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thon77 05-16-2006 04:19 PM

what's the verdict on bombing runs?
are bombs from Y-wing/TIE bomber squadrons supposed to magically penetrate planetary shields if the run starts at the edge of the shields?

i love using that on the offense, and hate it when i'm the victim. to be honest, i'd rather shields would actually stop bombs(at least if you research stutter shield).

i havn't tried 1.04 yet, but the patch notes didn't even mention it. so my question is, is it here to stay? it seems like the biggest exploit/bug left in EaW, and i can't really remember reading anywhere what the devs attitude towards it was

Slocket 05-16-2006 04:38 PM

That exploit is still in the game?

One way around it is to make the 'no bombing' area around the base shield larger than the actual shield graphics. Say 33% bigger. it would help. Simple XML tweak.

Oh, I see. The bombs are projectiles. If the bombing run starts outside the shield and continues along a line that streches into inside the base, the bombs fall through the shield anyway. Bye bye base. :(

Does not the Shutter Shield (particle Shield) upgrade stop them? It is suppose to stop laser and projectiles like arty fire, rockets, and falling bombs?

thon77 05-18-2006 11:26 AM

i tested it in a LAN game against myself, and it's still there. the first few bombs look like they're absorbed by the shield, but then the last ones get through. i think it's because the bombers fly through the shield, since they fly so low, and the shield gets pretty high at its apex. even units at the very edge of the shield still get destroyed

that XML tweak would probably do the trick, since if they have to start the bombing run from farther away, it's unlikely any of the ending bombs would be launched while the bombers are inside the shield. unfortunately i don't think that will fix it for anything but single player, or LAN games where both players have the tweak.

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