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Quanon 06-11-2006 05:38 PM

Can you extend npc-files and vechicles
Hey got a problem here , I got a nice vehicle pack(about 6 extra vec.) but when I want to test them in a map JKA tells the file is to large and he tells me this to when I try to spawn certain NPCs . Is there a way to go around this or make JKA accept more vechicles and NPCs ?

EvilJedi 06-12-2006 12:53 AM

I had this too... Then I deleted some stuff from my base folder and it worked...

Either way, first put a different npc in every .npc file, not 6 in one file. If that doesn't work, blame something in your base folder that's @#$%ing it up.

Quanon 06-12-2006 09:14 AM

So I've got to unzip the pk3 and then put every vehicle in a seperate pk3 file?

It's just weird it's the only vehicle npc file ? Anybody knows the mimitre

EvilJedi 06-18-2006 02:52 AM

No I mean put every vehicle's NPC in a seperate .npc file.

If you open the kyle.npc file using notepad or whatever you use for your npcs (can be that very useful NPCTool too), you'll notice that in kyle.npc there is kyle, and kyle_boss. In your case, you would put kyle_boss in it's own file, so now you have kyle.npc and kyle_boss.npc

Hope this all made sense to you, cuz I had trouble explaining it. Hope you can get it to work.

NumberWan 06-18-2006 07:34 AM

I have almost the same problem, but vehicles dissappeared even though I hadn't added any new vehicles, only new npcs. The whole problem is shown here.

Quanon 06-18-2006 06:12 PM

Ok I'll try to understand what you just said EvilJedi , I'll go search and look into some of these NPC files ( I've got that NPC program:)

I'll give a shout when its still doesn't go my way ... be warned jedi academy my way or the hyperspace highway :edeaths:

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