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GENERAL91 06-09-2006 04:25 PM

Black Squadron
Black Squadron is recruiting!!! We have excelent people there. We even have our own ranks. There are many benifits for joining us like:

Increased discusion of games.


many very active and coopertive members who will help you with any queations you post or ask.

We have our own ranks, i am a Rear-Admiral right now, and i am also the XO of Intelligence.

We have four branches of the clan, Adivisory Board, Intelligence, Military, and Diplomicy.

We have our own Divisions, so the groups can play online and with friends. The Divisions are Empire At War, Battlefront 2, Freelancer, and Star Wars Gallaxies.

We have dedicated servers in BF2, we have our own Team Speak server, we all have xfire so we can all comunicate. When newer Star Wars games come out, after EAW, we will have severs and Divisions for them to!!!

We also have a Ladder system for Empire At War, Battlefront 2 and Freelancer.

We are also not at war against anyother clan, so there is a safe and cool enviroment in our forums and main website!!!

We also have a SPEACIAL Download system for members only, it has the demo, screen shots, wallpapers, EAW Info, and much, much more!!! There is also a Gallery, with Pictures from all our supported games and more!!!

So join now!!! There are even more reasons to join then the ones i just posted!!!There is also a complete history of Black Squadron, Constitution (rules),ranks structure, and access levals. All of this Infomation is at the top, right panel. There are curntly 4 Divisions.So make sure you read it all for added fun!!!

I am GENERAL91 there to, so remember to refer me!!!

There are currently 171 members,

Here is the link to Black Squadron:

Also, for any clans who wish to form an alliance, please post in the Diplomicy Forum, and Admiral Gravity will send Ambassadors to your own clan to start Diplomatic Relations. There are several treaties that we have that you may like. These are: Non-Aggression Pact (NAP), Mutual Protection Pact (MPP), Alliance, and a Friendship Pact. If you want to join one of these, simply post in our Diplomicy Forum, if you wish to know wich each of these mean, then please ask it in the Diplomicy Forums if you are another clan seeking one of these Pacts.

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