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Snarky 06-13-2006 12:39 PM

The SPHINX Wiki: So you want to make an adventure game
Hey! Those of you who read other Adventure Forums may already have seen this, but I thought I should post it here as well, because... well, you guys like adventure games, right? ... Was referencing a Sierra game in the thread title a faux pas?
- Snarky
In SPHINX, you play as Ravi, a travelling puppeteer and charlatan. Ravi has come to the big city to make his fortune (or at least enough for a ticket somewhere far away from anyone he owes money to), but instead he meets a girl with a mysterious past and gets mixed up with revolutionaries trying to overthrow the government. In the middle of the city, among skyscrapers and subway stations, someone is digging up an ancient, enormous sphinx, and the statue is causing political and religious tensions to boil over. Nothing you can't deal with... until the sphinx wakes up.

Intrigued? Then help make this game become real! Don't like it? Improve it!
Sample background from SPHINX
(Image by big brother)

Massive Adventure Game Project
Back in November on the AGS Forums, Andail proposed a "Massive AGS Project", a game that would be developed by many different people from the adventure game community working together. SPHINX is the game project that came out of that proposal. SSH, big brother, myself, and several other people have been working on it to various extent for the last few months. Now we are ready to really start cranking up production. And now is your chance to help out!
Two of the main characters of SPHINX, Ravi and Motep
(Sprites by big brother)

Wiki Now Online
SPHINX is an attempt to create an adventure game by open collaboration. All the work is on a Wiki, so that anyone can contribute just by going to the website and posting their additions and changes. There's no easier way to join a game development team. You can contribute as much or as little as you like, as often or as rarely as you're able to.
Screenshots of the Wiki. Thanks to AGA for setting it up.

Help Wanted
The point is for this to be a truly massive, community project. So we need more people to contribute and collaborate on the game. We have an overall story, characters, some graphics and a few puzzle ideas, but there's plenty of work to go around! (Fleshing out the story, integrating puzzles, writing dialog, drawing backgrounds and other art, etc., etc.) And this isn't a ploy to get others to make our game for us: We don't own the project, and collaborators have a chance to provide meaningful input and help set the direction of the game.

So go to the SPHINX Wiki, have a look at the work in progress, and see if there's anything you can add to it.

elTee 06-13-2006 01:58 PM

Interesting idea... it has potential, though I'm sure it will be difficult to co-ordinate the project. Sadly I'm far too busy to get involved but I'm sure there'll be some people around here who'll be interested.

Good luck!

Joshi 06-13-2006 03:08 PM

Likewise a tad to busy to get involved, but it seems like a good idea. Possibly the use of polls would be a better idea than everyone giving their two cents on the subject. Just a thought (which admittedly I should post in said wiki, but whatever)

Snarky 06-13-2006 07:29 PM

I appreciate the interest. Of course, getting involved doesn't have to take a lot of time, so keep it in mind for the next time you have fifteen minutes to spare. You could jot down a puzzle or make a concept sketch in that time. No excuses! :)

We might use polls for some decisions, but it's really not a democracy. It's more of a workocracy: Whoever does the most work gets to make most of the decisions. So if you think the main character should instead be a talking dog, that's fine as long as you're ready to make a bajillion dog sprites, or can convince others to make them for you.

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