd want to buy curry. Not in Europe, where it's artificially grown, or shipped in. Actually, there's a incredible curry shop in central Delhi, where you can get a pound of curry for less than 50 rupees. Best price in the country, as far as I know." He looked around for a moment. "Right, now where was I?"
"Right. Come along, Rose," he said impatiently. "Now that we know where we are, I believe the next step would be to determine when we are."

JasraLantill 04-27-2006 11:26 PM

Jasra sat up abruptly in her bed. She had been sleeping, dreaming…but it had been more than just a dream.

“Brax…” she said with some urgency as she rose and went to the computer terminal at the desk. Her fingers flashed across the keyboard as she quickly searched through connections to find the space port information from Nar Shaddaa. Surely, there would be a record of the Ebon Hawk, or even Brax’s ship, landing there…

“What are you doing?” Jasra turned to see Karda standing in the room. She had been so involved in her search that she hadn’t even heard him come in.

“Looking for the Ebon Hawk or the Ssss,” she said, turning her attention back to the terminal. “Why, is it time to go already?”

“The Ebon Hawk and the what?” Karda asked, frowning as he came closer to look over her shoulder.

“The Ssss,” she repeated. Her fingers paused a moment. “It’s an Omwati word,” she said, then she continued her searching. Although Karda was quiet, she could feel his eyes boring into the back of her head. “I have to find Brax,” she explained.

“Did you not understand what I said earlier?”

“I understand that if I don’t find Brax soon, he’ll die,” Jasra said, not stopping to look at Karda directly. “We have a bond. You may not like it, or understand it, but the fact of the matter is that it exists. And the longer we are separated, the more he will suffer. I have to find him.”

Karda reached out to pull her hand away from the keys, but she quickly smacked him away from her, and gave him a hard stare. “Don’t interfere,” she said in a dangerous tone.

“Jasra, you’re not making sense,” Karda said. “Perhaps you do need some ‘thought realignment!’”

She brightened. “Found them!” she beamed. “Both ships landed on Nar Shaddaa just a few hours ago.” She snorted. “Leave it to the Hutts to track all of the ships in and out. Wouldn’t want to miss out on any potential profits or miss any potential competitors encroaching in on their patch.”

Karda grabbed her arm and spun her around to face him. “Are you even listening to me! These memories you have…bonds…they never happened! You need to focus on our mission… what’s happening here… now!”

“This is happening now!” she answered him back. “Right now, Brax is in pain, injured, bleeding. He needs me. The longer we are separated, the more pain he will suffer from the loss. And if I don’t find him, he will die.” She paused a bit. “I only hope that communing with him through the dream might help him a bit….”

“You’ve communed with him?” Karda asked incredulously. He shook his head and his jaw locked. “This is gone too far….”

“Do you want him to die?” Jasra asked. “Maybe I’m mistaken, but I thought it was the duty of Jedi to preserve life, not end it.”

Karda stiffened.

“I’m right,” Jasra said. “You know I’m right.”

Karda let out a sigh. “Alright, fine. Find him. ‘Commune’ with him if you like. But we’re not going to Nar Shaddaa until after our mission is finished. Finding out what happened to Bastila is more important.” Without waiting for her to answer, he strode for the door. “Our shuttle leaves in ten minutes.”

Jasra grinned slightly. “Fine,” she agreed, following him and picking up her bag at the door. “You’re the leader. Lead the way.” But inside, she was already planning on how to divert the Republic ship they'd be travelling on to find Brax.

Thank you, Crystal, wherever you are, for teaching me how to hide my thoughts, she thought silently to herself. I hope we will meet again.

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