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Quanon 06-02-2006 06:34 PM

What Function do I need for an elevator
Hey , I found out how doors worked , but I need elevator , I've tried a Tutorial but it didn't really help me out .( I just got a crazy platform crushing me to death :). SO I'll ask it to experts here How do you make a platform move up and down the way I want it .

Thankx for the help

EvilJedi 06-04-2006 02:29 AM

You could use a func_plat, but I don't like those too much. Instead, use a func_door and change the lip and angle. You'll want to do the following to find the value for the lip: how high you want it - height of the elevator, then take the opposite (negative) of that.

Example: Func_door is 8 units high.
You want the elevator to go 800 units up.
800-8 = 792.

So you would have this: key: lip, Value:-792

Then make the angle -1 (for up) and put it on the bottom of where you want it to be. I don't remember what down is, but I think it's =2 or 0.

Hope this helps.

Quanon 06-04-2006 07:54 AM

Thanks I tried that func_plat and it never seems to do what I want it to do.

{NJO}*Dark 06-04-2006 10:19 AM

with a func_plat you have to make it in the open stage, and then work out all of the heights. Much easier with a func_door because you have more controls over it, can put it into a team with another part etc.

EvilJedi 06-04-2006 04:33 PM

func_plats are EVIL!!!

Quanon 06-05-2006 01:26 PM

Thanks Lads the door is doing a great job as an elevator , huuraaaa
ANd it's even more fun with buttons !!!

Thanx again !!! I've u excuse me got some elevators to ride ... and saberswinging

CalcProgrammer1 08-07-2006 11:33 PM

Yeah, i used the func_door and it works GREAT!!!, the func_plat was stupid and didn't work right

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