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Niner_777 05-15-2006 04:03 PM

[FIC]Amongst the Ruins
This short story is based on the mission from BF2 titled "Amognst the Ruins". I'm going to try to stick close to the objectives that are found in the game. I hope this is okay; I am coming up with the writing by myself. I'm just taking the topic and objectives from the game.

If this is illegal, please inform me.

Diego Varen 05-16-2006 01:18 AM

Looking foward to it.

Niner_777 05-16-2006 04:09 PM

Alright. The only things that I copied are the title (Amonst the Ruins taken from the BF2 mission), the 501st Journal at the beginning (taken directly from the BF2 mission), and the general concept of Star Wars (which is required to be on this board). The writing is mine, so I think that it is safe to:

Copyright © Niner_777 2006.

I'll post the Title page and first chapter momentarily.

Niner_777 05-16-2006 04:15 PM

(Pic created by Sabretooth)

501st Journal – Mygeeto
Amongst the Ruins

In the waning months of the Clone Wars,
The 501st faced missions critical to the agenda of Chancellor Palpitine.
When we arrived at the bombed out ruins of Mygeeto,
Our jedi commander believed that we had been sent to take out a droid energy collector.
What Ki-Adi-Mundi, didn’t know however,
Was that our unit of the 501st was really after an experimental Mygeetan power source
That the Chancellor wanted for his super laser.
Keeping Mundi in the dark wasn’t easy.
The Jedi had become increasingly weary of the Chancellors doings,
And were on the lookout for the slightest hint of treachery.
Just like the rest of them though,
They never caught whiff of what was really going on
Until it was far too late.

Niner_777 05-16-2006 04:48 PM

Chapter 1: The Bombed Out Ruins ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------//
Republic Gunship – Mygeeto Mission Clock -00:15

TK – 1476 stared out the side opening of the Republic LAAT/I Gunship, carrying the elite soldiers of the 501st Legion. The snowy mountains blurred past as Hunter, TK – 1476, looked down at his boots. He saw some snow fall onto one of his boots. Hunter quickly brushed it off and resumed staring out at Mygeeto’s mountains. “Fifteen minutes ‘till touchdown,” informed one of the clone advisors.

Hunter forced himself to look away and check his gear. He stowed his DC – 15s sidearm blaster pistol in its hip holster and picked up his rifle which was leaning against the wall of the gunship. He strapped the belt onto his DC – 15 ion pulse blaster rifle and wrapped it around his neck for easy access. Next, Hunter pulled out an ammunition belt from his pack and attached some thermal detonators to it before he put that on too.

Hunter continued to prepare until every necessary piece of equipment was stored somewhere on his armor, secure and within reach. Some remote det – packs were attached to his leg plates and a fusion cutter was hanging from his side. Hunter brought his arm up and triggered the vibro blade hidden beneath his gauntlet. The blade flew out, and Hunter practiced wasting droids with it; plunging it in, and ripping it out at an angle to tear as much circuitry as possible. Lastly, he checked the seal on his helmet and checked his suits status. Hunter was ready for action.

He looked up just in time to see the mountain pass by and another LAAT/I Gunship came into view. Hunter could see the rest of his squad on that gunship. He was part of Iota Squad, Iota seven-six. He was the technician/engineer, techy, of the squad. He got to do the hacking and slicing, and what not. In addition to him, there was Max, Storm, and Flash.

Max, Iota five-eight, was the squad leader, Iota Lead as the advisors sometimes referred to him as. He was fierce and tactical minded, but he wasn’t afraid to have some fun once in awhile. Everyone in Iota squad loved to hear Max joke around because it gave them a feeling of security, knowing that their leader was confident that everything would be okay.

Storm, Iota nine-two, was the demolitions expert of Iota Squad. He was unusually strong and able to keep up with the rest of Iota Squad even carrying a portable missile launcher. It doesn’t matter how portable a missile launcher is, it’s going to be heavy. Storm isn’t much of a communicator, more of a killer, but he gets the job done and the rest of Iota Squad are glad to have him around. Not just because he has a rocket launcher capable of taking out AAT in a single blow.

Finally, Flash, Iota six-oh, is the sniper expert of the squad. He is very patient, friendly, and has very good sniping tactics and knowledge. Sniping is Flash’s hobby, and he is very good at it. That’s Iota Squad.

Hunter pretended to do their squad’s secret handshake, and the rest of his squad did it back. Next, he spotted the Commander of the 501st Legion of clone troopers, Commander Spike. Hunter quickly saluted and Commander Spike saluted back. “Two minutes ‘till touchdown,” the advisor informed again. The gunship began to dip even lower towards the ground to reduce detection. It would be easy to lose a gunship in the empty mountains of Mygeeto, though it doesn’t hurt to make it harder.

“Touchdown in one,” the advisor said. Hunter poked his head out. He could see the landing zone up ahead, as well as the outline target energy facility that lay in the distance. He pulled his head back in and quickly double-checked his equipment. Everything seemed good.

The gunship was just a few klicks away from the landing zone. Hunter switched his squad comlink on and said “Testing,” into his helmet.

“Roger that, seven-six,” Max replied. “We’ve got you here, right?”

“Roger, roger,” came Strom and Flash. “Squad – com is go.”

“You’re gunship will set down first. Meet us at rendezvous point Alpha, over,” Max told Hunter.

“Roger that, Iota Lead. I’ll see you planet side. Hunter, out.” Hunter quieted the squad comlink as the Republic LAAT/I Gunship began to set itself down.

Over the platoon comlink came Commander Spike. “Get to your places troopers, and stay out of sight. We don’t want the Sepratists to know we’re here before we get to mount an attack, do we? Gunship two will follow shortly, over.”

An AT – RT driver descended to the ground via grappling hook to guide the AT – RT, which was attached to the bottom of the gunship, to the ground before the gunship touched down. The driver got in and drove it to the side to make room for the gunship to land. The gunship pilot deftly guided it down without making a sound.

“Good luck!” called the clone advisor. Hunter waved to him before taking his first step on the cold firm ground of Mygeeto. He stepped to the side and pulled out his holo map of the battlefield. RV Alpha was approximately two klicks to the port of the gunship. He’d meet up with his squad mates there.

Hunter stowed the holo map and continued towards RV Alpha. He switched on all comlinks. As he ran, Hunter heard the first half of the platoon take their places. “Gunship two, coming in for landing,” said the second gunship pilot as they unloaded the AT – RT from the belly of the LAAT/I.

When Hunter was finally in position, he checked his gear once again. Everything was there. He pulled out a set of electobinoculars and watched as the second gunship took flight. Clone soldiers scattered to their positions. Hunter could see Max, Flash, and Storm heading his way in a quick jog.

“How was the trip?” Hunter asked as the rest of Iota Squad reached their designated position.

“Quite nice, actually,” replied Max.

“Quite,” said Storm, in his casual tone. “Could have gone without Flash’s life story though.” Even though everyone’s helmets were on, they could tell that Storm was smiling.

“Really? I thought that it was your life story, Storm. Of course they’re all the same,” stated Max.

“Guys, this is war. We’re not supposed to make jokes,” Hunter said. They all laughed, and then got serious.

“Let the battle begin,” ordered Commander Spike. Hunter looked forwards at the bombed out ruins he was about to enter.

“Iota squad, form up.”

“Forming up.”

Diego Varen 05-17-2006 01:20 AM

A good start.

Niner_777 05-17-2006 03:52 PM

Thanks. It took me a long time to get the 501st Journal from the game. I had to listen to it many times. If anybody knows where to find the script I'd appriciate it. I'm planning to do some other missions from the BF2 campaign, as well.

I'm also working on the second chapter. It might take a little bit, what with shcool/finals and sports.

Niner_777 05-19-2006 04:59 PM

Sorry for not having the second chapter yet. I might not be able to work on it for a while. I've got a project that I've been working on for five years due on Monday. Needless to say, I need to work on that, but don't worry; I'll get it done. :)

Niner_777 05-20-2006 01:28 PM

I was able to work on chapter two this morning. I should be able to have it out today, hopefully. Chapter two is a bit longer than chapter one I think. It has some action in it though.

Niner_777 05-20-2006 03:14 PM

Chapter 2: The Trail of War ----------------------------------------------------------------//
RV Alpha – Mygeeto Mission Clock 00:15

Hunter walked about twenty meters in front of the rest of Iota Squad, on point. According to the holo map, there should be an incline approximately two hundred meters to their twelve. Hunter could see some light reflect off of the incline, and he knew that they were headed in the right direction. Once they reached it, they would be able to have a relatively clear view of the main assault path, MAP, that the AT – RTs were taking, along with Pi Squad and Tau Squad. Kappa Squad would be on the opposite side of the MAP, on a similar trail to the one that Iota Squad would be taking. These smaller trails were designated Kappa Trial and Iota Trail, after the squads that would be traveling on them.

Hunter listened to the chatter that took place on the 501st Platoon Comm. System. He could hear Tau Squad and Pi Squad coordinating their movements along the MAP. “Any sign of hostiles?” Caleb, the leader of Kappa Squad asked.

“Not with in my view,” replied Ace, one of the AT – RT drivers. “The Forward Command Post is still about five klicks off. I suspect that they’ll be coming soon, though.”

“Roger that, Ace,” came one of the gunship pilots named Echo. “Through our long range surveillance, we’ve been able to pick up quite a bit of activity at the Forward CP. Looks like they’re just spotting you guys. Be prepared for hard contact.”

“Will do,” said Ace.

“Hold you’re positions MAP squads. Wait until Iota and Kappa get into positions before we move forward. We want to make sure we have some flanking action,” ordered Commander Spike from the LAAT/I overhead.

“Roger that, Commander,” Max said. “Just a few more meters.” As Iota squad reached the top of the incline they could see some tattered views of the MAP between jagged rocks. About twenty meters down and out, Hunter could see Tau and Pi Squads along with the two AT – RTs. “Iota Squad is in position.”

“Same here,” came Caleb from across the assault path. “All 501st forces are in position, waiting for the go-ahead.”

“Carry on,” said Commander Spike. “Take note we have droid forces coming to greet you. Watch out for the AA turrets also. They can leave a dent in your armor if you get hit. They are mainly positioned around the Forward Command Post. I can see about eight of them from up here.”

“I’ll make a note of that said,” replied Kin from atop the second AT – RT. “501st forces are moving out.” Hunter watched as Pi and Tau squads scattered from rock to rock looking for cover as they moved up the main assault path. Hunter turned back to their trail and started walking in a crouch.

The crouched position in which they walked would have been very painful for ordinary humans who hadn’t gone through the training, but for Iota Squad, it was routine. However, after ten minutes of walking as they were while carrying roughly 40 kilos of gear and armor, even the elite troopers of Iota Squad could get sore. And after ten minutes of looking through sights of a DC-15 blaster rifle at glistening ice that was built up all around, Iota squad did get a little sore, but it wasn’t enough to make them any less ready to take on hoards of battle droids. In fact, Hunter was looking forward to pounding plasma through some scrap metal.

“This is Ace here. We’re encountering some hard contact here down on the MAP. Our squads are about twenty meters back and providing fire. We’ve got everything under control,” Ace said. Suddenly an explosion was heard. “Mortars away!” Hunter looked through his scope down onto the MAP. He could see tracers flying out from behind some rocks and reducing droids to piles of parts. Hunter knew that Pi and Tau squads were in on the action.

There was another loud explosion, which resulted in a pile of rubble roughly five meters wide. “Nice shooting there Kin,” Caleb commented. We’re getting the whole thing on tape over here.” Iota Squad kept walking. The forward command post was getting closer, though it still was a ways off.

“I bet they’re having fun,” Hunter said to the rest of Iota Squad.

“Don’t worry, seven-six, you’ll get plenty of combat time once we get closer to the CP. If this place is as important as Spike says it is, the CIS will have droid patrols all over the place,” Max told Hunter over the squad comm. system.

“Yeah, I hope so,” said Storm in his deep scary voice, holding his DC-15s pistol at the ready as he walked. “I can’t stand not shooting something for so long.” Suddenly, a blaster bolt came from around a bend in the trail approximately twenty meters to their twelve.

“Down!” Max shouted, and signaled at the same time. They hit the deck; their chest plate armor making a thud as it made contact with the firm ground. Hunter shot a burst, which nicked the rock from which the original blaster bolt had come from. Storm rolled to the side of the trail for more cover and aimed his pistol at the bend. Max knelt down behind Storm and trained his sights on the same place. Flash rolled to the side before standing crouched on the opposite side of the trail.

“I’ll check it out,” Hunter said.

“Go for it, seven-six,” Max said back. Hunter crept over to the wall. When he came to the bend, Hunter pulled out a string of fiber optics, and strung it around the corner. Sure enough, there were approximately twenty battle droids and a human officer.

“We’ve got around twenty tinnies and one wet. Requesting permission to ‘nade ‘em, five-eight” Hunter said.

“Permission granted,” Max replied. “Standing by.” Hunter pulled a thermal detonator and two electrostatic charge detonators from his ammunition belt. He primed them and let the grenades fly into the pack of droids, before he dove back towards his squad. There was a loud bang, and then a long sizzling noise. Jerking droids walked out in front of Iota Squad.

Iota Squad unleashed a stream of plasma fire and the enemies were soon reduced to scrap metal. “Good job,” Max told Iota Squad. “This is Iota five-eight, here. We’ve just encountered some resistance. I advise Kappa Squad to be on the lookout for droid patrols.”

“Roger that, Ioto,” Caleb said. “We’re encountering slight resistance also. How are you guys doing on the MAP?”

“Not bad,” came Ace. “I don’t see any enemy vehicles.”

“Be careful of the anti-vehicle turrets. They’ll be coming up soon, try to hold on until Iota and I get farther ahead. We’ll be able to take out most of the turrets, hopefully.”

“Roger that, Kappa Lead.” Iota Squad formed up and crept along the wall of rock leading to the bend in the trail where the droids had been hiding.

“I’ll go first,” Hunter said, slamming a new clip into his blaster rifle. He brought his rifle up and rested it next to his neck. Then, in one quick motion, Hunter twirled around and brought his rifle into firing position. Around the bend lay a half-dead organic officer and a couple of twitching droids.

The officer reached for his pistol and attempted to shoot the clone trooper standing in front of him, blaster pointed at is face, but it was too late. Hunter skillfully shot the officer in the forehead, and then switched his attention to the droids. Five shots later, the area was secured and the rest of Iota Squad came around the corner.

“Nice job, seven-six,” Max said, as they came around the corner.

“Yeah, nice job,” Storm said enviously eying his unused pistol.

“Just doing my job,” Hunter replied, checking the ammo count in his rifle. Suddenly, a large explosion shook the rock wall behind them. Dust and rocks fell down onto Iota Squad. Storm pushed Hunter out of the way of a large rock just in time, for it would have crushed them. Iota Squad ran down the path before they found a safe cave-like indent in the rocks. All the way, anti-vehicle mortars were blasting all around them.

“Iota, are you okay?” Commander Spike asked. “Your position took some AA hits.”

“Iota Lead here, we’re alright. That droid patrol must have sent our position back to base,” Max replied and poked his head outside of the small cave. “It looks like we’ve got a good three to four klicks left to the command post. Probably three before we have to meet up again.”

“Well, it looks like you’re still in position. Our main assault boys are just in front of you, taking heavy fire from droid infantry.”

“I’ll see if I can get Flash to provide some sniper fire to the MAP.” Flash nodded his head and pulled out his DC-15x sniper rifle, which was strapped to his back. “Yup, we’ve got you some sniper fire. We’ll continue down the trail. I think that Storm here can take out some of the AA turrets before the AT – RTs arrive.”

“That would be most appreciated. Carry on.”

“Iota, out.” Everybody reloaded their weapons before exiting the small cave. The mortar fire had ceased for the time, and Iota Squad took advantage of it by starting out in a run. Hunter and Flash took the lead, while Max and Storm followed, providing cover fire if needed.

When they had ran about two klicks, Flash set up a sniping position in a covered nook with a hole pointing down on the MAP. Iota Squad was about a klick within the enemies’ borders, but the forces down on the main assault path were pushing forward every minute. The Forward Command Post was much larger by now and began to feel as though it was hanging overhead. It wouldn’t be long until the droids sent another patrol, and once they did, the mortars would come again. This time, they would come with much more accuracy.

As Flash disposed of droid after droid, Hunter crouched down on one knee and scanned the area. Max and Storm were approaching, sneaking along the sides of the trail. Hunter watched them, but all of a sudden, they hit the floor, blasters pointed behind him. He ducked into some large rocks before he turned to see another droid patrol coming. “Another droid patrol, to your six,” came Max. “We need to shoot together, in order to take them all out at once. We can’t allow them to give away our position again, not at this range.”

Flash turned from his sniping, stowed his DC-15x, and pulled out his pistol. “Roger, Iota Lead,” he said, getting in to position. The droid patrol consisted of eight standard battle droids. There’d be more coming of course, they all knew that once the enemy was found, the Separatist leaders wouldn’t worry about losing a couple of droids. “Hunter and I will get the back line of droids, you and Storm can take the front line. On your mark, Lead.”

The droid patrol passed Hunter’s position and continued on towards Max and Storm. “Scanning for hostiles,” one of the robot warriors said. “Scan inconclusive; continuing scanning procedure.” They continued by the hidden soldiers of Iota Squad. Hunter trained his sights on his droid.

“Mark!” Max yelled into the squad comm. All four members of Iota Squad pulled their triggers simultaneously. Four droids were downed in the first second of the assault; the other four were soon to follow. Hunter’s other droid turned around to face him and fired a shot. Just as Hunter was pulling the trigger to destroy his last target, the blaster bolt hit him in the shoulder, causing him to fall onto his chin. The plasma shot that he had just fired flew out of his rifle and just nicked the battle droid’s elbow plate.

“Fierfek!” Hunter shouted as Flash stood up and plunged his vibroblade into the droids chest cavity, twisted it, and pulled it out through the droid’s skull. Hunter’s chin ached from the impact, but wasn’t severely damaged. His shoulder on the other hand had taken a direct hit. The bolt didn’t go through luckily, just left an indent about four centimeters in diameter and three centimeters deep.

“Are you okay?” Flash asked him.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Hunter replied. He could taste blood in his mouth and his vision was a little blurry, but he’d have to over come it. “We’ve got to get out of here. The mortar turrets will have spotted our position. If only I didn’t slip!”

“Its okay,” Max told him as he ran up to Hunters position. “We’ll find another cave and patch you up with some bacta.” Hunter turned his head and saw Storm jogging over to meet them. Just then, a mortar round landed right next to Storm. The blast of the explosive launched Storm forward, in the air. He hit the rock wall and skidded to a halt, lying still on his chest.

“STORM!” Hunter yelled. He stood up and ran over to him, swaying as he ran. Storm stood up, grabbing the wall for support. He didn’t say anything, but ran towards the mortar turret.

“We have to find some cover,” Max shouted and ran after Storm. Flash provided support for Hunter as they ran after Storm and Max. About fifty meters away, Hunter saw Storm disappear into the rock wall, just before a mortar round landed in the exact position. Max disappeared into the smoke.

“It’s my fault, thought Hunter as him and flash ran towards the smoke. Max came running out of the smoke a minute later, and motioned for them to hurry up. Hunter picked up the pace and ran into the disappearing smoke. Max shoved him and Flash into a cave and dove in after, as another explosion rocked outside the entrance to the cave.

Inside, Storm was propped up against the wall of the cave. His helmet was off and his face was bleeding and bruised. Hunter couldn’t bear to look at him clean off the blood with a bacta wipe.

“Sorry about that,” Hunter said, leaning up against the wall. “Really.”

Max turned very stern. “In no way was that your fault, Hunter, and I won’t allow you to blame yourself for what happened to Storm.” He said reassuringly. “Now let’s get you fixed up too. We’re all going to be okay.”

Niner_777 05-21-2006 10:45 AM

Comments anybody? I'm having fun writing this, but it would be even more fun if I knew that someone else liked reading it.

Diego Varen 05-21-2006 10:58 AM

Sorry I forgot to read this. Good Chapter, I hope there is a battle in the next Chapter.

Jason Skywalker 05-21-2006 11:03 AM

Nice,i'll be reading this.

Diego Varen 05-21-2006 11:12 AM

I also have Battlefront I and II and they are my third favourite games. KOTOR being first and the Jedi Knight Games being second.

Niner_777 05-21-2006 11:16 AM

At first I was going to have them take the forward command post in this chapter, but I got carried away and decided to end the chapter here. I was planning on having Hunter get shot in the shoulder, but having Storm almost getting pinned with a mortar just kind of came out of nowhere. I think that it adds some interest to the story. Two members of Iota Squad are injured, and Hunter is feeling guilty about missing the droid and giving away their position, leading to Storm's injury.

Don't worry, Pottsie, there will be a battle in the next chapter. Unless I get carried away again, maybe taking out the turrets or something. The next chapter will be capturing the command post, and the one after that will be having Ki-Adi-Mundi and the rest of the 501st (which I'm making pretty small) arrive. Once the shield barricades go down, the AATs will arrive and the real battle will begin. This won't be for a while though.

Niner_777 05-21-2006 07:54 PM

Anybody else feel free to say what you think about this fic so far. I haven't started on the next chapter yet, and I don't know how long it will be before I get it out. I got the huge project done today. What a relief. I've still got school and sports though. It shouldn't be too long from now; I'll try my best. :)

Niner_777 05-23-2006 03:30 PM

I'm still good for any comments, and I'm still busy. Today I don't have any math homework, w00t! Still, I've got a final tomorrow that I should study for and a couple of projects that need to be done. I'll find time to work on the fic today, though.

Niner_777 05-23-2006 05:40 PM

I've worked on it already and found that I'm going to change my plan. Taking the Forward Command Post might be the fourth chapter. I got carried away, :).

Niner_777 05-25-2006 05:57 PM

Alright. I worked on the third chapter today, thanks to Pottsie's encouragement. I should have it out by tomorrow.

Niner_777 05-26-2006 08:30 AM

Chapter 3: Trapped------------------------------------------------------------------------------------//
Iota Trail – Mygeeto Mission Clock //

Hunter sat against the cold wall of the rock cave, nursing his shoulder. The bombardment outside had ceased for the moment. He looked over at Storm. Storm was sitting against the wall with most of his armor off. He’d wiped most of the blood off, but the cuts and bruises were still very visible. “You okay?” Hunter asked him.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Storm replied. He took a rag and wiped the blood off the inside of his leg plates before putting them on again. Storm was the toughest person Hunter knew. He should have known that even a mortar round couldn’t keep Storm down.

“Yeah, we’re trapped in a cave along Iota Trail. Turret bombardment has stopped for the time. I imagine that they’ve got a lock on our position for when we decide to leave,” Max informed Commander Spike.

“How’s your squad?” Spike asked.

“We’re alright. Hunter has a blaster wound, and Storm got bloodied up pretty bad by a mortar. I think we’re fit to fight, though.” Max looked over at Storm and he gave him thumbs up signal. Storm yanked a rock out of his leg and signaled back. “Yep, we’re good. We’ll just finish treating those two and form a plan for our escape. How far are the MAP squads?”

“MAP squads are about even with your position. Kappa Squad is moving up, but they’ve been pinned down for a little bit. We might need to move the AT – RTs into position to take out the turrets before your squad can continue.”

“Don’t worry, Commander. We’ll find a way out of this.”

“Go ahead, but I don’t want anyone dieing.”

“We won’t. Iota, out.” Max turned to the rest of his squad. Flash was stabbing a syringe into one of Storm’s veins. “Alright. We need a plan to get out of here and get on the move.”

“I need to get my clothes on,” Storm said, pulling the needle out of his arm.

“Right,” said Flash, and wrote the dosage on Storm’s helmet, for quick future access. Storm grabbed his helmet and wiped the blood out of the inside before putting it back on again. A few minutes later, Storm was in full battle gear, though it was dented, punctured, and charred. Hunter quickly taped up his shoulder and stood at attention.

“Flash, see if you can snipe the turret gunner out of the seat. That would be the quickest temporary solution to our predicament,” Max ordered.

“Roger that, Lead,” Flash said, grabbing his sniper rifle and inching towards the cave entrance. He got down prone and angled his way around. Flash zoomed in on the closet turret that he could see. Within the crosshairs lay a single droid in the cockpit of an anti-armor turret. “Requesting permission to fire?”

“Fire at will,” Max commanded. Flash gently squeezed the trigger. A beam of plasma left the end of the DC-15x and traveled all the way to the turrets cockpit. The beam blasted a hole through the glass that surrounded the cockpit and went straight into the droid’s cranium. It sparked and then blew up.

BANG! Flash took his eye away from the scope and looked into the sky as and AA warhead flew across the horizon, headed for their position within the cave. He rolled into the cave just as the bomb made contact with the rock above the entrance to the cave. Ice and rock closed off the opening to the cave. Iota Squad was trapped inside the cave.

“Iota Squad!” Commander Spike yelled into the comm. system. “Come in, Iota Squad!” There was no reply. Dust and rocks seemed to float in midair around the cave in which Iota Squad had inhabited.

Down in the cave, Iota Squad heard nothing from the Commander. The rock was too think to transmit the signal through and was blocking their communications with the rest of the 501st. “Is everyone okay?” Max asked. A groan came from his left. Flash lay there on the ground rolling slightly. “Flash?”

“I’m fine,” Flash said. I’ve got a rock on my hand though. “Dang droids hit us with a warhead.” Max walked over to Flash and turned on his helmet spotlight; Hunter and Storm emerged from behind a wall of loose rocks.

“Fierfek! What happened to Flash?” Storm asked.

“His hand is smashed under a rock,” Max informed them. “Help me get him out.” Hunter ran over to Flash and pulled out his fusion cutter, which was hanging from his utility belt. He warmed it up and started cutting away at the rock. Ten minutes later, Flash was freed.

“Thanks, guys,” Flash told Iota Squad. “We need to find a way out of this rubble so we can get back to the real mission.”

“Right,” Max said. “I’ll bandage Flash’s hand up. Hunter and Storm can work on getting out of here.” Hunter turned his fusion cutter on high and went to work on some rocks. After Hunter got them loosened, Storm came in with his vibro blade and cut away some of the rocks. They didn’t know how far they’d have to cut, but they had a feeling that the wall of crumbled ice rocks was getting thinner. Iota Squad was getting some static on the comm., which was more than they’d received before.

A couple of minutes later Iota Squad started hearing the sound of droids outside of their confine. “Droids, sir,” Hunter informed.

“I’ve got a feeling that they’re gonna try and blast us out of here. We’re going to need to be ready,” Max told his squad, as blaster bolts melted away at the rock from the opposite side. “Get in a defensive position. Once they breach, they’ll want to fight. Let’s dispose of them quickly. Then, we’ll jump out. Storm, have your rocket launcher loaded. Fire at the first turret you see. This could work to our advantage.”

Inside, Hunter held his rifle at the ready, staring down the sights on the point were the blaster bolts were hitting. He was crouched among a pile of rocks. One of the droids shot a rocket at the caved in wall. The rocket made contact with the rock and made a large explosion as it sent rocks and debris inward, at the clones that took refuge inside.

Hunter’s vision was blurred as the dust and rocks flew by him. A few of the rocks dug into his armor. All Hunter could see was a stream of red blaster bolts flying into the cave. There was no aiming involved. Hunter squeezed the trigger and unleashed fire into the opening of the cave.

“I’m sending a grenade out,” Max shouted. “Hold your positions. We don’t need any friendly fire.”

“Roger that,” Hunter said continuing to shoot at the origins of the red blasts, infiltrating the cave. Suddenly an explosion rocked the outside of the cave. Only a few bolts continued to come. The smoke began to clear and Hunter could see the last few droids, including a downed super battle droid, crawling on the ground. Iota Squad quickly disposed of the rest of the hostiles.

“We don’t have much time. We need to take out their turrets fast, before they get another chance to kill us. Hunter you take a rocket and get ready to feed it into Storm’s rocket launcher,” Max ordered.

“Right, Lead,” Hunter replied, taking a rocket from Storm. He wiped the dust off his visor and starred into the light.

“Flash and I will follow to take out any spare droids. Ready, GO!” Storm dove out of the opening, followed quickly by Hunter, holding his rifle in firing position.

“The first turret is in position. I’m locking on,” Storm said.

“Fire!” Max commanded. Smoke blew out of the back of the rocket launcher, hindering Iota Squad’s view momentarily. The rocket flew straight for the first turret. The turret turned, but the rocket’s path accommodated and swerved right into it, sending smoke and metal shrapnel into the sky.

“We’ve lost Iota Squad,” Commander Spike said into the platoon comm. system.

“Negative, sir. We’re all right,” Max reported.

“I knew that,” Commander Spike said jokingly.

“We’ve still got to take out some turrets while we’re in range.”

“Roger that, Iota. Get on it.” Hunter dropped another missile into Storm’s launcher as the smoke cleared. Iota Squad started running to get a clear shot of the next turret. Iota Squad was back in business.

Jason Skywalker 05-26-2006 11:09 AM

Keep it up!And does your fic only envolve the Mygeeto mission?

Diego Varen 05-26-2006 12:31 PM


Originally Posted by Jason Skywalker
Keep it up!And does your fic only envolve the Mygeeto mission?

I think so, because it is named after the Mygeeto mission (One of my favourite missions of ROTE). Great Chapter. Any taking Command Posts or anything like that?

Niner_777 05-26-2006 01:40 PM

Thanks. This fic will only involve the Mygeeto mission, but I'm going to make the other missions into fics also. The next one will probably be Heart of Darkness. I don't think that I'd be able to write the space missions.

Diego Varen 05-26-2006 01:51 PM


Originally Posted by Niner_777
Thanks. This fic will only involve the Mygeeto mission, but I'm going to make the other missions into fics also. The next one will probably be Heart of Darkness. I don't think that I'd be able to write the space missions.

I think you should write the Knightfall mission. That is another of my favourite missions.

Jason Skywalker 05-26-2006 02:26 PM

I'm guessing he will make the whole Campaign,and i agree,Knightfall was my favorite mission.

Niner_777 05-26-2006 06:13 PM

Yeah, that mission is going to be fun to write. I actually thought about it a little bit. I was going to have most of Hunter's squad die. He'll survive, and maybe Storm. They'll become Imperial Commandos along with some of Zeta Squad, which is going to be Commander Spike's Squad. The troops that died will be replaced, like they did in the game, with diverse toopers. This is just something that I briefly thought about and is likely to change.

Niner_777 05-27-2006 10:42 AM

Chapter 4: Assault on the Forward Command Post---------------------------------------------------------//
Iota Trail – Mygeeto Mission Clock 03:40 //

Hunter could see Ace and Kin on their AT – RTs ahead of them, down on the main assault path. He slammed a new clip into his decee, and adjusted his ammunition belt as he ran. He was scanning the area for any turrets that were in range. “Turret spotted,” Hunter informed his squad.

While running, Storm locked onto the turret manually and adjusted his angle. The turret spotted them and swiveled so that its main cannons faced them. Iota Squad had given up trying to be covert, and now, was just trying to catch up with the rest of the 501st. The turret recoiled as a blast of light came out from the end of the barrel attached to the turret. Max motioned for them to run faster. If they could, then the mortar might fly over their head, but Storm almost slowed down. He could see the turret fire from the scope on his missile launcher. Then, he locked on.
“Permission to fire?” Storm asked trying to keep the lock while running.

“FIRE!” Max shouted, as the rocket exited the launcher and sent smoke out the back, into Max’s face. The force of the rocket tried to push Max and Storm back into the mortar fire, but they wouldn’t allow that. Storm struggled to stay on his feet and running while Max came up from behind.

Max couldn’t see the mortar round land, for his visor was covered with soot form the rocket fuel, but he knew that it was coming. “Now!” Hunter yelled into the comm. system and he and Flash dove forward into a roll, trying to get away from the explosive round that landed behind them.

Max heard Hunter’s shout and rammed into Storm’s back, forcing him to dive forward. “Why didn’t it go off?” Max asked as he lay on the cold ground of Mygeeto, with his hands covering his head. He looked up just in time to see the AA turret swivel and launch a mortar randomly into the MAP before the missile that Storm had launched at it, what seemed like an hour ago, wasted it. Max couldn’t see where the turrets last shot landed because of a large explosion that went off behind them. “There it is,” he choked.

The mortar blast that landed behind Iota Squad sent chunks of rock and ice in their direction, but they were far enough away that it wasn’t fatal. However, it was still very dangerous trying to doge rocks the size of Jawas.

“Nice job soldiers. We’ve taken out all of the forward facing turrets. You’re free to take the CP on my mark. Just let me know when you’re in position,” Commander Spike said over the platoon comm. system.

Max wiped the rest of the soot off of his visor and got his first clear view of the area after the blast. The mortar hit just ten meters to their six, but that was enough to save their lives. He suddenly realized that all of his squad was coming to help him.

“You okay, Lead?” Flash asked, reaching out to help him up.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Max replied, taking Flash’s hand and brushing off smoke and dirt. “Let’s get up in position. I think that the droids are retreating into the CP. Once we capture that, we’ll have some time to rest. For now, we need to keep moving.”

“Right,” Hunter said and ran ahead on point. The forward command post was very close now and it was bigger than anyone had imagined. It might take longer than they thought to clear the place. For now, they just had to worry about getting in it.

“MAP squads are in position,” Ace said.

“Kappa Squad is too,” Caleb informed. “How’re you, Iota Squad?”

“Iota Squad is coming into position,” came Max. Hunter ducked low behind some rocks and the scraps of one of the turrets. He could see their path across the Blood Bath Plaza, the name for the area outside the forward command post. The rest of Iota Squad was running into position. They got down next to Hunter taking deep breaths. “Iota, ready.”

“Good,” said Commander Spike. “On my mark you will perform the maneuver that we’ve practiced for this. The single file AT – RTs will be the spearhead. Individual squads will come in from the sides in a scattered order. Ready, MARK!”

The AT – RTs moved with astonishing speed in a single file line. No droids came to oppose them and no mines had to be deactivated. It was scary. “What’s you’re hostile count, Iota?” Caleb asked confused.

“Zip over here. You?” Max came back.

“None. Ready to go?”

“I think so. We’ll go on your mark,” Max said. “Is everyone ready?” Storm reloaded his rocket launcher and laid it on the ground, aiming it at the barricade surrounding the command post.

“Ready here, Lead,” Storm replied.

“Okay squads,” Commander Spike said. “Put a rocket through the wall and have two people go in to provide cover for the next two. We’re going in now. On Ace’s mark.”

“Three, two, one!” Ace shouted before he launched a grenade at the barricade blowing a hole in it.

“See you over there,” Max told Flash and Storm as he and Hunter departed down the slope towards the CP. “Fire the missile once we get about twenty meters from the wall, okay.”

“Roger that,” Storm said. “Good luck.” Max and Hunter ran as fast as they could for the barricade. They were thirty meters away and still no sign of hostiles. Hunter looked around and saw the glint of metallic armor behind a large rock.

“Ohsh!” Hunter shouted.

“We’ve got droids here!” Caleb shouted. “Lots of them!” Hunter could hear blaster bolts whizzing by him, but when he looked back he wasn’t prepared to see hundreds of droids pouring out from behind rocks and small buildings.

“Get back to defensive positions!” Commander Spike ordered. “We can’t afford to loose so many men in this situation. Find cover!”

“We can make it!” Hunter shouted. “Shoot it, Storm!” Storm pulled the trigger on his rocket launcher and a rocket flew from the end of it. Their position was covered in smoke. “Almost there.”

A rocket flew over Max and Hunter’s head. It hit the barricade and blew a hole in it. “Nice shot, Storm!” Max called back. “We’re gonna make it!” But their celebration ended early when blaster bolts started pouring out of the newly formed hole in the barricade.

“Fierfek!” Hunter swore and dove to the side to avoid the shots. He chucked a thermal in and felt the ground shake as droid parts spattered the area. Just then, Separatist mercenaries dropped from the top of the forward command post on zip lines. Hunter started shooting up at them, but he couldn’t take his eyes off the droids coming in from the other sides. He looked up at the cloud of smoke where Storm and Flash were providing cover fire for them. It wasn’t enough.

Up at the assault starting position, Storm fanned away the smoke, trying to get some clear shots at some droids. Suddenly he heard footsteps from behind him. “Freeze!” A voice said. Storm turned around to see about ten Separatist mercenaries, standing with their blaster rifles ready.

Down near the barricade, Max and Hunter were fighting for their lives. They backed up against the barricade and found a small nook that provided some cover. They were spewing out blaster fire and every bolt found a mark, for there were too many to miss. Hunter ducked back and paused to reload. It was a wonder that they were still alive. After all, they’d entered the Blood Bath.

Diego Varen 05-27-2006 10:45 AM

The taking of the first Command Post. Great Chapter.

Niner_777 05-27-2006 10:51 AM

Thanks for the quick reply, Pottsie. I was still trying to fix the fonts and sizes. The whole Blood Bath Plaza thing I just made up as I went along. Originally, they were going to get in the command post in this chapter. I think that this works out well. I got the name for the Blood Bath Plaza from the IGN Guide while seaching for a script.

Btw, I noticed that you updated you're fic. I'll read that in a moment. I've been writing all morning.

More comments?

Diego Varen 05-27-2006 10:54 AM

The Force is telling me that Jason will reply shortly.

Niner_777 05-27-2006 11:13 AM

I can feel his presence on the KotOR boards. Either that or I just looked at the active users box, lol.

Jason Skywalker 05-27-2006 12:41 PM

Well,looks like the Force tricked you two. :) And keep it up,it's really good.

Niner_777 05-27-2006 12:46 PM

Thanks. How do you think that this fic compares to others in the CEC? I really can't tell because I can't really judge my own writing.

Oh, btw, I may as well advertise for [ART]Exodious Prime here. Check it out. ;) :

Jason Skywalker 05-27-2006 01:08 PM

Hmm,i don't know.I only read Pottsie's and your's,so,i can't see the diference.

Diego Varen 05-27-2006 01:33 PM


Originally Posted by Niner_777
Thanks. How do you think that this fic compares to others in the CEC? I really can't tell because I can't really judge my own writing.

Oh, btw, I may as well advertise for [ART]Exodious Prime here. Check it out. ;) :

I've taken a look at Exodious Prime. I haven't replied though. But I will.

It isn't the best Fic in CEC, but it has a good chance of being a memorable Fic. There are many underrated Fics in CEC, including yours, Mr_BFA, Jason's and mine to name several. Everyone also has their own unique writing style.

Niner_777 05-27-2006 01:45 PM

Thanks. I was just wondering. This is my first fic so I might get better. Though I think that this mission is kind of easy to write because it has direction. You're going on a path, most of the time. Others, like Kashyyyk might be harder. I'll find a way to make it good, hopefully. I'll try to write a couple fics and make a name for myself by the time the 2006 awards come out, lol. Actually, I started writing this as kind of a practice for a trilogy of books that I was planning on writting. They're not related to Star Wars though.

Diego Varen 05-27-2006 01:51 PM

I remember my first Fanfic. It was the worst I've ever wrote. I may delete that and my five others including the Jedi Forces ones.

Niner_777 05-27-2006 02:11 PM

How about that Bounty Hunter one. Are you going to keep writing that fic?

(I'm presently working on the next chapter.)

Niner_777 05-27-2006 02:40 PM

Chapter 5: Blood Bath Plaza-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------//
Blood Bath Plaza – Mygeeto Mission Clock 04:30 //

Hunter checked his ammo count. He’d have to start using his ammo better if he wanted to survive, but there were so many droids. He poked his rifle out of his nook and unloaded the clip into the wall of advancing droids. Suddenly, one of Trandoshan mercenaries dropped down and landed on Max’s back; his rifle was pointed at the back of Max’s neck, ready to fire.

“No you don’t,” Hunter said casually, ejecting his vibro blade and plunging it into the back of the Trandoshan’s skull. Hunter lifted him up and smashed him into the wall, twisting his fist as he went. He removed his blade and let the body fall limp to the ground.

“Hunter, I’m in need of your fire,” Max said. Hunter looked and saw that the droid lines were just ten meters from their position.

“Alright he said. Just a minute.” Hunter grabbed the dead mercenary’s rifle and strapped on his ammunition belt. He reloaded and started firing. “We need to find another place to hide. Here, use this rifle too. You’ll take out more with two guns than with one.”

“Sure thing. What do you have in mind, Hunter?”

“I was thinking of taking the command post.”

“You’re crazy.”

“Yeah, well, I’d guess that we’d have better luck inside than out here,” Hunter said, finishing off another clip and switching to his pistol.

“True, but we can’t just leave Storm and Flash here out here.”

“We’ve got to get to them and mount another assault.”

“You mean go all the way back there?”

“I don’t know. Let’s just back up and find some cover to skip our way across,” Hunter suggested.

Max looked at the oncoming droids. “Why not. We’ll die if we stay here.”

“Great, let’s go.” Max packed up his stuff and kicked the dead mercenary as he passed. Then, as an afterthought, grabbed the mercenary’s grenades and lobbed them all at once at the advancing line of droids. There was a whump and it began to rain oil for a moment.

Hunter and Max pulled out their pistols and held them next to their cheeks, trying to blend in with the barricade surrounding the command post. More wet mercenaries started to drop from the roof of the command post, which loomed high above.

Hunter and Max ran to the sides and caught the Trandoshan mercenaries in crossfire. A puddle of green blood developed at the base of the barricade wall while the Trandoshans themselves remained strapped to their zip lines. Hunter aimed at one of their backpacks and squeezed the trigger on his pistol. The shot made contact and exploded, sending the mercenary skyward. The dead Trandoshan got caught on the zip line and was smashed back into the side of the CP, spattering even more blood.

“Why’d you do that?” Max asked.

“Come on, I’m just trying to have a little fun,” Hunter replied. The war had gotten to him. I would get to all of them. Their platoon-training sergeant had warned them.

Just then, a blaster bolt hit Hunter in the back. He fell to the ground and searched for the enemy that did it. He saw a droid and lined up its head in his pistol’s scope. The droid’s head disappeared in a flash of blue sparks. Then he drifted off…

Back at the assault checkpoint, Storm and Flash were faced with a difficult decision. They were outnumbered one to five, but they couldn’t just let themselves be captured while Max and Hunter got pummeled in the Blood Bath. “Drop your weapons,” the mercenary leader commanded.

Storm lowered his pistol from firing position; Flash stood up straight. “Attack,” Storm whispered into his helmet. They both brought their pistols up and shot simultaneously. Swiftly, they jabbed their vibro blades into the nearest mercenary and used his body for cover. They backed up and dove behind a rock.

“Flush, ‘em out,” the leader ordered, but they didn’t have a chance to. A well-placed grenade lay at their feet. The mercenary group didn’t even have a chance to scream before they were all dead.

“We’ve got to get to Max and Hunter,” Flash told Storm adjusting his equipment. Storm shot some plasma into one of the mercenary’s bodies that twitched. The twitching stopped. The war was getting to him too.

Storm let out a low chuckle. “Yeah, let’s go,” he said. One of the AT – RTs came towards their position and started wiping out the droids that filled the lines, were closing in on their position. Heavy lasers and mortar rounds ate away, leaving nothing but blackened ground and random flames.

Storm and Flash took advantage of the opportunity and stared across Blood Bath Plaza. They did a series of sprints and rolls to evade the droid’s blaster fire. Kin had it under control from the top of the AT – RT. What once was cool, blue ice ground was now a blacked pile of ash and different colors of blood, including metallic blue droid juices. That was what made up the bulk of the color. As they ran, this debris kicked up on their backs. They could see Max leaning over Hunter.

“Fierfek, what happened to Hunter?” Storm asked. They ran closer and Pi Squad came to greet them, two of their soldiers missing.

“It’s amazing that we survived that,” the leader of Pi Squad commented. I’m lucky to have one of my squadmates left.

“That was a pretty bad Blood Bath,” Max commented as he looked around at the environment. Even the sky was gray with war. “They never had anything like that in the simulations.”

“Amen, to that, brother,” Pi Lead said as Storm and Flash came to a halt near them. “I don’t think that they would have expected a surprise attack, especially by the Trandoshans. The AT – RTs swept what area’s they could for droids. The laser shields blocked their paths around the command post. It was once again clear of hostiles. “I guess we’d better be taking our positions. Good luck on the entry.”

“You too,” Max said. The two men of Pi Squad departed for their position.

Hunter started to rouse just as Commander Spike came through on their comm. system. “Alright forces, you’ve survived this long. Let’s capture that command post. I’m having our advisors patch your demo positions to your holo maps. Stand by.”

Hunter sat up. “Wow,” he said. “That was a good shot.”

“You’re lucky that your backpack took the brunt of the hit,” Flash commented.

“Yeah, well. Let’s just hope that some of my equipment still works.” Storm had checked the holo map and was already wiring a charge by the time the rest of Iota Squad caught up.

“Here’s the detonation remote, boss,” Storm said, handing Max the remote.

“Thanks, Storm. Get into breach formation around the detonation area,” Max ordered. The remote detonator consisted of a power pack and a ribbon that strung its way up and across the wall. A charge would go through it and blast its way in.

“Alright squads. Get ready,” Commander Spike said. “Now capture that command post. We’ll be there momentarily.” Iota Squad stood around the demolition area, pistols ready. Max squeezed the trigger and the wall caved in. Storm threw a routine grenade in before they infiltrated. It was clean, no hostiles.

“Iota Squad is in.”

Jason Skywalker 05-27-2006 03:19 PM

Good once again.Man,i never thought doing the Mygeeto mission would take so long.

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