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AdventureLover 06-27-2006 01:59 AM

Outlaws/Civil War frustratement
Hey, I need help. I've been looking for the right forums to ask in, and this seems like it might be appropriate.
I've got a problem with Outlaws.
In the historical missions section, playing the civil war one, there's this place that I can't figure out how to get to. It's in part 2 of the war, in the same building as the large, metal doors that you have to use the switch to open.
With your back to those doors, there's two rooms. The one of your right, there's a of those little crawl space places, with a piece of the wall that moves to oneside. I can see through small gaps that there's another room on the other side.
Anyone know if there' trigger or something that i can use to get into there???
If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it.

AdventureLover 06-28-2006 07:17 AM

You know, one reply, any reply of help would be very, very, very much appreciated.

Thrik 06-28-2006 08:34 AM

Heh, it's been that long since I've played Outlaws I have no idea. I'd imagine that the same goes for most others too. :(

The only thing I can really think of unless you find somebody who lives and breathes Outlaws would be to consult a walkthrough. At least, if you can resist the addictive nature of them!

AdventureLover 06-28-2006 08:53 AM

Yeah, i know it's an old game, *smiles* but i only just got it less than a year ago off ebay, to my great happiness.
I've been around the net, and i've only found...1 maybe 2 walkthroughs for Outlaws. Neither helped me with this sorta stuff.
And so, in a last desperate attempt for help, I sought a forum, hopeing that there may, out there, be a forum for Outlaws. Alas, from what i know, that is not so.
This place is the closest place i could think of where i might be able to find someone, anyone, that might be able to help.
Is there truely no hope for this lone internet wanderer?

Shmargin 06-28-2006 04:19 PM

ok, anytime you get stuck in a game, the first place you should check is I havent played Outlaws in years and years, so Im not sure what part youre at, but here you go, and here the whole walkthrough


This is the second part of the Civil War mission.

You see this barn, house, and chicken coop in the distance. The
opening leads to a river valley. The bridge is out, so there's no
way to cross.

You can't get to the second floor of the house since the stairs
is busted, but you can clear the first floor. When done, come
back outside. The barn is locked, but you'll go find the key

Enter the chicken coop (crouch). Jump down the hole. You'll now
be walking in a stream of chicken ****. Keep on walking, go up,
and you'll get to a room. Keep moving, clear the room, and you'll
retrieve a brass key. Go up the stairs, and you can get out of
the house (again).

Go in the barn from the other side, up the ramp and opening the
large door(s), then clear the inside. Keep on clearing until you
locate a small crawl door at floor level. Open and enter. Kill
more bad guys. You'll see a narrow ramp on the right side leading
up. Save now, do NOT fall off or you may get STUCK.

Make your way up the narrow ramp, and you'll get to a ledge. Jump
to another ledge. You will be able to access that long beam that
sticks out of the barn pointing toward the house.

Back up, set RUN mode, and do the super jump, and land on the
MAIN roof of the other building. Then get exactly to the middle
(the sharp spine), then drop off to the patio roof, and kill the
guy inside. Get in, clear the floor, and you'll be able to claim
the fully rigged TNT (when you get it, a bell sounds). It looks
like a yellow BUNDLE of TNT.

Exit the building and follow the dirt path. At the end of the
dirt path is a broken bridge. Shoot the guys on the other side if
you got the scope. You can walk on the ledge and follow the
river, or drop into the river. Both work, so just pick one. .

Continue down until you come to a small dam, then a large dam
with a big crack in the middle and two levels. Kill all

NOTE: If you're in the water, look to the right and you'll see a
small entrance. Swim through, and climb up out of the well to top
of the dam.

Drop to the lower level of the dam (the side where you came
from). Find the crack and use the fully rigged TNT on the crack.

Once the damn's been blown, wait for the water level to equalize
between the sides. Opposite that entrance where you can climb out
of the well, there are 3 little holes on the side of cliff. Enter
any one of them, it doesn't matter, though the furthest one
(green floor) is the best. if you enter the first two (which are
connected) If you enter the first two, you have to use a stick or
two of dynamite and blow another cracked wall. If you enter the
furthest one you can bypass.

Continue down the corridor, and you'll eventually end up in a
square room. The ledges can be jumped, so jump higher and higher
ledge until you can get to the door. Exit it (you were in an

Walk forward and open the door to the building. Kill bad guys
above and at the same floor. Then open the door you see and clear
the entire floor.

NOTE: Look for a hidden "crawl door" on this floor, where you can
get a "boilerplate" armor.

Go upstairs, clear all the rooms. Drop down the hole, and clear
the room. Continue through door, clear the kitchen. Climb out
into the alley, clear alley.

Jump on the stack of 2 boxes. Jump into the building across from
you. Clear all enemies across and to your right (lower level). Go
straight and go down staircase. Clear entire lower floor. The far
left room leads to another room, which has a set of stairs going
up to the opposite ledge. Get up there, pull the switch at the
end, which opens the big door next to the switch. Return to
staircase, climb down, and exit that big door.

Look around a bit. You'll notice a cannon, a light-color wood
building to left of it, then more buildings to left. Go left
between the two "platforms". Snipe any enemies you see. Continue
down the platform, and you should see a hole in the wall to the
left. Go through, clear it.

Go through the door to left, clear the floor. Push the boxes (use
the map to see which ones can obviously be pushed). Head
upstairs, and push more boxes... Clear enemies. Locate opening,
continue down the crawlspace, and end up on the outside ledge.
Clear the next building over, and grab the steel key.

Now you need to get into the Confed HQ, which is that house with
two flags. However, it's surrounded by a wall... Still... There's
that cannon... See any armory nearby?

Head to the armory (that building in the middle), clear it, and
grab the cannonballs on the upper ledge. Come back, and use the
cannonball on the cannon. Boom! The wall goes down!

Go near, and snipe all the enemies you see. Kill any in upper
story if you can. Then head on in, and clear the lower floor.
Then head on up, and clear upper floor one at a time. As you come
to the barricade in the corridor, save the game. It's difficult
to assault the position without dynamite.

Continue into the compound, and you'll finally get to Sam Kenny,
the Confederate Commander. He's pretty good, and takes a lot of
killing. Once you take him out, the mission's complete (however,
as with all historical missions, you can keep exploring).

If that doesnt answer your question, then I have no idea what youre doing.

TyraaRane 06-28-2006 08:52 PM

Okay, sadly, I still live and breath Outlaws, so I know what you're talking about--and it's not in any walkthrough that I know of. It's not important to the level at all; it's just one giant easter egg. IIRC, the only way you can get into that room is in a short span of time right after you throw the switches to open the big door. I made it inside by sprinting over, so I have no idea how long the door stays open for.

If you've already thrown the switches, you'll have to revert to a saved game or start the level over to see what's inside. Or you could just check out the write-up I did when I first found it. (Shameless plug? What?) Although it does kind of have to be seen to be believed...

AdventureLover 06-29-2006 12:18 AM

lololol what the **** was that??? and who's head was that??

AdventureLover 07-12-2006 10:39 PM

TyraaRane, about the whole switch-flipping thing. You say if you've already flipped the switch, that you have to restart or reload a saved game. But if you've already flipped the switches to open the doors, you can flip them again to close them. *smiles*

AdventureLover 07-12-2006 10:41 PM

Oh, and another thing. TyraaRane, you seem to know just about all there is to know about Outlaws. Do you have a website or something with the location of all the ingame secrets? Because i'd love it if you do. *smiles*

TyraaRane 07-13-2006 04:05 PM


Originally Posted by AdventureLover
Oh, and another thing. TyraaRane, you seem to know just about all there is to know about Outlaws. Do you have a website or something with the location of all the ingame secrets? Because i'd love it if you do. *smiles*

Heh, at one point I was going to set up an Outlaws guide website--I still have the walkthroughs sitting around on my hardrive somewhere--but I never got around to it. I need to get my hands on a copy of Dreamweaver and get that moving again, probably. (That's what happens when you code all your HTML by hand. You get lazy.) Or at least do a LiveJournal post with all of them together in one place or something...

Thanks for the info about the switches, btw. It's been a while since I've played the game; I forgot about that.

TyraaRane 07-17-2006 04:21 PM

AdventureLover, if you're still interested in the secrets/references/in-jokes guide, I've thrown one together in a blog post: here you go.

Gabez 07-18-2006 02:13 PM

That's a really good guide. I wish Mojo had an Outlaws fan-site. HINT.

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