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urluckyday 06-11-2006 09:16 PM

Ever a chance of returning?
Well, this part of the forum is basically dead...
Anyway. Since the horrific cancellation of FT2, I have wondered if there is a chance if this series would ever return. I highly doubt it, but is it owned by someone (like Sam and Max under Steve Purcell)? I mean if it was, the owner could take it to another company (like the new Sam and Max), and they could have it return! Well, I highly doubt this series will ever live again unless there's a miracle. What do you think?

Lucasarts 06-12-2006 09:24 AM

I know it will come me...

Joshi 06-12-2006 11:21 AM

Full Throttle was the creation of Tim Schafer and he came up with it whilst under the employ of LucasArts so intellectual property legally belongs to LucasArts, no matter what The Scafer does.

In that case, the only real way of it being made is either if LA decides to make it, or if someone fronts the money to buy the rights (which would be hard if LA don't want to sell, but considering they haven't made any more money from the FT franchise like they have with Monkey Island, they may sell, should some company be willing to buy).

Frankly, the difference between Full Throttle and Sam n Max is that Full throttle was a great game, Sam n Max was a great game, TV show, and comic. There's a whole lot one can do with such a franchise like Sam n Max whereas with Full Throttle no other company apart from LA would want to do a sequel simply because it's a huge risk.

And I highly doubt LucasArts will bring it back.

urluckyday 06-12-2006 12:35 PM

You bring up some good points Joshi, but while Sam and Max does have a lot of branches besides the game, there really isn't that big of fan base out there...I mean...yes, it is a lot of people, but I've asked a lot of people, and they told me they've never heard of it...even so...good points!

Joshi 06-12-2006 01:57 PM

Sam n Max actually has quite a cult following (cult in the sense that there are many people who've never heard of it, but it still has a fan base, much like Joss Whedons TV show Firefly) and no matter how small the Sam n max fanbase, you can bet it'll be quite a bit grander than Full Throttle mainly due to the fact that it's been portrayed in so many mediums. My first encounter with them was the game, others will have seen the Comic and some may have caught the cartoon. With Full Throttle, there really only is the game to draw people in to the world and whilst it was a very good game, the fan base for Full throttle is relatively small in comparison to most mainstream games these days, like Half Life or Halo, both of which have huge followings.

Artemiy 07-02-2006 12:33 PM

I'll agree, that LA won't make new FT games. There's a slight chance that a company will buy that not-finished game and finish it.. at least...
Of course, they can make a brand new game.
P.S. Does anyone know anything about the FT2's storyline?

P.P.S. I plan to do a comic or two with Ben included... Don't know when, though, hard time entering the university at the moment... =^^= FT forever! XD

"Ripburger, you're dumber than dirt!"... "LucasArts, you're... yes, you ARE." Great game which has unlimited possibilities if branded right.

TyraaRane 07-03-2006 11:00 AM


Originally Posted by Artemiy
P.S. Does anyone know anything about the FT2's storyline?

I think most of the story was kept under wraps, for whatever reason...this is what was in the original press release, though:


Ben discovers his way of life threatened when the highways and byways of his stomping ground, El Nada, are mysteriously torn up and destroyed - and he's not gonna take it! On his tricked-out Corley, Ben sets out with his gang on an action-packed adventure to set things straight. Using their own brand of double-fisted diplomacy, they pursue a rival gang, the Hound Dogs, believing they are to blame for the wrecked roads. However, a murderous plot motivated by money and greed is soon revealed. Ben joins forces with old friends Father Torque, his mentor, and Maureen Corley, heiress to the Corley Motorcycle Company, to bring down a nefarious villain and his evil henchman and ultimately, to preserve the freedom of the open road.
...Yeah. I'm not impressed, personally. But that's just me.

Artemiy 07-03-2006 11:05 AM

Thank you very much =^^=
Yup, I'm not that impressed, too... Where are the old scenarists of FT1? XD

Starmetter 09-28-2009 06:04 PM

Ever a chance of returning
Ive never had a facial at a salon. I would love to though but am terrified my eczema and acne would not like new products or techniques.

What exactly is "extraction"? Is this removal of blackheads? How?

gos 10-01-2009 04:30 PM

It will never EVER come back even in 20001,it won't

cus its my favorite game >.<

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