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neal8929 06-12-2006 02:42 PM

Using Trigger Multiple
I made a trigger multiple that when you walk through it, it fires at its target. You dont have to push the use button, all you have to do is walk through it. BUT, I want to somehow make it so that you have to be standing in the trigger brush for a certain amount of time, before it fires at its target. usualy as soon as you touch the trigger brush, it fires, I want it so that you have to be standing there for some time before it fires...

wedge2211 06-12-2006 04:28 PM

Bring up the entity window for the trigger_multiple and check the writeup on all the keys in there. Maybe there's one in there that does what you want.

MDN14 06-13-2006 04:25 PM

I know usetime makes it so that you have to hold the use button for a specific ammount of time before the trigger fires, maybe this can be used somehow without checking the use flag and it will make it so you have to stand in the trigger for however long before it fires?

neal8929 06-17-2006 03:19 PM

That would proly work

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